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The 10 best Green Keyboards on the Market

Keyboards are one of the most important computer accessories. They come in different colors, shapes, and sizes. While most keyboards are black or white, some are green. Green keyboards are becoming increasingly popular because they’re stylish and look great with green computers. Here are ten of the best green keyboards on the market.

green keyboard

Seenda Rechargeable Green Keyboard

Seenda new color wireless keyboard: Kawai mint green color matching, brings you a different visual enjoyment, experiences a different keyboard typing feeling, creates a fresh and colorful desk, makes work ≠ monotonous, and creates a comfortable office environment.

Superior LED backlight and 2.4G stable wireless connection: The cute wireless keyboard and mouse set boasts beautiful rainbow backlight features, 3 levels of keyboard brightness adjustment, and 15 light bar mode mouse addiction. The 2.4 GHz wireless connection technology gives you a strong and stable connection using only a USB nano.

Automatic Power Saving and Mute Mouse: Keyboard and mouse have an automatic power saving function, through which we extend your use time and battery life. If you are inactive for more than 2 minutes, pressing any key will wake them up. Near-silent mouse-click feedback helps create a relaxed work atmosphere.

Compact full size and ergonomic design: The Wireless Keyboard is a 106-key full keyboard design with a numeric keypad for those who want to add color to their work and life. The ergonomic foldable tilt stand is easy to store, allowing you to enjoy typing comfortably. The symmetrical design of the left and right mouse is not picky, suitable for your office to add young color.

3 Adjustable DPI and Rechargeable Keyboard: The ergonomic seenda LED backlit mouse has 3 adjustable DPI levels, 800/1200/1600, and a high-precision sensor to meet the needs of your everyday mouse use. Both the keyboard and mouse can be quickly charged with USB type A to Type C charging cables.

MQSUZA Wireless Green Keyboard

The upper part of the keyboard is designed with a mobile phone card slot, you can work on the computer and mobile phone at the same time, improving work efficiency.

This keyboard is connected via a USB receiver, which gets rid of the limitations of cable and gives you a better experience.

The keyboard cap has a silent design, making typing on the keyboard comfortable and quiet. When you’re working, you don’t bother your coworkers or your family.

The keyboard has a humanized multimedia knob design, convenient and quick to switch multimedia, and quickly adjusts the music.

The keyboard panel has a waterproof conductive film, and the key cap is suspended to allow water to flow out from the side.

Superbcco Green Keyboard

Both the keyboard and mouse have a USB receiver that is stored inside the mouse for security (not stored inside the keyboard). Simply plug it into your device and turn on the power switch (there is no power switch on your keyboard).

Improved typing posture with two adjustable feet, keeping your hands, neck and shoulders relaxed. You’ll comfortably type perfect keystrokes with crafted precision and fluidity all day long with ease. The increased keystroke stability reduces noise and optimizes responsiveness, so you can feel but not hear every keystroke when you’re working in an open office space or when your family is asleep. More accurate, responsive, and comfortable to use.

The keyboard and mouse come with two basic AAA batteries and one AA battery (two for the keyboard and one for the mouse). It goes into sleep mode when not in use, plus an on/off switch on the mouse to help save battery usage. Usage: Step 1: Put 2 AAA batteries on the keyboard and 1 AA battery on the mouse; Step 2: Flip the switch on the mouse to the “On” position. You can use it for up to six months without changing the battery.

Anti-fingerprint, anti-glare matte panel, and UV-coated resin layer print colorfast keys. There’s a “matte” feel to the surface of the keys, which makes for a stronger fingertip grip and more comfortable typing. They are placed just above the surface of the flat keyboard to keep dust and dirt out of the inside. No conflict and anti-ghosting function to ensure correct work and better user experience.

NACODEX Green Keyboard

Cute Cat Ear Keyboard: This slim Bluetooth keyboard has 84 round keys and uses sleek edge technology and a stylish cat ear design. Cute cat PAWS and footprints are added to the key cap in a bright purple color. You will be captivated by the cute wireless keyboard, allowing you to type happily.

Compact mute keyboard: The 84-key aesthetic keyboard uses key noise reduction technology, greatly reducing the sound of key clicks. Can provide a quiet and comfortable typing experience; Compact layout, weight only 450g/16Oz, easy to carry on business, travel, or school; The operation is very simple, without any button to enter the Bluetooth mode.

Intelligent power-saving design: Purple wireless keyboard adopts energy-saving technology, no key operation for more than 10 minutes, the keyboard automatically sleeps, disconnects Bluetooth power saving, doesn’t worry about power consumption, a charge can last for a week (8 hours a day uninterrupted).

MOFii Wireless Green Keyboard

Uniquely designed keyboards: These lovely round keys are inspired by vintage typewriters, providing you with a visual treat and a retro feel to typing. The keyboard is ergonomically positioned to reduce hand fatigue, thereby enhancing your typing experience.

Reliable wireless connection: The stable 2.4GHz wireless provides a strong, reliable connection up to 33 feet without any lag, which allows you to work with your computer from a distance. Fast reconnection, automatic sleep, and energy saving.

WisFox Green Keyboard

Wireless keyboard with stand: Computer keyboards are about 10 inches (25.5 cm) long with a U-stand, suitable for smartphones, ipads, and other devices. You can place it horizontally or vertically depending on the size of your device, which is very convenient for watching videos, reading documents, and other entertainment in the office or at home.

Full-Size Keyboard Combo: This is a standard American keyboard layout (QWERTY) with a digital pad. Each key is properly spaced in short keystrokes. With 12 multimedia key combinations and 5 individual shortcuts, you can efficiently play music, watch movies, browse the web, open email, and more.

