AKKO 3084 Mechanical Keyboard Review

AKKO 3084

Do you like mechanical keyboards? What are your requirements for a mechanical keyboard? Do you know the AKKO keyboard? Today we are going to introduce a moderately sized, full-featured, civilian-priced keyboard with a wide variety of options – AKKO 3084. The article is one of the most detailed, easy-to-understand, and realistic reviews of the AKKO 3084 keyboard ever.


As the old saying goes, the mountain is not too high living immortals can be famous. And I think this is the same truth in terms of the keyboard. The number of the key is not necessary to be too more. In addition to the operating habits and the traditional appearance, Extra keys seem to have no other meaning.

Take the ordinary 104-key keyboard for an example. Only will PRTSC key screenshot directional keys above the bunch of keys occasionally be used, and the other keys are hardly used by many keyboard players and even their functions are not known.

With the desktop space increasingly more precious, as well as the display bigger and bigger, a variety of RGB ornaments and artifacts are also desperately occupying the little space, and then the corresponding special keys of the small size keyboard were born.

Common small-size keyboard, such as 87 keys, which seems that its width is not narrow enough and there are still extra keyboards. But 61 and 68 keys seem to be compressed too much. Many keys in the Fn zone frequently used in the games are squeezed out, restricting a lot of quick game operations.

So what kind of small-size keyboard is the most reasonable? Of course, it is 84 keys. If you are interested in it, may as well with me to study the AKKO 3084 mechanical keyboard.


AKKO is a Chinese company AKKO was founded in Shenzhen, China in 2016. It adheres to the concept of “lifestyle gaming peripherals” and emphasizes design and building an innovative peripheral brand.

Its founder is encouraged by the slogan of “Diversifying the industry” and has engaged in the computer peripheral equipment industry and the gaming industry for years. The founder has also put forward new ideas that it is “make peripheral more than just a tool” by embodying pop-cultural imagery, color trends, interests, attitudes and cultural elements.

Its business includes a wide range of custom mechanical keyboards and parts. It is its robust and integrated supply chain that makes Akko successful and one of the brands with the most types of mechanical keyboards layout in the world. It is dedicated to offering comprehensive keyboard size options to users including 108-Key (Full Size), 98-Key, 100-Key (96%), 87-Key (TKL), 84-Key (75%), 68-Key (65%), Alice, 61-Key (60%) arrangements.

Its mission is customers first and holds that every user is able to find their desired colors, layouts and switches with accessible choice.

AKKO is also the world’s leading keycaps manufacturer with years of experience in producing PBT Dye-Sublimation and Double-Shot keycaps, which provides a solid foundation for its development.

AKKO offers keycaps with a variety of profiles such as OEM, Cherry, OSA, ASA and ASA-Low, which has brought unique typing experiences for different users and ensure everyone finds comfortable keycaps that fit. Akko is a nice brand and as it adheres, it indeed offers various keyboards.

AKKO 3084 keyboard

Next, let’s look at the model.

AKKO 3084 keyboard, as the name implies, is a mechanical keyboard with 84 (75%) keys from AKKO. This is one of AKKO’s keyboard models. AKKO 3084 keyboard contains a variety of themes or color combinations of keyboards.

Among them, there are some differences, which are shown in their names. The differences are their features distinctive from others. For example, as far as I know, AKKO 3084 keyboard includes several keyboards whose names include some modifiers, such as SP, S, BT, Silent and the like.

In order to help you better understand the AKKO 3084 keyboard, and make a more suitable choice for yourself, first of all, I will briefly introduce the differences between the names of several best-selling keyboards.

In fact, they are roughly similar in function and layout, with only a few subtle differences. These differences may affect their first impression in your eyes, the experience of using, or personal needs. Now let’s look at what features these keyboards have according to their own name.

AKKO 3084 B plus keyboard: B plus keyboard is shorthand for improved AKKO Beken Plus multi-modes solution.

AKKO 3084 S keyboard: S means Shine. Its total name is 3084 shine-through, which means this keyboard’s keycaps allow light to transmit. And in the evening, it will enhance the sense when you work or play games.

AKKO 3084 SP keyboard: SP means side-printed. The keyboard’s fonts are on the front side, which is different from the common keycaps whose fonts are on the top. The design makes the keyboard more clean and innovative.

AKKO 3084 Silent keyboard: it refers to the color with the Morandi color and looks quiet, low profile and introspective. In addition, the sound of its keys is more light. So its name includes the word “Silent”.

The above brief introduction is the information I searched on the Internet. There are only some superficial differences. In terms of the specific differences in use, since I have not used and cannot tell you. If you want to understand or are familiar with them, you can find them for yourselves.

AKKO 3084 Silent Keyboard

In addition to the introduction above, today take my own AKKO 3084 Silent keyboard as an example. I plan to talk about my complete use of the feeling. This keyboard is just bought some time ago. The previous Varmilo keyboard feels great, but I like the new and loathe the old and want to change it. Therefore, on the recommendation of a friend, I changed to the brand and bought a low-profile, graceful AKKO 3084 Morandi tone keyboard.


