Keychron Technology  design and sales of high-end peripheral products. Founded in 2020, headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, consumers are Mac and windonws system users and programmers, as well as e-sports crowd and office crowd. Founded in 2017, the brand mainly sells keyboard and accessories and other products. Keychron’s commodity styles are various, fitting the public demand. Keychron on the premise of constantly improving the quality of brand products, to provide perfect brand services, so that users feel at ease to buy. Its product quality, cost-effective, product services, product logistics and other factors have won the majority of consumers.

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Story of Keychron

Keychron was found in 2017 by a group of keyboard enthusiasts with extensive experience in keyboard manufacturing. The team is made up of designers, marketers and production experts. Keychron’s core team members have many years of experience in keyboard production and related business. Keychron is committed to creating the most exquisite mechanical keyboard with simple design. In cooperation with a factory with decades of experience, Keychron’s philosophy is to provide consumers with the best quality products. Keychron mechanical keyboard has been reported by many well-known science and technology celebrities overseas. These include The Verge, Tech Crunch, The Next Web, and youtube tech giants like MKBHD, Unbox Therapy, and Linus Tech Tips. In partnership with a factory with 20 years of experience, Keychron has produced top-notch Apple mechanical keyboards for many well-known keyboard brands over the years. Keychron keyboard will never let you down.

Main Products of Keychron

Low switch Bluetooth dual mode mechanical keyboard K series

High switch Bluetooth dual mode mechanical keyboard K pro series

Metal custom mechanical keyboard Q series

Wired mechanical keyboard C series

Accessories: key cap, switch body, hand bracket, mouse, etc

The product takes into account the Mac and Windows system layout of custom mechanical keyboard and self-developed key cap, switch body, mouse and other peripheral products.

Company Philosophy

Keychron is dedicated to designing beautiful and easy-to-use keyboard peripherals for users around the world.

Company Vision

Taking the global market as the core, it occupies an important market share with professional and high-quality mechanical keyboard peripherals, and becomes the world’s most famous high-end peripheral design supplier.

Teamate of Keychron

The founder, Jia Rong, has 15 years of experience in keyboard production and related business. The product marketing leader and co-founder, Xu Rensong, design and R&D team members are all industrial design experts and professionals in this field from domestic universities. Keychron’s core team member Will Ye has nine years of experience in keyboard production and related businesses, and Sven Zhu has 10 years of experience in industrial design. Keychron is committed to creating the most sophisticated mechanical keyboard with a simple design.

Channel of sale

At present, the products are sold on domestic websites, flagship stores of Tmall and Gateron, flagship stores of Pinduoduo and Dewu, Xiaohongshu store and overseas websites.

K series(Keychron K8 pro)

The K series, one of Keychron’s two major product lines, is as complete as the Q series. Different from the Q series, which has a complete custom gene, the K series is more suitable for users who want to have wireless connection. In addition, V8 also supports the VIA modifier with the Q customization gene. Accessories need to mention is the USB data cable, the length is only 120mm. The distance connected to the host case is short.

Specification Parameters

The dimensions are 359.2*129.2*41.7mm

Weight: 902g

Keys: 87

switch body: Gateron G Pro Red/green/tea switch

Key cap: OSA PBT

Light: RGB

Connectivity: wired/Bluetooth

Price: RMB418-608 (Kit/finished)

Details of Appearance

The K Series, though conservative in its plastic shell for better wireless transmission, has not forgotten to use metal embellished body. The K series is special because it is hard for users to find a connection with the Q series, except for the unchanging keycap. No matter K2, or K6, or K12, or K14 created for small matching column users, the PC base + metal frame combination, and the frame is not formed in one body. The four sides are assembled by four metal pieces, the hull structure and positioning plate sinking, just can cover the switch body.

The K doesn’t have the noticeable knobs of the Q series, so the key layout is exactly the same as the traditional 100%, 80%, etc., except that the F area is still next to the letter area.

The K8 Pro’s metal bezel is well detailed and has chamfered edges, so you don’t have to worry about cutting your hand to the touch. Under the light, the key cap has the diffuse reflection of quicksand effect, and the texture is very good.

To maintain the consistent ID design of the K series, the jack on the keyboard of the K8 Pro, the mode switch is located on the left side. Plugging and pulling the wire is simple and easy. No need to flip over the keyboard. After using more than a few times, you can do it without looking, which highly improves the daily experience. This leaves no holes in the chassis, only the traditional two-stage brace and pad.

Keycap Switch

One of the upgrades in the K8 Pro is the OSA ball cap, which has been upgraded from the previous ABS key cap. Keychron’s OSA PBT ball cap is almost a brand name, easy to use and durable, I expect to last a long time. Gadalon G Pro red/green/tea switch can be selected for K8 Pro. The hand feel of G Pro red on K8 Pro keyboard is significantly different from that of Q series. After all, one of the most important features of Q Series is the customized Gasket structure. The K series hull structure with complete rigid inner liner presents a more familiar feel to the public.

On the same PCB satellite switch of Q series, steel wire grease is visible, and the feel of big keys and noise control are as good as ever. There is sound absorbing cotton between the PCB and the metal positioning plate, and a large silicone pad at the bottom. The sound performance is excellent. In terms of overall input experience, it is two different styles from Q Series, after all, the structure is different.

