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75 Keyboard

What does the Advantages of the 75 Keyboard Have?

Due to the increasing preference for customizable mass-produced keyboards, the keyboard configurations that previously could only be seen in customizable circles gradually appear in the product list of mass-produced mechanical keyboards. Today, the article simply introduces the common 75 keyboard configuration (Here the “75 keyboard” means 75% keyboard).

In my opinion, the most important point of the keyboard is the comfortableness of typing blindly. A mechanical keyboard is ultimately an input tool. And thus in addition to the hand feel, the efficiency and accuracy of the input is the key measurement indicator.

The easiest way to reduce the input efficiency is to adopt combination keys and compact configurations. Therefore, I would recommend that you try to use the top logic of the keyboard, and the design of the configuration with the separation area.

What Is the 75 Keyboard?

75 keyboard

The configuration of the keyboard refers to the keyboard assembly sequence, that is, the configuration design of the keyboard keys, which is usually classified according to the number of keyboard keys and keyboard configuration design. The configuration of the keyboard determines the integrity of the keyboard key’s function and also has a great impact on the size of the keyboard, which is a way to divide the mechanical keyboard.

When it comes to the keyboard configuration, two words “xx keys” and “xx%” are often used.

“xx keys” are classified according to the number of keys on the keyboard, such as 104 keys, 108 keys, 87 keys, etc.

The “xx%” is divided according to the functional area on the keyboard. For example, 75 keyboard, in fact, has 81 keys, but 81 keys account for 75% of the full-size keyboard keys (108 keys). So the 82-key keyboard is one of the 75 keyboards.

However, it should be noted that the same configuration may have different key numbers, the 75 keyboard configuration includes 81-, 84- and 86-key keyboards, which includes multitudes of the keyboard in terms of its keys. In summary, the percentages indicate that the keyboard configuration is divided according to the ratio of the functional area.

The 87-key keyboards are already much smaller than the 104-key keyboard, but they are still not enough to meet human’s multiple needs. And thus the size of the keyboard is decreased again and the 75 keyboard emerges. The configuration is relatively uncommon and you can enjoy the same functions as that of the 87-key keyboard as well by using the Fn key.

At this stage, the 75 keyboard uses mainly a variety of compact designs. Although it reduces the size of the keyboard but increases the possibility of touching it by mistake. In terms of the keyboard’s layout, the del key of the compact 84-key keyboard is usually placed in the upper right corner, which is convenient for operating blindly. But there is a problem here.

When typing, you usually need to use the arrow keys to move the cursor, and the del key is too far away from the arrow keys, so it is inconvenient to operate. A more troublesome thing is that when you delete a file, you usually need the enter key to confirm the deletion operation. The del key is far away from the entry, which is not convenient for two adjacent fingers to operate directly. To a certain extent, it reduces the efficiency of the deletion operation.

In this article, we have selected Kechron K2, Akko 5075B plus and RK84 three brands of 75 keyboards for comparison, hoping to help you better understand this series, and make the most suitable for your own keyboard.

Three 75 Keyboards

Keychron K2 Keyboard

75 Keyboard


Number of Keys: 84 keys

Switches: Keychron blue/red/brown switches

Number of Multimedia Keys: 12

Main Body Material: ABS

Keycap Material: Double-Shot ABS

Layout: ANSI

Polling Rate (Wired Mode): 1000Hz

Polling Rate (Wireless Mode): 90Hz

System: Windows/Android/Mac/iOS

Battery: 4000mAh Rechargeable li-polymer battery

BT Working Time (Backlit off): Up to 570 hours (Lab test result may vary by actual use)

Charging Time: Around 3 hours

Connection: Bluetooth and Type-C cable

Bluetooth version: 5.1

Bluetooth Device Name: Keychron K2

Size: 316 * 126 * 32mm

Weight: 830g


Compared to the Keychron 68-key layout short keyboard, the Keychron K2 75 keyboard includes the F-keys on the top and function keys, which includes excellent workmanship and provides you a high-quality feel.

What’s interesting is that Keychron’s keyboard, like the customizable keyboard and so on. You can choose a corresponding material according to your using place.

