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The 6 Best Linear Switches for your Mechanical Keyboard


Linear switches are the most popular switches in the gaming community because of their fast, fluid buttons, which help perform quick responses in fast-paced games. But there are a lot of linear switches on the market, and they all have their own characteristics. Therefore, in this article, we will offer advice on some of the best linear switches on the market for your mechanical keyboard, so you can easily choose the linear switch that best suits your interests.

What are Linear Switches

A linear switch is a mechanical switch that when you press is very smooth and there is no bump. Unlike click-and-touch switches, linear switches are very quiet and tactile. When you press a key from top to bottom on a linear keyboard, you get a linear feel. Because these switches are so smooth, the driving force required to press the key is very low.

The only sound these switches make is when they hit the floor of the keyboard when the key is pressed. With no resistance, these switches are very sensitive. Because of this, these switches are used by players because they require quick reflexes in competitive games.

The linear switch was voted the best switch for gamers or professional typists because of its fast response time, fast drive, and extremely smooth shape. These linear switches are perfect for situations like this, where silence is most important.

The average driving force of these switches is only 45g. Therefore, when you use these switches, you will feel very light. After a long period of use, if you use the linear switch, your fingers will not feel sore.

Unlike tactile switches, linear switches will not only draw your attention away from the sound but will also help you feel relaxed in environments that require intense concentration. In addition, using linear switches is very helpful for games because they allow for fast response and activity within the game. This is why linear switches are so popular in the game industry.

Best Linear Switches for A Mechanical Keyboard

Cherry MX Black

Actuation Point: 2mm

Actuation Force: 60g

Total Travel: 4mm

Lifespan: 100 million keystrokes

The Cherry MX black switch is one of the most popular linear switches. These switches are known for their durability. In fact, these switches are the most durable linear switches. These switches can last 100 million keystrokes.

Because of its excellent stability and durability, the Cherry MX black switch always ranks near the top in terms of quality. The Cherry MX Black is well-known among mechanical keyboard users as an all-purpose switch. In terms of design, Cherry MX Black features a completely opaque black housing and a black stem design.

However, this switch is not suitable for RGB-lit keyboards, as the bulky black switch housing will block your RGB lights. Although the Cherry MX Black offers 60g of the drive (which isn’t ideal for fast-paced games), you can still get a pleasant input experience with quiet input sounds and smooth, flat input feedback.

linear switches

Cherry MX Speed Silver

Actuation Point: 1.2 mm

Actuation Force: 45g

Total Travel: 3.4mm

Lifespan: 50 million strokes

The Cherry MX Speed Silver switch is the best game switch Cherry MX has to offer. These switches provide a lot of amazing functionality that games need. These switches are easy to press because the driving force is only 45g.

It also has a high actuating point of 1.2mm. This makes these switches very sensitive and the best choice for games. In addition, these switches are extremely durable and can be key struck 100 million times in a row.

The Cherry MX Speed Silver switch is very stable and there is no noise when the key is pressed. So when you and your team are playing a game in the hall, the sound of the keyboard won’t bother them. Some players may enjoy the clicking sound of a keyboard, while others prefer a quieter keyboard for work or gaming.

Cherry MX Speed Silver takes the great aspects of the linear switch and improves it even more for gaming purposes. Due to the short drive distance, this switch will be slightly faster than the other options on the list. This can give you a millisecond or two advantage over the competition. The faster reaction time possible with the Cherry MX Speed Silver makes it a terrific game switch. However, if you are doing a lot of typing, this type of switch has a big disadvantage because the short travel distance may make typing uncomfortable for a long period of time.


Gateron Ink Black

Actuation Point: 2mm

Actuation Force: 60g

Total Travel: 4mm

Lifespan: 50 million keystrokes

Gateron ink switches, made from a unique high-end plastic substance, are also common in the lineup of Ink switches. Their smoke top and bottom enclosures, as well as their low-pitched sound output, make them an excellent choice for switches.

As you know, the standard Gateron switch is already very smooth. Ink switches take smoothness to the next level and solidify their position in a highly competitive market. In addition, Gateron ink black is strong and durable. Like its name, it was painted black. The internal spring has a black coating that matches the switch housing.

As part of the Cantron Advanced Switch series, the ink black is constructed with different types of plastic, resulting in a smoother experience. The added smoothness from the already smooth Gateron black switch makes this a very popular switch. Not to mention, the smoked black housing and sprayed black stem give the switch a very attractive aesthetic.


Gateron Yellow

Actuation Point: 2mm

Actuation Force: 50g

Total Travel: 4.0mm

Lifespan: 100 million keystrokes

If you are looking for a switch that is both economical and high quality, Gateron yellow should be one of the best linear switches.

The yellow switch in the Gateron family has a noticeable bounce and seems to have a rough texture and rigid grip.

