Sakura Keycaps: A Comprehensive Guide



Sakura Keycaps, a new manufacturer of artisan keycaps. Sakura Keycaps are made from high-quality PBT plastic and feature beautiful designs inspired by nature. Their keycaps are available in a variety of colors and styles, and make a great addition to any keyboard.

Sakura Keycaps are a special type of keycap that are made to look like Sakura blossoms. They are a popular choice for many keyboard enthusiasts, as they offer a unique and stylish look. There are many different sets of Sakura Keycaps available, so it can be difficult to choose the right one. This guide will help you select the perfect set of Sakura Keycaps for your needs.

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What are Sakura Keycaps and What do they do?

What are Sakura Keycaps? Sakura keycaps are a type of specialty keyboard accessory that is designed to provide an aesthetically pleasing look and feel to your computer setup. Sakura keycaps are made of a unique, soft rubber material that features beautiful and intricate designs, making them perfect for anyone who wants to customize their keyboard.

Sakura keycaps come in a variety of styles and colors, allowing users to express themselves with their own personal style. The most common Sakura keycap design is a pink-and-white Japanese cherry blossom tree, but there are also other designs such as cats, food items, animals, flowers and more. Sakura keycaps add a touch of beauty and elegance to any computer setup with just the click of a few buttons.

What do Sakura Keycaps do? Sakura keycaps provide protection for your keys against dust and moisture while at the same time offering an aesthetically pleasing look. These keycaps act as cushioning between the keys on your keyboard so that you can type comfortably without having to worry about wear or tear on the actual keys themselves. These keycaps also have antimicrobial properties which help protect against germs and bacteria build up on your keyboard. Additionally, Sakura keycaps are very durable since they are made out of rubber which makes them long lasting even with everyday use.

Aside from their practical benefits, Sakura keycaps also offer users the chance to express themselves through customizing their keyboards with unique colors and designs. By adding these KeyCaps to your keyboard you can turn it into something entirely new by simply changing out the caps for something bright or something more subtle depending on your preference. This ensures that no two keyboards will ever be exactly alike giving you a one-of-a-kind experience every time you use it!

Features and Design

Sakura Keycaps are designed with a unique and luxurious aesthetic that stands out from other keycap sets. Sakura Keycaps feature a special pink and white color combination, inspired by beautiful cherry blossoms. Sakura Keycaps have an ergonomic design that helps reduce finger fatigue, making them the perfect set for long gaming and typing sessions. These Keycaps also offer superior durability, featuring premium PBT plastic construction that resists wear and tear over time. As an added touch, Sakura Keycaps are topped off with a stylish font to really make them stand out.

The Sakura Keycap set was designed to fit most standard keyboards, allowing customers to choose their favorite color without sacrificing function or quality. These Keycaps feature a unique sculpted profile that helps increase accuracy and speed when typing or gaming. The sculpted profile also helps keep fingers comfortable while typing or gaming, preventing finger pain and cramps due to extended periods of use. As an added bonus, Sakura Keycaps are compatible with Cherry MX switches, ensuring compatibility across all types of keyboards.

For those looking for something extra special, Sakura Keycaps also offer customization options such as sublimation printing and laser engraving to truly customize the look of your keycap set. Sublimation printing allows for vibrant colors in every keycap as well as clear images for even more personalization options. Laser engraving offers detailed patterns and fonts on each individual keycap for even more customization possibilities. Both options ensure that you can create a truly one-of-a-kind Sakura keycap set for your keyboard.

Overall, Sakura Keycaps provide gamers and typists alike with an aesthetically pleasing way to upgrade their keyboards without breaking the bank or sacrificing quality in performance or build materials. Sakura’s unique color combination is sure to give any keyboard setup an eye-catching look while providing superior comfort during long typing sessions or intense gaming marathons.


Sakura Keycaps are special types of keycaps designed to make typing and gaming experiences more enjoyable. These Keycaps are made out of a high-grade PBT material, which makes them incredibly durable, withstanding wear and tear better than regular plastic keycaps. Sakura Keycaps also feature unique legends that are inspired by Japanese culture and design, making them stand out from other standard keyboard keycap sets.

