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IKBC C104: An Insuperable Keyboard Brand for Better Experience


Basic Information of IKBC C104

Ikbc C104 is the representative of IKBC mechanical keyboard and popular on some international websites for its high quality. As we all know, if its quality is unreliable, it couldn’t be such a good seller till now.  Some one said it brings users the same hand feeling as those keyboards at its similar price. However, what features does it have? Next, let me introduce IKBC C104 to you.


Actually, most of people don’t know the fundamental reason why it becomes a good seller. What exactly does characteristics it have, especially the C Series? In terms of the product itself, it continues to use PBT keycaps and big keys, which play an important role in the success of IKBC keyboard in the early period. According to my views on keyboard, IKBC adheres to its principle defeating those later brands which only want to succeed at a lower cost and price. In other words, it is its quality and nice experience that help IKBC get its success.

Typeman C104 is a keyboard with Cherry Mx switch for entry-level users 107 dollar or so, including basic style like C104, C87 and pink C200, C210.

I bought the C104 at the discount day of IKBC for 107.85 dollar. The accessories include dust cover, key puller, instruction book and warranty card. Here you need to pay attention to the functions of some hot keys. Because those characters don’t give any notes, such as Fn+Scrlk = 6KRO & NKRO change; ( 6KRO by default), Fn+Delete for 3s = plant default resetting and other important operation.


The IKBC C104 keyboard indeed has 104 keys. It looks like OEM mechanical keyboard (with upper and lower cover), classic and totally in black. The other characteristic is that although keycaps are made of PBT materials, its color is extremely similar to that of keyboard, even if they use two different materials.

For one thing, you can find the keyboard of IKBC C104 is a little heavy and its appearance has been for several years. About this point, I suggest that you prepare a wrist pad to have a better using experience. For another, you can find the PBT keycap is more glossy than ABS keyboard itself.


IKBC C104 indeed on the whole is a little heavier than Filco Majestouch 2 but good about the quality of its upper cover’s edge. In fact, most of people don’t care its appearance, which only is cared by some fanciers owing to their pursuits of beauty.

Compared with upper cover, the lower cover can show keyboard’s quality. When introducing Filco and Leopold, we put more emphases on their outer body, for which itl can show us keyboard’s craft and the level of mould. However, the outer appearance of the C104 keyboard gives us more surprises nearly without flaws and is better than F87 we have evaluated before. Its wire is softer, smooth and has been improved.


IKBC C104 is relatively early to use leg brace. Owing to its tilt, C104 can provide three levels height for users, of which maximum inclination can meet those gaming players’ needs who frequently use keys within of F Zone.

The black version of IKBC C104 keyboard use closed letters with PBT double colors shot. Meanwhile, IKBC is the pioneer of double colors keycaps. IKBC evolved from italic, big letters with PBT double colors backlight to the extremely simple keycap today. Although it doesn’t have thick wall, it has high level keycap, smooth and comfortable.


Its keycap is pretty ideal. In terms of its color, it is authentic and in terms of its letters, they are round and standard. The details can stand up to compare and scrutinize. Although its inner appearance couldn’t compare with Leopold, you spend about 107 dollar on the keyboard , which is content with its price.


Heavy iron plate has a nice collation with satellite switch. Satellite switch can improve its smoothness and reduce noise, so C104 still bring users a real hand feeling, natural and without noise of steel wire, which is like red switch of F104 in the early period. Nearly ten years past, it still hold the brand’s characteristics. I think it is mechanical keyboard’s feature and the reason why other competitors could super it as well.


Secrets of IKBC C104’s Success

IKBC is one brand that it doesn’t print its logo on the keyboard but still is so popular. In fact, this is another aspect that shows its strategy that using experience is the core and could be so terrible but some aspects without practical value can be paid less attention. In our eyes, IKBC regard standard and simplest features as its standpoint without any flaring topic and hyperbolic color collocation.


In the market inclined to low price , many people have researched and imitated IKBC, but another “IKBC” never appeared. In addition to the channels, marketing of IKBC, more competitors couldn’t keep up with it on product. And comparison of reputation is another reason, which is inevitable result of imitating. Therefore, doing yourself and focusing on the product itself is the beginning of a good circle.

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