Varmilo Sakura Mechanical Keyboard: Full of Romance and Art


Introduction to Varmilo Sakura Keyboard

What does a mechanical keyboard mean for you? When it comes to Sakura, what’s your first impression? Can you imagine what the keyboard that combines Sakura and the mechanical keyboard looks like? Today, let me introduce the Varmilo Sakura keyboard  to you. The Varmilo Sakura is a jointly designed keyboard themed with Sakura (桜) instead of a concrete model.

Varmilo Sakura mechanical keyboard

The Varimilo Sakura includes two versions which are 87-key and 108-key keyboards. And then, let us have a look at it.


The packing box of the Varmilo Sakura is one of the most beautiful and artistic. The pink box is exactly appropriate, delightful instead of too raffish or stiff.

Sakura is like a Chinese ink painting shown on the box and the Japanese character “桜” is on the top right-hand corner. If you find the box in another’s hands, can you imagine it is a mechanical keyboard packing?


Opening the box, you can smell fragrant, smartly corresponding to the “Sakura”. The accessories of the keyboard are very complete and practical. In addition to the keyboard, there is a pink cable, a pink switch puller, a keycap with the image of the Fujiyama, a warranty card, an instruction book, and a dust cover. The 87-key keyboard has additional three replaceable keycaps with indicators while the 108-key keyboard has four replaceable caps with functional keys because of its layout.


The keyboard and its accessories are placed separately and orderly. The keyboard is covered by a frosted anti-static bag and protected by a plastic cover. Its packing feels smooth, and its thickness and hardness are relatively good.

Remove the keyboard carefully from the packing. We can find it is clean without any logo on the front. The attached key puller and cable are all pink and in line with the keyboard. And the pink keycap puller even can be a table ornament.

On the center of the back is the label of the product. There is information about the manufacturer in Chinese, Japanese, and English and the product model. If you watch the design of its cover, you can find it uses actually wooden-line fabrics design, which is very comfortable (also caters to the Sakura theme). Of course, its touch varies from that of solid wood. The design of Sakura is very beautiful, and never tired of seeing it!

Charming Appearance

Two versions of the Varmilo Sakura keyboard are different in their size and keys, but they’re identical in shape and color. They both use Pantone, and thus their colors are so pink like crystal. The border, keycap, and characters are all filled with Sakura elements.


On the back of the Varmilo Sakura keyboard, it has a total of 5 pads, protecting the keyboard from sliding and ensuring that the keyboard itself is stable. And there are two adjustable brackets, which are enough to meet your daily needs.

The keyboard is surrounded by a narrow bezel snap joint design. So, commonly, you won’t have any screws here.

The fonts on the keycap and the Sakura pattern are printed by dye sublimation technology. Its keycaps made of PBT material can effectively avoid the situation that the keyboard is too greasy to use after a long time.

The whole keyboard is pink and white like Sakura. On the top right corner are exclusive four function keys of the 108-key Varmilo Sakura mechanical keyboard that are respectively music, email, calculator, and resource manager shortcut keys. They are very convenient.

The hint fonts of FN function keys are engraved on the front side of the keycaps in gray to distinguish them from the main function keys.

However, in addition to the Type-C of the Varmilo Sakura Pro model, VarmiloVA87M and VarmiloVA108M all adopt a mini-USB interface.

Considerate Details

The top cover of Varmilo Sakura is clean. And there are no screws on the surface because it fully uses the slap joint design and its floating design helps keep the keyboard clean. From the bottom of the keyboard, it is the use of a thin and stylish ultra-narrow frame design rather than a heavy and wide frame.

In terms of its side, even if the brackets are folded, the keyboard also has a certain height. But, as for me, I still prefer to open the bracket before using it. After all, it feels more comfortable. And because the keyboard is not too high, it is OK even if you don’t have a wrist pad.

The cover of the 87-key keyboard touches crude but unlike the normal frosted touch, which is also very similar to the feeling of fine sandpaper. And, its surface and its surroundings are exquisite, with few lines. Maybe its wonderful feel is benefited from the painted layer on the keyboard.

The 108-key Varmilo Sakura keyboard has a wood-grain design and the design is not ordinarily printed but three-dimensional and palpable.

The bottom cover of the 87 key is the same as the top cover, which is made of fine frosted material. So does the 108-key keyboard. However, no matter which type of keyboard, it has a silver metal nameplate on the center of the bottom cover, and seven white anti-slip rubber pads, which are effective in actual use.


