Blue Switches: A Comprehensive Guide



Blue Switches are a great way to add some customization and extra features to your keyboard. They offer a smooth, responsive and tactile feel that makes typing a breeze. Blue Switches are perfect for gaming, coding or general use and are available in both linear and tactile versions.

Overall, Blue Switches are a popular choice for many people, as they offer a number of benefits that other types of keyboard switches do not. Blue Switches are available in both linear and tactile varieties, and are known for their durability and long lifespan.

Blue Switches

What are blue switches and why do they matter?

Blue Switches are mechanical switches that are used to actuate a keyboard. They are popular among gamers, typists, and anyone looking for increased performance from their keyboard. Blue Switches provide special advantages such as faster key press response times, tactile feedback, and longer life. Blue Keyboard Switches also offer distinct audible clicks with every keystroke, which can be a desirable feature for some users.

The most common Blue keyboard switch is the Cherry MX Blue switch. It is renowned for its ability to provide fast response time and incredibly satisfying tactile feel. It’s heavier than other switch types like the Red or Brown switch but still light enough to not tire out your fingers during extended gaming sessions or typing marathons. It is also very durable and reliable, so you can trust it will last you a long time if properly maintained.

One distinctive feature of Blue Switches is their audible click when pressed down. This click sound offers an extra sensory experience for the user that further adds to the tactile feedback provided by the Blue Switch itself. The clicking sound also makes it easier to know when a key has been successfully pressed which can be beneficial in many situations from typing quickly to playing fast-paced games where milliseconds count in terms of success or failure.

Overall Blue Keyboard Switches should be considered by anyone looking for increased performance from their input device, whether it’s a laptop or desktop keyboard. They offer various advantages such as faster response times, improved tactile feel, and distinct audible feedback which all contribute to improved overall user experience while typing or gaming on any computer platform. Additionally they are highly durable and reliable meaning they will last you a long time if properly maintained with regular cleaning and lubrication of the internals of each switch unit itself.

Features and Design

Blue Switches are a popular choice among gamers and typists alike, thanks to their sleek design, satisfying tactile feedback, and overall great performance. Blue switches are known for providing a loud click sound when pressed down, which makes it easier to keep track of your typing speed and accuracy. They also have a smooth and light keystroke feel that requires less force than other switches on the market.

The Blue switch was designed with both ergonomics and performance in mind. The shape of each key allows for comfortable hand positioning during long gaming or typing sessions, while the precise actuation force ensures quick response times when registering an input. Additionally, Blue Keyboard switches feature an RGB-programmable backlighting system so users can customize their keyboard with any desired color scheme.

Besides its features, the Blue switch is also praised for its design quality. The stem of each Blue switch is made from high-grade plastic material to ensure longevity and it’s also resistant to dust buildup. This means that Blue switches won’t become overly clunky or sticky over time like some other keyboards on the market can. Moreover, Blue Keyboard switches have a unique suspension system that prevents unwanted contact between keys by allowing them to move independently from one another without sacrificing accuracy or speediness.

In addition to these features, Blue switches offer adjustable actuation points which give users more control over how they type or game. By choosing between different actuation points (2mm/3mm/4mm), users can customize their keyboard experience depending on what they need at any given moment – whether it’s increased speed or added precision when typing out emails or playing fast-paced games online.

Overall, Blue Switches provide an excellent solution to anyone looking for a reliable keyboard with solid performance and versatile functionality. Their tactility feedback provides great satisfaction with every keystroke while their adjustable actuation points make them suitable for practically any type of user – from casual gamers all the way up to professional typists and competitive esports players alike!


When it comes to Blue Switches, there are two primary types: linear and tactile. Linear Blue switches provide a smooth, consistent keystroke, while tactile Blue Keyboard switches offer a bump in the middle of each keypress that lets you know when your input has been registered. Both options have their own advantages and disadvantages depending on user preference, but Blue is the most popular type because it provides a good balance between both characteristics.

Linear Blue Keyboard switches are perfect for gaming since they provide an uninterrupted stroke which allows for rapid key presses with minimal effort; however, they can be quite loud if you’re in a quiet environment. Tactile Blue Keyboard switches give off a subtle “bump” feedback, allowing the user to receive confirmation of each key press while also still being able to move very quickly. This makes them great for typists who need accuracy and speed without making too much noise.

Blue Keyboard switches are often preferred by professionals because they tend to last longer than their Red or Black counterparts due to their higher actuation force (the amount of force needed to press down on the switch). Blue mechanical keyboards require 45g actuation force compared to 40g on Black and 35g on Red switches, meaning they require slightly more effort and thus usually last longer before needing replacement.

Regardless of whether you decide to go with linear or tactile Blue Keyboard switches, both will provide superior performance compared to other switch types like membrane key switches or rubber domes. If you’re looking for responsiveness and durability then Blue Switches should definitely be at the top of your list!


