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ajazz k620t

Ajazz K620T- A Tiny and Girlish Bluetooth Dual-Mode Mechanical Keyboard

Introduction to Ajazz K620 Keyboard

Till now, I have tried more than 10 mechanical keyboards. Recently I am to purchase keyboards for my new office. Regular furniture and other large pieces have been done, now the lack of peripherals and lamps. Considering the compact desktop in the office, the traditional 104 keyboard is no longer suitable. So in this time, a 61-key dual-mode keyboard is prepared for female employees: Ajazz K620T.

Today I chose a pink girlish keyboard of Ajazz K620. After all, it is for female employees. The traditional black is a little too rigid. The 61-key layout is perfect for code writing, not to mention the addition of a volume control knob and a tablet/phone stand, as well as bluetooth connectivity and the affordable price. After all, what is popular now is wireless desktop, the less wire the better.

As for someone like me who deals with typing everyday, the keyboard can be a tool essential to my daily work. A good mechanical keyboard will definitely got the working experience further enhanced. Now most mechanical keyboard is 104 or 87 keys. Today what I would like to introduce is the mechanical keyboard of Ajazz K620T hot swappable version. It’s innovative with 61 keys. In such a compact size, it can also be used as a phone or tablet holder, and it can also change shaft and keys. Here’s how it works.

Ajazz K620T

Features of Ajazz K620 Keyboard

Bluetooth abd wired connection. The Ajazz K620T uses bluetooth 5.0 technology to provide a stable wireless and clutter-free connection. It can be paired with up to 3 devices at the same time for easy switching. The Ajazz K620T keyboard automatically recognizes bluetooth devices and easily connects to devices. The included Type-C cable can also serve as a keyboard charger and wired connection.

Keyboard Holder & PBT keycap. Built-in keyboard holder keeps your phone or tablet in the proper angle for easy reading, typing and gaming. This wireless Ajazz K620T mechanical keyboard uses a u-shaped stand, it is about 9.8 inches (25 cm) in length, ideal for placing devices such as smartphone, ipad, easy to place anywhere. Keyboards are strictly selected for PBT hardware. After long use, it is still strong and oil resistant.

Macro recording & NKRO. You can reprogram any key on the K620T and customize your own function keys according to your needs. The onboard flash drive can save the setup on the Ajazz K620T keyboard if it is offline. K620T is n key flip, no conflict when you press multiple keys

19 compact RGB backlit keyboard inspired by the community, theAjazz K620T is designed to maximize portability and functionality. 60% of the standard size layout and volume scroll button, with which you can easily control the volume of media. It has more than 19 RGB backlight effects and the software, can easily customize RGB.

Strong multi-device compatibility. Widely compatible with Windows and Mac computers, Android and iOS tablets, and smartphones. Works with iPad Pro/Air/Mini, iPad 4/3/2, iPad Mini 4, iPhone, Galaxy Tab, Macbook Pro/Air, and more.


Inside the box, all the accessories are here, including an L charging cable, instructions, colorful replacement key caps, primary entry plastic key pullers, and the keyboard. The colorful key cap is the most attractive item in all the accessory, which can be replaced according to your preference.

ajazz k620t

Quality and Layout

The ultimate space-saving feature is the most impressive feature of this keypad, where phones and tablets can be placed. The weight of the keyboard is sufficient, and the chassis is stable enough. So you do not have to worry about the thin shape of the tablet tipping over the keyboard.

The volume adjustment button is the greatest point on the whole keyboard, and the knob is the most intuitive to adjust the volume. At the same time, the button can directly be pressed into mute mode. Counting this knob, the 62 keys of the Ajazz K620T are completed. The whole keyboard weight feels very food in hands, the pink is competent with my office desk. It is very good. The edge of the whole keyboard is angular, but not completely pink and soft.


The benefits of PBT two-color closed key cap obvious, frosted surface processing to make it feel more comfortable, character presentation is also very clean and fresh. Compared to the regular PBT key cap, the K620T does feel much more comfortable. The bottom of the key cap is also angular, and the edge of the keyboard square echo. The intuitive feeling is the “board”.


