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The Best 10 Pink Keycaps for Your Mechanical Keyboard

Some of the benefits of pink keycaps are that they can help you to stay focused, improve your typing speed, and make it easier for you to find the keys that you need. They are also a fun way to add some personality to your computer.

When you want to decorate your keyboard, pink keycaps are the ideal solution. This hat is perfect for those who want to add a little pizzazz to their keyboards. They are available in a wide variety of colors, so you can choose what best suits your needs. Whether you’re looking for a fun, playful look or a practical outfit, these keycaps are a great choice.

Pink keycaps are a great way to add some personality to your computer. They can make it easier to find the keys you need when you’re typing. Some people also find them helpful for reducing stress, since they provide a visual cue that can help calm the mind. And in the following article, we will give you 10 best pink keycaps for your mechanical keyboard and some tips of how to choose right keycaps are also supported. If you are going to buy one, please read on.

pink keycaps

Redragon A130 Pudding Pink Keycaps

Double Shot PBT: Doubleshot injection technology provides indelible fonts, and textured matte durable materials that leave no oil and sweat stains. For intense games and long hours of typing, wet wipes are not needed.

Translucent Pudding Form: The white translucent layer releases a more brilliant backlighting effect, upgrading your basic RGB keyboard lighting to another level of a more glitzy and gaudy appearance.

Easy-to-read fonts: The fade resistant design allows each font to be seen correctly, no matter how long it has been in use. The same translucent material ensures easy penetration of the RGB backlight at night for a clearer view.

104 PBT Sakura Pink Keycaps

PBT & Dye Sublimation: These key caps are made of durable and oil resistant PBT materials. Compared with ABS, PBT has better high hardness, wear resistance and high temperature resistance. Dual lens makes letter key cap clear and colorproof.

OEM & Sakura :OEM configuration is higher than Cherry MX, comfortable and convenient to use, long-term use in work or games will not feel tired. Cherry Blossoms bring a different style experience to your dye-based keyboard.

HK Gaming Pudding Pink Keycaps

Colorful: The translucent double layer design lets more light through to highlight the RGB effect of your gaming keyboard. The perfectly readable legend and milky base make it the perfect accessory for playing games with a backlit keyboard.

Durable quality: The key cap is made of double elastic PBT material that is very durable and pleasant to the touch. Resistance to wear.

High compatibility: Keycaps are widely compatible with Cherry Mx switches, Gateron switches, Kailh Box switches and Outemu switches.

Fit multiple sizes: The Keycap set has 108 including keys and fits most 104,87,84,82 and 60% keyboards, and is compatible with ANSI American layouts as well as European ISO layouts.

OEM Profiles: Ergonomic Cherry OEM profiles are perfect for the comfort of writing and playing, making them perfect for replacing keycaps.

LTC LavaCaps PBT Double Shot 108 Pudding Pink Keycaps

Double Shot PBT keycaps:The 108 keycaps are made of durable PBT with a special twin-gun molding process. Resistance to oil, friction, high temperature and corrosion.

Backlit keycaps: Clear font, fade resistant. Translucent double pudding keycaps to enhance RGB lighting effect. Great for evening use, creating a game atmosphere.

wwkeycaps ZOMO Special Edition 3D Printing Gaming Cat Keycaps

The latest cherry blossom interior design with diamond pattern. Fuchsia pink design is different from Christmas red. Zomo’s original cat claw key cap design provides a high-quality key touch that can’t be matched by a glue keycaps.

Granvela Pink Keycaps

High quality material: These keycaps adopts high quality ABS material, feel smooth. The surface is coated with anti-grease coating, oil and wear-resistant. Plus a unique thickening design to make the keycaps more durable.

Unique design: Transparent font using laser engraving process, two-color injection molding, let more light through the keyboard, highlight the backlight effect. Choosing a personalized macaron color scheme just makes your keyboard more stylish!

Gliging PBT Olivia Pink Keycaps

Double shot design: These key caps are made of two layers of plastic molded into each other and do not require printing. This key legend never fades or falls off. The double injection molded PBT gives you a long-lasting finish and no glossy dirt with continuous use.

Multi-keycap selection: Made up of 168 keycaps and other stabilizers, suitable for 95% 61/87/104/108 mechanical and optical keyboards, as well as any key switch with crossover switch, ideal for custom mechanical keyboard selection.

Feeling experience: The keyboard caps come in a matte finish, each with a slightly grainy surface. The material is more finger-friendly and comfortable to use. 168 PBT Cherry keycaps, ANSI layout. This is a great option for your DIY mechanical keyboard. The 168 key is suitable for 61/87/104/108 mechanical keyboard keys.

Sunset Gradient Backlit Pink Keycaps

With high quality PBT keycaps and grease-proof coatings, these 104 keycaps provide superb durability and a great feel for your typing.

Gradient style: The slim text design on the key cap, light transmission and lighting effects bring you the best experience. Unique color gradient styles provide an attractive look.

Durable: The keycap adopts 1.2mm thick PBT keycap, OEM height, more comfortable to use, feel excellent.

Ergonomics: Hanging high keycap, radian layout, ergonomic design, bring you a lasting and comfortable experience.

Hyekit PBT Pink Keycaps

Super thick key wall : thickened key cap wall, make the key cap more durable. At about 1.5mm thick, the quality won’t be lost to those expensive keycaps. Packed in blisters and cardboard boxes, this is an absolutely worthwhile keyboard cover.

