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Trying the Retro Mechanical Keyboard Ajazz AK510


The first time I learn about Ajazz is about five years ago. It was a Ajazz mouse called Ajazz spider-man, a green burst mouse. Later I fell in love with mechanical keyboard, and I get to know much more peripheral brand, then Ajazz also logically reappear in my sight, I also know some models of Ajazz mechanical keyboard, like AK60, AK47, etc., especially the appearance of AK60 left a deep impression on me. Let’s talk about today’s Ajazz AK510.

The reason why I want to test Ajazz AK510 is that I haven’t tried the mechanical keyboard of Ajazz before, and it is equipped with a ball cap and the appearance of the gray and white color is also very beautiful. I applied for it decisively, and then I was very happy to be selected. Although I have tried a lot of mechanical keyboards, I have not tried many key caps. Most of them are OEM high, not to mention the ball caps. I can’t help to try things I haven’t experienced, including today’s Ajazz AK510.


The packaging box of Ajazz AK510 is in the form of primary color corrugated box and side packaging box cover. The overall packaging style is relatively simple, only in the lower left corner of the package printed “AJAZZ Jue on esports” text. Packaging style overall partial cold color, which makes the packaging looks like there is a trace of retro atmosphere.

The back of the case is printed with a real picture of the keyboard, a real retro keyboard. Some parameters of the keyboard are stuck on the lower right corner of the back, but there is no information about the shaft body on the whole outer package. Therefore, I did not know what shaft I got at the first time after receiving the package, which is a bit of a pity. There are protective bags inside the packaging box, and there are protective sponges on the left and right, and the protection is done nicely.

Ajazz ak510

Appearance and Design

The Ajazz AK510 mechanical keyboard adopts the standard 104-key layout, and the gray and white key caps make it look like a retro keyboard. When I see this keyboard, I can’t help but think of the “learning machine” with the keyboard when I was a child. And the keyboard in elementary school ran with the computer that ran Windows 95.

Just looking at the front of the Ajazz AK510 and the color scheme of the key cap is pretty good. On the back, the Ajazz is designed with 5 long foot stickers to ensure the anti-slip performance of the keyboard. The actual experience of the anti-slip effect of the Ajazz AK510 is also very good. In addition, the Ajazz AK510 keyboard is also equipped with a one to one section of foot support, and the foot also carried out anti-slip treatment.

I don’t quite understand why Ajazz AK510 the designer designed the both sides of the keyboard mounted with two pieces of grey “bricks”. It looks like some kind of decoration, but I still think it is not competent with the Ajazz AK510 restoring style. I would like to keep the both sides of the keyboard in the same color with the back pad. This one makes the sides of the keyboard look weird. The key caps look great with the overall retro style.

Ajazz AK510 adopts standard American 104 keys, classic grey matching with retro white, and presets a set of SA height key caps. The appearance is quite unique. The keyboard size is about 457mmx154mmx36mm, the weight is up to 1350g, equipped with USB interface. The length of wire is 1.6 meters. Equipped with Ajazz independent RGB green shaft (It also have black switcht, brown switcht and cherry red switch versions for choice)

Ajazz AK510

Until I pull off key caps, I know the it is Ajazz’s own black shaft. But after I tried it personally, the press pressure doesn’t feel like cherry black shaft. The shaft pressure grams is more like cherry red. For me as a red shaft fan, this is quiet a good news for me. The large key also adopts the popular satellite shaft design. The adjustment is good, and there no uncomfortable feeling. Ajazz AK510 uses transparent shaft cover shaft body +PCB board lamp bead design.

The Ajazz AK510 keyboard outlet position is designed in the upper right corner, and has anti-pull design. The keyboard wire is made of rubber, although it doesn’t use the more wearable nylon braided wire, but as a retro style keyboard, the rubber material is acceptable to me. In addition, it has anti-shielding magnetic ring, but there is no magic cable, only a binding rope.

Ajazz AK510


The Ajazz AK510 mechanical keyboard is equipped with the Ajazz exclusive black, green, tea RGB shaft body and cherry red axis shaft edition. I got the green shaft RGB edition. The AJAZZ AK510 retro mechanical keyboard evaluation report uses a transparent shaft cover and a built-in white positioning plate, which is conducive to RGB backlight performance. It is exclusive RGB green shaft.

At the same time, the large key is designed with satellite shaft and replaced with purple shaft. Due to the light pressure grams (about 60 grams) of the green shaft, a purple shaft with higher pressure grams is used in the large key to ensure the resilience of the large key. In general, the keys are smooth, there is still some wobble when they hit the bottom, and the spring is noisy when they bounce back. In addition, the satellite shaft key adjustment is not much improved.

Ajazz AK510


Ajazz AK510 adopts gray key caps and complimentary red key caps are SA spherical key caps. And in the common OEM mechanical keyboard, the biggest difference is that the height of the key cap, and the key cap is integral to the middle concave. Personally I think key caps will be more suitable for finger abdomen. It will be more comfortable to press than OEM key caps.

Ajazz AK510

Two sets of key caps are PBT double color injection molding, key cap light transparent performance is good. The key caps fonts are non-closed fonts, as well as the retro bump design on the F and J keys. The F area of the keyboard is designed with multimedia combination keys, and there are also printed abbreviation on the key caps.