Sakura Keycaps come in two main shapes: OEM and DSA. OEM Sakura Keycaps are sculpted for each individual row on a keyboard, providing the most ergonomic experience possible. DSA Sakura Keycaps are uniform in shape and size, creating an iconic look that is popular among gamers and typists alike.

Additionally, Sakura Keycaps come in a wide variety of colors to suit any user’s preference or style. Sakura Keycaps have become increasingly popular over the years due to their superior quality and attractive designs. Their long-lasting durability ensures that users can enjoy their Sakura Keycap set for years to come without having to worry about replacement or maintenance costs.

Typing sessions feel comfortable and enjoyable while gaming performance is boosted significantly when using Sakura Keycaps compared to ordinary plastic ones. Overall, These Keycaps provide users with a unique typing experience that can’t be found anywhere else!

Advantages and Disadvantages

Sakura Keycaps are a type of custom keycap that are very popular among gamers and typists. Sakura Keycaps are widely used due to their aesthetically pleasing designs, comfort in use, and durability. These Keycaps come in many varieties, from minimalist stylings to more intricate designs featuring multi-colored elements.

Advantages of Sakura Keycaps:

One of the primary advantages of Sakura Keycaps is the look they give your keyboard. These Keycaps come in a wide variety of styles and colors, allowing you to customize your keyboard to perfectly match your style or mood.

Sakura Keycaps also provide superior comfort when typing due to their textured surface and optimized profile shape, making them ideal for long typing sessions without fatigue. Lastly, These Keycaps are known for their remarkable durability; they are made from high-quality materials such as PBT plastic, ensuring they will last through all types of gaming and typing sessions.

Disadvantages of Sakura Keycaps:

Although Sakura Keycaps have many benefits, there are some potential drawbacks that should be considered before making a purchase decision. Firstly, Sakura Keycaps can be expensive compared to other types of keycap sets; this is because they are produced in smaller quantities than mass-produced options from major manufacturers like Corsair and Razer.

Additionally, Sakura keycap sets often require special tools for installation that may not be readily available; this can add up costs if one has to purchase extra tools or hire a professional for installation. Finally, Sakura keycap sets may not fit certain keyboards due to the difference in mounting stem shapes and sizes; it’s important to confirm compatibility with the specific keyboard model prior to purchasing Sakura keycap sets.


Top 5 Keyboards with Sakura Keycaps on the market today

Sakura keycaps are one of the most popular options on the keycap market today, thanks to their beautiful design and resilient construction. Sakura keycaps come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, ensuring that every keyboard can be customized to fit any style or preference. If you’re looking for a keyboard equipped with these keycaps, there’s no shortage of great options available. Here are five of the top keyboards with Sakura keycaps currently on the market:

1. Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 – This full-size mechanical keyboard features a durable aluminum frame and Cherry MX switches, along with RGB lighting and customizable Sakura keycaps. It also includes onboard memory for storing up to three profiles, so you can easily switch between different lighting schemes or macros.

2. Durgod Taurus K320 – The Durgod Taurus K320 is an affordable tenkeyless mechanical keyboard that boasts Sakura PBT dye-sublimated keycaps for a unique look and feel. It comes equipped with double shot injection molded Cherry MX switches and USB Type C connectivity, making it both reliable and easy to use.

3. Ducky One 2 Mini – This 60% size mechanical keyboard has become legendary among fans for its sleek design and feature-rich software suite. It comes with a set of Sakura PBT doubleshot shine-through keycaps which are perfect for showing off your lighting setup while still providing excellent durability over time.

4. Glorious Modular Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (GMMK)– The GMMK is truly one of a kind; it features hot swappable switches that let you replace or upgrade your keys without soldering anything! Plus, it comes with premium Sakura PBT dye-sublimated keycaps that offer crisp textural feedback and long-lasting durability against wear & tear over time.

5. WASD Keyboards Code 87-Key – This classic 87-key mechanical keyboard is fully customizable from the case color down to the type of switch used in each individual keycap. Plus, it includes high quality Sakura ABS double shot injection molded keys which provide excellent tactile feedback as well as stylish aesthetic appeal thanks to their vibrant color palette!

