Founded in 2007, ikbc is a domestic independent brand focusing on keyboard innovation and research and development, specializing in the production of high-quality mechanical keyboards for like-minded users.

Since its inception, ikbc has been widely known as PBT key cap and continues to this day. Over the years, ikbc has led the way in the mechanical keyboard industry, from improving the keyboard keypad feel to improving the backlight effect for keyboards.

Dedicated to digital products, especially mechanical keyboard design and innovation. And ikbe has been recognized by many consumers in the field of mechanical keyboar. ikbc independent research and development of the first keyboard Poker, has been the world’s famous professional 60% mechanical keyboard.

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About ikbc

At present, ikbc has successfully joined hands with the famous foreign brand GODIVA to complete the re-creation on the keyboard according to their respective brand culture and tonality.

Over the years, ikbc has led the way in the mechanical keyboard industry, from improving the keyboard keypad feel to improving the backlight effect for keyboards. In the future, ikbc hopes to take more diverse cultures into design and innoation of mechanical keyboard.

At present, ikbc has successfully joined hands with China Aerospace, Bandai, GODIVA, bilibili, NetEase Onmyoji Mobile Game, Yili Yogurts and other well-known domestic and foreign brand IP, creating a number of crossover co-branded keyboards.

ikbc has been fully involved in the production and development of PBT keycaps since its inception. In 2013 and 2014, two color PBT key cap and two color were introduced. Transparent PBT key cap, make countless keyboard player’s dream come true. ikbc launched Poker, the world’s most famous 60% mass-produced mechanical keyboard, and has since partnered with Taiwan’s KBTalKing to launch keyboard products such as Race and Pure.

Development of ikbc

ikbc was founded in 2007.

In 2008 ikbc developed OEM-high PBT keycaps.

In 2009, CHERRY began to produce PBT keycaps of the original factory keyboard height.

In 2010, it launched its first keyboard product, Poker, with 60% keys.

In 2011, the world’s first 75% keyboard was developed.

In 2013 ikbe debuted PBT material two-color injection key cap.

In 2014, the first two-color PBT transparent key cap was launched, and the first DIY-capable mechanical keyboard G104 was launched.

In 2015, it launched G87– the first mechanical keyboard product with 87 keys that can be DIY.

In 2016, F Time Machine series was launched — the first mechanical keyboard with countdown function.

In 2017, the tenth anniversary Bluetooth dual-mode products DC 87 and DC 108 were launched.

In 2018, L-87 and L-108 left hand mechanical keyboards were released.

In 2019, wireless 2.4G products W series and flagship products Table E series and typemaster X series were released.

In 2020, ikbc launched bilibili multi-dimensional small TV mechanical keyboard, Gundam co-branded mechanical keyboard, Godeva co-branded mechanical keyboard, S200 thin and light mechanical keyboard.

ikbc Positioning

ikbc is positioned as an ordinary mid-end keyboard brand, which is better than one or two hundred RMB low-end mechanical keyboards with all the necessary configurations (cherry switch, PBT key cap), but there are no outstanding highlights or slots. The foundry is a good mid – end factory. All aspects of the production process is normal. Suitable for people who has little understanding of the mechanical keyboard, and just want to buy a easy to use, durable, and rounded in all aspects entry-level mechanical keyboard.

Products series of ikbc

C Series

C series supports full key without stamping. Keycaps are made by two-color PBT process, wear-resistant, dry, feel stable, switch body is cherry switch. It is suitable for people who like playing games, coding, office, gift giving, etc. It is applicable to a very wide range, and can be said to be the most cost-effective series of ikbc.

W Series

ikbcW200/210:2.4G wireless connection + battery, battery life of 6 months, keycaps are PBT radium carving. Switch body is cherry switch. W series can be simply regarded as the wireless version of the C series. For those of you who like wireless keyboards, you can play games without worrying about wireless delay. Delay is not an excuse for you to play games.

R series

ikbcR300ikbc is equivalent to C Series + backlight, where 300 is light backlight and 400/410 is RGB backlight. It is suitable for game players and friends who like light effect.

F series

ikbcF108/87ikbc F backlit /RGB wired mechanical keyboard. The F series is similar to the R series, except that the case and key cap are more colorful.

S Series

ikbcS200ikbc S200 wireless mechanical keyboard 2.4G low switch. Wireless (optional 2.4G and 2.4G+ Bluetooth 5.0 two versions), the switch body is TTC high switch. S series keyboard is light and portable. S series is suitable for business office (often carry the keyboard out), and people who want to experience TTC high switch (not worse than cherry switch) . Supplementary information: The high switch trigger key path is short, the key cap is not easy to find replacement.

60% : ikbc proker proIKBC poker 61 key MINI backlit mechanical keyboard. Features: Wireless, optional 61-key column for people who like wireless, small and delicate keyboard.