Keyboard support IOS and Win systems, so two plans about specific Keycaps are respectively provided, and you can change them according to your actual use habits.

The keyboard charging interface and IO module are designed on the left side of the keyboard, adopting the concave roof of the hidden design. If used normally, you couldn’t worry about touching it by mistake.

Its charging interface uses the Type-C interface, which is versatile to use. There are 2 switches used to switch connection systems, power and connection mode. Besides, the top of the keys is designed with non-slip small rivets and its damping and positioning are also very clear.

Keychron K2 75 keyboard is equipped with a hidden power indicator near the charging port, which is red when it is charging and green when it is full. When it is in wireless work mode, the low battery indicator will trigger the indicator flashing, which shows nice practicality.

The bottom of the keyboard is relatively flat, the middle is the product information and nameplate and its four corners are designed with non-slip feet. It includes typical two-stage brackets with non-slip rubber strips as well.

By adjusting the brackets, K2 can provide 3 different heights, allowing you to find your most adaptable solution.

In terms of its switch body, the Keychron K2 75 keyboard uses Keychron red, blue and brown switches. The original keycap is made of the two-color injection molded ABS material and the workmanship is relatively surprising, and the back is quite simple.

The font of the keycap is relatively round and delicate with good light transmission. Keychron K2 75 keyboard has a built-in Bluetooth 5.1 module, which has strong anti-interference ability, excellent connection state, and supports for switching between many devices by combination keys.

In addition, the built-in light modes are also quite rich with as many as 19. After switching to the preferred light mode, you can also fine-tune the light effect by using the key combination, which is quite playable.

AKKO 5075B Plus Keyboard

75 Keyboard


Brand: AKKO

Type: Mechanical Keyboard

Model: 5075B Plus

Profile: ASA

Switch: Akko CS Wine Red(Lubed) / Akko CS Silver / TTC Golden Pink

Interface: Wireless/Bluetooth/USB Type C

Macro: Akko Macro V1.0

N-Key Rollover: Supported

Disable Winlock: Supported

Backlit: RGB Backlit

Hot-Swappable: Yes

Material: PBT Material

Printing Technology: Double Shot

Battery Information: dimensions and Weight

Battery: 3000 mAh Battery

Product weight: Approximately 0.88 KG

Package weight: approximately 1.63 KG

Package size (L x W x H): 38.0 x 24.0 x 7.0 cm / 14.96 x 9.45 x 2.76 inches

Package Contents: 1 x Keyboard,1 x Keycap Puller, Extra Novelty Keys, 1 x Type-C Cable,1 x Plastic Dust Cover, 1 x User Manual, 1 x Extra PC plate, 1 x Extra knob, 1 x Key puller


AKKO 5075B Plus 75 keyboard uses a side light band design, which makes it outstanding in a crowd of quite similar ABS plastic material keyboards. Although in the front these two light bands are not visible, when the night falls, they give a different feeling.

AKKO 5075B Plus 75 keyboard uses a “gasket” structure. And the keyboard is equipped with an aluminum positioning plate, while it also randomly presented a set of PC positioning plates.

In addition, the keyboard is high-cost performance. The keyboard is equipped with Akko CS wine red switch and silver switch. The CS switch has a great using experience, which is actually verified by layers. Besides, it also gives away a box of CS crystal switches, a set of additional keycaps and a replacement knob, and even a switch puller.

Furthermore, the design, as well as the materials of the keyboard, are also good. The two-stage bracket and dual-mode switch are supported and the 2.4G storage design is also available. The type-c interface design in the left front of the keyboard is also very mainstream. In addition, the three modes connection and the hot-swappable configuration are also given. In terms of its internal materials, it also used PORON foam and pads under the switch, and the bottom of the padding material uses silicone, which may bring a certain impact.

Its height, color and font style are also AKKO’s specialized design. The bottom shell is redesigned, added a 2.4G receiver storage compartment and the brackets are also still two stages. Its fold and unfold are relatively easier.

