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Varmilo VA87M: A Leading Keyboard on the Road of Innovation

Do you have a good knowledge of Varmilo VA87M? Do you know what its most outstanding feature is? Today I will introduce it to you.

In our daily work, you could be without an extra mouse but you couldn’t work successfully without a keyboard. It is difficult to explain the advantages of a mechanical keyboard, which needs you to experience it personally.

People who like to play games all understand that the mechanical keyboard can have the features of N-key rollover, fast feedback, and rebound hand feel. You can easily and accurately control every detail, so a right mechanical keyboard is a piece of necessary equipment for game players and workers.

Varmilo VA87M Introduction

Varmilo VA87M mechanical keyboard is a keyboard suitable for gaming, typing, daily working, and others. The number “87” means 87 keys, without common numeric keys.

Varmilo VA87M

The keyboard normally adopts Cherry Mx Switch with many options, such as black, brown, blue, red, silent red, silver, silent black, and white switches, and also includes many different colors and styles of keycaps.

Generally, the brown switch has a strong sense of paragraph, which is not only suitable for working and gaming. The red switch has a quick response, suiting for working. In a word, every switch has its characteristics. You need to choose according to your demands.

Varmilo VA87M Accessories

In the packing box, there is a keyboard, a Mini-USB to USB -A cable, extra keycaps, a key puller, a keyboard dust cover, and an instruction book. The Varmilo VA87M is a plastic frame but has a steel plate. Its keycaps are PBT material, durable, and not greasy. When using it, you can have a fine sense of texture.

Varmilo VA87M Design

Its design of height conforms to ergonomics, and the angle of inclination is about four degrees. It is a wired-only keyboard, which can be detachable. After detaching it, you can use the attached hoop and loop fastener to make the cable orderly.

There are two brackets to stand on and five rubber pads. There is a Mini B USB interface at the bottom near the back, which can connect to the keyboard cable and supply power to the keyboard. The cable slot helps avoid the condition that the keyboard cable is swinging around.



One of the great things about this keyboard is its weight and structure. The etched keys are also at a good level, on par with top-of-the-line mechanical keyboards. The appearance is also very beautiful and long with a thin frame and the volume is very small, suitable for the need of a small consumer. It weighs around four pounds. The not too heavy keyboard is also a benefit that is on the table the keyboard is very stable.

Varmilo VA87m is a dual-mode mechanical keyboard and is compatible with Win OS and Mac OS. Its functions of combination keys are different between Mac and window system.

For example. Press FN +A for three seconds to enter MAC mode and press FN +W to enter Windows mode. This is good news for MAC system users, but it is not completely compatible with the Mac system. It is suitable for daily work when connected to a Mac system.


In terms of the keycaps, they are laser etched. The fonts are very simple, which is up to personal preference. The keyboard is not full key, so you need to adjust the volume, control multimedia playback, and so on by using combination keys.

Both Windows Lock keys all have special treatment. It’s nice to have a Windows Lock key, which is useful for consumers playing games.

There is a backlit version of the keyboard, which allows you to adjust the four brightness levels by using the arrow keys. And if you don’t like it, you can turn off the LED backlight. When typing in a dark environment, the level two backlight is exactly good.

Unlike most mechanical keyboards, the LED lights of Varmilo VA87M are under the switches not above them, and the bottom half of the keycap is translucent, allowing light to give off.

Unlike other keyboards, if you want to change the brightness on the keyboard or turn the light on, Varmilo VA87M won’t require you to download other software. Using Fn and arrow keys is OK.

Maybe the introduction is a little abstract for you. So let me demonstrate to you the fantastic Varmilo VA87M keyboard through a concrete example.

The Varmilo VA87M Koi Keyboard

Keyboard’s Story

This keyboard is a jointly designed mechanical keyboard between Varmilo and a famous animator. The design concept comes from a Chinese cartoon, created by Li Huan, a well-known Chinese illustrator, and animation artist.

The keyboard personifies the classic Chinese cultural elements such as Koi, kite, and so on as cute girls, and integrates the visual art of illustration and the cultural characteristics of the fashion. Its innovation in appearance is pretty successful and it can attract more consumers to buy only by its outlook with rich Chinese characteristics.