This keyboard uses the Ajazz pink axis whcih is similar with the red axis feels straight up and down. 40g starting pressure and 1.5mm stroke are very linear. It is worth trying for red axis lover. Lighter firing and linearity can contribute a lot more smoothness to typing, with less noise and no need to worry about disturbing others for office use. Ajazz K620T big keys are satellite shaft design, the overall unity of the key adjustment is good. The stability of large keys is good, even the widest space bar in a single press when the entire key cap posture is relatively flat.


Ajazz k620t hot-swappable version currently only have blue and pink for choose. I chose the pink one with pink shaft. Pink shaft brings the benefit of long time typing without easy to get fatigue. It is worth mentioning that its shaft is hot swappable, which means that its shaft can be replaced according to your preference. Ajazz k620T is compatible with 99 percent of the mechanical shaft on the market. We can our shaft according to our own habits. Ajazz K620t gives us the freedom to customize our own mechanical Keyboard.

The keycaps of this keyboard are made of high-purity PBT material, which has a frosted feel and feels very comfortable and delicate when you struck he keycaps, and the keycaps of this material will not produce a greasy feeling after a long time of use, and the characters are clear and not easy to wear off.

Another feature of the Ajazz k620t hot-swappable version is the use of an integrated bracket, in which we can place cell phones, tablets, U disk, etc., the largest can be placed on a 10.2-inch Ipad.

The Ajazz k620t adopts ergonomic design, there is a multimedia volume knob on the top left of the keyboard, this knob is made of aluminum alloy anodized, which is durable and the color does not wer off. By rotating this button you can adjust the volume level, if you press the button directly, it will turn on the mute mode, press it again to turn off the mute mode.

ajazz k620t

RGB Lighting

For desktop light pollution fans, the Ajazz K620T is definitely worth getting. After the keyboard is powered on, it will turn on the RGB light effect, and through the “Fn+” key combination, you can switch the light effect, and there are up to 19 kinds of light effects. For gaming enthusiasts, having lights can make the gaming experience more comfortable. With “Fn+[” and “Fn+]” you can adjust the light brightness and cycle speed respectively. Consider the layout of this keyboard keys, so the function of the key combination is still more.

ajazz k620t


There is a volume wheel on top of the Ajazz k620t keyboard, as well as a 25cm long groove, which can fully accommodate my 9.7-inch ipad. The keyboard connection cable is type-c data cable, the connection port is located on the left side of the keyboard, and is a right-angle connector. Power switch is also located on the left side of the keyboard, dial up for USB mode, dial to the bottom for wireless Bluetooth mode.

Ajazz k620t using the United States Broadcom Bluetooth 5.0 technology, compatible with winmacipad and other system settings, and can be connected to three devices at the same time. Using FN + Q, FN + W, FN + E can sometimes switch the device you want to connect, when switching the Ajazz K620T keyboard indicator will flash, if the switch is successful, then the indicator light will flash. You can refer the official user manul for more information.


4400mAh Li-ion battery increase the keyboard a lot weight. With th weight of 800g Ajazz K620T can sit firmly on the desktop. When the lights are turn off, the battery life of Ajazz K620T can reach 880 hours. You may charge the keyboard only once a month. If the lights are on, the battery life will be greatly reduced to only 50 hours.

ajazz k620t


Ajazz K620T 2.0 Keyboard

Layout: 60% form factor in a US ANSI layout

Material: ABS plastic case, PBT plastic keycaps, and steel plate

Macro Support: No

Weight: 0.81 kg/1.8 lbs.

Wrist Rest: No

Anti-ghosting: 6-Key rollover Bluetooth and N-key rollover USB

Media Keys: Volume wheel, the rest available as a layered function

Dimensions: 138 (L) x 299 (W) x 34 (H) mm

Cable Length: 5 ft/1.5 m

Software: Yes, in development

Switch Type: Choice of Ajazz Blue (clicky) or Pink (linear) RGB mechanical switch

Backlighting: Per-key 16.8 M RGB backlighting

Interface: Bluetooth 5.0 or USB

Warranty: One year

Compared with Others

The Ajazz K870T has 87 keys and make full advantage of every space. You have the arrow keys and other basic keys. Designed for Mac and Wins systems, it is possible to switch between systems at the touch of a button. Such a size saves a lot of office space and gives you more space for your right hand and mouse. If you work, play or use it every day, it will work perfectly. Small on the outside, big on the inside.