Mid-end ikbc series

ikbc Mechanical Keyboard C200/210 series 339/379

ikbc entry mechanical keyboard, using the most classic mold, provides red switch, black switch, tea switch, green switch Cherry switch several switch body selection, supporting 50 million input life, which is pretty enough for normal use. The PBT key cap provides a flying feel, frosted texture, wear resistance without slipping, not easy to stain, all designed to be able to maintain fast input. The difference between model 200 and 210 is the difference between 87 and 104 keys.

ikbc Mechanical keyboard W200/210 series

These two keyboards are wireless versions of the C Series above, offering a 2.4GHz wireless connection. My keyboards, 87 and 104 keys, are wireless versions of the W series. Whether wired or wireless, there are lettering options, front and side engraving. There are a lot of colors to choose from, including yellow, pink and green. I chose a green one. The keyboard is very beautiful.

ikbc Godiva co-branded Mechanical keyboard

ikbc and Godiva’s three-mode wireless keyboard. When I first got it, I really thought it was a box of delicate chocolate cake. Color matching, workmanship, feel, plus wireless support. I really deep into the sweetness of this chocolate. Small and convenient to carry, when it is placed on a crowded desk, it does not need much space to play easily, and I choose the red switch, the input is more suitable for my hand feel. What’s more, this keyboard provides Bluetooth, 2.4GHz connection and two wireless modes for easy switching, and also provides wired connection. Besides, there is no built-in battery, which I think is better without built-in battery. In this way, I can quickly replace the battery and avoid the trouble of charging it when the battery runs out. This keyboard has a lot of details, and I found that ikbc should be the best in the details and co-branding of the keyboard.

ikbc joint Gundam 2.0 mechanical keyboard

I also want to talk about the most famous ikbc keyboard, the Gundam Mechanical keyboard. On May fist, I also took advantage of the heat, and went to Shanghai Golden Bridge LaLaport, lined up for more than an hour to park the car, also walked a long way, far to see the crowd, but also can only line up to visit, in order to see this net red 1:1 high. When this gundam is put here, no matter the old or the children, or the Gundam fans, will be attracted by the handsome gundam, and the sea of people will stop to watch it.

I went there and brought back a Gundam model. I put it there for a month, and finally I was waiting for this one to come. ikbc Gundam Mechanical Keyboard 2.0 keyboard. This color scheme, really no matter whether you have seen the gundam, at a glance to feel the thick gundam flavor. Even if he hadn’t seen the Gundam cartoon, he could see the toy and then when the keyboard came out of the box, he could tell at a glance that it was a Gundam keyboard.

The keyboard is ikbc 104 key design, classic Gundam red, yellow and blue color matching, unbeatable recognition. Why is this keyboard well made and designed? For example, we look at the position of the raised indicator light in the upper right corner. ikbc uses four molds, from the indicator light, the red raised case, the base case, and the outer blue decorative shell. Through these four molds, we can perfectly present the visual sense of Gundam. Ordinary mechanical keyboard is generally three molds, upper cover plate, lower cover plate, foot support. Up to 2.0 mechanical keyboard, counting the overhand support, a total of 25 molds. I demonstrated here in the upper right corner of the protruding indicator light used four molds. There’s a lot of line feeling in a lot of places, that kind of ’90s animation mechanical feeling. There are a lot of Gundam elements, E.F.S.F.

Earth Federation Space Force. Earth Federation Space Force.

The key cap is made of PBT material, and the characters are processed by injection molding with good wear resistance. The slightly frosted surface treatment is not easy to slip, but also does not grease, and feels very good, which is why I keep ikbc. This is my fourth ikbc keyboard. Enter, ESC, up and down left and right arrows are red and yellow characters, the numeric keypad’s enter key is actually the shield design of the Gundam, imaginative. The space bar, with the English GUNDAM directly printed on the blue background, is like the finishing touch, highlighting the difference of this keyboard.

The bottom of the keyboard pad is a layer of design, but after lifting, the keyboard palm support is the typing input exactly good feeling. The back design is not simple and sketchy, but also has a lot of mechanical lines to outline the theme of this keyboard.

There are many Gundam elements on the outer packaging, and the logo of RX-78-2 is printed directly on the left side of the outer packaging. The three accessories in the inner box are combined into a Gundam Q version of the head, which is the highlight of this package, very good-looking. Three separate accessory packs include the palm rest, magnetic snapper for the palm rest, and key extractor, as well as the Type-c cable. The data cable interface is located on the left of the keyboard. This mechanical keyboard is a wired keyboard, and I’m waiting for ikbc to come out with a wireless or Bluetooth version up to 3.0. And then the backlit Gundam keyboard, and I’ll take it all in.

I don’t have the first Gundam keyboard, but the ikbc2.0 version of the Gundam keyboard, the most obvious addition is a palm rest. I have four ikbc keyboards, two wireless and one Godiva, all with red switch. I am satisfied with the hand feel of ikbc. I have used a green switch keyboard, or afraid of disturbing others, so I put it away after a short time, or red switch is more suitable for me.

This keyboard comes with a co-brand palm rest. In the past few keyboards, my hands would be in the air when typing. I spend a very long time typing keyboard every day, and sometimes I get a little tired. This palm rest is simply the perfect comfortable partner to improve your wrist.

Since the palm rest familiar with the feel of the hand, other several keyboards I may have to go to separate matching. The palm rest is also a very personalized design, with an RX-78-2 rocket embedded in the middle. I’m already on my way, trying to figure out how to get this rocket off. It’s so detailed. It’s like the hot blood of adolescence is back in the palm of your hand. The palm rest and keyboard are held in place by this magnetic block, which clicks and completes the easy installation.

There are many co-branded keyboard products, but not many of them are as vivid as ikbc. After I have a Godiva, the ikbc Gowda mechanical keyboard 2.0 still lets me see what keyboard design is, and it can give full play to such excellent sense of detail on such a traditional productivity tool. It perfectly replicates the thrill of seeing the Gundam RX-78-2 as a teenager.