Whether you’re after an ultra-customizable gaming rig or just need something reliable for everyday typing, there’s sure to be a Sakura keyboard out there that fits your needs perfectly! Not only do these keyboards help bring life and personality to your desktop workspace but they also provide incredible longevity due to their robust construction methods and quality materials used in manufacture—making them an excellent choice if you want something that will last through all your computing adventures!

Typing experience

Sakura Keycaps offer an incredible typing experience that will take your keyboarding skills to the next level. Sakura keycaps are made from high-quality materials that provide a smooth and satisfying tactile sensation when typing. Sakura keycaps also feature specialized shapes and sizes for each key, allowing for more precise control and accuracy when typing. The keycaps come in a variety of designs and colors, making it easy to match any setup with the perfect set of Sakura keycaps.

Sakura Keycap’s ergonomic design makes them incredibly comfortable to type with, even after extended periods of time. Furthermore, Sakura’s use of Double Shot injection molding makes them incredibly durable and resistant to fading or wear over time. These Keycaps even offer anti-ghosting support so you can press as many keys at once without worrying about losing control of your input. Sakura Keycap’s backlighting support allows you to type in low light conditions without needing additional lighting accessories.

Finally, Sakura’s sleek design fits most keyboards perfectly and works great with gaming or typing setups alike. If you’re looking for an amazing typing experience that won’t break the bank, then Sakura Keycaps is definitely worth considering!

Gaming experience

If you are looking to take your gaming experience to the next level, Sakura Keycaps are the perfect way to do just that. Sakura Keycaps are designed specifically for mechanical keyboards, which allows gamers to make more precise movements while they game. Sakura Keycaps feature a unique design and come in a variety of colors, so users can customize their keyboard to fit their aesthetic style and gameplay needs. Sakura Keycaps have been designed with performance in mind and have become popular among professional gamers who utilize mechanical keyboards for their competitive edge.

Sakura Keycaps allow user’s fingers to glide over the keys effortlessly, creating a smooth and comfortable gaming experience. Additionally, Sakura Keycaps come with anti-ghosting technology, which ensures that all inputs are registered properly by the keyboard regardless of how many keys pressed at once. Sakura keycaps also feature durable ABS plastic construction with double shot molding that is wear resistant and can last up to 50 million keystrokes without degradation or fading of the printed letters, symbols or numbers on each keycap. This means that Sakura keycap sets will look as good as new even after years of intensive use.

Lastly, Sakura offers RGB lighting options for its keycap sets allowing users to further customize their keyboard setup with various LED backlighting effects like wave forms or ripple animations which makes your typing more visually appealing during those long gaming sessions. With Sakura Keycaps, you can be sure that you’ll be getting the best possible gaming experience every time you sit down in front of your computer!


How to choose the right one?

Choosing the right Sakura keycaps for your keyboard can feel like a daunting task. Sakura keycaps, also known as cherry profile keycaps, are a popular choice among keyboard enthusiasts because they offer a unique combination of comfort and aesthetics. Sakura keycaps feature lower profiles than traditional keycaps and have rounded edges that provide added comfort when typing or gaming. In addition to their ergonomic design, Sakura keycaps come in various vibrant colors and patterns that can add visual interest to any keyboard.

When choosing Sakura keycaps for your keyboard, you should first consider what type of profile is best suited to your needs. The most popular Sakura profile is OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) profile which is slightly higher than other Sakura profiles and offers an all-around balance between comfort and stability during typing or gaming sessions.

The DSA (Dropped Spherical Angle) profile has a more uniform overall height but has some cutouts on the underside of the keys that provide added comfort when typing. Lastly, the XDA (Extended Dropped Angle) profile has an even lower overall height which makes it one of the most comfortable Sakura profiles available but it may require some adaptation time as it is not as stable as its higher counterparts.

Next, you should consider the color and pattern options available with Sakura keycaps. While black or white solid color schemes offer an understated look, there are also many multicolor designs available that feature vibrant hues or intricate patterns that are sure to turn heads. Additionally, some Sakura sets come with additional accent keys such as novelties or spacebars in special colors so you can further customize the look of your keyboard setup if desired.

When selecting Sakura keycaps, it’s also important to make sure they are compatible with your keyboard model so check the manufacturer’s specifications before making a purchase. For example, if you’re using Cherry MX switches on your mechanical keyboard then make sure you get Sakura caps specifically made for MX switches; if you’re using Topre switches then get Sakura caps made for Topre switches instead. It’s best practice to double check compatibility before purchasing so you don’t end up with incompatible caps that won’t fit onto your board correctly!