Bluetooth wireless/wired mode, can support up to 3 devices. Design bluetooth mode and two-line mode, more choices.Bluetooth 3.0 is stable and reliable, the transmission distance can reach 10 meters. You can connect 3 devices at the same time.Press the FN+Q/W/E keys to change the devices. Easy to use, ideal for work and fun. In addition, the wired mode allows charging the keyboard at the same time, which is a cool feature that saves charging time.

N-key flip, built in 2000mAh battery. This model is programmed for n-key flipping in wired mode. The keys do not collide. Save you from trouble while playing. Built-in large capacity battery ensures long-term use without being left behind. It lasts about 100 hours without backlit lighting. It lasts about 8 hours in backlight. Only about 4 hours for a full charge and about 200 hours in maximum standby

Ergonomic design and 18 RGB light effects. The keyboard is designed with rubber feet, better suited to typing habits. Does not get tired even after prolonged use. The 18 RGB light effect is classic and smooth, you can adjust the brightness and speed of light freely. The double hole injection molded key cap is wear-resistant and more transparent. Even at night you can tinker with the office

Ergonomics Design&18 RGB Light Effects. The keyboard are designed with rubber feet to be more suitable for typing habits. You won’t feel tired even after long time using it. 18 RGB light effects are classic and neat, freely adjust the brightness and light speed. The double-shot injection keycaps are wear-resistant and more transparent, DIY your desktop even at night

The Ajazz ak33 is Portable 82 keys. The unique layout design minimizes the size to 12.2 x 4.72 inches while ensuring full functionality, saving office space. Apart from plugging in a USB cable, it’s easy to carry. It works perfectly whether you use it at work, in a game, or in everyday life.

RGB LED backlight. Default 18 backlight modes and 1 custom mode, FN+F8 to change. Choose the color of each key freely through the software from a spectrum of over 16.8 million colors, choose the one you like and the one that suits you best, bringing you a wonderful and interesting visual experience. The injection-molded lock provides the best touch, clear and bright light and the letters on the lock will not be erased.

The blue switch. The specially modified blue switch provides the same experience as the Cherry MX Blue with a service life of up to 50 million. Give you the most pure mechanical experience. Using the ergonomic R5 key with a different shape from the traditional keyboard, clicking ESC F key is faster. Anti fatigue, suitable for long time use.

Professional gaming keyboard. 82 N bonds. Special software, support macro editing, USB report rate 125/250/500/1000Hz adjustment. Aluminum and ABS structure, custom mechanical switches, professional control chips, durable, stable performance, to provide the best quality assurance.

Extensive compatibility and hassle-free warranty. Plug and Play, compatible with Windows 10/8/7 XP Vista Mac Linux, etc. (Note: no Mac OS programs) We promise to provide the best products and the best after-sales service, manufacturer warranty for one year, unconditional money back guarantee for 30 days.


The shape of Ajazz K620T is rigid, but its pink and soft. Although the back logo of bow is exclusive for women, angular armed to the keycap also shows the strong heart of this keyboard. Dual-mode connection and support RGB light effects also meet the needs of players for desktop neatness and personalization. Cell phone tablet fixed slot also allows this keyboard to be separated from the computer, and can be directly connected to the phone tablet for stable work.

Ajazz k620t hot-swappable keyboard is a one-piece stand model with 19 groups of RGB light effects, while compatible with a variety of devices, and it is small and delicate. For people like me who often work form place to place is very friendly. The most important thing is that Ajazz K620T can also change the shafts at will, and it is compatible with most of the shaft on the market. Whether you are a game player or office person, you can replace them with your favorite shafts, customizing a dedicated mechanical keyboard of your own, so are you interesting in such keyboard?

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