The Ajazz AK510 keyboard has its own lights, and the light control key is set in the arrow key area, which also requires Fn key combination. The pink and green key caps on the right of the figure above are PBT key caps of OEM height and the rest are Ajazz AK510 key caps. If you look carefully, you can see that the thickness of AK510 key caps is good, which is a little thicker than OEM key caps. The details of the key cap are also very good, and the injection is also treated carefully.

Ajazz AK510
Ajazz AK510

The downside is that all the key caps have no stiffeners. I don’t know if all the key caps have no stiffeners because they haven’t been used before, but the OEM key caps I’ve seen all have stiffeners.

The freebie red key cap is also 104 keys, and the color looks very gorgeous. The most beautiful is the space bar, printed with “404!” and a small dinosaur. The key cap of AK510 is still quite tight, and the key cap is relatively smooth, so it is a little difficult to pull it out by hand. Fortunately, it is equipped with a wire key puller, which is convenient to remove the key cap and protect the key cap. If you are tired of the retro style, changing a few red key caps adds a feel of fresh.


Although AK510 is under the banner of retro keyboard, RGB lights are still necessary, and the lighting effect is very rich. It has 14 kinds of light effects, which can be switched by shortcut keys or changed in the driver.

Built-in more than ten kinds of RGB lighting effects. Using the FN key combination to achieve switching, steady on or breathing. Color can be selected in the preset cycle. However, the light uniformity performance is fair, the front light effect is better.

Ajazz AK510

The Drive

Ajazz AK510 can download and install the driver to it, the website is

The function of the driver is relatively complete, you can choose the lighting effect, edit the key function, and set the macro function, etc. The driver comes with a lot of mainstream game macro function, or quite good. If you like to use macro to play the game, it is convenient.

Ajazz AK510

Key Features

怐SA Spherical PBT Keycap怑Compared with the original height of OEM and Cherry, SA spherical keycap has the highest height and is more plump and more complete. The side lines naturally gather at the upper end, making it more suitable for fingers. 90% high purity PBT material and double-shot injection process are more comfortable and durable.

怐Personalized Retro Design怑The classic gray and white color match adopts retro narrow frame design and is equipped with three orange personalized keycaps, among which the space key is very interesting, itā€™s printed with the type of Google Chrome “offline dinosaur” pattern and 404 words. The perfect combination of retro and modern.

怐Customizable RGB Retro Keyboard怑RGB retro gaming keyboard has 10 RGB lighting modes. you can freely choose the color of each key from 16.8 million colors via the drive and also turn off the backlight and side lights at any time. Double-shot injection keycaps, provides clear backlight and characters, perfect mechanical keyboard for office or home.

怐104 Anti-Ghosting & Blue Switches怑Typewriter mechanical keyboard blue switches provides “click” and tactile feedback, providing accurate and responsive key commands for typing and gaming. 100% anti-ghosting gaming keyboard with full-key flip function, will not losing or confusing keystrokes in any use case.

怐Wide Compatibility怑NACODEX AK510 retro computer keyboard compatible with Windows7 /8 / 10, Windows XP/ IOS and Mac OS etc. Equipped with a metal key puller for easier cleaning and replacement of keycaps.


Brand Nameļ¼šAjazz




Originļ¼šMainland China

Keyboard Standardļ¼š104 Keys


Operation Styleļ¼šMechanical

Styleļ¼šStandard,Ergonomics,Multimedia,Gaming,For Laptop,Numeric Keyboard,for Tablet,Multifunctional Keyboard,Projection Keyboard

Model Numberļ¼šAK510

Interface Typeļ¼šUSB

Full Size keyboardļ¼šYes


Wrist Supportļ¼šNo


First of all, to the appearance of Ajazz AK510 is quite good, the style that restore ancient ways on the table looks is also very good and the keycap feels very good. But for the reason of cost, this keyboard is not cherry shaft. In addition, the cherry shaft version on sale has no backlight, which depends on personal choice. My personal suggestion is that unless you are a cherry shaft fan, Ajazz’s own shaft body is also OK. Another thing I’m not happy with is the side design, which makes this retro style keyboard look a little strange, especially with the lights on. I hope the Ajazz can optimize this in the future.

Keyboard appearance is very good. The overall retro black and white color presents quite a sense of age. Its retro temperament is all dependent on SA key cap. The retro feel of the keyboard shell comes from the color scheme, while some details are relatively avant-garde, especially the left and right wings are integrated into the glow pattern, which instantly returns to the modern.

For such a retro mechanical keyboard, combined with the lighting design, the lighting element seems not to match it. After all, this is the first mechanical keyboard equipped with PBT two-color injection molded transparent SA key cap. Retro style design style, rich functions, configuration, the key price is not expensive, giving users the opportunity to experience the key cap at low cost.

Finally, the following is a list of personal judgement of advantages and disadvantages of this keyboard.

Advantages: retro appearance, two sets of key caps to hold, although it is a retro appearance but still RGB light effect.

Disadvantages: The package lacks the shaft type information, the side design after turning on the light does not look very good (personal opinion).

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