In the past two years, the popularity of the senior-level gray is almost all visible, such in hair, clothes as well as home decoration. Everyone knows that color is not more than a colorful color scheme. The former expresses a non-flashy and not intense color emotion, but many people do not know that senior gray is not one same gray, but a group of colors, and there is a name: Morandi color scheme.

When it came to the Morandi color system, we have to talk about George Morandi. Giorgio Morandi can be called the most unique artist of the 20th century. In all of his works, there is no bright and shiny color. Most every color blocks are a warm gray tone. These seemingly lifeless and vibrant colors yet look extremely noble and exquisite under Morandi’s brush.

Morandi devoted his life to painting the bottle and his surroundings, and he spent his life practicing it over and over again. He rarely used bright colors: in his pictures, every color block was a dull gray intermediate.

However, as a result of his skillful creation, these isolated and unnecessary colors are not dirty or boring but rather shine with elegance and refinement. Morandi’s paintings are like himself, soft and elegant, and every color is filled with this warm and comfortable feeling.

Without further ado, let’s look at Akko 3084 Silent keyboard next.

Packaging of AKKO 3084 Silent Keyboard

First, we can see the brand’s attitude from the packaging.

Keyboard packaging still uses the AKKO commonly used dark-blue box. On the front of the box, there are printed the product logo, model and the main picture of the keyboard. The color of the outer packaging is consistent with the color of the keyboard.


In fact, the box is a double-layer packaging. The above is the first layer, which is the two sides of the pull-out opening style. The second layer is the main protective layer. After removing the first layer, you can see that a pure black box with the AKKO logo – a combination of skull and cat’s head – is printed on it, and this layer is folded.


After opening the box, you can see a plastic dust cover on the top layer, a user manual, a switch puller, a gray Type-c cable, two colors of PBT heat sublimation keycaps, each of which is nine (spacebar, enter key, insert key, arrow keys, logo key, vertical enter key).

AKKO is generous that so many replacement key caps are attached. Even if you do not want to replace it, but also can collect up. Every keycap looks also quite nice. The USB cable is a Type-c cable, which is moderately soft and equipped with an anti-interference magnetic ring and gold-plated interface.


When seeing the packaging, in fact, my heart is very calm. Because, after all, the previous keyboard is the Varmilo keyboard. As we all know, its color is more conspicuous and its illustration design is also relatively beautiful.

Hence, I suddenly get a plain AKKO Morandi color keyboard and feel some visual disparity. But when I really saw the keyboard body and touched the keys, this sense of disparity was swept away. The freshness of the touch has activated the excitement and curiosity in my heart.

External Design

AKKO 3084  Silent keyboard is 75% arrangement and shows a total of 84 keys with a non-standard ANSI layout, and it is the same common 87 keys as TKL, but then it is without Insert, Scroll Lock, and Menu keys. The exterior color scheme of the keyboard is gray, white and blue and in line with the current retro fashion trend.

AKKO 3084 Compared to the feature of other keyboards with the same model, my first understanding of “Silent” is that the keyboard looks silent and has a quiet posture. I do not know if it is the real reason. Perhaps my logical way is inevitably influenced by a girl, which is a girl’s innate feature. Later, after thinking about it carefully, I still think that “Silent” mainly refers to the color. Because according to my understanding of the mechanical keyboard, its sound is largely affected by the switch.

As for AKKO 3084  Silent keyboard, it may also be affected by sound-absorbing foam, silent switches, or something else (O-rings underneath keycaps, for example), but these configurations can be found on other keyboards of the same model. So, I still think the word “Silent” refers to the feeling of its exterior color scheme. What do you think?


Compared with the 84 and 87-key keyboards, there are only 3 fewer keys, but the size is much smaller; and compared with the 61-key keyboard, there are more commonly used F area, function area and directional keys, but only slightly larger than the 61 sizes. According to Akko’s statistics, the size of the AKKO 3084 Silent keyboard is 315*126*28mm, weighing about 0.85KG.

Its keycaps are optimized with 84 key alignments based on the standard US key alignment and the main optimization position is to compress the F area and part of the keys at the lower right corner of the keyboard.

The optimization doesn’t affect most of the game operation, and at the same time makes the keyboard layout more compact. It achieves the purpose of reducing the size. because of the small size and compact distribution between the keys, AKKO 3084 Silent keyboard looks square, small and cute.

Design Details

Keycaps of AKKO 3084  Silent keyboard use standard OEM height and six rows of keycaps are concave and convex. There is ample space for the switch puller to replace the keycap and four different heights and angles from R1 to R4 are in line with the ergonomic design, which to a certain extent can relieve the fatigue of the fingers in the process of long-term typing.

The back corners of AKKO 3084  Silent keyboard are designed with non-slip rubber pads and also with some lines on the pads, which can ensure the stability of the keyboard in the process of use.


