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Durgod k320 – A brief review on the using experience


Durgod k320 is a better choice for you if  you are looking for a cost-effective mechanical keyboard. You will never know its tying feelings if you don’t try Durgod k320. You won’t feel the difference barnds of each mechanical keyboards. When many friends started to learn mechanical keyboards for the first time, they were easily […]

My first 87 keys keyboard Durgod K320 mechanical keyboard review

Durgod K320 mechanical keyboard is my first 87 keys keyboard Appearance The package color of K320 is black and blue. It is durable enough to prevent the keyboard from violent transportation. There are only Durgod’s logo and keyboard model on the front, and some specifications on the back. Each side has some information of switches, […]

Durgod K320 Mechanical Keyboard Review One of the Most Sturdy Keyboard


In this article, I decided to start with the aesthetic of a mechanical keyboard. The original appearance of the mechanical keyboard is actually a kind of old typewriter. Nowadays, many manufacturers want to create that kind of retro style, but the practicality starts from the square shape. In early years, there was no clear concept […]