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Purple Keyboard: One of the Best Keyboards to Buy

When it comes to a mechanical keyboard, do you want to buy a purple one? Buying a purple keyboard can be a complicated process. There are many things to consider, and you may be overwhelmed by the choices. While there is no surefire way to guarantee that you get the right one every time, there are some things that can help you through this maze. Therefore, in this article, we will give you some purple keyboards that we think are good. Also, we will give you some tips about how to choose the best purple keyboard. Please read on.

purple keyboard

NPET K10 Gaming Purple Keyboard

RGB Backlit, Spill-Resistant Design, Multimedia Keys, Quiet Silent USB Membrane Keyboard for Desktop, Computer, PC (Purple)

Durable gaming keyboard: 104 keys wired USB gaming purple keyboard with silent keys for longevity, durability, and responsiveness provides precise tactile feedback for perfect gaming performance.

LED backlit keyboard: 4 LED illuminated backlight modes, breathing (7 alternating colors). 3 adjustable permanent mixed backlight modes, changeable breathing, or permanent illumination modes. Keycaps provide clear and uniform backlighting.

Ergonomic spill-resistant design: The PC gaming purple keyboard has been ergonomically designed as a superb typing tool for office work as well. You’ll love the feel and accuracy of keystrokes, which will result in fewer errors and typos.

Multimedia and anti-ghosting: It has 26 conflict-free, 13-key multimedia key combinations. Comes with a full numeric keypad for reliable connectivity and ultimate gaming performance.

Broad compatibility: Automatically enters sleep mode with 10 minutes of inactivity and backlight off. Compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows VISTA, Mac OS, etc. User-friendly, fast control, no driver required.

PEIOUS Wireless Mouse and Purple Keyboard

USB and Type C Cute Wireless Keyboard Mouse Combo, Full Size Round Key Cordless Keyboard for Mac, Windows 7/8/10, Chrome OS, Laptop, Computer (Green and Purple)

One receiver for keyboard and mouse: Enjoy a clutter-free workspace with this wireless keyboard and mouse combo! Never worry about delays or dropped connections, the professionally designed USB dongle includes USB A and C type plugs that plug directly into the USB C ports of all Windows PCs, Chromebooks, Macs, and even phones and iPads.

One Keyboard, Two System Layouts: Need a sweet wireless purple keyboard for your MacBook, iMac, or Mac mini, but don’t want to compromise on a Windows keyboard layout? Switching between the standard Mac and Windows layouts takes just one touch.

5 Million Presses of Responsive Keys: Capable of handling 5 million presses, the carefully designed key mechanism will make the Kawaii keyboard and mouse your everyday productivity partner at your fingertips! The Kawaii keyboard’s laser-engraved keycaps will never have character fading on them.

15 Hot Keys and Numeric Keypad: A numeric keypad and 15 hot keys mean the green and purple keyboard is ready for frequent numeric input and easy access to frequently used functions (e.g. screen lock, media control, copy, paste, open browser).

Add color to your workstation: What you’ve purchased is not only a purple keyboard and mouse but a beautiful decorative piece that adds color to your boring desk and makes staring at the keys a pleasure, not a chore.

Make things more comfortable to do: The lovely keyboard has feet to keep it at the best angle, while the mouse is a comfortable pebble shape that helps relieve pressure on your wrists and prevent carpal tunnel from prolonged use.

UBOTIE Colorful Computer Wireless Purple Keyboard Mouse Combos

Typewriter Flexible Keys Office Full-Sized Purple Keyboard, 2.4GHz Dropout-Free Connection, and Optical Mouse (Purple-Colorful)

Gorgeous color design and never fade: Each one is a multi-color design to help you stand out in the office. You won’t worry about the colors fading anymore in the new arrivals in 2020.

Unique Mirror Plane: If you get it, you will find that each key has a reflection on the keyboard pad, just don’t forget to keep it clean.

Easy Setup & Auto Power Saving: Plug in the USB receiver and you can use this keyboard, it supports Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and Mac.

Womier WK61 Purple Keyboard

60% Mechanical Purple Keyboard, Hot-Swappable Ultra-Compact RGB Gaming Keyboard w/Pudding Keycaps, Pro Driver/Software Supported – Red Switch(with Silicone Pad)

Ultra minimalist look and mini portable size: This sixty percent keyboard features unique colored pudding keycaps and a matte SLIGHT translucent backing, which give your keyboard an incredibly smooth and clean feel when the RGB is off. When RGB is on, the frosted walls bring out the glow of RGB in every direction.

Board & Switch 2-in-1 Silicone Pad (New Addition): The gaming purple keyboard adds the latest 2-in-1 silicone pad, providing a richer operating space for keyboard DIY enthusiasts. The silicone pad absorbs the maximum amount of hollow sound and provides an extra stable typing sensation.

Additional DIY replaceable pudding keycaps: Womier WK61 mechanical keyboard comes with 24 replaceable colorful pudding keycaps, you can freely match your favorite color. This way you can DIY and do what you want to do. In the minds of gamers, WK61 is the most cost-effective DIY 60% mechanical keyboard. Meet your needs for a custom keyboard.

Hot-swappable red switches and Type-C USB cable: Quiet mechanical switches with linear and soft key travel make every click easy to register. Durable, the switches can withstand 50 million key presses. Type-C USB cable for high-speed transmission and more stable transfer.

Vibrant RGB and professional software advanced customization: Up to 19 preset backlight modes, freely selectable by the keyboard itself. 9 color choices and 4 brightness levels. The WK61 keyboard allows you to design your own new modes and effects and set the lighting and effects for each key.

