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Redragon K530

Redragon K530: Wireless Keyboard with Persistent Battery

Introduction of Redragon K530

Redragon K530 keyboard: the first Redragon 60% keyboard with Bluetooth wireless technology. The ultra-minimalist keyless (TKL) design and 61-key portable layout free up desktop space for mouse movement, providing the purest performance for the FPS pro (11.5 “3.9” 1.4 inch).

Redragon K530 keyboard: enjoy the freedom of wireless connection through Bluetooth 5.0 connection and 3000mAh persistent battery capacity. Easily connect reliably and quickly to laptops, tablets, and even mobile phones that support Bluetooth.

A mouse is included in the package.

M808 Mouse: 85g Redragon is the lightest mouse, using preference testing for many years, it is very suitable for any hand and any task. Just click or slide, completely under your control.

M808 mouse: all buttons can be used to redefine and assign complex macro key bindings to easily deal with any impossible task.

Redragon K530


Connection method


Keyboard interface


Number of keys

61 keys

Keyboard size


Keyboard weight


Shaft Type

Brown Shaft Type

Mechanical keyboard Compatible system

Applicable scenarios without numeric keyboard

Game connection method

Bluetooth, wired

Wired backlight effect



The package includes a white Redragon K530 wireless keyboard and a white M808 lightweight gaming mouse.

Keycap Puller

Switch Puller

Switch Backup Box (4 Switches with Black/Red/Brown/Blue)

User manual


From the appearance, it is clear that the Redragon K530 pro three-mode mechanical keyboard is a 61-key 60% compact layout keypad with ultra-narrow and wide hull structure. The square and straight outline does not seem to be much different from similar products, and the inclination angle is not particularly obvious, but the reality is that the K530 Pro is only similar to the other 61 keyboards.

First of all, there is the left outlet, power switch and mode switch, which can be operated blindly without lifting the keyboard. The Redragon K530 is missing indicator lights and no Win lock / CapsLock prompt. If you think about it, it doesn’t seem to be a big problem.

Key layout changed the way of usage, the common 61 small line of mechanical keyboard, FN key is located in the lower left corner, replacing the position of Ctrl, so that one hand can control the direction key.

Redragon K530 needs to use FN+WASD to control the direction and operate with both hands, but there is no need to change the key position operation logic. It is beneficial to other users who switch to K530 pro. Next to the FN (FN1) key, Redragon also designed the FN2 key to control the lighting functions on the keyboard, such as FN2+9 to switch light effect, FN2+8 to switch light color, and FN2+ space to record light effect. For more information, please refer to the instruction manual that comes with it.

Redragon K530 pro Draconic 60% compact RGB mechanical keyboard, 61 TKL keys designed 5.0 keyboard for Bluetooth games with brown switches and 16.8 million RGB lighting for PC, laptop, cell phone.

RGB Illumination Builder: 13 dynamic preset settings available on board. Millions of color and effect options make you the designer of your ultimate team with a professional controller.

First Redragon 60% keyboard: the ultra-minimalist design without keys (TKL) with portable 61 key design releases space on the table for mouse movement, providing the purest performance for FPS pro (11.5 x 3.9 x 1.4 inches).

Easy wireless: enjoy the freedom of wireless connection with a Bluetooth 5.0 connection and a long battery capacity of 3000 mAh. It connects quickly and reliably with devices such as laptops, tablets and even Bluetooth compatible phones.

Dual mode switch: easily switch between wireless and wired modes with the mode switch on the side. The included USB-C cable gives you the option to use a cable for competitive games.

Quality & Switches

Hot-swappable brown switch-almost all types of switches on the market are hot-swappable, whether they are 3-pin or 5-pin. Basic tactile mechanical switch, soft tactile feedback, low noise. It is easy to modify or update it with your desired preferences and does not require forum research.

Redragon has equipped three custom shafts on the Redragon K530, including a silent linear peach shaft, a neon shaft with a linear regular stroke and a parrot shaft with a paragraph feel. The red and blue axes have been greatly improved. The Redragon K530 in my hands is the neon shaft version, long spring scheme, 40gf light trigger force, strong rebound (the rebound sound is also very loud), and the total stroke is 4.0mm.

Blue-green upper cover, purple base, orange shaft core, three-color mixing, feasting and green, hence the name neon shaft. The upper cover of the bridge light position, the base is hollowed out, compatible with positive and negative LEDs, the upper cover is covered with the logo of the red dragon, the interior is a traditional MX structure, and the three-legged shaft body.

The feel is relatively close to the TTC gold powder shaft, the entire pressing force is very uniform, and it is very smooth, there is almost no noise, and the quality is very good. The major keys do not touch the bottom, and if the space bar is stuck at the bottom, you can press the satellite shaft slightly, and the problem has been greatly improved. However, there will still be a little steel wire noise, which will not attract attention in the daily use environment. The keyboard also has built-in sandwich cotton and EVA bottom cotton, and the terminal block supports hot swapping, which is a very mainstream configuration.

Redragon K530


The keycaps are made of durable PBT plastic to extend service life and prevent legendary wear and tear after heavy use.

In addition, Doubleshot is designed to make RBG lighting really glow during games.

The side of the keyboard cover also has a smooth feeling, which I really like. It makes the keyboard feel more high-end, and the texture difference between the sides and top of the keycap feels interesting.

The keyboard cover also has a sub-legend that shows the functions on the lower layer so that you can easily see the location of the keys. I like the way the lower level is planned, even though I’m not a fan, I don’t need to use my left hand to reach the arrow keys.

Redragon K530-Front keypad.

The key cap is a double-punched ABS key cap with a legend for function keys printed on the side. The top of the keycap is textured and I believe it will be worn eventually. The side of the keycap is completely smooth and smooth.

