Royal Kludge rk84 Keyboard Review


After the launch of the Royal Kludge rk 104 Plus mechanical keyboard, rk brings a new Tri-mode mechanical keyboard — Royal Kludge rk84 keyboard to us. The Royal Kludge rk84 is not only the second Tri-mode mechanical keyboard belonging to rk but also another “complementary” product after 68 and 71 configurations. The Royal Kludge rk84 triple-mode wireless keyboard is an integration of the other configuration’s strengths and serves as a connecting link between the preceding and the following. Why?


Brand: Royal Kludge

Model: Royal Kludge rk84

Wireless: 2.4GHz dongle, Bluetooth 5.0

Backlight: Per-key RGB

Media Controls: Yes

Battery: 3,750mAh

Num Pad: No

Switch Type: 3-pin


Replaceable Keys: Yes

Number of Keys: 85

Compatible Devices: Windows / Mac / Android / iOS

Key Switch: rk Hot-Swappable Brown/Red/Blue Switch &Gateron Yellow Switch

Additional Ports: 2* USB 2.0 pass-through

Onboard Storage: Yes

Net Weight: 1.77lbs (803.5g)

Media Keys: Secondary FN keys

Cable: 5.6-inch USB-A to USB-C cable

Operating Force: 50g-60g

Measurements: 12.4 * 4.9 * 1.6 Inch (315 * 125 * 41mm)

Operating System: Windows XP/Win2000/Win7/Win8/Win10/Mac/IOS/Android

Let’s take a look at its general information. This model keyboard has two colors: black and white and in terms of its backlight, the keyboard includes two types: a single backlight and a diverse RGB backlight. Cheap as it is, its workmanship, quality and function are quite good (compared with the same price products). The keyboard includes three channels to connect with devices and can remember 5 devices. The Royal Kludge rk84 keyboard is equipped with PBT keycaps, an rk switch and built-in sound-absorbing foam.

Packaging and Accessories

Royal Kludge rk 84

The packaging of rk84 is very bright, orange and black, with a simple design style. Its overall appearance looks very nice. Internal protection measures are well done, and anti-static plastic bags and foam are included.

The rk84 series of keyboard boxes are the same. You can distinguish its model only by the information on the white sticker on the top side.

It gives away a lot of accessories. Compared to the previous keyboard, the Royal Kludge rk84 keyboard’s kickstands and its wired connection interface have not changed. And its key puller has been upgraded to adapt to the needs of the Royal Kludge rk84 keyboard, which is a two-headed dual-use puller for both keycaps and switch puller that is really very nice. But I would prefer it to be split into a separate key puller and a separate switch puller.

The items included in the box are:

rk84 three-mode mechanical keyboard

USB Type-C cable

2 magnetic kickstands

switch puller

Other four switches

User manual

Appearance of Royal Kludge rk84 Keyboard

If a 60% layout is a simplified size product, and then the characteristics of the 84-key are the word “streamlined”. The Royal Kludge rk84 keyboard is 3cm shorter than the conventional rk87 keyboard, but there will be no significant change in use. By optimizing the key layout, there is no need to operate through a wide range of key combinations on a daily basis, which is reasonable and practical. More importantly, the compact 84-key layout is very beautiful with personalized keycaps. And the launch of the 84-layout keyboard is not so much for space as specifically for personalized users It is nice from all directions of the product.

The Royal Kludge rk84 keyboard adopts the IBM84K configuration. The keyboard is black with the traditional upper shell structure and a compact layout as well as a narrow bezel design style, which looks very simple and pleasing. In addition, it does not occupy too much desktop space, easy to carry out. 

The simple style of the Royal Kludge rk84 keyboard is my favorite point, which has a dull feeling of office style. It uses a narrow bezel design, making it looks low-profile and noble. And even the corners are taken into consideration and made a curved design, touching smooth. The design must be given praised!

Royal Kludge rk84 keybaord

The Royal Kludge rk84 three-mode wireless mechanical keyboard provides two USB ports usually used to insert a flash drive card reader or transmit data, which is very convenient. And the Type-C interface is the main port used to charge and connect with the device in wired mode, which is the same and without a positive or negative interface. Therefore, you can insert the cable even if closing your eyes.

Some details of the Royal Kludge rk84 keyboard are very popular, such as the eye-catching white logo on the right side of its bezel.


There are two switches at the bottom of the keyboard. One switch is used for turning on/off the keyboard and the other for controlling connection modes among BT/2.4 G. In addition, there is a USB receiver compartment at the bottom.

The keyboard’s feet are very interesting. It has a pair of fixed feet itself, which means that the keyboard includes a certain height but can not be adjusted. And there are 2 magnetic feet in the packaging box. As long as they are placed at the upper corner, they can increase the height and meet users’ needs. It is actually quite convenient to use.

And owing to the four non-slip pads at the bottom, the stability of the padded keyboard is not affected and is still stable. In addition, the magnetic feet are strong and the bottom of the magnetic feet will not be misplaced because of moving the keyboard.


The Royal Kludge rk84 keyboard also has a feature that its bezel is actually detachable. If you remove the bezel, you can see the white cover at the bottom. It seems not too beautiful but easy to clean up the dust.

The quality of the cable is quite good, very long and soft, but it would be better if it was changed to braided rope material.

