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Womier K66 RGB Mechanical Keyboard Review

If I remember correctly, the glazed keyboard has 87, 61 keys, which visually is also a combination of color and transparency, rich in distinctive personality. In addition to a few RGB lovers, they are not too popular. The reason is that in addition to enough publicity, keyboards using such materials as market segmentation, the initial stage may not be perfect. This time, the glazed mechanical keyboard is from Womier, Womier K66, a new brand.

Introduction to Womier K66

Womier K66

Womier is a brand specializing in peripherals. Let’s take a look at this new 66-key glazed keyboard, and what is the difference between the previous work?

The Womier K66 Keyboard has 66 keys with an acrylic case and RGB backlight. The Womier K66 Keyboard is a great choice for gamers and people who are looking for a stylish and functional keyboard. It is a 60% layout mechanical keyboard that has an RGB backlight and is equipped with an acrylic case. The keyboard has a floating keycap design and comes with a detachable cable. The RGB backlight can be customized to different colors and effects. The keyboard also includes media control keys and a numeric keypad.


Model: K66

Material: Acrylic

Color: White

Connection: USB

Size: 320 mm * 110 mm * 30 mm

Weight: 547g

Number of keys: 66key

Switch body: Gateron

Interface: Type C

Backlit: RGB

Keycaps: ABS



The Womier K66 keyboard comes from China placed in a plain brown box. The box is not very exciting, but it does have some basic information about the keyboard printed on it. The keyboard itself is well protected in the box and there is also plastic protection and foam padding all around the keyboard. In addition, there is a USB Type C cable and a user manual, but without a keycap puller. In fact, it is common in terms of a budget keyboard. Overall, the unboxing experience was underwhelming.


As soon as you take a look at the Womier K66, it’s clear that this keyboard is different from most others on the market. The main housing for the PCB is made out of PMMA acrylic glass, which gives it a unique look and feel. This material choice also helps to make the keyboard more colorful and beautiful.


It feels different than most hard plastic and metal mechanical keyboards on the market. However, this doesn’t mean that you can break your device on accident because there’s a heavier weight of 547g due to its construction mainly being made up of elements like metals or composites which give off more fragility.

This means even though they are both strong materials individually; collectively their capabilities may not be enough for someone who wants something tough but light–or vice versa!

The use of plexiglass creates a stunning visual effect that sets the Womier K66 apart from its competitors. Whether you’re looking for a unique and stylish keyboard or simply one that will withstand heavy use, the Womier K66 is definitely worth considering.

The case has a sandwich design made up of three acrylic layers. The switches are mounted on top so there isn’t any steel mounting plate, which keeps weight down and makes it more portable!

Flip the case on its side and you will notice that it is almost flat with just a bit of a height difference between front and back rubber feet.


The Womier K66 is a unique keyboard that doesn’t really feel cheap or flimsy during general use. The USB-C port on the back right of this case allows for quick connection and a detachable cable which we always appreciate. There are four rubber feet at its bottom; they provide some extra grip while keeping things quiet enough so you can hear what’s going on inside your PC without wearing headphones!

In addition, it has a floating keys design which means half of the switches are visible. The design is convenient for you to clean your keyboard.


We at first have said that the Womier K66 is a 60% layout. Therefore, the layout of this keyboard is unconventional, but it has an intuitive feel. The short shift key and FN key are easier to find than other standard layouts because they’re not buried under more regular keys like control or alt; however, I think that’s what makes them stand out–there isn’t anything else quite like this. It includes the arrow and the insert and delete keys.


In terms of its switch, the Womier K22 adopts the Gateron switch. It provides several choices about its switch, including Gateron red, brown, blue switches and others. Here, we take Gateron’s red switch as an example. The red switch requires 45 grams of force and has an actuation point of 2 mm; this makes it equally great for both typing and gaming.


The Womier K66 is a keyboard that has ABS OEM keycaps and non-gaming font, side print solutions for alternate functions of keys missing from your typical gamer’s device. Typing on this particular model sounds satisfying enough out if the box due to its almost matching lively typing experience with some lube underfoot.

In order to light effect more extreme complete using closed, the keyboard uses double-sided laser engraved characters. In addition, the surface uses the matte coating to prevent sweaty hands from slipping, but the coating is still not as wear-resistant as PBT material.

The font sizes for this game are quite inconsistent. For example, there is a large alpha on the Alphas but smaller ones in front of modifier keys like ctrl and shift, which makes it hard to read at times. Because you cannot always tell what letter comes next without looking at them directly or partially angle-wise depending upon your screen resolution. The fonts of F1-F12 are carved side.



The biggest feature of the Womier K66 is its RGB design. This Womier K66 is a double partition in terms of its RGB, that is, the primary key area RGB+ chassis light RGB, which can be set independently. If you set the same monochrome, the frosty acrylic top cover can make the keyboard look clean, which is more suitable for most people backlight lovers.

With the independent setting of the double area, different backlight schemes and layers can be configured, and the playability is double. And the frosty acrylic cover brings a softer, coordinated RGB rainbow wave effect, giving people as if the legends float on the rainbow.

The chassis light is up to 42 RGB lights. Although the number is not particularly large, in such a small volume (size 320*110*30mm), so many lights leave little space, which makes the integration of different colors more ideal.

There are many RGB effects, and the user manual tells you in details. If you want to have a different backlight experience, you’d better read it carefully.

Using Experience

As for the typing experience, I find one disadvantage that is the keyboard lacks height adjustment. I prepare a wrist rest to support when I type for a long time. The Gateron red switch has a fine performance, straight up and down. The response of the Womier is strong due to its acrylic case.


The Womier K66 keyboard is a great option for those who are looking for a small and lightweight keyboard with backlighting. The K66 has a number of different backlight modes, which can be easily customized using the function keys. The keyboard also includes media controls, which can be used to play, pause, or skip tracks. The K66 is a great option for gamers or anyone who wants a compact and colorful keyboard.

In summary, the Womier is a common keyboard, with a feature RGB and without an outstanding point in its actual use.

Thanks for your reading.

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