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The Best 75 Percent Keyboards: All You Need to Know


There are many different keyboard sizes and layouts, but how do you tell the difference between them? The most common keyboard sizes are full size (104 keys), TKL(87 keys), and 60 percent(68 keys). Each size has different characteristics. There are other layouts, some less common keyboard sizes are 75 percent, 65 percent, and 40 percent. As the keyboard became smaller, number keys, main clusters, function lines, arrow keys, and numbers were all removed. Therefore, in this article, we will introduce some best 75 percent keyboards and give some tips about how to choose the right 75 percent keyboard for you.

Introduction to 75 Percent Keyboard

A 75 percent keyboard is a keyboard that has been designed to be more ergonomic and comfortable to use. Its smaller size makes it easier to reach all of the keys, and the staggered layout prevents your fingers from crossing over each other. This can help to reduce fatigue and discomfort while typing.

They have fewer keys than a full-sized keyboard, but more keys than a 60 percent keyboard. This makes them ideal for people who want to learn how to touch type or for those who want to increase their typing speed. 75 percent keyboards also take up less space on your desk, which can be important if you have a small workspace.

75 percent keyboards have interesting designs. They are a slightly more compact version of Tenkeyless boards that place the D-keys and the primary cluster right next to each other and align the primary cluster vertically to save space. This will keep everything tight and snug. 75 percent keyboards on the market are much fewer, so your options will be limited. Luckily, we’ve put together 75 pecrcent of our favorite keyboards, so you can easily find them.

It may take some getting used to some strange key sizes and locations. For example, the right shift key is usually much smaller than usual, and it takes some time to build muscle memory for the location of the new main cluster. Fortunately, these keys are not used very often, so they don’t affect the input much. If you like to buy custom keycaps, you may have to do some extra searching to find a set that fits the 75 percent layout due to some strange key sizes.

75% keyboard

What are Some of the Best 75 Percent Keyboards on the Market

Drevo Excalibur

Drevo Excalibur is a 75 percent keyboard that has a black or white design with a floating keycap design. The building looks stylish and very compact. When purchasing, you will have a choice between several different Cherry MX switches, including black, blue, brown, and red switches. It’s always nice to choose between several on-off options because it really allows you to customize the feel of the keyboard to your particular tastes.

The legends are big, the colors are striking, and they look like they were made with gamers in mind, which may be perfect for some, but a little hard to swallow for others. If keycap designs are a deal breaker, it won’t be too crazy to buy another set of keycaps online for $20 and swap them. This keyboard is only backlit in white, so if you prefer RGB lighting, you’re out of luck. Overall, this is a good, inexpensive keyboard with a full range of features. The body is of good quality, with a sleek plastic and aluminum design, and the keyboard is fun to use.

Keychron K2

The K2 features a thick plastic/aluminum shell, a high profile design, and a grey/light grey design that looks professional and aesthetic. Keychron, the company that makes the K2, also makes many other unique layout models. They have 65 percent, tkl compact, low-profile models.

The company is very good at different market segments, and they’ve done a great job with K2. The K2 is a wirelessly enabled mechanical keyboard that can connect up to three devices at once, making it easy to switch between them. The keyboard also has a good battery, which lasts up to two weeks. K2 supports both Windows and Apple operating systems, and a sliding switch on the side of the keyboard makes it easy to switch between different operating systems.

Our only mild criticism of the K2 is its thickness, which makes it difficult to type without the support of your wrist, and causes some fatigue after typing for a while. On top of that, the USB-C power cord is attached to the left side of the keyboard, making it a bit inconvenient to plug in. Usually, the ports are located on the back of the keyboard. The Keychron K2 is a perfect recommendation for Mac users. The compatibility of the two operating systems is very convenient, and the Bluetooth wireless connection is very convenient.

Vortexgear Race 3

The Vortexgear 3 comes with an anodized aluminum case that feels sturdy and heavy. This makes the keyboard feel very solid and stable when typing. The keyboard also comes with some nice custom PBT keycap designs, so the layout is unique and won’t get those shiny grease stains that ABS keycaps get. The keyboard has COLEMAK and DVORAK layering, so if you’re an expert at typing with these layouts, you’ll love how easy it is to switch between them.

In addition to this, you can choose between Cherry MX brown and blue, so you can choose between a loud and tactile switch or a quiet and tactile switch. The only downside to the USB keyboard we found was that it didn’t feel very secure. We also found a lot of complaints from the comments about people who had the plug come off after light use. Be careful if your keyboard also has this problem, as it sounds like they may have some manufacturing issues.

Akko 3084

The Akko 3084 is quite unique, especially in the ability to customize keycaps with a wide variety of options. You can implement various themes for this keyboard. For example, different color combinations for keycap themes, ocean themes, cherry blossoms, and more. In the sale, the Akko 3084 was equipped with a Cherry MX switch in all colors. The Akko 3084 is available in Chery MX red, blue and brown. It depends on the type of switch that’s right for you. Cherry MX provides all the character switches you need.

The features on the Akko 3084 keyboard are fairly complete. The Akko 3084 has a built-in PBT button, RGB backlight, and USB type C and can be removed and plugged in. This keyboard is very ergonomic because it can be used in different locations and under certain conditions.