Finally, make sure to read customer reviews online before committing to a purchase as this will give you an idea of how satisfied other users were with their experience with certain brands of Sakura caps – this way you can avoid buying inferior quality products that won’t last long term! With these tips in mind, we hope this guide helps simplify the process of selecting the perfect set of Sakura-style keycaps for your board!

Why we recommend you buy one?

Sakura keycaps are an ideal choice for anyone looking to upgrade their keyboard with a unique and stylish look. Sakura keycaps have become increasingly popular in the gaming community due to their superior design and craftsmanship. Sakura keycaps are made of high-quality ABS plastic, which is renowned for its durability and longevity. Sakura keycaps also offer several advantages over traditional keyboards, such as a smoother typing experience due to their slimmer profile and a more colorful RGB backlighting option. Sakura keycaps come in a variety of colors and styles, making it easy to find one that fits your personal style.

Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, Sakura keycaps are incredibly comfortable to type on due to their well-crafted design. Their slimmer profile makes them easier to reach and press, providing a more comfortable typing experience than thicker traditional keyboards. Sakura’s signature “floating” keys provide extra cushioning for those long days of gaming or typing without any additional strain or fatigue on your wrists or fingers. Sakura’s “Floating” keys design also helps reduce distracting clicks when pressing down on the keys while typing or playing games.

Another great advantage of Sakura Keycaps is the RGB backlighting feature they offer that allows you to customize your keyboard with different colors based on your preferences. The RGB lighting is bright yet not overly harsh on the eyes; this makes it possible for gamers and typists alike to enjoy their keyboards even during late night sessions without feeling overwhelmed by bright light sources. In addition, Sakura’s signature design ensures that dust particles don’t accumulate easily between the keys, making cleaning much easier than with traditional keyboards.

If you’re looking for something special and unique when it comes to upgrading your keyboard, then Sakura Keycaps should definitely be at the top of your list! Not only do these caps look amazing, but they also provide an unparalleled typing experience with superior comfort and performance compared to other keycap designs available today!


When considering Sakura Keycaps for your mechanical keyboard, there are some important questions to ask and consider before making your purchase. Here we provide answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Sakura Keycaps:

What material is used for Sakura Keycaps?

Sakura Keycaps are made from polyester resin, which is compressed under heat and pressure to form the desired shape. This polyester resin is strong, durable, and resistant to fading over time. Sakura keycaps also feature high-quality double shot molding to ensure precision in every keycap.

How do I choose Sakura Keycaps that fit my keyboard?

Before purchasing Sakura Keycaps, it’s important to make sure they will fit your particular keyboard correctly. Sakura keycaps typically come in two sizes: MX stem and Alps stem. Depending on your keyboard layout, you will need one or the other size stem. Make sure you measure carefully before selecting Sakura keycaps as compatibility varies depending on individual keyboards.

Are Sakura Key caps compatible with backlighting?

Yes! Sakura key caps can be used with backlit keyboards as they feature perforated holes in their design that allows light through easily. The double shot molding process also ensures each key cap will receive even illumination no matter what angle you view it from.

Do Sakura Key Caps require any special care?

Sakura Key Caps should be handled with care when cleaning as they can become damaged if not treated properly. When it comes to cleaning, use a damp cloth instead of household chemicals or soaps as these can strip away the coating of the Sakura key caps and cause discoloration over time.

Are Sakura Key Caps expensive?

Sakura key caps range in price based on quality and quantity purchased but generally tend to cost more than standard ABS plastic key caps found on many keyboards today due to their higher quality materials and intricate designs. However, many users find their increased durability worth the extra expense in the long run given their lasting performance and attractive visual appeal they bring to any setup!



Sakura keycaps are a great way to improve your productivity while working on your computer. Not only do they look cool, but they also offer a number of benefits that can help you get more done each day. In this article, we’ve outlined everything you need to know about Sakura keycaps, from their history and design to how to use them effectively. We’ve also compiled a list of the best Sakura keycap sets available on the market today. So what are you waiting for? Start shopping for your perfect set today!

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