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Motospeed CK108

RGB mechanical keyboard — Motospeed CK108 RGB full-color backlit mechanical keyboard evaluation


What kind of keyboard do you want to buy if RGB backlight is necessary? One of my friend strongly recommended Motospeed CK108 keyboard. Google the brand Motosepeed. It is Hong Kong flying Technology Group Co., LTD., founded in 2001. The main Motospeed brand, is a computer peripheral products operation company. It mainly produces the following six categories: mouse, keyboard, laptop peripheral, U drive, USB HUB and card reader. It has its own factory. I don’t know how to check the official website of quality control, and the main products are peripheral products of game.

Being persuaded by my friend many times, I finally decide to try Motospeed. Today what I got here is Motospeed CK108 mechanical keyboard. Let’s see what the keyboard can do.

Product Description





Origin´╝ÜMainland China

Keyboard Standard´╝Ü104 Keys


Operation Style´╝ÜMechanical

Model Number´╝ÜMOTOSPEED CK108 Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

Interface Type´╝ÜUSB

Full Size keyboard´╝ÜYes


shaft Body Brand´╝ÜBlack shaft or Blue Switches

Wrist Support´╝ÜYes

Wired Style: Ergonomics, Multimedia, Standard Interface Type: USB

Application: Desktop; Style: Ergonomics, Multimedia, Standard

Support 6 kinds of themes cool backlighting. Every major themes covered withthree backlit effects.

Brilliant RGB backlighting

FN+PS Long Press 5S:Enter into the theme color setting mode.


The next day after ordering online, the Motospeed CK108 keyboard is delivered. Single-layer packaging, filled with several air bags. Inside the package there are a keyboard, a mouse and a mouse pad. Packaging equipment is also pretty. It’s the first time for me to open the box of mechanical keyboard. Taking off the outer packaging, there is a layer of packaging. The packaging is simple, and this simple packaging style is appreciated by me. I do not know what font is on it, which is more personalized. Besides I also got a certificate and a instruction , but there is no keycap puller.

Motospeed CK108

Brushed panel and pure metal beagle! The font on the key cap is more special, many mechanical keyboards in China adopt this font. If you know what font it is please tell me. It looks very fashionable.

Compared the standard 104 keys keyboard, I prefer the 87 keys. The Motospeed CK108 keyboard comes with a wrist rest that feels great. The back of the keyboard is just normal. There are ordinary nameplate and two feet (wider than the feet of the ordinary keyboard), and the material of the feet is similar to the Tevron. I wonder whether it can withstand long time use.

Appearance and Details

After the launch of Motospeed CK104 RGB colorful backlight mechanical keyboard, Motospeed released a mechanical keyboard product with RGB colorful backlight effect, Motospeed CK108.

Although the model number is “CK108”, the keyboard still uses the standard American 104-key full-size layout. As a new generation flagship, the Motospeed CK108 mechanical keyboard is not only upgraded in appearance details, the biggest highlight of this time is that the keyboard itself has a set of RGB backlight system supporting 16.8 million colors customized, and the dynamic light effect is also quite rich.

Motospeed CK108

Although the mechanical keyboard of Motospeed CK108 is still a continuation of the suspension design of CK104, there are some details of improvement. For example, the space between the F area and the primary key area in the overall layout of the keyboard has returned to the tradition, which is conducive to getting use.

Secondly, the technology has also been upgraded, showing that the keyboard on both sides of the border is added to the highlight cut edge, the luster is very strong, but also more delicate.

On the other hand, the bottom of the keyboard adopts a beveled design to reduce the height of the keyboard, while attached with a large area of full-size hand rest, the surface of the hand rest is fine frosted texture, which is more pleasing for sweaty players. The installation and disassembly of this piece of hand support are very convenient, fixed through the clasp on the keyboard chassis.

In terms of details, the mechanical keyboard of Motospeed CK108 is covered with a metal panel, and the surface is treated with wire drawing technology. The overall texture is quite good. Secondly, probably because of the engineering prototype, there are no corresponding ICONS on the key caps of functions such as the multimedia shortcut key and the light mode switching shortcut key integrated in the F area of the keyboard. In this case, extra learning and memory are needed.

Keycaps and Switches

Taking off key caps, it looks like a Keva shaft. I haven’t studied it in detail because most of the stuff that’s made in China right now. The screw is too ugly, and it is obviously not as good as those big brands.

This is the first mechanical keyboard I have used, and I think pressing the key process really has a long percussive feeling, and it feels better than the IBM capacitive keyboard that I used many years ago. The sound is also a feature of the big green shaft, so it doesn’t matter if someone likes it or not. Each time the feeling and feedback is very clear.

In the last single key HD image, RGB is hidden in the transparent protective case, compared with other brands of low-end products which protect the backlight on the outside, this protection case is much more outstanding. But the waterproof is unknown, mechanical backlight keypad waterproof seems to be consistently bad!

Motospeed CK108

The mechanical keyboard of Motospeed has started to use the high shaft body earlier. This Motospeed CK108 RGB mechanical keyboard is no exception, equipped with high green shaft.