First, let’s have a look at its accessories in the packing box.

There is a Bluetooth adapter, a key puller, a USB To Type-C cable, a keyboard dust cover, several supplementary keycaps, and four themed postcards. The accessories are enough and show us the keyboard’s features through the four postcards.


And then it is the keyboard. The keyboard looks pretty good overall. It is in dark red instead of bright red, which looks like a sophisticated man, stable and reliable. The color almost is representative of China, symbolizing good luck and energy. A large part of the white keys is pure and clean. The combination of dark red and white forms an authentic Chinese style.


The front and back of the keyboard’s shell both adopt UV printing technology with colorful and delicate images. It is these images that expand the richness and expressiveness of the theme further. The elegant Chinese characters convey a unique cultural characteristic, whose style is innovative and unique. The details of its craft are obvious and deserved praise.


The design of the keyboard panel is concave, whose hand feel is similar to that of banknotes. The keycaps are a little frosty, but the pattern is flat. So it feels much more comfortable than those smooth keycaps. The keycaps of Varmilo VA87M feel like a baby’s skin.

Of course, not all smooth keycaps are like this. The back of Varmilo VA87M is also the feel of banknotes, whose grains can be felt.

The Varmilo VA87M Koi uses high-quality PBT keycaps which are wear-resistant and not too greasy. It fonts are printed on the keycaps through dye sublimation, both delicate and durable. They won’t be destroyed for long-term use.

In addition to the color of its outlook, its characters on the keycaps also show us the Koi theme. The characters are all beautiful koi-related designs. For example, the direction key is a Koi, and three “wave” images, symbolize that everything is smooth going like a duck into water.

Above the direction, there is an image that seems to correspond to the story of a fish leaping over the dragon gate (It means having passed a competitive examination). The Koi design can be seen everywhere, and the details of the design are great. It gives me a sense of energy. The keyboard is just like a naughty little girl.



The themed keyboard is compatible with two systems: Win OS and Mac OS. This is the best news for MAC users. Two systems change each other unconditionally, which is so cool.

The keyboard is dual-mode, supporting both wired and Bluetooth connections. If you use Bluetooth 5.0 technology, its latency is little, and more power will be saved. It has a 1,200mah lithium battery that can last more than 300 hours on a full charge, which means it can last for a month even if it is used for 10 hours a day.

If you need to connect through a wire, its accessories include a USB cable. To my surprise, its back has slots in order to help you fix the cable.

It comes with a Bluetooth adapter, which at first I thought was a 2.4G wireless receiver. However, it is actually a Bluetooth adapter for devices that don’t support Bluetooth. This allows you to use the keyboard by plugging the adapter into a desktop that doesn’t support Bluetooth.

Besides, what the most surprising for me is that the keyboard can connect to four devices at the same time, including computers, tablets, and mobile phones. Bluetooth has once paired ahead of time, and you can switch among devices with one click via shortcut keys. How practical and convenient it is!

The keyboard also embraces other advantages that can be seen in other keyboards. For example, its height design also conforms to the ergonomic structure by two two-stage brackets so that users won’t be too tired.

It has slots in three directions, which is convenient for you not only to work in any direction but also to keep your desk tidy. Its wonderful size allows you to take it away with you.


The keyboard is equipped with a white backlight, which adds extra features to the Koi keyboard. You can adjust the brightness by pressing Fn and the up/down arrow key.

It is particularly popular with those people who are interested in the level of keyboard appearance and varies from those keyboards in the traditional plain color. At the first level, Varmilo absolutely can meet your expectations of a mechanical keyboard. The keyboard is a thin bezel, following the current fashion trend.

It can be sent to your friends or boyfriend/girlfriend as a gift. You can buy it for yourself. Wonderful. Besides, it provides consumers with a customized service. No matter if you have any requirements for matching, connection, theme color, switch basically can be customized.


Varmilo VM87M mechanical keyboard gives you a comfortable feel and shows you its satisfying details. And many joint theme keyboards are lively which not only meet your needs for a comfortable hand feel but also get more attention in fashion and aesthetics. When you are tired of typing, seeing the color of the image on the keyboard, vivid pictures, and active colors all can make you happy.

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