Advantages and Disadvantages

Blue Switches offer many advantages for gamers, general users and typists alike. Blue switches are widely praised for their tactile feel and loud audible feedback when pressed. This makes them great for both gaming and typing as they can provide crucial response time and accuracy. Blue switches also have a higher actuation point than other switch types, which gives them a fast response time and helps to reduce the need for multiple key presses. Blue switches are also generally quite versatile, making them suitable for different applications.

One of the major advantages of Blue Switches is their durability. Blue Keyboard switches offer an extended lifespan of up to 50 million keystrokes, while other switch types usually last between 10-20 million keystrokes before needing to be replaced. This makes Blue switches a great long-term investment if you’re looking for something that will last for many years without requiring frequent replacement. Blue switches also require less force than other switch types, meaning that you won’t tire your fingers out as quickly from using them over longer periods of time.

Another advantage is that Blue Switches produce much louder sounds than other switch types, which can be important for gaming due to the increased audio feedback it provides when keys are pressed in rapid succession. This audio feedback allows gamers to better keep track of their keypresses during intense gaming sessions where quick reactions are vital. Blue Keyboard Switches also provide gamers with more control over their gaming experience as they allow players to adjust the actuation point (how far down the switch needs to press before it registers) in order to best suit their playing style or preferences – this ensures a smooth transition between keys during gameplay and helps reduce response time even further.

However there are also some disadvantages associated with Blue Switches as well; one being their loudness, which may not be ideal if you’re looking for a quieter typing experience or working in an office environment with colleagues nearby who might be disturbed by the noise levels created by your keyboard usage.

Additionally, Blue Switches require more force when pressing than other switch types such as reds or browns; this means that using Blue Switches can cause finger fatigue much faster than lighter switches would – making them less suitable if you’re planning on using your keyboard intensively for hours at a time without interruption. Finally, Blue Switches tend to be slightly more expensive than other switch types due to their higher quality parts and overall construction; meaning they may not be suitable if you’re working on a tight budget but still want something durable with good performance qualities.

Overall, Blue Switches offer excellent performance and durability qualities that make them ideal choices for gaming enthusiasts or those looking for responsive keyboards with tactile feedback in terms of sound and feel when keys are pressed; however these benefits come at the cost of potentially louder noise levels compared to other switch types as well as higher prices due to premium parts used in their construction – so it’s important to consider all factors before deciding whether Blue Keyboard Switch keyboards are right choice for your needs!

Typing experience

Typing on Blue Switches is an incredibly satisfying and pleasant experience. Blue switches offer a tactile feel that requires only a light press of the key to actuate, providing a fast and responsive typing speed. The sound of Blue Switches also contributes to the overall experience, as the distinct click noise each time a key is pressed can be very satisfying to listen to for many users. Blue switches are often mentioned in the same breath with Cherry MX Blue, as they are both considered loud and clicky mechanical switches that provide excellent feedback when typing.

The tactile feel and responsiveness of Blue Switches is unmatched, making them perfect for typing-intensive tasks such as coding or writing lengthy documents. Not only do Blue Switches provide a smooth and consistent feel while typing, but they also require less effort than other mechanical keyboards. And because Blue switches have higher actuation points than other popular switch types like Red or Brown, there’s no need to worry about bottoming out your keys during intense gaming sessions or long periods of typing.

Blue Switches also have an impressive lifespan compared to other switch types. With their rated lifespan of up to 50 million keystrokes per key, these switches can stand up to intense use and still remain reliable over time. This makes Blue Switches ideal for those who type frequently throughout the day or week – your keyboard won’t suffer from wear and tear anytime soon!

Overall, Blue Switches make for an amazing typing experience every time you sit down at your computer. Whether you’re coding away on your favourite project or banging out an essay due tomorrow morning – Blue Switches ensure that you’ll have a smooth and responsive experience so you can get work done faster without having to worry about sluggishness or fatigue.

Gaming experience

When it comes to gaming, Blue Switches are often the preferred choice for many gamers. Blue switches offer a satisfying tactile response and audible click sound when pressed, giving gamers an enhanced and immersive gaming experience. Blue switches are designed with a 65g actuation force, allowing gamers to quickly register key presses and improve their accuracy during gameplay. On top of this, Blue switches offer slightly higher durability than other switch types, making them perfect for extended gaming sessions.

Blue switches also provide vibrant RGB lighting support which is great for customizing your setup and adding more atmosphere to your gaming sessions. Blue switches work in tandem with other components such as keyboards, mouse pads and headsets to create a complete immersive gaming environment that you can truly enjoy. Additionally, Blue keyboards come in various shapes and sizes depending on your needs or preferences; from full-sized wired or wireless designs to compact and portable options – there’s something for everyone!

The Blue switch allows gamers to have a smoother gaming experience compared to other switch types due to its higher actuation force of 65g. This ensures that key presses register with greater accuracy and speed than other switch types, making it easier for gamers to perform complex actions or combos during playtime. The audible click sound of Blue switches also adds an extra layer of feedback as you play, further enhancing your gaming experience.

Overall Blue Switches are perfect for all kinds of PC gamers seeking an immersive experience while playing games on their computer—from casual gamers all the way up to professional eSports players! With their superior actuation force, vibrant RGB lighting support and rich tactile feedback, Blue Switches help make every game session smoother and more enjoyable.