In order to better highlight the lighting effect, the RGB shaft adopts transparent shaft cover. In addition, Motospeed CK108 RGB light source is provided by the patch light without light guide column, so the hole area of the shaft cover light hole is relatively large to ensure the light transmission. With transparent shaft cover and suspension design, the backlight effect of Motospeed CK108 mechanical keyboard is naturally worth looking forward to.

For the high green shaft performance, the percussive feeling bias is very obvious, the paragraph feeling is very clear and bright, the overall trigger crispness of the key is stronger than the original green shaft.

In addition, thanks to the special satellite shaft design, the Motospeed CK108 RGB mechanical keyboard has a good feel of the large key, with no obvious sense of lag, and the percussion is crisp and sharp. And such a special satellite shaft key not only does not affect the later replacement of key cap, but also has the characteristics of easy disassembly and easy assembly.

The Motospeed CK108 RGB mechanical keyboard is paired with a set of the most common bicolor ABS transparent key caps. In the past, this set of key caps always had some random lines under the characters more or less, but in the Motospeed CK108 mechanical keyboard this set of key caps do not have this kind of issue. The overall quality has been improved. The keyboard is gold-plated, with a magnetic ring, a Motospeed LOG at the top, no braided wire or rubber wire, and it is moderate in thickness.


The Motospeed CK108 RGB mechanical keyboard has been upgraded to support 16.8 million color customization, rather than the popular plain color RGB backlight. Therefore, the keyboard in streamer mode, the lighting effect is obviously much more smooth and soft. At the same time due to the keyboard suspension design and matching transparent shaft cover, the keyboard with the light turned on shows more details.

Through the keyboard light switch shortcut key, you can complete most of the keyboard dynamic mode switch, the light mode up to 19 kinds, the playability is very high. Motospeed CK108 RGB mechanical keyboard supports six backlight effects without driving, and each theme is covered with three kinds of backlight effects.

Secondly, the light color of each special effect can be directly switched through the combination of keys, which is very convenient. The operation method is similar to the traditional seven-color RGB backlit mechanical keyboard.

Motospeed CK108

Of course, the Motospeed CK108 RGB mechanical keyboard is currently equipped with a driver, through the driver you can manage the keyboard light effect, light color and macro programming. The driver application interaction is relatively simple, directly select the specified preset light mode in the interface, the keyboard under the current light effect has a real-time preview.

Under the current light effect, it allows 16.8 million colors of light color customization! A dazzling backlight can be really pleasing to the eyes, and someone can’t help but say, “That’s what I love!” The effect of running lantern is still good! The color is brighter and the light is softer.

Software Setting

Software of Motospeed CK108 must be downloaded from the official website, the software is only ten Mb. Now the gamer’s favorite part, macro definition can be defined according to the requirements of the game button macro definition! The personalized definition of the single key can be directly opened or some multimedia operations. Keyboard Settings program has provided a variety of RGB dynamic backlight scheme optional, all kinds of style backlight can satisfy anyone’s preference.

How to set these backlights, can be arbitrary custom lighting is an important reason to choose it. First, select the color to be set as shown. If these fixed colors cannot be satisfied, you can select your favorite color through the following color palette and select the button to be lit. So at night when there is no light, the shortcut button can be clear.

Compared with Motospeed CK104

The Motospeed CK104 RGB mechanical keyboard has a large green shaft. In order to better highlight the lighting effect, RGB shaft adopts transparent shaft cover. In addition, CK104 RGB light source is provided by patch light without light guide column, so the surface of the manhole cover is relatively large to ensure light transmission.

The Motospeed CK104 RGB mechanical keyboard is designed with a special satellite shaft for easy assembly and disassembly. However, games that replace other third-party keycaps at a later stage require special attention. Regarding the urgency of the high green shaft, the feeling of the paragraphs is very clear and bright, and the overall fragility of the keys is stronger than that of the original green shaft. Perhaps due to the special design of the satellite shaft, the Motospeed CK104 RGB mechanical keyboard also feels good under large keys, with no significant delay in bouncing.

Motospeed CK108

The Motospeed CK104 RGB mechanical keyboard comes with a set of the most common clear two-color ABS caps.

Apart from some minor police interference, the overall quality is good. Its delicate touch is good news for wet hand players, it’s not as sticky as wrapping a key chain, but it’s very fresh. The base of the main cap consists of four stiffeners. The bottom of the hat is smooth and free of burrs. The injection point is located at the bottom of the key plug wall, which does not affect the use. By default, all keys support no impact, and the WIN function keys can be turned off by combining FN+WIN, which is sufficient for a variety of complex competitive games.


Motospeed CK108 has typical green shaft features, long trip and crisp sound. Backlight can be a single key customization and can also be combined with high playability. The game shortcut keys can also be macro definition. The function is also the same as some famous brands and the performance is great. The backlight is soft and non-dazzling, and the metal panel is used to upgrade the appearance.

There are also some disadvantages of Motospeed CK108: some details can be enhanced. A few key caps have burrs. keyboard Settings program interface aesthetics has to be strengthened. Function definition is too concentrated leading to unclear classification and easy to mis-operate. It only has three custom mode which is not enough. Personalization needs to be strengthened.

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