Driver software

Though using QMK/VIA, you can still only debug in wired mode. After debugging, connecting to other wireless devices via Bluetooth mode, and the key change (or otherwise) will take effect.

Effect of lighting

The sleek K8 Pro looks a little similar to the Q Series because of the upgraded ball cap, but the overall experience is a combination of K8 and Q Series characteristics. Secondly, it supports VIA key change (full key, multi-layer customization, high flexibility). After configuration, even if you switch to Bluetooth wireless mode, you can also remember to use it. If the key function of customization is more important to you, using K8 Pro will be more satisfactory.

Q Series(Keychron Q10)

Keychron Q series continues to grow, from Q0 to Q10 product layout, full line. In addition to some mainstream such as 60%, 65%, 75%, 87, 98, 108, there are few 40% or Alice layout. Among them, the most popular is Alice. Based on the previous 65% of Alice’s Keychron Q8, the larger Keychron Q10 is here to stay. The same ergonomic layout design is adopted, but the overall size is larger, the key function is also increased by independent F area, and M1-M5 is set on the left side, similar to the side macro key, which can be customized through VIA later. At the same time, it means that the difficulty of getting used to it is further reduced, especially for those users with high-frequency F-zone operation. The Keychron Q10 comes pre-loaded with MAC keys and, of course, a separate WIN replacement keycap.

Details of appearance

The Keychron Q10 has a 75% Alice layout, with more F buttons and five M keys to the left than 65% Alice, and of course a volume knob (all keys including the knob can be customized). Therefore the overall size is larger. With Q series family type aluminum shell, the keyboard is very heavy in the hand. Due to the special layout, Keychron Q10 has a special-shaped shell, wide frame, the top and sides of the lines are straight, the bottom along the curve. So, if the Keychron Q10 needs to be paired with a wrist rest, it has to be customized to match perfectly.

CNC all-aluminum housing, with upper and lower covers, anodized surface treatment, Keychron offers several classic color versions to choose from. And, completely family style appearance design. There is no independent support (the shell itself has a large input Angle), relatively thick shell and wide frame. And the camber is not that big, it’s a little scratchy. Compared with the traditional layout of the keyboard, the key layout is “split” into two parts, that is, the left and right half areas are arranged, and with a certain tilt Angle, the two sides are high, the middle is low.


Although it’s 75% Alice, Q10 has five M keys added to the left, which is somewhat separated from the primary key field. Reduce the mis-touch M key. You can touch the M5 button only when you press the ESC or F1 button to the left. The knob, which used to be on the right, was moved to the top left, above the M key. I have to say, the left knob, the hand movement distance is smaller, daily use is more comfortable than the right knob. In addition, the knob is also detachable structure, which can be easily replaced with other customized personalized knobs. Small details on the layout, the space on the right of Q10 has been moved to the left. Compared to the previous Q8, the FN2 button has been removed. After all, the Q10 already has a separate F-block button, which no longer rely on the combine key block operations.

Keychron Q10 uses the Type-C interface, which is in the center and adjacent to the WIN/MAC dual-system switchover. The MAC key cap is pre-installed in the original factory, and F area is also preset with a second layer of key functions, such as shortcut keys for multimedia, brightness adjustment, volume adjustment and so on. Starting with the K series, Keychron works well for MAC systems. The bottom shell is very clean and flat, without any special design elements. Structural scheme Q series is the same, are fixed by screw string. No independent support feet, only four foot pads fixed anti-slip. Thanks to the heavy fuselage, not easy to deviate, and it can be stably fixed.

Keyboard Structure

The Keychron Q10 uses a Gasket construction solution, with screws only attached to the upper and lower covers. In its original factory state, there is a relatively obvious subsidence deformation (because of the standard metal positioning plate, so the subsidence is the structural deformation of the whole liner), the amplitude is not small. The filling scheme is slightly different from the earlier Q series. With sandwich cotton, but no bottom cotton. The bottom is replaced with a new back stick type sheet, officially declared as acoustic patch, and with insulation to prevent the sinking of the shell short circuit. And this back stick sheet, after the comparison before and after disassembly, can indeed make the key sound become more concentrated and muffled, somewhat similar to the custom inside the beautiful grain paper. There is no change in the liner limit scheme. The liner is stabilized by the upper cover card to ensure that it is not easy to loosen and offset.

Key cap

Keychron Q10 product still adopts Gateron G PRO series switch body, factory self-lubrication, and supports full-key hot swap, lower light level RGB. In the Gasket structure, the bottom touch of the key feels softer than the traditional rigid structure, not so hard. Of course, if you want to be softer, you can consider replacing a PC positioning board by yourself in the later stage. PC+Gasket is a very mainstream collocation. As for the tone cavity performance, with the previous Q series is not much different.

Lighting Effect

You need to pay attention. If you were a user of the Keychron Q series before, switching to the Q10 will change some of its default key combination features. For example, switching the lighting mode is done by FN+Q/A, and the brightness is FN+W/S. Of course, these can be reconfigured via your own preferences. Keychron Q10 still uses the lower light position layout, black metal positioning plate, destined to light uniformity performance is far less than the light color positioning plate. Even so, the brightness performance is OK, even slightly harsh when looking directly under the light. However, the lower light layout, for specific switch body, key cap matching compatibility will be better.