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yellow switch

Yellow Switches: The Comprehensive Guide


Different from the four famous cherry switches — red, black, green and tea, the yellow switches do not have a conventional specific switches body. When it is necessary to refer to a certain yellow switches body, it is necessary to add the switches body manufacturer or keyboard manufacturer in front of the yellow switches for differentiation, such as the Gort yellow switches, Gateron yellow switches (i.e., G yellow) and so on.

At present, the yellow switches that the players can get with the mass production keyboard is G yellow, G yellow Pro, cap yellow, Razer yellow, Amillo Daisy yellow. Although the five yellow switches are linear, but the specific parameters of the design is not the same.

G Yellow, G Yellow Pro and cap yellow are all produced by Gateron. The switch parameters of the three are the same. They are all 4mm total stroke, 2mm trigger stroke and 50gf trigger pressure.

yellow switch

Yellow Switches Manufacturers

G Yellow Pro

The difference among the three mainly lies in smoothness and switch core stability. It can be known from the name that the G Yellow Pro is an upgraded version of the G Yellow Pro, which is smoother with its own factory lubrication, while the cap Yellow is benefited from the aerodynamic cap structure and automatic factory lubrication.

The smoothness is higher than that of the G Yellow Pro, but the switch core stability is lower than that of the G Yellow Pro. Let’s just say each has its own merits. In addition, cap yellow also has a PC switch cover and nylon switch cover, reflecting the sound of the PC switch cover is more brittle, compared with the nylon switch cover is stuffy.

The cap of the nylon switch cover is yellow

G Yellow Pro and cap Yellow are both domestic switch bodies with very high cost performance at present. Smoothness and switch core stability are the first echelons with no problem in the switch body with 1 yuan. At present, many middle and low-end keyboards are also equipped with G Yellow Pro or cap Yellow. For example, Darmoshark K7, Gauss HS87T/HS108T, etc., are very suitable for people who like to focus on the typing feel of the keyboard.

The Razer yellow switch is the exclusive switch body customized by Razer to TTC. The parameters of the switch body are 3.5mm total stroke, 1.2mm trigger stroke and 45gf trigger pressure. The typing feeling design is completely different from the yellow switch of Gadtaron, but very similar to the traditional silver switch, which has the characteristics of fast trigger and fast bottom, which is very suitable for the game scene.

At present, only Razer’s Black Widow Spider series keyboard is equipped with Razer Yellow switch (customized after all), which is also very consistent with the positioning of its game keyboard. However, the actual feel performance is obviously inferior to TTC Quicksilver, G Silver Pro and other popular esports switch body, which is only suitable for the pursuit of extreme RGB lighting effect. After all, even domestic keyboard backlighting is overshadowed by Razer.

Amillo Daisy yellow is actually a mechanical electrostatic capacity switch developed by Amillo. The switch body parameters are 4mm total stroke, 2mm trigger stroke and 35gf trigger pressure. The design of typing feeling is completely different from that of Razer Yellow switch and Gateron yellow switch, but similar to TTC gold powder.

At present, most of the keyboards of Amilo are equipped with Daisy yellow, such as Hua Dan Niang, koi Niang, ask Crane, sakura, sea rhyme and so on. These keyboards can be regarded as the only difference in appearance, and the exquisite appearance design is the biggest selling point of Amilo keyboard. Such exquisite pattern texture is the only one in the mass production keyboard, but the price is not cheap.

yellow switch


To summarize, there are currently 5 optional yellow switch for mass production keyboards:

• G yellow, G yellow Pro and cap yellow are linear switch with large pressure grams, suitable for those who prefer heavy typing feel;

• The Razer yellow switch is a fast triggered silver switch, with a Razer keyboard for those who like RGB light effect;

• Amillo Daisy yellow is a linear switch with low pressure grams, equipped on Amillo keyboard is suitable for the daily office, and have a good budget.

Review of Mechanical Keyboard with Yellow Switches

Keyboard can be seen everywhere in daily life, from the price of ten yuan to thousands of yuan there are a lot of keyboards. According to what I learn, with the maturity of wireless transmission technology, everyone will be inclined to buy a mouse and keyboard with wireless function, and for the friends who love to play games on the wired keyboard and mouse or more love. This means that this person usually has two keyboards.

Recently I found a keyboard that can realize the “double key in one”. As in the “network world” in the walker, I think this will be very helpful discovery, this is the Miiiw ART series in the three mode 68 key mechanical keyboard, its model for MWMKB01.

In terms of keyboard connection, the Miiiw three-mode 68-key mechanical keyboard comes in three modes: 2.4G connection mode, Bluetooth connection mode and wired connection mode. It supports both Windows and MacOS computers, all with a toggle switch on the side of the body.

In terms of accessories, there are as many axle-pullers and key-pullers used in the ordinary use of the keyboard. What’s more, it is also equipped with several key caps in line with the usage habits of Apple’s MacOS system.

There is only one exposed USB interface on the whole keyboard, which can be charged by connecting the 5V-2A charger with Type-C line. If you want to use a wired keyboard, the 1.8-meter-long Type-C cable that comes with it is sufficient for use, and the long cable can be rolled up with its own Velcro to keep it from getting messy.