Also, you don’t need to apply that much pressure until it activates at 50 grams of the drive. It provides you with quiet, stain-free clicks to make typing a satisfying experience with it. In addition, these yellow switches are also made of high-quality materials and have a small soft plastic rod which, as an added bonus, helps to type more smoothly.

In fact, the entire linear switch lineup from Gateron is super smooth and satisfying for typing. This includes their red, yellow, and black linear switches, so everyone has a spring. These Gateron yellow switches are one of the most popular mechanical switches in the Gateron family because they have an excellent driving force, moderate drag, and a very quiet sound profile.

All of Gateron’s linear switches such as red, yellow, and black, as well as their special versions including milk and ink have a signature to provide a smooth typing experience and a satisfying sound profile. The Gateron yellow switch is ideal for everyday use, gaming, and office work.


NovelKeys Cream

Actuation Point: 2mm

Actuation Force: 55g

Total Travel: 4mm

Lifespan: 20 million presses

NovelKeys Cream can be your best linear switch with the best bass sound profile, making them stand out from the crowd. In addition, the opalescent color, as well as the POM plastic design will undoubtedly be very eye-catching.

The NovelKeys Cream switch is one that gets a lot of attention because of the incredible bass sound it emits at the bottom. The NovelKeys Cream switch has one of the best sounds. This bass tone makes these switches popular. Many keyboard users who like sound feedback while typing like these switches. The beige interior exterior and ideal driving distance will encourage you to think twice.

In terms of compatibility, most keyboards are compatible with these NovelKeys. However, unlike other mechanical switches, they are not pre-installed on the keyboard. Therefore, you must purchase these switches separately and install them yourself. In fact, NovelKey switches aren’t as smooth as Gateron switches, but they get smoother over time thanks to their self-lubricating design.

In addition, the switches produce a soft typing sound, making the typing experience easier. All in all, the NovelKeys Cream switch is the best linear switch available at a very reasonable price and includes some notable features and features.


Outemu Red Switch

Actuation Point: 2.1 mm

Actuation Force: 50g

Total Travel: 4mm

Lifespan: 50 million keystrokes

These red switches from Outemu are one of the best budget red switches you can get on the mechanical switch market. A cheap switch does not mean low performance or low quality, on the contrary, the Outemu Red switch is powered by many advanced features and provides users with excellent performance.

Outemu Red Switch is the best linear switch for users who need a high-quality switch at an inexpensive price. The switches are smooth and completely silent. These switches have a driving force of 50g.

Given the Cherry’s Red switch’s performance, the Outemu Red switch was specifically designed to inherit all of Cherry’s Red’s performance and characteristics. Frankly, they are completely cloned cherries on the red switch, except the price is very economical. When it comes to Outemu Red’s performance, they come with 50g of drive and 4mm of range, which is considered good.

Thanks to the low drive, you can register keystrokes with a small amount of pressure, so these red switches are easy to press. Durability can be a drawback of these switches, as they are not as stable as the other switches I listed above, although they will work smoothly for several years or more without any problems. So, if you can’t afford the cherry red switch due to its expensive price tag, but still want the same performance, you should look at the Outemu Red switch without a doubt.


How to Choose the Best Linear Switches

Sound is an important feature in identifying the type of switch used. The click switch features a loud sound profile and a raised top. The haptic switch has a hump that gives you haptic feedback when you type on it, and it’s a little quieter. Linear switches, on the other hand, have very low sound profiles. When selecting a switch, first pay attention to its sound; If it is barely noticed after every click is heard, then the switch is probably of a linear type.

As mentioned above, linear switches are considered to be the smoothest switches available on the market. Ever wonder why they’re so smooth? The reason is that these switches usually record keystrokes with very little pressure.

This then automatically improves fluency and typing speed, which improves the efficiency of the game and typing. Therefore, be sure to check this factor thoroughly before buying or selecting the best linear switch.

The key technical difference between the three switch types (click switch, tactile switch, and linear switch) is their tactile or tactile collision quality, as each switch has its own unique identifying characteristics. If you experience tactile collisions and feedback while recording keystrokes, it’s likely that there are similar tactile collisions at the top of the tap or tactile switch,

The factors that cause the bulge are the thickness of the spring and the bulge at the driving point. However, the function of linear switches is different because they lack tactile impact and the bottom force to produce an audible click. Thus, the smooth and fast typing experience stems from the lack of tactile feedback on the switch. After all, all these important considerations should be kept in mind when choosing the best linear switch for your keyboard.


Linear switches are top contenders for leaner switches. They offer a linear actuator motion that is clean and precise. This makes them perfect for applications that require high-speed performance and low actuation force. Linear switches provide an excellent option for those looking to reduce the size and weight of their switch while maintaining high-quality performance. And in this article, we have given you some suggestions about the best switches in the market, and offer some tips about how to choose the best linear switches for your mechanical keyboard. We hope you’ve found this information helpful as you consider your options for leaner switches!

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