Both of these two Varmilo “Sakura” keyboards adopt also wired separately, but they vary from each other in their place of the cable interface. The 87-key keyboard’s cable interface is in the middle of the bottom and it has a three-way slot design, while the 108-key keyboard’s cable interface is near its bezel behind the right side of the keyboard. The difference in the practical use is little, but there is some difference from the aesthetic point of view.

The wire of this keyboard is made of pink rubber material, which matches the color of the keyboard very well. It is about 1.5m in length and has a pluggable design that makes it easy for users to take the keyboard out and replace it with a keyboard adopting the same design. The configuration of the cable is very complete, with a belt tying up the cable, a dust cover, a connector, and so on.


Whether it is an 87-key keyboard or a 108-key keyboard, there are dual functions in some keys, especially those function keys including F1-F12 keys. These key functions are very convenient.

Another thing I need to add is the weight. It is pretty heavy. The 87-key keyboard is about two kilograms and the 108-key 2.5 kilograms, from which there is no doubt that they use authentic material and a heavy plate in the keyboard.

The space key printed with a Sakura is splendid. The design is distinctive and so complex that I have a strong curiosity about it. The additional keys are decorated with Japanese symbols of Fujiyama and Sakura in order to expand its market. The collocation of pink and white are perfect and harmonious.

Smooth Keycaps


The 87-key and 108-key keyboards are PBT keycaps and their fonts adopt dye sublimation technology. Both keycaps and fonts are durable. However, users must clean it frequently but you should remember to keep away from alcohol. And then the keyboard can use for a long time.

Its keycaps are white and pink like Crystal decorated with pink characters, which looks like a series designed for lovers (but of course not). The color of the keycaps fits with the cover of the keyboard, making it more beautiful and friendly.

The quality and details of its PBT keycaps are great, and the keycaps have a round corner instead of a square corner. The design ensures that you won’t be injured when removing the keycaps.

Varmilo Sakura keyboard has been specially designed to have better harmony with the theme of Sakura. On the five sides of its space bar is printed with Sakura by PBT dye sublimation. The dye sublimation process is to transfer the type or pattern to the keycap by heating. When the color has penetrated the keycap, its durability will also be enhanced.

And the five sides of the dye sublimation are to process one by one so that all sides are printed on different patterns. Due to the inherent difficulty of the dye sublimation process requiring extremely fine processing and constant adjustment of color, the process becomes more complex, difficult, and time-consuming when printing such multi-colored patterns.

In order to meet some users’ needs pursuing the plain, simple and natural style, Varmilo also prepared a milky white space bar without any carving for everyone at the same time, which is convenient to replace.

In addition to the space bar, it is also equipped with several keycaps for function keys, and these function keys are exactly the keys that need indicators, such as the capslock key, scroll lock button, and number key area on the key (only for 108-key Sakura keyboard). The shaft body of the keyboard is inverted, so the indicators of the keycap are also arranged on the bottom. Among them, the light of the keyboard indicator is white. But owing to the pink keycaps, the light gives out is a little pink in its actual use. And when the keycap with the indicator light is changed, its light will be pink and white.

The space bar and function keys all have a replaceable keycap and the ESC key is the same as well. The keycap with the “Fujiyama” pattern is R4 height, so even if you don’t want to put it on the ESC key, you can put it on any F key or number key.

Comfortable Switches

Varmilo Sakura keyboard uses adorable Germany Cherry Mx switches and is available in six options: black, blue, brown, red, silver, and quiet red. Their hand feels are different.


The big keys are equipped with a balanced bar, and the hand feel is adjusted very well. What the most outstanding is that there is no noise from steel when it is knocked. The solid space key and the design and craft of its big keys are perfect.

The lock keys of the Varmilo Sakura have a backlight, but the original keycap does not have a hole to give off the light. When purchasing the Varmilo Sakura keyboard will have a supplementary light keycap as well as a replacement keycap in line with the theme, which can be changed according to the user’s preferences.

The Varmilo Sakura keyboard maybe not be a perfect keyboard for everyone, but it indeed could be beyond most users’ pursuits of the keyboard from the perspective of beauty and provide the most common function and comfortable for you.


The following are some advantages I concluded:

  1. Excellent workmanship.
  2. The solid PBT dye sublimation keycaps and bezel and various accessories
  3. Charming appearance–a nice gift for boys and girls
  4. Detachable cable design and three-way cable design

What do you think of it? You can try to use it. It deserves.


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