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AKKO Keycaps

AKKO Keycaps

With the development, keycaps are increasingly changing. The common PBT and ABS keycaps could be seen everywhere. But they are too ordinary and could not satisfy people’s needs. So all kinds of keycaps are innovated and upgraded. The article mainly talks about an independent keycap–AKKO keycap.

What are AKKO keycaps?

AKKO keycaps

AKKO is a manufacturer that mainly focuses on producing the peripherals of the mechanical keyboard. AKKO’s products are a combination of appearance and quality, which are popular with many users, especially those keyboard enthusiasts. AKKO keycaps are excellent in the keycaps market.

AKKO keycaps are made of high-quality PBT material, which is not easy to fade and has a good texture. AKKO keycaps are not only beautiful but also practical. They can be used in a variety of scenes. AKKO keycaps have a translucent design and are very popular with young people.


AKKO Keycaps

AKKO keycaps are popular for their various features. One of the most well-known is the double-shot molding process. This process creates a keycap with two pieces of plastic instead of one, ensuring that the legend on the keycap will never wear off.

The height of the AKKO keycap varies from the common keycaps. The keycaps are ASA profile, lower than SA keycap but higher than OEM keycap. They have a certain degree and are comfortable for using.

AKKO keycaps also come in a wide variety of colors, making it easy to find a set that matches your style. Their color schemes are wonderful, such as Matcha green and Red Bean, Milk white and orange, sky blue and deep sea blue and others.


AKKO keycaps are extremely distinctive and colorful. Unlike ordinary keycaps, these keycaps are full of innovation and design. For example, it includes themed keycaps, such as the Doraemon Macaron keycap, World Tour series, Los Angeles themed keycap set and so on. In addition, its color scheme is innovative, fashionable and meaningful. For example, its black & gold keycap set, black & pink keycap set, black & Cyan keycap set, and the like are included. AKKO keycap provides many choices for you. No matter you are a boy or a girl and no matter which layout your keyboard is, the AKKO keycap can meet your needs.

And then a detailed review of one of the AKKO keycaps–AKKO Carbon Retro Keycap is shown.

AKKO Carbon Keycap

AKKO Keycaps

For the same price, the Akko Carbon keycaps are impressive. In terms of its case, it’s simply one of the best keycap storage cases I’ve ever seen. In it, there is a keycap puller included. Each set comes in a plastic case that’s held closed with strong magnets and slips into a nice cardboard sleeve. Inside, plastic tabs slot into the stem of each keycap.


AKKO Keycaps

The keycap color scheme can make you fall in love with it at a glance. Its main part is white, which is slightly creamy, the dark part is black with some gray, and then there is orange as a highlight. The legends on the keycaps are a bit larger than the normal keyboard, and the handwriting is clear and detailed.

Because it is the AKKO keycap, some R1 height to provide some personalized patterns can be replaced, such as the classic AKKO key with its logo. The combination of three kinds of color — milk white, dark gray, and orange still looks very coordinated, which is worth being regarded as a classic.

ASA Profile

ASA profile keycap can be said to be an innovation of AKKO for mechanical keyboard keycap, which is 2mm higher than the OEM profile keycap, and 2mm lower than the SA profile keycap. In terms of the appearance of the keycap, the AKKO profile keycap is more rounded, and at the same time, the keycap also has a certain tilt, which can make its use more comfortable.


The AKKO keycaps are made of PBT material and adopt the double-shot process. The workmanship of each keycap is also excellent, both in terms of its legends, as well as the edge and large key, which are upgraded greatly. When touching its surface, you hardly feel the roughness like an ordinary PBT keycap, and there are no flaws from all angles.

Hand Feel

In terms of the actual feeling, the ASA profile keycaps actually have little difference from the traditional OEM. After all, the ASA keycap is slightly higher than the latter. But the most obvious feeling is mainly its smoother surface. The PBT keycaps made up to such a degree are not easy.

After changing the set of keycaps, you will have an obvious feel. If someone doesn’t know that you only have changed your keycaps, maybe he will think you changed a keyboard. As you know, the role of keycaps is critical in terms of the keyboard’s appearance. So a good-looking color scheme is attractive for people.

Price and How to buy

AKKO keycaps are not only beautiful and unique but also have a reasonable price. You can buy them online. There are many different kinds of AKKO keycaps, so you can choose the one you like. You will not regret buying AKKO keycaps.


AKKO keycaps are a newer, more specialized type of keycap that has begun to gain popularity in the keyboard community. They offer a unique typing experience and look that set them apart from other, more common types of keycaps.

If you’re interested in trying out AKKO keycaps for yourself or simply want to learn more about what makes them so special, be sure to read through this article. We’ve included all the information you need to know about AKKO caps, from their history and design to how they can benefit your own typing experience.

Thanks for your reading!

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