Varmilo sakura blossoms wither Mechanical Keyboard 68key/87key/108key

Varmilo sakura blossoms wither Mechanical Keyboard 68key/87key/108key


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Varmilo Sakura Blossoms wither Mechanical Keyboard

Varmilo Sakura

Art Design 

This keyboard is inspired by the Japanese cherry blossoms, the keyboard will record the process of falling cherry blossoms, cherry blossom elements into every aspect of the keyboard design


Varmilo sakura

Hand-drawn design
The keyboard has a flat design to give it a modern feel

Varmilo sakura

Sakura Font

Varmilo designers created a whole set of cherry blossom petal style fonts for this keyboard, blending cherry blossom elements with character design
Varmilo sakura


  • Bluetooth
  • Connect 4 devices at one time
  • eye-protective lighting
  • conflict-free
  • PBT keycap
  • V2/Cherry Mx
  • Two-stage bracket
  • UV printed case
  • Type-C
  • Multi-media
  • Long battery life
  • Three-directional lining
Varmilo sakura

V-Silk PBT Keycap


V-silk keycaps ensure the high purity of PBT, high oil resistance and dry feeling, while the surface feels like satin-like fine and warm.

Varmilo sakura

Long Battery Life

Charging 6 hours, 108 keys dual-mode use two and a half months, 87 keys dual-mode available for a month and 7 days, 108 keys dual-mode once full range of more than 600 hours, 87 keys dual-mode range of 300 hours

Varmilo sakuraVarmilo sakura

n-Key Rollover

An item that can almost be considered a standard feature these days is n-key rollover. N-key rollover describes the possibility to theoretically press all keys of the keyboard simultaneously without the signals of some keys not being transmitted to the PC. The “n” in n-Key Rollover stands for any number – so you can press as many keys as you like at the same time. For example, on a keyboard with 5-key rollover, you could only press five keys at a time before signals are lost. Useful can be the n-key rollover, for example, for players or players of MMORPGs, where in combat many skills and thus many keys must be pressed in quick succession.

Varmilo sakuraVarmilo sakura


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