The USB cable interface is set in the upper left corner of the keyboard. There is a three-way outgoing slot, which can make USB cables better organized to prevent desktops from being cluttered.

Two two-stage brackets and the height of the keyboard itself can provide users with three heights to better meet the needs of different users. Each of the three different heights is approximately 5°, 7.5° and 11°.


If you use the wireless Bluetooth mode, you must first turn on the switch on the back. At the same time, when you do not use it, you can also turn it off to save power.

There is an indicator light next to this switch that mainly indicates whether Bluetooth is connected or not.

In addition to being equipped with white background light, AKKO 3084 Silent keyboard sets three indicators on the upper left corner of the keyboard bezel. Although the bezel has been very narrow, and there is no extra panel, the Akko keyboard still keeps its own style of independent indicators. The three white independent indicators are located in the upper right corner of the keyboard, set on top of the bezel.

The AKKO 3084 Silent keyboard’s fonts seem to be processed by the dye sublimation process and its keycaps match with a full personality of two colors scheme with clear character edges, comfortable tone, and relatively smooth fonts.

Long-term users of the keyboard know that, unlike the common characters, the thermal dye sublimation process is to inject the color into the PBT keycap by heating. The characters after thermal sublimation are more resistant to wear and tear and look clearer and more natural.

There are two product logos. One is located in the upper left corner of the ESC key, and the other is located in the lower right corner and side engraved at the bezel.

The USB interface is located on the left rear of the keyboard. The Type-C interface supports plugging randomly, which is very convenient.

Keycaps and Switch

AKKO 3084 Silent keyboard uses thick PBT plastic keycaps. The PBT content is roughly 85% and the keycap wall is about 1.38mm thick with a double-shot process. Compared to ABS keycaps, PBT keycaps are more durable and have a dust- and water-resistant property.

The color scheme of the entire keyboard is gray, blue and white, which looks clean and fresh. In fact, the AKKO Ocean Star keyboard color scheme is also very good, giving a very graphic and realistic feeling.

This keyboard uses the Gateron Switch & 2nd Gen AKKO Switch, and there are three types of switches to choose from Gateron Pink Switch, Gateron Green Switch and Gateron Orange Switch.

Gateron Pink is a linear switch with a 65-gram actuation point. I think of them as a heavier Cherry Black switch.

Gateron Green is a clicky switch with a 65-gram actuation point like a stiffer blue switch.

Gateron Orange is a tactile switch with a 55-gram actuation point like a stiffer Cherry Brown switch.


In terms of keyboards, it’s the functions that matter. AKKO 3084 Silent keyboard is equipped with a BT 5.0 wireless chip, supporting two modes that are detachable USB-C to USB-A cable and Bluetooth 5.0 (support 5.0 at the same time, also support 5.1 / 5.0 / 4.0 / 3.0). And you can switch between the two modes by pressing FN + E / R.

Besides, AKKO 3084 Silent keyboard is a built-in 1800mAh battery, which can last for 90 hours in the wireless connection mode.

In wireless mode, AKKO 3084 Silent keyboard can be connected to 3 devices. The upgraded keyboard allows to automatically recognize the device system and connect with any device (iPad, iPhone, MAC, Windows, Android and others) utilizing its accessible quick connect function.

Some of AKKO 3084 Silent keyboard’s media functions are available via FN + the corresponding key combination, as well as volume adjustment and mute settings, and even less frequently used functions like email and search are available. RGB backlight is programmable (per-key RGB).

There are some practical combination-key functions you should know.

FN + ~ can reset the keyboard and its Bluetooth pairings. 

FN + < / > is to adjust to the volume.

FN + M can be mute.

FN + F6 means play/pause.

FN + F7 can go the previous track.

FN + F8 is to go next track.

FN + Win is to lock the windows key.

FN + Del is to cycle backlight modes.

FN + up / down is to adjust to the brightness of the backlight.

AKKO 3084 Silent keyboard supports the N-key rollover by default, which is examined by me. I put a book and press down, which is no problem totally. You don’t worry about key conflicts and other problems when playing games.

In actual use, this 84-key special arrangement is relatively easy to get started for users who are used to the use of the full-size keyboard. Generally speaking, the big keys on the left side for games and daily typing commonly used are all intact, but the location of the F area and the directional keys will need to adapt a bit.


AKKO 3084 Silent gives you enough accessories including a keyboard, dust cover, USB cable, wire key puller, manual, warranty card, certificate of quality and PBT heat sublimation key caps*2 colors (pink and blue): space bar, insert key, arrow keys, logo key, vertical enter key.

To sum up, the advantages of this keyboard are obviously small and portable, easy to carry out of use and can improve desktop utilization. The frequently used functions are complete. And the appearance also looks more delicate and beautiful.

Moreover, the color scheme is fashionable, the keycaps are long-lasting, the height is adjustable and the backlight can be set. In addition, it supports unlimited device connections and provides an affordable price … No matter who you give away and no matter who you are, you can choose it, a necessary and noble item.

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