How to choose the right one?

When shopping for a Blue Switches, it is important to take the time to consider your needs and preferences when making a selection. Blue switches are known for their audible click sound and tactile feedback, which is why they are popular with gamers and typists looking for comfort and reliable performance. Blue switches also offer more durability than other types of switches, making them an ideal choice for those who require long-term use.

When selecting the right Blue switch for your keyboard, it is important to take into account the type of gaming or typing you will be doing. Blue switches offer a moderate amount of tactile feedback but can be too sensitive or sluggish depending on the user’s preference. Blue linear switches lack any tactile feedback and are best suited to those who need quick response times while typing or gaming. Blue tactile switches provide a satisfying bump when pressed, offering more control over each key press.

Consider also the actuation force needed to activate each switch. Blue switch keyboards require more force than other types of keyboards, so if you plan on using your keyboard in situations where you need to make quick inputs, such as during gaming sessions, then blue switch keyboards may not be the best choice. Additionally, if you plan on using your keyboard in an office setting where noise levels must remain low, then blue switch keyboards may not be suitable due to their loud clicking sounds when pressed.

When searching for Blue Switches that are right for you it is advisable to compare different models side by side in order to determine which model offers the features that best meet your needs. Many retailers offer comparison tools that allow consumers to see what different Blue Switches have to offer before making a purchase decision. It is also important to check out reviews from other users in order to gain perspective on how well each model performs in real-world scenarios before finalizing your selection. Ultimately, choosing the correct Blue Keyboard Switch comes down to understanding your own preferences and needs as well as taking into account different opinions from fellow users before committing to a purchase decision

Why we recommend you buy one?

If you are looking for a quality keyboard that offers superior performance, Blue Switches are an excellent choice. Blue switches offer a different typing experience compared to other switch types on the market, including Cherry MX Blue and Gateron Blue. Blue switches feature an audible click and tactile feedback as you press a key, giving users more control over their typing speed and accuracy. This feedback is great for gaming and helping to avoid accidental key presses.

Blue switches have the highest activation force of any type available, which can help to reduce the risk of typos due to accidental keystrokes. Blue switches also have a longer lifespan of up to 50 million keystrokes compared to other switch types such as Cherry MX Brown or Black switches which can last up to 40 million keystrokes. Additionally, Blue switches have a shorter actuation distance (2mm) than other switch types (such as Cherry MX Red with 4mm) meaning that the keys will respond faster when pressed. This makes Blue switches ideal for both gamers who require fast response times and typists who want greater accuracy in their work.

Blue Switches provide superior precision when it comes to both gaming and typing. The audible click provides a satisfying sound whenever you press a key, while its tactile feedback allows you to know exactly when your keys register your input without missing a beat. The higher activation force required also gives users greater control over their typing speed and accuracy, allowing them to make fewer mistakes due to accidental key presses. Moreover, Blue Switches have one of the longest lifespans of any switch type currently available on the market with up to 50 million keystrokes before needing replacement – making it ideal for those that use their keyboards heavily on a regular basis. For all these reasons, we highly recommend Blue Switches if you’re looking for superior performance from your mechanical keyboard!


When it comes to Blue Switches, there are a few frequently asked questions (FAQs) that must be addressed. First, what are Blue Switches? Blue Switches are a type of mechanical switch used in many modern keyboards to actuate keystrokes. They’re known for their distinct clicky sound and tactile feedback, making them popular with gamers and typists alike.

What is the difference between Blue and Red Keyboard Switches? Blue switches require more pressure to actuate than red switches, typically around 50 grams of force compared to red’s 45 grams. Blue switches also have a higher actuation point – 1.8mm compared to 1.2mm for reds – meaning they require a bit more travel before registering your keystroke. This can be both an advantage and disadvantage depending on what your typing preferences are. Blue switches generally last longer than reds, too, due to their stronger spring design, with some blue switches rated up to 70 million keystrokes!

Do Blue Switches work with all keyboards? Not necessarily – while most keyboards will accept all types of mechanical switches, some models may only accept certain ones. It’s best to check your keyboard’s specifications or contact the manufacturer before trying a new switch type. Additionally, Cherry MX compatible boards will work with any Cherry MX style switch including Blue ones – just make sure you have the right size stem (most use 3-Pin or 5-Pin).

Are Blue Switches good for gaming? Yes! Blue switches provide great tactile feedback which can help give you an edge in fast-paced action games like first-person shooters or real-time strategy titles where split second responses can mean the difference between victory and defeat. Additionally, the audible click of blue switches can help you keep track of how many keys you pressed at once for multi-key commands like macros or combos in certain games as well as alerting nearby players that something is happening on your end as well!



Blue Switches are a great option for gamers and typists. They offer a smooth, responsive feel that makes them perfect for gaming and typing. In this article, we’ve looked at the different types of Blue Switches available on the market today. We’ve also discussed some of the pros and cons of each switch type. If you’re looking to buy a new mechanical keyboard, be sure to consider Blue Switches as an option!

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