Akko was established in 2016 in Shenzhen, China, with the idea of “lifestyle gaming peripherals,” putting an emphasis on design and creating a cutting-edge peripheral brand. The motivation for the Akko founders, who have been involved in the computer peripheral equipment market and the gaming industry for years, is “diversifying the industry.” They have fresh ideas on how to “make peripheral more than simply a tool” by incorporating popular culture into their designs.

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About AKKO

Akko provide a large selection of components and bespoke mechanical keyboards. Akko is one of the brands with one of the broadest options of mechanical keyboard layouts in the world, supported by a strong and integrated supply chain. It is committed to providing consumers with a variety of keyboard size alternatives, such as 108-Key (Full Size), 98-Key, 100-Key (96%), 87-Key (TKL), 84-Key (75%), 68-Key (65%), Alice, and 61-Key (60%) configurations. Our goal is to provide every user with the accessible option they need to discover the colors, designs, and switches they want.

The PBT Dye-Sublimation and Double-Shot keycaps produced by Akko, the top keycap manufacturer in the world, provide a strong foundation for our keyboard design. Akko provides keycaps in a range of profiles, including OEM, Cherry, OSA, ASA, and ASA-Low. This has given users diverse typing experiences and ensured that everyone can find keycaps that are pleasant and fit.

The Main Product of AKKO

Mechanical Keyboard

Mechanical keyboards are quite common and have a variety of uses. They are connected or wireless, available in a range of sizes and forms, and include opulent RGB lighting. HoAkkover, the most important factor to think about when buying a mechanical keyboard is the keyboard switch.

Choosing the proper keyboard switch may have a big impact. By altering feedback and travel time based on the one you choose, mechanical switches are effective and offer a more individualized experience. Additionally, mechanical keyboard switches last far longer and can withstand millions of keystrokes.

One of the broadest selections of mechanical keyboard layouts is available in Akko. It is dedicated to offering clients a variety of keyboard size alternatives, such as:

108-Key (Full Size)





68-Key and 61-Key

They want to make sure that each user may choose the precise color, designs, and switches they want.

Mechanical Keyboard Switch

Types of Mechanical Switches

Linear mechanical switches

Tactile mechanical switches

Clicky mechanical switches

Linear Switches

According to their established color codes, all OEMs categorize their switches. Similar to this, Akko offers a variety of colors for their mechanical switches:

Linear Mechanical Switches:


Rose Red

Matcha Green

Radiant red

Vintage white

Jelly pink

Jelly white

Jelly black


Tactile Mechanical Switches:


Ocean blue

Lavender purple


Clicky Mechanical Switches:



Akko have multiple Keycaps Printing Methods


This sort of printing uses two colors of plastic that are fused together in such a way that one color of plastic is injected into the mold first, folloAkkod by another color of plastic that is injected on top of or surrounding the first. It is regarded as one of the most dependable keycap kinds. The tales won’t easily vanish since the characters are at the top of the two fused layers. The sole drawback is that because the keycaps are created using one-time molds, legend characters cannot be changed. Akko must create a new mold if Akko need to add new patterns to the keycaps.



A method for printing color on keycaps using hot energy. Characters become robust as colors are included into the substance. In addition, the characters’ colors are now more vivid thanks to sublimation technology. Additionally, Akko have the option of designing the pattern. The fact that keycaps readily deform due to the high temperature is one of the drawbacks. The cost is relatively expensive because to the high rate of sublimation scrap.


Laser engraving

A method whereby lasers are used to etch the keyboard’s surface with the characters. It is rather inexpensive. But keycaps are quickly worn out. The keycaps’ lifespan will increase with some care. The most popular procedure is referred to as “Laser engraving with fuel injection.” This technology also fits the character, pattern, and certain unique requirements.


Screen printing

Print the oil on the keycaps using the silkscreen as a basis. This approach works Akkoll for keycaps that have side printing since the color of the keycaps is susceptible to fading.



Q: What types of AKKOKeyboards are available?

A: AKKO offers a variety of different models to suit every need and budget. There are two mechanical models (AK-K61 and AK-K66), both featuring tactile feedback, RGB backlighting, programmable macro keys, and more. For those on a budget, there is also the AK-K51 membrane keyboard that offers great performance at an affordable price. No matter what your needs are, AKKO has the perfect keyboard for you!


Q: Does AKKO provide customizations for their keyboards?

A: Yes! AKKO understands that no two users have the same preferences when it comes to using a keyboard. That’s why they offer many customization options such as adjustable backlighting, key remapping, macro programming, and more. These features allow users to tailor their keyboards according to their own needs and preferences so they can get the most out of their experience with AKKO Keyboards.


Q: Are AKKOKeyboards compatible with gaming systems?

A: Yes! All of AKKOs’ keyboards feature full compatibility with PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch consoles so you can take your gaming setup to the next level! With easy plug-and-play setup and intuitive controls, it’s never been easier to game on an AKKO Keyboard. 


Q: Are there any additional accessories available fromAKKO?

A: Yes! In addition to their keyboards,AKKOOffers a variety of accessories such as wrist rests, mouse pads, USB hubs, keycaps sets ,and more so you can make sure your gaming station is fully loaded with everything you need for maximum performance.