VIVEFOX 2.4GHz Silent USB Wireless Purple Keyboard

Mouse Combo, Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo – Keyboard with Phone Holder, Full-Size Keyboard and Mouse for Computer, Desktop and Laptop (Purple)

Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo: 2.4GHz transmission technology provides interference-resistant and stable transmission, ensuring you enjoy wireless freedom, just plug and play, no drivers or software required. 2.4GHz technology ensures a strong and reliable connection within a 10m operating range. the USB receiver plugs into the battery compartment of the mouse. Connect the keyboard and mouse with just one nano receiver.

Full-size wireless keyboard: 12 multimedia shortcuts are not compatible with Mac systems. Standard US layout (QWERTY) with numeric keyboard, each key is independent and properly spaced to prevent typing wrong keys at the same time. 12 multimedia hotkeys combine to help you play music and movies, browse the web, open emails, and more, very convenient and efficient.

Silent Cordless Mouse: This cordless mouse offers whisper-quiet clicking, so never worry about disturbing others’ resting while working or playing.DPI adjustable mouse offers 3 levels of DPI (800/1200/1600) to meet your different needs of sensitivity.

Long Battery Life: The ergonomic wireless keyboard is powered by 2 AAA batteries, while the wireless mouse is powered by 1 AA battery (batteries not included). Both the mouse and keyboard have an on/off switch that turns them off when not in use. Saves battery life and reduces battery replacement.

What You Need to Consider When Choosing Purple Keyboard

Keyboard Performance

If you’re going to get a keyboard, it’s best to get a mechanical keyboard that gives a relaxed feeling when typing or gaming with it. The folding model used by its creators provides a decent writing problem. By hitting this type of keyboard, you can also feel the speed of your writing. The USB keyboard you buy is accompanied by the advanced USB 3.0 which offers higher usability and, moreover, better execution. Make sure it is easy to use. Make sure that to configure this keyboard, you don’t need to call an administrator or a repair technician. Just connect it to your computer’s USB port connector so that you will be significantly ready to use it.

Keyboard Switches

For gamers and typing professionals, the feeling is paramount. If it’s not comfortable, you won’t use the keyboard for long. A good switch makes a good mechanical keyboard, that’s what we gamers say. When it comes to the best switches for a mechanical keyboard, those with a crisper sound and less noise will do the job.

Cherry MX switches are the best of all three switch types. The red ones are the linear switch mechanism with the easiest operation. They work with a normal up-and-down movement with no specific noise. They have a smooth tactile feel and good actuation. The brown switches produce tactile feedback, and they have a fairly large bump with typing-friendly half-key feedback when clicked.

Cherry MX Blues are clicky switches that have a proper click sound when a key is pressed. They are more or less similar to tactile switches and are more responsive for gamers.

Lightings and Patterns

Gamers love dancing lights and illumination before they start playing. Modern gaming mechanical keyboards come fully equipped with all the dancing lights, 16 million color patterns, and more. For typing, a faded monochrome LED background is the best option.

Most gaming keyboards have dedicated onboard controllers and room for color patterns, brightness levels, and rainbow patterns. A few have only single-light coloring patterns meant for workstation use or office use.

The most advanced keyboards have their application or PC-integrated controllers that can synchronize lighting with other compatible components and games. For gamers, fully synchronized lighting modes are only worth buying if they have enough budget.


Keycap construction

Keycap construction is very important for marathon use. There are two widely used plastic materials for keycap construction- ABS and PBT.

ABS is the preferred choice for double-shot molding of keycaps, they require less raw material, have a lower shrinkage rate, and can run a good marathon if not for the wear and tear of the letters. In addition, they can be laser burnished, pad printed, and engraved with laser technology without losing their luster.

Polybutylene terephthalate is thick and strong. It has a rough structure with stronger chemical embeddedness and can last for decades without misprinting after a long span of use. It is heat and water-resistant, does not pale with prolonged use or exposure to UV light, and can be dyed to suit the manufacturer’s needs. PBTs are rough and difficult to mold. They are not used for space and entry bars because they have a tendency to shrink more quickly.


The best keyboards will last a long time. However, this can vary greatly depending on the quality of the materials and construction. If you want to make sure that your keyboard lasts as long as possible, it is important to take good care of it. You should also avoid storing keyboards with other objects that could damage them.


Not all mechanical keyboards will sync with any PC and operating system. Before buying one at a lower price, make sure it is indeed compatible with your system. Some of the higher-priced mechanical keyboards work well with all operating systems, i.e. Windows, Mac, and Linux. There are some that only work well with Windows operating systems, some that only work with Macs, and so on.


If you are a moderate-level gamer and buy a $200 mechanical keyboard, you are wasting your money for nothing good in return. If you are a professional typist with the little spend, you are wasting your money, give or take, by only buying a similar mechanical keyboard for a higher price. For a good upgrade, all you need is to consider a budget that is worth the upgrade, otherwise, you will end up spending your money in a memory hole.

A good, responsive mid-range keyless mechanical keyboard can be bought anywhere between $29-$100 tops. For serious gaming and overclocking modes, buy a professional hardcore keyboard worth a few hundred dollars, or wait until you’re ready to upgrade.



In this article, we have given you five recommendations for purple keyboards and the factors considered when choosing a purple keyboard. Of course, In choosing a keyboard, you should follow your own preferences as well as needs. I hope this article would give you more understanding about purple keyboard and If you are going to buy a purple keyboard I hope it would be helpful to you.

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