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65 percent layout

Recommendations for 60 Percent and 65 Percent Layout Keyboard

Today I am going to recommend you some 60 percent, 65 percent layout keyboards. Compared with the “980 column” and “75 percent layout” recently sought after by players, the 60-65 percent layout keyboard cut off the F area, and the 61 collocation column even cuts off the arrow keys. This kind of more compact design further saves the desktop space, improves the desktop appearance, and has a certain degree of portability. Therefore, this is my favorite collocation layout.

65 percent layout

Introduction to 60 Percent and 65 Percent layout Keyboard

Most of the keyboards I use everyday are these 60-65 percent layouts. First of all, let’s take a look at the current 60-65 percent layout of the common columns:

60 percent layout

This column shortens the Shift key, shortening some keys, and adding arrow keys and an edit key to the left. This design is still uncommon in mass production.

65 percent layout

Standard 67/68 key: the most common and most practical 65 percent layout. It can meet the majority of daily user needs;

68 Right expansion 71 key: Adding an extra column of edit button to the right of 67/68;

68: Amillo 68 layout, the advantage is that no additional supplement key cap is required, L family 660M can also be seen as a similar column;

Split 650: Split arrow keys, mostly with knob design, similar to the popular 75 percent keyboard design idea.

The 65 percent layout is characterized by various manufacturers in the keyboard layout design, especially on the right side of the layout has a lot of different ideas. That’s what makes the 65 percent layout interesting. In addition to the usual layouts like the one above, there are also designs like DUCKY’s SF layout, Hanzo’s knob 65, and more. Of course, the functional integrity of these keyboards doesn’t vary much from one manufacturer to another, so don’t worry about these details when buying.


Now that you know the features of these layouts, here’s the recommendation section:

Less than 200 yuan

RK 61 and RK 68 are the compact keyboards that recommended to buy at prices below 200 yuan. RK, which has been making entry-level products, is also an old brand in the peripheral industry. Compared with the quality of its products, the price is still honest and reliable, so it is the first choice at the same price.

In addition, Mi Wu POP68 from Mi Ecosystem is also good — this keyboard is castrated with 2.4G wireless connection and hot plug on the basis of ART68. The switch body also chooses more entry-level products, but the overall design of the keyboard is retained, and it is one of the few designed products within 200 yuan.

In addition, the usual price of more than 200 yuan Dalyou EK861/871 and Black Jus K610T/680T can also be considered if you get discount to less than 200 yuan.

200-300 yuan

At the 60 percent layout of 200-300 yuan, we recommend two brands that prefer the concept of customization to you. The first one is the Geek Lite64, which is a rare left-shift 64 collocation column among mass production keyboards. The overall quality of the keyboard is also good. The keyboard can also be upgraded to Bluetooth or with a flick for an extra fee, but personally I think the left 64 normal version is more suitable.

The Coolkiller CK181mini, which has been promoted a lot this year, is also a good 60 percent quasi-custom keyboard. It features that players need to assemble the shaft body and key cap by themselves after purchase. The overall lighting and quality of the keyboard are also good, which is suitable for players who are short of money and want to experience assembling the keyboard.

The 65 percent layout of 200-300 yuan has begun to be initially rolled up. For example, the just mentioned Nerds Lite and Coolkiller CK181 also have their corresponding 65 percent layout versions. However, at this price, we should consider a bit more about the cost performance and product features, so I would like to recommend the following three products:

Black Canyon X1Pro: 65 percent layout version of Black Canyon X series, following the design style of Black Canyon X series, equipped with Kaiva custom switch body and three mode hot swap, the price is around 299, the overall price is quite good.

Dalyou EK868: Support wired/Bluetooth dual mode, equipped with the same origin with Logitech G913 series Kaihua pig nose low shaft, feel crisp and good consistency. At the same time, the biggest advantage of the low switch keyboard is light — the Dalyou EK868 can be easily stuffed into the computer bag to carry around. It is very Nice.

Gaussian ALT 71D: This keyboard is a rare 71 collocation column, support wired and Bluetooth dual mode and AA dry battery power, in fact, more than 200 yuan to choose this cherry axis keyboard is still quite stable.

65 percent layout

300-500 yuan

When it comes to the price of 300-500 yuan, I can not find a more suitable general 60 layout keyboard. Except the 500+ price Duga K330W which is occasionally discounted to 499, there are basically nothing worthy of recommendation, so I do not force to recommend you.

However, when it comes to gaming products at this price, HyperX Origin 60 is a very good choice, in the previous “Game to the keyboard recommendation” I have also mentioned this keyboard, in addition to the Origin 60 also has 65 percent layout of the origin 65 optional, daily game office are good, you can consider.

There are a lot of 65 percent keyboards in the 300-500 price range, and most of the 65 percent layout keyboards are clustered in this price range. In the previous recommendations, we have recommended ANNE PRO, Mifuu ART, Rofeld Little Keyboard 69, DUCKY ONE2 SF and other products in this price range, but faced with a lot of new products, These products are no longer competitive enough to be recommended. So I recommend the following keyboards:

Yuax R68/Y68: This year’s biggest dark horse new brand Yuax launched two small keyboards with 65 percent layout, a careful look at the fact that they are respectively similar to the Luo Fei Xiaoqiao and small wave, R68 and Y68 are three mode hot swap, with TTC gold powder V2 switches, the cost performance is relatively excellent.