Fonts on the Redragon K530-Back keyboard cover are fine, and some keys, such as P and O keys, have two separate letter clips that are not available on high-end keyboard caps. It is not the most attractive font, but it is absolutely practical.

Redragon K530


For FPS players-place the keyboard directly on your desktop, no longer crooked to save mouse space, and your mouse will never click on the keyboard again. Enjoy the worry-free wave of the mouse and take down the team killing. When it comes to typing the experience is awsome, I love the clicking sound and the rebound strength on my fingers.


Redragon K530 has two connection methods, one is wireless and the other is wired. Wireless connection and wired connection can be switched freely. The wireless connection mode is Bluetooth 5.0. The wired connection mode is L-type Type-c.

As long as the USB cable is connected, the wired mode will have the highest priority. Secondly, you can choose between 2.4G and two Bluetooth channels. In 2.4G mode, the indicator light shows blue light, Bluetooth channel 1 is red light, and channel 2 is green light. Before switching the Bluetooth channel to connect to a new device, FN2+Esc is required for broadcast pairing. Remember this. The 2.4G and Bluetooth connection signals are very stable, and the latency is good.


3000mAh battery. The battery life of Redragon K530 is strong, and there will be a reminder when the battery is low. Support charging while using, enter standby in 4 minutes, and enter the extra-long standby mode of the picture festival. In normal mode, you can use it for 4 hours a day for 12 days, and in power saving mode, you can use it for 5 hours a day for 18 days.


The Redragon K530 keyboard has a software driver, but unfortunately, it is not uniform at all. In fact, every Redragon product that supports software has its own skinning software, most of which seem to just change the lighting effect. Like all other versions, the Redragon K530 can be downloaded on webite. Download a compressed archive folder containing three files, including a README PDF, an update tool for Caps Lock functional changes, and an installer for the software itself.

The size of this installer is 13 MB, and the drivers installed take up 17.5 MB on your storage drive. Installation uses universal skins, and the only real option is the installation directory. System utilization is low, so if you have a decent processor from any camp, there’s nothing to worry about.

Due to the lack of any unified driver, and it seems that they have only replaced the skin version of the same base for their mouse and keyboard, the user experience is still far from good. Unfortunately, this is another bad English and grammatical mistake made by a mainly Asian company, which wants to be taken more seriously in the West.

This is not to say that navigating the user interface is difficult, because common sense is enough. As mentioned above, a separate update tool is provided with the package that changes what the so-called “Magic FN” does. In essence, using FN1 or FN2 allows macros to be used with the Caps Lock key. So, as Redragon itself says, you can use “press the CapsLk+Wasd button with one hand while pressing the button”.

The menu is easy to understand, has a basic understanding of the layout, and there are configuration files on the home page, each of which is associated with software-driven key maps and lighting options. There is a virtual keyboard on which you can pick any key and map it to another key, macro, or multimedia shortcut selected from the list of preset options.

Macro settings fo the Redragon K530 are used to record and edit macros, although there is also a special button under the configuration file button on the home page for creating and saving macros for later use. This is where you learn a strong dose of mediocre English. I understand why, but it also shows that the company will benefit from proofreading and quality control here.

Redragon K530 Keyboard lighting appears in the form of another option on the home page, simply “light”. Select the check box to display the actual options, otherwise, they will be hidden in the view if you do not want to use backlight. The virtual keyboard will now light up, previewing the previously set effect, which is a good touch and better than many contemporary solutions in the region.

The drop-down menuof Redragon K530 provides more preset options for lighting, as well as suspicious English due to poor translation, as well as related sub-functions, such as effect direction, brightness, speed, and actual color using the R/G/B 16.8m color picker. These effects include static, dynamic, reactive, and keystroke custom configurations, so you can customize this 60% keyboard in terms of function and form in the software.

Warranty & Reliability

Warranty TypeSupplier Warranty 。Warranty Duration6 Months


Redragon K530 Draaconic PRO 60% compact RGB wireless mechanical keyboard.

After the upgrade, the Redragon K530 function has been upgraded to YES brands, and the price has been raised by NO brands, which is the ultimate brand-new K530 Godson PRO. New 3-mode connection, 61-key fully hot-swappable printed circuit board plus original compact 60% layout. This time, you won’t regret having one, waiting for it to be over.

Yes!. True hot-swappable-transformative innovations with more than 99.8% switches compatible with free hot-swappable Redragon keyboards are now available. The unique structural design of the socket makes the installation of the switch easier and the swing smaller.

Battery: 3000 Ma rechargeable lithium polymer battery.

Three-mode connection-using Redragon’s innovative three-mode connection technology, USB-C Wired, BT 3.0 Ghz 5.0 and 2.4 Ghz wireless modes, taking the user experience to a new level in all areas.

Wireless-easily built-in upgraded 3.0 Ghz 5.0 Bluetooth and 2.4 Ghz wireless chips, the Redragon K530 provides true wireless and delay-free connectivity for all devices. With a side switch (2.4Ghz/BT1/BT2), you can easily switch between three different wireless devices.

Hot-swappable brown switch-almost all types of switches on the market are hot-swappable, whether they are 3-pin or 5-pin. Basic tactile mechanical switch, soft tactile feedback, low noise. It is easy to modify or update it with your desired preferences and does not require forum research.

For FPS players-place the keyboard directly on your desktop, no longer crooked to save mouse space, and your mouse will never click on the keyboard again. Enjoy the worry-free wave of the mouse and take down the team killing.

RGB Lighting Generator-dynamic 13 preset lighting modes can be freely selected by the keyboard itself. Millions of color choices and responsive typing effects make you a designer with the ultimate gear of a professional driver.

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