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Womier K87 Mechanical Keyboard Review

Womier K87 mechanical keyboard Womier K87 is a mechanical keyboard that has attracted many people’s attention. It comes with various accessories in the box, such as a keycap puller, a USB cable, and a user manual. The Womier K87 also has some unique features, such as its backlit and switches. Let’s take a closer look at the Womier K87 and see what it has to offer. The keyboard is 87-layout keyboard, which is equipped with common keys.

Womier K87

Accessories in the Box

The Womier K87 comes with a few different accessories in the box. These include a keycap puller, a USB cable, and a user manual. The keycap puller is definitely a nice touch, as it makes it easy to remove and replace the keycaps on the keyboard. The USB cable is also a nice addition, as it allows you to easily connect the keyboard to your computer. Finally, the user manual is helpful for those who are new to mechanical keyboards.


Transparent DesignFantasy Lighting Effect

4 Layers PMMA Organic Glass Material(K87 Full Keyboard edition is 3 layers case, this feature is the main difference)

RGB Light Palette Setting16M RGB Color LED

ABS, Doubleshot

CNC Cutting Technology

32K ROM Increase Storage SpaceSaving Setting Function

Anti GhostingNKRO

Hot Swappable Sockets

Fn Combination Keys

USB 3.1Type-CPlug and Play

87 keys

367 mm * 138 mm * 30 mm


Hot-swappable socket

Acrylic case

Appearance and design of Womier K87


The Womier K87 keyboard is a great looking piece of hardware. The black anodized aluminum frame looks great, and the backlighting is also very nice. The keycaps are standard Cherry profile, which is not my favorite, but they’re still very nicely done.

Overall, the Womier K87 is a great-looking keyboard that would look good in any setup. It uses acrylic case making the keyboard look excellent in backlighting mode. It is only 810g, convenient to carry with you.

In terms of its appearance, the Womier K87 adopts the floating design so that you can look the switches, which is personalized and easy to be dirty but convenient to clean.

Backlit of Womier K87

The Womier K87 has a backlight mode that allows you to choose between 16.8 million colors and also features backlighting, which is a nice touch. There are three different lighting modes (breathing light, single light, and off) that you can choose from. This allows you to customize the keyboard to your liking and gives you plenty of options when it comes to customizing the look of your keyboard. You can also adjust the brightness of the backlight to find the perfect level for you and



The Womier K87 uses Gateron switches, which are known for their quality and durability. The Gateron switches are rated for 50 million keystrokes, which is significantly higher than the average membrane keyboard.

This means that the Womier K87 keyboard should last for years even with heavy use. Additionally, the Womier K87 supports simultaneous key presses, so you can type quickly and easily. The Womier K87 keyboard includes Gateron black, blue, red , brown, silent red and yellow switches, which are known for their smooth and responsive feel. They are also relatively quiet, making them a good choice for office environments.


The Womier K87 comes with ABS keycaps, which are durable and easy to clean. The keycaps are also doubleshot keycap, so they will not wear down over time and the legends are not easy to fade out. Additionally, the Womier K87 has a backlight option, so the keycaps will be visible even in dark environments, which shows its beautiful appearance.



The Womier K87 also has a few handy functions that are worth mentioning. These include a Windows lock key, a media control key, and a gaming mode key. The Windows lock key is helpful for preventing accidental windows activations during gaming or typing. The media control key allows you to control your music or videos without having to leave your keyboard. Finally, the gaming mode key disables the Windows key and the context menu key so that you don’t accidentally activate them during gameplay.

Overall, the Womier K87 is an excellent keyboard that offers plenty of features and accessories. It has some of the best switches on the market, as well as backlighting and other handy functions. If you’re looking for a quality mechanical keyboard, then the Womier K87 is definitely worth considering.” In addition, it adopts hot-swappable design, supporting both 5-pin as well as 3-pin switches and has the feature of N-key rollover.

Besides, there are some combination keys.

FN + Up = Increase backlight brightness

FN + Down = Decrease backlight brightness

FN + Del = Change keyboard backlight effects (18 total)

FN + Home/End/Ins/Pg Up/Pg Down = Change keyboard backlight effects (18 total)

FN + Ins = Control side light effects

FN + Backspace = Press and hold 3 seconds to restore factory settings

FN + Left = Reduction of light efficiency rate

FN + Right = Increase light efficiency rate


The Womier K87 has software, by which you can customize your lighting, record macros, remap keys, or assign media controls. The software is difficult to find if you don’t read its mannual or some reviews about it. After I know the function, I find it on the official website of Womier and then download it.


The biggest highlight of Womier K87 is its acrylic case. The material makes it very cool and colorful after opening the light mode, which make people very excited. When it comes to the using experience, I only want to say that its quality is beyond its price.

It is 87-key keyboard with the features of hot swappable and N-key rollover, adopts the detachable design and is portable. Both its appearance and functions are nice.

This is a keyboard suitable for newcomers. If you want to have a better understanding of mechanical keyboard and want to have one, Womier K87 is one of the best choices.

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