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Cute and High-quality Varmilo Miya Pro Keyboard

In the past, the mechanical keyboard has been popular with people playing games. But nobody knows when its users expand to any industry. Even if one doesn’t play games, now he/she also like mechanical keyboards. More and more people find the advantages that membrane keyboards don’t have. It even has the same development trajectory as mobile phones, whose development is in wild disorder at the beginning and now is becoming highly homogeneous today. However, once keyboards are similar to each other, how can they succeed under such conditions? Varmilo Miya Pro keyboard is an outstanding example.

Varmilo is competitive in the mechanical keyboard industry. It is top-leading concerning its function and its hand feels. To people’s surprise, cooperating with Ducky, it focuses on its keyboard’s appearance and developed several themed keyboards. The Miya is a cute name combining Varmilo and Ducky. Today, from the perspective of Varmilo’s model, we try to learn the Varmilo Miya Pro.

As a matter of fact, Varmilo Miya Pro includes many different keyboards. For example, according to the theme of the keyboard, it includes Sakura and Koi. According to the keys, it is a cute 68-key keyboard.

Introduction to Various Themes Keyboard

For one thing, we can see the following pictures (Sakura and Koi).

This is Varmilo Miya Pro Sakura keyboard with 68 keys.

Varmilo Miya Pro

This is Varmilo Miya Pro Koi keyboard with 68 keys.


The arrangement and features are the same and the only difference is their appearances, as you can see.

The theme of Sakura mainly is pink and white, leaving a romantic and fragrant impression on you. The Sakura keyboard is Japanese style, on which there are Sakura and Japanese famous mountain “Fujiyama”. This keyboard must attract more girls than before. It is like a graceful and tender girl.

The theme of Koi mainly is deep red and white, leaving an auspicious and enthusiastic impression on you. The Koi keyboard is Chinese style. It integrates the Chinese cartoon, created by Chinese famous illustrator Li Huan.

The word “Koi” literally means a golden carp but is often considered as the lucky dog. The patterns on it include a Chinese legend-the carp jumps the dragon gate, which is to say a gain quick success after unremitting efforts. This keyboard integrates the visual art of illustration into itself, achieving the combination of practical use and aesthetics smartly. The keyboard is suitable for both boys and girls. It looks like an active and naughty young girl.

Differences Between the Three Keyboards

We have mentioned above the differences in terms of two different themes. And then, we will talk about the differences among different keyboards in terms of their number of keys. After that, we will have a better understanding of the Varmilo Miya Pro keyboard.

In fact, we may hear about 87-key and 108-key keyboards more frequently and we are more familiar. Let’s make a comparison between these three keyboards.

First, the Varmilo 108-key keyboard is relatively big and 2.0 kg(including the packing). It has the fullest design. The keyboard includes two adjustable two-stage brackets, meeting different people’s needs. It uses Mini USB as well. The keyboard is a full-size classic keyboard and the function keys and numeric keys are included. On the back of the keyboard, there are five non-slip pads and a three-way cable slot. The two designs are considerate and convenient.


Next, the Varmilo 87-key keyboard is 341 long, 108 wide, and 50 high, weighing 1.6kg (including the packing). It supports unfolded brackets. The 87-key keyboard is little heavier than the 68-key. It is without a digital area, namely Fn keys. It utilizes a semi-suspended design, fashionable and simple. Unlike The 68-key one, its cable interface is Mini USB.


And then, if you have searched the Varmilo Miya Pro keyboard, you will know it is a 68-key (65%) keyboard. Of course, it is the smallest of these three types of the keyboard in their size. It is 341mm long, 108mm wide and 35mm high and takes up the least space, weighing 1.5 kg(including the packing). It is reported that the reason why many people like this one is that the keyboard can be loaded into their bags and is convenient to carry with them.

In addition, when placing it on the desk, it occupies little space as possible and is suitable for people who are in pursuit of an exquisite desk. Compared with the other two keyboards, it is without Fn multimedia keys and numeric keys, and some unnecessary keys. In a word, it is compact and available for its common functions. The 68-key keyboard uses a Type-C interface, which is different from the 87-key and the 108-key keyboard.


The pink and white Sakura pattern is pink and white, which is very romantic. It is about the same as my laptop in terms of its size, and it looks cute, which is convenient to put in my bag.

Designs of Varmilo Miya Pro Keyboard

There is no doubt that we have a look at its attached pieces in its packing. Ducky and Varmilo are famous before, and thus their cooperation must be different. The box shows its theme “Sakura” from both its color and pattern, vivid and beautiful.

There is a Varmilo Miya Pro keyboard, a keycap puller, an instruction book, a detachable USB cable, and extra keycaps.

The Miya Pro keyboard is a 65% keyboard. Its direction keys are on the right bottom of the keyboard. It uses a narrow bezel design. The pink surface has a fine particle feeling, which is nice. The back and the upper covers are the same color. The non-slip pads are also pink.