The Akko 3084 is a 75% keyboard with the fairly good build quality. In addition, the Akko 3084 is a wireless keyboard with a fairly large keyboard battery capacity of 1800Mah, and the keyboard battery is also very durable, lasting 80 hours on a full charge.

If you want a 75 percent keyboard with the good build quality and design, the Akko 3084 is the right choice for you. In addition to being small, the Akko 3084 is a wireless keyboard that connects to your device via Bluetooth. This keyboard is perfect for moving. If you want a 75 percent wireless keyboard that’s small and portable, the Akko 3084 is the right choice. Considering the price is less than $100.


GMMK Pro is a 75 percent Barbone keyboard, and because it is a 75 percent keyboard kit, it is well worth making the main material for you to build your 75 percent keyboard. We recommend GMMK Pro 75 percent Barebone because it’s one of the best options you can have right now.

The GMMK Pro has a very good build quality, made of thick and high quality aluminum bodies. This 75% barebone keyboard supports hot swap with 3 or 5 pin mechanical switches. The GMMK Pro also has a rotary knob slot on the 75 percent, a favorite of custom keyboard enthusiasts.

The RGB on the GMMK Pro is also good, with the RGB lit up individually on each button. You can also customize RGB, programmable keys, and layer functions through Glorious software. The keyboard can only be connected via a detachable USB Type C cable and is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, and Linux operating systems.

The GMMK Pro is one of the 75 percent barebone keyboards you deserve. You just need to add a switch and keyboard cap Settings and you will get 75 percent of the keyboard, which is very cool and quality.


How to Choose the Right 75 Percent Mechanical Keyboard

Price: Under $100, you can get a 75 percent keyboard with full features such as using hot-swappable PCBS and being fully connected. But for $100 +, you’ll get a 75% keyboard with the good build quality and features, and certainly more complete.

Connectivity: We recommend that you use 75 percent of your keyboard and have full connectivity. If it supports a wireless option, the keyboard must support a wired connection.

Hot-swappable PCBS: We strongly recommend that 75 percent of keyboards come with hot-swappable PCBs. This is a simple step that makes your keyboard very flexible to toggle switches. We recommend a 5-pin hot-swappable PCB because you can use a 3-pin or 5-pin switch.

Backlit: Why not just buy an RGB backlit keyboard? If you need more light, you can turn it on, if you don’t need it, you can turn it off.

Switch compatibility: The best option is to get a 75 percent keyboard that supports MX pin switches such as Cherry MX, Kailh, Gateron, Akko, Drop, Zealpc, and other MX switches. Outemu switches are affordable, but can only be used on Outemu dedicated PCBs.

Build quality: Of course, if you are looking for great build quality a 75 percent aluminum shell keyboard is the best choice.

Software support: Make sure you have a 75 percent keyboard that has software support for reprogramming key mapping. Minimum QMK or VIA. The best ones are those with built-in software and an easy-to-understand user experience.



Is a 75 percent keyboard Tenkeyless?

Tenkeyless is 87 percent layout, and 75 percent keyboard is 75 percent layout. Of course, in terms of layout representation, the two keyboard layouts are different. 75 percent keyboards have a smaller layout than Tenkeyless, with tightly crafted keys. The D-keys, primary cluster keys, and F1-F12 keys are tightly combined with other keys, making it a compact keyboard layout.

Is a 75 percent mechanical keyboard better?

If you want a mechanical keyboard with a layout size and design that is compact and easy to carry, a 75 percent mechanical keyboard is a pretty ideal size. Keyboard size is 75 percent just below TKL size (less than TKL).

The advantage of a 75 percent mechanical keyboard is that it fits perfectly and doesn’t take up space on your desk. The 75 percent keyboard size is also easy to carry around because it’s so compact. Best of all, you still have the F1 through F12 keys, as well as the dedicated arrow keys and a few function keys on the right.

Is a 75 percent mechanical keyboard better for typing?

Of course, the mechanical keyboard is 75 percent larger than the layout size of a TKL, 1800-Compact, or full-size keyboard. For the remaining F1 through F12 keys, several function keys on the right, and the arrow keys, the mechanical keyboard size is 75 percent better than the TKL, 1800-Compact, and full size. The compact size makes it easier to reach the keys and easier to move your fingers from one key to another.

Is a 75 percent mechanical keyboard better for gaming?

In general, 75 percent mechanical keyboards are perfect for FPS games like PUBG, Valor, CSGO, APex Legends, and Fortnite. The 75 percent keyboard size is easy to move around, and it’s easy to find the right position when playing games because of its small size.

You can use it diagonally or vertically. 75 percent of the keyboards are flexible enough to change position while playing a game. One of the best 75 percent mechanical keyboards is the Akko 3084, which uses switches from Gateron, the Gateron red switch on the Akko 3084 is the right choice for playing games, with a very fast drive and ideal drive distance.

Is 75 percent mechanical keyboard expensive?

Not 75 percent of all mechanical keyboards are sold at a premium price, and the use of materials and components is a determining factor. For example, the Drevo Excalibur 84 uses metal material, so it is very expensive, and not only the metal material but also the switch used is from Cherry MX, which is expensive.


75 percnet keyboards are absolute gems, they attempt to maximize comfort and portability to save precious desk space. In the article, we have discussed the best 75 percent keyboards. Also, we have given you some suggestions on choosing a 75 percent keyboard. I hope this article would be helpful to you.

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