Royal Kludge rk84


Royal Kludge used to be equipped with Cherry Mx switch, but the Royal Kludge rk84 keyboard hot-swappable version has been changed for the rk customized switch.

And the Royal Kludge rk84 keyboard includes blue, brow and red switches.

The blue switch is clicky and suitable for typists and programmers. Its operating force is 60g, actuation point is 2.3mm, total travel distance is 4.0mm and can be used 50 million times.

The red switch is tactile and suitable for midway gaming and office. Its operating force is 40g, actuation point is 2.0mm, total travel distance is 4.0mm and can be used 50 million times.

Brown switch is linear, suitable for office and gaming. Its operating force is 55g, actuation point is 2.0mm, total travel distance is 4.0mm and can be used for 50 million times.

Take the brown-switch keyboard for example. The brown switch is very brittle. Compared with the previous non-customized switch version, its stability has been slightly improved. There are a few switches that wobble significantly larger. If you press from the edge, the strong resistance feeling is not.

According to these statistics mentioned above, we can find the most obvious difference is the operating force, namely the press. Therefore, the red switch is the most silent. But the real demand is different among people.


The innovative 80% unique layout differs from traditional TKL keyboards, which cuts more clumsy space off while supporting the same functionality as practical arrow, multimedia and control keys.

Royal Kludge calls the Royal Kludge rk84 keyboard 80% keyboard, but the layout is really a 75% model. There is hardly any extra space among the keys, and the right Ctrl key has been shorter than the common one in order to make space for a Function key. At 12.5 inches across and 5 inches wide, the RK84 is pretty small, but it’s 1.75 inches thick and weighs around 1.77 pounds. That means it has a bit of heft to it, making the overall construction feel solid.

It uses PBT double-shot keycaps, which are upgraded. In its previous models, it used ABS keycaps. The Royal Kludge rk84 keyboard includes 84 keys. The PBT material and double-shot process decide the keyboard more durable and the keyboard has a better capability of oiling-resistant.


Believe it or not, this is the first generation of RGB three-mode wireless keyboards. Wireless mode with stable Bluetooth 5.0, hassle-free 2.4Ghz dongle plus USB-C wired mode set no limits about your keyboard connection.

There is a wireless mode switch function at the bottom that allows the keyboard to switch between wireless 2.4ghz and Bluetooth mode. What is commendable is that the keyboard has a 1000Hz return rate and 1ms response speed under wireless 2.4ghz, which can almost meet the needs of gaming.

The wired connection doesn’t need any software and is entirely stable. Bluetooth 5.0 is an advanced design, which is stable and convenient. It allows you to pair the keyboard with up to three devices, each matched by pressing the Function key and the Q, W, and E. (Long pressing these combinations puts the keyboard into pairing mode.)

In addition, the keyboard is compatible with Wins and Mac OS system, which is very precious at the price and provides great convenience for most people.

The hot-swappable switch allows you to replace 3 or 5 pins switch freely without a soldering issue and 98% mechanical switch can be replaceable.


Keyboard has a built-in 3750 mAh lithium battery, and its large capacity to support up to 200 hrs in 1.4 GHz mode with the backlight off, and a full charge takes 6-7 hours. Lights off state can be used continuously for 30 days and lights on can also be used continuously for 10 days (experimental data). Charging for 8 hours can make it store full power and support for charging while using.

Royal Kludge rk84

The keyboard can be turned off by the switch on the back of the keyboard if not in use.

Pro DIY software supports keys assignable and the Macro key binds 21 light effects. The RK84 features 22 built-in lighting effects, including Neon Stream, Ripples Shing, Rotating Windmill, Sine Wave, Rainbow Roulette, Stars Twinkle, Layer Upon Layer, Rich And Honored, Marquee Effect, Rotating Storm, Serpentine Horse, Retro-Snake, Diagonal Transform, Customize, Ambilight, Streamer, Steady, Breathing, Neon, Shadow-Disappear, Flash Away, and Music.


Using Experience

The same feature of this series of rk84 keyboards is that the keyboard has a wealth of functions, which can be realized through the Fn and other keys. The considerate point is that the keycaps also be printed with the corresponding symbols so that players can easily identify and reduce learning costs. It is worth mentioning that the keyboard is one of the rare products that can also be switched to the Mac mode through Fn plus the “S” key.  

The reason I like the Royal Kludge rk84 keyboard is that compact as it is, the function is very comprehensive. The right front of the keyboard has two USB expansion ports, and the keyboard in wired mode can be two more USB interfaces for our movable disk, mouse and other devices.


In person, there are several attractive points.

First, the RGB backlight includes various modes, which is enough to meet my visual aesthetics;

Second, its price is not beyond my budget, but the performance is beyond my expectations;

Third, PBT dual-mode keycaps at this price point on the keyboard are very commendable;

Forth, its switch is ordinary when using, I don’t find any obvious advantages and disadvantages; Fifth, the three-mode connection is particularly excellent, especially the advanced Bluetooth 5.0 connection mode, which can be said to be a big surprise;

Sixth, for me, its battery life is quite long and enough;

Seven, its compact layout is similar to that of 75%, helping me save a lot of space, and carry around particularly conveniently.

The price is reasonable and the corresponding quality is fine. So, if you want to have a cheap and high-cost effective mechanical keyboard, you can take the Royal Kludge rk84 into your consideration.

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