Like other keyboards, the Varmilo Miya Pro also takes the ergonomics into its consideration. The one-stage bracket can adjust the height of typing, which is helpful to relieve your fatigue if you work for a long time. And in the middle is a clean information card on the keyboard.

Although it is small, its common functions are complete and its quality is the same as Varmilo’s other keyboards. It adopts Cherry Mx switches and PBT dye-sub keycaps, equipped with a detachable cable. Cherry Mx switch can be said the top leading and known for its supreme quality. The test has said that a Cherry Mx switch can be hit for about 100 million keystrokes, which should be for years and is beyond your imagination.

The keyboard is without RGB but supports white backlighting. The light is on the top of the switch and it is said that the light can be customized. But in my opinion, in your daily life, the white backlight is enough. And it seems to be loving when using the keyboard at night.

The keycap is PBT material and uses dye sublimation technology, which is reliable and won’t be worn quickly. Owing to the PBT keycaps, the typing experience of the Varmilo Miya Pro keyboard is excellent. Its keys are stable and it’s comfortable to type for a long period.

The white alpha key is durable. And, its surface and its surroundings are exquisite, with few lines. Maybe its wonderful feel is benefited from the painted layer on the keyboard. Pink and white color and pink characters give you a little fresh taste of literature and art. Its surface is a little granular feeling and the character outline is clear. The right upper corner of the keyboard is the Type-C outlet. The cable is detachable. And the pink cable is moderate softness.


The keyboard is so pink that girls who never have used a mechanical keyboard now want to try to buy it, and boys also want to have such a cute keyboard to enjoy themselves. The pink is not sick. Therefore, the keyboard is suitable for both Boys and girls. It could bring everyone a different typing experience.

The Sakura patterns on the keyboard are arranged smartly, which is exactly like the branches and flowers. The Sakura falling in the wind reminds people of the scene in the Japanese animation, which also adds some fun to this keyboard and avoids it being too monotonous. It seems that Sakura itself is endowed with romance and love.

There are various options for its switch, including black switch, blue switch, brown switch, red switch, and silent red switch. As we all know, the blue switch is suitable for playing games and has a strong click sound, the black switch is a heavy linear option, the red switch is smooth and light, and silent red is super silent and stealthy, suitable for working.

Personally, I have little interest in the blue switch, but I have bought one as a gift for my friend. He likes playing games and told me that the keyboard was pretty cool. I bought a brown switch keyboard for myself. Compared to the blue switch I bought before, it just has a slight paragraph feels and sounds not so crisp like the blue-switch keyboard. But its hand feel is good. And it is smooth. In addition, its space key uses a satellite switch, which is pretty stable. The keystrokes and typing experience are different according to your own preference.


There are so many shortcut key combinations mentioned in the manual. The signs of some function keys are carved on the side of the keycaps using laser carving technology to compensate for the lack of function keys as a 68 keyboard. It is convenient to be compatible with Windows and MAC systems. But it is not completely compatible with mac OS. For example, Some keys like Scroll Lock and Pause Break won’t operate. There is an indicator light under Capslock/Page up/Page Down to indicate the switched function.

The 68-key keyboard is still not accustomed to using at the beginning because some functions such as the numeric keys and Fn keys are not available. It takes some time to remember the switching mode. However, after a long time, the efficiency of typing will be improved. In terms of the hand feel, it’s still good. Although the PBT keycap feels a bit harder, it’s also smoother to use and won’t take up too much space. Furthermore, if it is carried directly to the laptop, its width is just enough not to interfere with the touchpad.

The brown-switch keyboard is one of the most frequent switches among those common axis bodies. It has a moderate paragraph feeling. It is not as noisy as the blue switch while the slight paragraph feels also brings a certain amount of fun. It’s also my favorite axis body.

In addition to the keycap material, the inner plate, and cover, there are some other factors affecting users’ hand feel. The collocation of pink and white color is not only found in this Sakura version but other models of Varmilo. Maybe the collocation is common, but it can not be said to be very amazing, which is in line with the theme and looks very harmonious.

On the keyboard back, you can not see a screw hole. It uses a buckle to fix. A few screws on it do affect the overall appearance. And I try to open it with my hands a few times, but it is difficult to disassemble, which means the fixed stability of the buckle is reliable.


The whole engine is very simple and maybe a public engine. The interface is still similar to the 104-key keyboard. What’s more, the macro program is designed but not too practical.


The keyboard is 68 keys with PBT dye sublimation keycaps, various switch options, a beautiful appearance, and considerate details. The cute and beautiful Varmilo Miya Pro keyboard is convenient and practical. Most important, it can cost less than other models of Varmilo, but you could embrace such a keyboard. You could buy one to use for yourself or send others as a present. It is a really nice option.
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