Dye Sublimation PBT Keycaps : With a high-quality PBT material and grease proof coating, these keycaps provide first-class durability and great typing feel. Not easy to accumulate dirt. Dye sublimation technology makes the color has penetrated into the key cap, the service life of up to ten years will not fade.

XDA profile :XDA profile ball cap appearance is very beautiful, increase the key cap and finger contact surface, thus improving the comfort of typing.

Akko Pink Keycaps

Transparent Keycap: Provides a premium and shiny RGB experience with the Akko ASA Transparent Keycap set. The key caps made of polycarbonate are solid and translucent so that your switch and RGB array can glow. The characters on the ASA transparent key cap have been processed by UV printing, tested for wear and scratch resistance, and are not easy to erase.

MAC Keycaps and Novelty keys: The keycap set is designed for Windows and MAC users, where the MAC modifiers CMD/OPT come in different sizes. The transparent keyboard cover comes with extra cute animal-themed novelty keys as embellishment.

ASA Profile: Akko’s patented ASA profile is tailored to provide a more familiar and comfortable typing experience by matching the height of the OEM profile while maintaining the aesthetic and spherical top of the classic SA profile.


How to Choosing Right Pink Keycaps For You

Whether you’re creating a custom keyboard or just want to spice up an old favorite, changing the keycaps is often the first stop for a personalized keyboard. It’s also one of the easiest upgrades a fledgling modder can make, requiring only a keycap puller to get started.

But if you’re buying pink keycaps for the first time in the aftermarket, it’s easy to get overwhelmed about what’s really important. Product listings often detail the exact type of plastic used, how the legend is made or the profile they follow, but never explain what these different qualities mean. There are also very cheap prices, and there are more than the entire second keyboard.

Keycap Styles

If you prefer to use RGB in your Settings, pudding is worth considering. In addition to the letters at the top of the key cap, the pudding key cap has a translucent side that allows light to filter through, giving you a brighter and more vibrant keyboard than other key cap styles.

Aesthetic keycaps are placed on your board primarily for aesthetic reasons. Many of them are custom and hand-drawn, and can be found on Etsy by a variety of artists. They are usually placed on keys that are not commonly used, such as the ESC key. This way it will sit in the top corner of your keyboard and stand out from the other panels.


ABS keycaps are the cheapest and most commonly used plastic keycaps. ABS key caps are mass-produced because they are easy to injection molding. PBT plastics are less common, but are usually of higher quality than ABS. ABS keycaps are smooth to the touch and develop a greasy sheen over time, while PBT keycaps are textured to the touch and more durable.

PBT is considered superior to ABS because they are more durable and wear out less over time. That said, there are some very nice sets of ABS keycaps that ultimately depend on user preferences. Some people like the smoothness of ABS, while others like the texture of PBT.

Keycap Profile

The keycap overall shape refers to the overall shape of the keycap. Some keycaps are flat, some are round, and there are many different shapes. In some styles, each row of keys has a different height to allow the entire set of keycaps to be concave or slanted. By changing the shape of your keycap, it allows you to take the style and feel of your keyboard to a whole new level.

Keycaps have different shapes and build structures called keycap profiles. There are different profiles in the market such as Cubic profile, ADA, DSA, DOM, DO, OEM, Cherry, SA, and so on. These words can be confusing, but they actually refer to the different shapes and construction structures of keycaps.

For example, the SA key cap is tall and has a slight spherical structure at the top. OEM key caps are the most widely used. Most of them have a sloping surface at the top. Most manufacturers ship OEM key caps as standard. Other sections such as Cherry have shorter lengths with flat tops and are considered suitable for play because of their shorter length. Similarly, XDA and DSA caps have a medium to slightly shorter height and a spherical top profile.


Keycap profiles have little impact on performance, but they are central to developing the look and feel of your keyboard. If you ask us, spherical or angled top key caps are great for typing because your fingers can easily rest on the keys. To improve the gaming experience, a flat and uniform key cap is preferred by enthusiasts. Be aware that your preference for both may vary.

Now for the fun part: It’s time to choose a keycap design that you like and that fits the rest of your setup. This is where the world of building custom keyboards becomes very exciting. When designing your keyboard, the possibilities are endless. Some people like the fact that there is no minimum RGB setting on the game table and choose to type, while others spend a lot of time focusing on color. You can choose a gradient, two – or three-tone keys, or select some minimal blank keycaps.

If you want a Kirby themed desk, you should choose pink and white keycaps and place a handmade keycap in the top left corner of the board. You can build around this idea by emphasizing your setup with a matching table mat, figurines, wall decals, and more.


In general, PBT keycaps are more prone to wear than ABS keycaps. ABS key caps are destined to develop a “greasy sheen” over time. As for the PBT key caps, you can put your worries elsewhere as they are matted. Consider the ABS key cover is highly reactive to chemicals and inflammability. When you expose your keyboard to heat, you may have problems. PBT keycaps have no such problem.



The color pink is associated with a number of positive qualities, including being feminine and pretty. If you want to add a touch of femininity to your mechanical keyboard, or just want something different than the standard black keycaps, here are ten of the best pink keycaps for your next upgrade. Whether you’re looking for soft pastels or bright shades, we’ve got you covered. So what are you waiting for? Order some new pink keycaps today! Also, I hope this article would be helpful to you.

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