The three-mode 68-key mechanical keyboard in Miiiw ART series has two colors, namely Autumn Sun and coffee bean. The model in the hand of Xiaobian is Autumn Sun. The whole keyboard has three different colors of keys, among which esc key, space bar and keyboard key are dark orange, number key, letter key and symbol key are nearly beige, and other keys are dark gray. This neatly breaks down the three types of keys that you normally use on a keyboard.

yellow switch

As a mechanical keyboard with only 68 keys, its key layout is very compact. Of course, each key cannot have only one key function like the keyboard with 108 keys. However, the key function of Miwu ART series three-mode 68-key mechanical keyboard is not reduced at all, and it can also achieve “no impact of all keys” under numerous key functions.

In addition, from the experience of using the keyboard in daily life, although this mechanical keyboard only has 68 keys, it is equipped with two fn keys, which are not available in the general keyboard. If you want to achieve the effect of F1-F9 keys, you only need to use the fn2 key together with the number key and the addition and subtraction symbol key.

The number keys and add and subtract keys, used in conjunction with the fn1 button, can also cut songs, search, return to the desktop, adjust the screen brightness, adjust the volume, and view the multitasking window.

Similarly, Q, W, E and R keys also need to be used together with fn2 keys to complete the keyboard mode switch. As mentioned above, this keyboard has three modes. In fact, the Miwuart series three-mode 68-key mechanical keyboard can connect up to 5 devices when connecting devices, among which 2.4G mode and one wired connection mode are connected respectively.

Bluetooth mode can connect three devices, and Bluetooth 3.0 and Bluetooth 5.0 are also available in Bluetooth mode, which can connect 5 devices with the keyboard simultaneously. It’s more than enough for the editor at the moment, but I think it’s a good fit for those who keep an eye on the stock market.

Along with the keyboard switch, near the esc key, there are also blue indicator bars for keyboard power, caps lock, Bluetooth connection status, and 2.4G mode connection status. The key cap of this keyboard uses PBT+ thermal sublimation key cap, which feels silky when pressing the key. It is said that the special processing technology on the surface of the key can make the key used for a long time, ensure the clear characters of the key, and realize the stable color of the key without oil.

As a mechanical keyboard, the switch body of this Miwu ART series three-mode 68-key mechanical keyboard uses the Gateron “G Yellow Pro” switch body, which has its own lubrication effect. The key switch trigger pressure is about 50 grams, the trigger stroke is 2 mm, the design life is 60 million times, the sound is clear when the key is struck, and it also supports “full-key hot plug”. For users who like diy key axis is very friendly, it is a kind of mechanical keyboard called “custom”.

yellow switch

The overall weight of this keyboard is about 735g, the body size is 316*118* 38.7mm, the shell is made of ABS plastic, the built-in 4000mAh lithium battery, there are RGB lights below the keys, can run for 200 days without the use of backlight effect. Charging one time is enough for half a year.

The overall body is steady, and the ergonomic design concept is also taken into account in the design of the keyboard. It has a three-stage tripod structure, and the layout of the keyboard keys presents a certain arc from the side. The first tripod relies on the footpad on the back to generate a 2° dip Angle, and the other two tripods are realized by the composite tripod on the back of the keyboard. Snapping the tripod can produce two tilt angles of 6° and 9°, but Xiaobian prefers the keyboard posture of 9°.

As for the backlight effect, there is a button with a “light bulb” pattern under the classic rebound switch key in the upper right corner of the keyboard. This is the keyboard backlight adjustment key. There are a total of 18 backlight effects on the keyboard.

These backlight effects include wave type, solid color type, running lamp, rotating style, noise color, reciprocating style and other types of light effects. With the backlight key and the left and right direction keys, the light effect can be switched. If you think the light brightness is enough, with the backlight key and the up and down direction keys, the backlight brightness can be adjusted. It can also be adjusted to the user’s mood.


Miiiw ART series three-mode 68-key mechanical keyboard is designed in ergonomic style, with clear sound of key tapping, silky touch of key, large battery capacity, long battery life, compact structure and appearance level. It has three modes of wired connection, 2.4G connection mode and Bluetooth connection, and can connect up to 5 devices. At the same time, it also has rich and colorful keyboard backlight style. Whether you like to play games or office use is perfect.

yellow switch

Other Recommendation

IKBC C87: An entry-level mechanical keyboard with a cherry switch for a high cost performance

Overhand experience: I started with the yellow switch, mainly for my office, simple appearance, the sound of mechanical keyboard in the office will not be too loud, it is suitable for long-term typing needs, fingers will not be tired, especially suitable for girls with small hand strength.

AKKO 3098: A high level mechanical keyboard with TTC and Gatrson switches

Hands-on experience: I have started this TTC gold and pink switch. The typing feeling of gold and pink switch is similar to that of cherry and red switch. The trigger pressure is only 37g compared with that of cherry and 45g for cherry.

Belly Spirit FL980: carrying is the Kaihua BOX switch, feel no less than the cherry switch.

Hands-on experience: I use this keyboard at home. It supports the full key hot swap, you can freely combine the switch body collocation. The Kaihua BOX switch feels very good, basically no slot points. It is the best choice at this price band.

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