There are lights on the side now. The keyboard has a light-transmitting strip on each side. The side lights can serve as an ambient light display, which is still quite good-looking at night.

The front of the light is the general brightness. AKKO’s light is not very bright, but it has a lot of models and can be changed at will. The positioning plate of the AKKO 5075B plus 75 keyboard is black.

Rk84 Keyboard

75 Keyboard


Brand: Royal Kludge

Model: RK84

Layout: 84

key Rollover: Yes

Backlit: RGB

Size: 316*126*41mm (including cover)


The keyboard is designed with a narrow bezel minimalist frame, compact configuration and streamlined 84 layout, which is 3 cm shorter than the 87-key keyboard and seems very small. Its detachable design makes it very convenient to carry.

Keyboard with upper and lower cover structure. The upper cover is a simple snap mode, and you can remove it from the back with a snap strongly.

After dismantling, the keyboard is transformed into a suspended keycap keyboard, more concise, more portable and easier to clean.

The RK 84-key keyboard (75 keyboard) retains the main key area, and the editing area is arranged to the right of the keyboard, and the arrow keys are at the bottom right, similar to the regular 84 keyboards.

At the same time, the keycaps are marked with a large number of symbols of combination keys, which allows the keyboard to achieve more additional functions. For example, the F area has some multimedia keys integrated as usual.

Keys A and S with the symbols of Win and Mac symbols indicate that the keyboard can be connected with these two systems, which brings great surprise to Mac users. At the same time, numbers 1 to 5 on the keys from Q to T indicate that the keyboard supports five groups of pairs in wireless mode, which is very convenient for multiple-device connections.

The bottom of the right front design has a plug. It is very interesting that there are two extra USB ports, which can only be used in wired mode, functional and practical.

The bottom of the keyboard has another triangle as the tilt pad, making the bottom beautiful and not monotonous. At the same time, the triangle makes the keyboard have a higher height difference, more comfortable to type. If it is still not enough, you can add magnetic feet to increase the tilt.

The keycap adopts the ABS material, two-color injection molding process and elegant closed fonts. The keycap surface coating is smooth. The back of the keycap has three reinforcement bars, specifically avoiding the light beads.

The keyboard switch uses the Cherry Mx switch instead of TTC, Gateron and other switches, which is unusual on such a price keyboard. It includes the blue, brown and red switches. Its large keys use a satellite switch and provide you with a clean and crisp feel.


Keychron K2 can be connected to Android, Wins, IOS and MAC and three devices at the same time supports Bluetooth 5.1 and wired connection. It uses a Keychron switch, a built-in 4000mAh battery is equipped with two-stage brackets and provides 19 backlight modes.

AKKO 5075B plus is equipped with an RGB backlight, and has several themes to choose from, which is highly advantageous in terms of appearance among the three 75 keyboards. Keycap adopts ASA height, and it can be connected to Win and Mac, supports wired connection, 2.4G and 5.0 Bluetooth connection, has a built-in 3000mAh battery, and provides hot-swappable and macro programming functions.

RK 84 can be connected to Android, Wins, IOS and MAC, ps5, supports wired connection, 2.4G and Bluetooth 5.0 connection, supports hot-swappable and customized macro. The keyboard uses magnetic pads, has 3 USB ports, a built-in 3750 mAh battery and a removable frame.

The prices of the three keyboards mentioned above are cheap, and RK 84 is the cheapest at about 80$ and Akko 5075B Plus keyboard is 160$ on top.

Compared to the 80 and 60 configurations, the 75 keyboard has unique advantages in both size and function keys. It contains commonly used directional keys, function keys and a home key area, so unlike the 60 keyboard, you do not frequently use multiple combination keys to achieve a certain function. In terms of size, it will also be smaller than the 80 keyboards. Whether to carry or put on the desk, 75 keyboards are more space-saving and portable.

If you want a compact keyboard, the 75 Keyboard contains almost all the keys of a full-sized keyboard, so it’s worth a try. All three of these 75 keyboards mentioned above are relatively inexpensive, with a focus on details, features and quality, so you can try one of them according to the aspect that you value more.

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