Trueque Green Keyboard

Slim Full-size Keyboard and Mouse: The wireless keyboard and mouse combination offers a full-size wireless keyboard with the American standard ANSI layout and an adjustable DPI mute computer mouse.

Comfortable and smooth typing: Oversized fashionable keycap with scissor switch, responsive keys, less noise than the old keyboard, feel better, typing pleasure.

Save power and extend battery life: Wireless keyboard and mouse combination with power switch on/off to save unnecessary battery loss. With smart sleep mode, save power and wake up by pressing any button or key.

LTC MK791 Multi-Device Green Keyboard

Stable wireless connectivity: Equipped with an upgraded 5.0 Bluetooth chip, the MK791 keyboard provides true wireless and lag-free connectivity for all devices on the market. Easy to switch between 3 different wireless devices to suit your needs.

Responsive and low-key keys: The LTC Wireless keyboard features a sleek design and satisfactorily responsive scissor switches for fast and efficient typing. Low-key keys feel excellent, reduce noise, and let you enjoy comfortable and smooth work.

Rechargeable and energy efficient: The LTC Bluetooth keyboard has a built-in rechargeable battery that can be easily recharged via a Type-C cable and lasts up to 80 hours. After 10 minutes of inactivity, the keyboard will go to sleep mode, and you can wake it up by pressing any key.

Redragon K583 One-Handed RGB Gaming Keyboard

The Redragon K583 One-Handed RGB Gaming Keyboard is a green mechanical gaming keyboard that’s perfect for gamers who want a compact keyboard. It has an aluminum alloy body that’s durable and lightweight. The keyboard also has per-key RGB backlighting with 16.8 million color options.

Alloy FPS Pro Tenkeyless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard: If you’re looking for a green mechanical gaming keyboard, the Alloy FPS Pro Tenkeyless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is a great option. It has a brushed aluminum frame that’s durable and looks great. The keyboard also has per-key RGB backlighting with 16. 8 million color options.

PC Gaming Race G888 Plus Green Switch Optical Mechanical Keyboard: The PC Gaming Race G888 Plus Green Switch Optical Mechanical Keyboard is a great choice for gamers who want a durable and responsive green keyboard. It uses optical switches that have a lifespan of 100 million keystrokes. The keyboard also has per-key RGB backlighting with 16.8 million color options.

Camiysn Green Keyboard

Detachable type-c & Compact 60% Keyboard: The mechanical keyboard has 68 keys, a perfect size that provides more room for your desktop and mouse movement. Connect the removable USB-type -c cable to make it portable and you can easily take it to games or work wherever you want to be.

Blue switch mechanical keyboard: All metal panel, floating key design, 60% keyboard key trigger sensitive, quick response. All 68 keys have individual switches, full n key flip, and ghost proof. Provides durability and stable performance.

DIY keycaps, shortcuts, and ergonomic design: This keyboard has two sets of keycaps. Easy access to a calculator, email, Web browser, volume, media, and more with FN+INS. Ergonomic design: The stepped keycap makes it smooth, and the curvature and slope easily fit your hand, preventing fatigue.

Compact 68-button layout: beveled high-low key ergonomic design, standing on both feet allows you to work easily and happily without muscle tension and discomfort. Pluggable Type-C interface, simple connection, easy to carry. The mechanical gaming keyboard has a high-precision sensor that provides precise clicks. All 68 keys are conflict-free, improving productivity.


How to Choose a Green Keyboard

As anyone who has ever shopped for a keyboard knows, there are a wide variety of options on the market. So how do you choose a green keyboard?

First, think about what type of material you want your keyboard to be made from. There are a variety of green keyboard options made from sustainable materials such as bamboo or recycled plastic.

Second, consider the size and layout of the keyboard. If you have a small workspace, you may want to choose a compact keyboard. Or if you spend a lot of time typing, you may want to choose a keyboard with an ergonomic design. The keyboard uses a similar layout, and the basic set of keys includes Character keys, letter keys, numbers, and punctuation marks. Modify keys such as ctrl(control), shift, ALT, and Fn(function). System command keys, such as ESC(exit) and PrtScn(print screen). Edit keys, such as enter, delete, and backspace. Navigation keys, such as arrow keys, Home keys, end keys, PgUp (Page Up) keys, and PgDn (Page Down) keys.

Function keys are easily toggled with control keys, such as volume, screen brightness, and others. Some keyboards still include a numeric keypad for faster and more efficient number entry. A standard keyboard has exactly 104 keys, but now there are many. Keyboards in the United States or most other countries use the Latin scripting language, known as the “QWERTY” layout. This means that on the top left line of the keyboard, the rest of the letter key arrangement is defined.

Third, take into account the features that are important to you. Some green keyboards come with backlit keys or wireless connectivity. By considering your needs, you can find the perfect green keyboard for your workspace.

Finally, The design and construction of a keyboard have a big impact on the experience of using a computer. By design, we would have a standard keyboard, games and ergonomics. Qwerty keyboard is the most common type. It usually comes with multimedia keys in addition to the standard 104 keys. The gaming keyboard, used primarily for gaming, combines multimedia keys with other game-specific keys.

The ergonomic keyboard is designed so that you can naturally rest your hands and reduce stress, giving your wrists a proper rest for maximum comfort. Besides, they are expensive. On the other hand, some people who use computers in the dark may prefer a backlit keyboard. Or users who value portability may want a flexible, foldable keyboard that doesn’t take up too much space in their pocket.



While there are many keyboards on the market, we’ve found that the 10 best green keyboard options are those that not only look great but also offer a number of features and functions to make your work easier. We hope you find the perfect one for you.

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