DAREU has a solid technological foundation, an exceptional R&D team, an automated production facility, quality control, first-rate after-sales support, and undisputed market acceptance. DAREU is dedicating itself to the gaming sector, releasing a range of incredibly inventive goods, setting the pace for the keyboard and mouse market, and rising to the top of the local brand hierarchy.

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Dareu  Main Product


DAREU keyboards are the ideal choice for gamers of all ages and ability levels since they are a perfect combination of great performance and aesthetics. DAREU have a lot to offer in terms of customizability to make awesome additions to unique setups.


Look through the selection of DAREU mice if you want a gaming mouse that every gamer will vouch for. DAREU A, EM, and other series come in a variety of colors and enhance the gaming experience when utilized with certain programs.


Headsets It’s similar to eating bland meals to play video games on mute. Any gaming experience will be improved thanks to the crystal-clear sound produced by comfortable DAREU earphones and headsets.


Regardless of whether your competitor is a buddy or an e-sports champion, a well-designed controller may give you the upper hand. To achieve precisely that, DAREU controllers are designed.


DAREU provides everything you need to set up the ideal gaming environment, including super-comfy seats, mousepads, and gaming desks.


Hot swap &Linear Switch:

Blue Sky V3

Blue Sky V2

Candy pink Hot

Hot swap &Tactile Switch:

Violet Gold pro



“DAREU KBS BUTTON” is one of 82 patents overall

DAREU KBS III technology, which is an update and improvement over KBS I, uses a biaxial arm design that enables left and right buttons to respond with high efficiency and low friction, 360° quick response without a hitch, greatly improved clicking consistency, and complete avoidance of virtual travel.

Customized switch to create a wonderful sensation

Violet-gold V1-V2-Pro switches, a feature of Dareu’s tailored switches, offer good lubrication for cleaner sound, a quicker switch response, and more reliable operation. Additionally, blue switch V1-V2-V3 offers a steady pressing sensation with low variation in power and extended life despite environmental changes. Coming soon are more excellent customized switches.

Autonomous Axis Matrix Dareu Layout 

In 2021, DAREU created its own autonomous axis matrix and independent axes such as the Violet Gold Axis V1, V2 Sky Axis V1, V2, V3, Candy Axis, and Electrostatic Capacitance Wine Red Axis.

Customer reviews

Customer reviews of Dareu Keyboard Brand products have been overwhelmingly positive. Those who have purchased Dareu products have been impressed with the quality and durability of the keyboards, commenting that even after extended use, their Dareu keyboards still look and function as if they are brand new.

Not only do Dareu products offer top-notch quality for a great price but they also come with features that make them suitable for a variety of needs; from gaming to typing to music production, Dareu has a keyboard that fits any user’s needs.

The ergonomic design of Dareu keyboards has been praised by many users, making them easy and comfortable to use for extended periods of time without fatigue or discomfort. Dareu keyboards offer great backlighting with three adjustable levels; this allows users the option to customize their experience to their own preferences.

The water-resistant finish on Dareu keyboards is another useful feature since it prevents accidental spills from causing irreparable damage. Additionally, Dareu’s anti-ghosting technology ensures that all keystrokes are registered accurately and quickly by the computer regardless of how quickly you may be typing.

Overall, Dareu Keyboard Brand products provide users with an excellent keyboard experience at an affordable price point. With features such as superior build quality, ergonomic design, adjustable backlighting, water resistance and anti-ghosting technology all available in one product, Dareu Keyboard Brand is increasingly becoming the go-to choice for gamers and typists alike.

If you’re looking for a high quality keyboard to fit your specific needs without breaking the bank then Dareu Keyboards are definitely worth taking a look at!


What makes Dareu mechanical keyboards different from other brands?

Dareu mechanical keyboards feature advanced switch technology that provides lightning-fast response times and accurate keypresses. The switches are tested 50 million times to ensure reliable performance in even the most intense gaming sessions. Dareu also pays close attention to design details like ergonomic support curves, customizable backlighting settings, adjustable macro settings, and more.

What types of keyboards does Dareu make?

Dareu makes both wired and wireless options that feature RGB LED lighting and N-key rollover (NKRO) support for up to 104 keys. Their product lineup includes full size models as well as tenkeyless (TKL) designs for those who prefer smaller profiles or don’t need the extra keys found on full size boards. There are also several accessories such as carrying cases, cleaning kits, wrist rests, and more available to customize your setup further. 

Are Dareu keyboards reliable?

Yes, Dareu keyboards are incredibly reliable and have been thoroughly tested to ensure they are of the highest standard. Dareu keyboards offer a range of features, such as durable construction and anti-ghosting technology, which make them reliable and ideal for gaming or everyday computer usage. Additionally, Dareu keyboards come with a two-year warranty so you can be sure that your purchase is backed by a company that cares about customer satisfaction.

What makes Dareu keyboards special?

Dareu keyboards are designed to provide gamers and professionals alike with the best possible experience while using their computers. Dareu’s patented mechanical switches provide an incredibly responsive typing experience unlike any other keyboard on the market today. Additionally, Dareu’s design allows for customizing the backlighting color options to match any setup or mood. Dareu also offers additional features such as programmable macro keys and dedicated media controls for maximum convenience.

Do Dareu keyboards come with accessories?

Yes! Every Dareu keyboard comes with a USB cable and user manual to get you up and running right away. Optional accessories such as keycaps, wrist rests, mouse mats and other items may also be available depending on which model of Dareu keyboard you purchase. These accessories can help to enhance your overall computing experience when using a Dareu keyboard.