Darmoshark K5: A 65 percent layout product from Darmoshark, a high-end sub-brand of Moleopard, has a 2.4G dual-mode wireless keyboard design. Its biggest feature is the diamond-cut shell, and the quality of the key cap is also excellent. At present, the price of the GPro switch version is less than 400 yuan, while the TTC switch transparent version is about 500 yuan.

AKKO ACR Pro68: It is a popular product with all the elements of translucent, Gasket mechanism, three-mode, hot swap, nameplate and so on, but it is generally out of stock due to speculation. If the official restock can be bought, the price of 499 is quite good.

The cool, over-the-top CK721: In addition to the aforementioned HyperX Origin 65, consider this one. It’s a three-mode wireless keyboard (unfortunately not hot-swappable) that features a replaceable aluminum top cover and a right knob that combines the knob design with a competitive style.

500-700 yuan

The feel of the keyboard at this price can easily get used to. Players need to consider the design and playability of the product. I recommend the following 60percent keyboard ranging from 500 to 700 yuan.

Duga K330W/PLUS: is the best production of 60percent version at th pice of 500+. Solid keyboard workmanship, the details are perfect. Jiadalon OEM CAP crystal switch provides a very good typing feeling. The keyboard driver Settings are relatively easy to use, the standard version support three mode connection, you may add a few bucks to choose the version that supports hot swap. You can select the version you want according to your own demand.

Black Jazz light Krypton AC064: This is a left shift 64 collocation of quasi customized products, compared to the subsequent launch of AC067, I personally think the comprehensive performance and the price of AC064 is more reasonable. Currently the full set version equipped with shaft and key cap is 599 yuan. It is suitable for the players who want to experience the aluminum keyboard.

Razer Light Spider MINI: It is the 60 percent keyboard suitable for this price. The keyboard is equipped with Razer analog light switch, and the overall lighting and feel performance are good. It is one of my favorite keyboards for FPS games.

Next is the 65 percent keyboard priced between 500 and 700 yuan. At this price I originally considered the CMK68, but due to the recent plagiarism scandal, the relevant products are no longer recommended. Of course, aside from plagiarism and brand style, the CMK68 product itself is still good, if you really like it, you can also try one. In addition, we recommend the following keyboards:

Amilo Minilo: For the first time, the “Mini Lo” adopts the 67 column design. The color and workmanship of the keyboard are excellent, and the hand feel is consistent with the stability of the brand. If there is any shortage, it should be that there are only two options of “single mode hot plug” and “Bluetooth electrostatic capacity”, and it doesn’t have “three mode hot plug”.

Keydous NJ68: There is not much to say about NJ68, it has always been a stable choice. At present, the starting price of the latest three-mode NJ68 product is between 500-600 yuan according to the difference of shaft body and positioning plate. At the same time, if you have the practical ability, you can consider the suite of NJ68, the cost performance will be more appropriate.

ROG Magic Guide: ROG used to be a thousand yuan product is now discounted to 599 yuan, the biggest highlight of Magic Guide is the left multimedia touch bar design, and the light effect is quite good. At this price you can buy a ROG wireless game keyboard, there is nothing to say except fragrance. It should be noted that the Wizard 68 column is adjusted with some key length, which is not compatible with the regular 68 keyboard keycap.

65 percent layout

700-900 yuan

At this price, the mass production of 60-65 percent keyboard, either the old manufacturer’s main hand feel “graduation” products, or some mass production of aluminum turd products and have unique design properties of the single product, here to recommend these products:

Hanzo 65: I personally like a 65 percent keyboard, the overall design is retro industrial style, and the appearance is not conventional. The typing feeling is perfect. The only disadvantage is that it doesn’t have “three-mode hot plug” version.

Jingzou Q2, KeychronQ2/Q4: Keychron’s Q series recently is preliminarily completed the construction of the full matrix aluminum turd layout, Q4 is 60 percent layout, Q2 is 65 percent layout, these two keyboards are single-mode aluminum turd GASKET structure, playability is very good. It is also one of the few spot products that can be purchased directly.

Leopold FC660M: The FC660M of Big L family is also a relatively classic 65 percent keyboard. Although the cost performance is not so outstanding now, the quality of L still determines that this is a keyboard that is not so easy to regret after buying. At present, the wired version is priced at 729 yuan, and the Bluetooth version is priced at about 999 yuan.


The above are 60-65 percent of the compact mechanical keyboard products recommended to you. Of course, there are more and more such compact mechanical keyboard products on the market at present. Thousands of words of recommendation cannot cover everything, so welcome to communicate with us.

In addition, I would like to emphasize the following points:

1. I advocate that the mechanical keyboard is practical and sufficient. I suggest that you buy it according to your actual needs, and oppose excessive consumption and advance consumption;

2, Please don’t ask whether you can buy without considering. It is suggested to buy anything after careful consideration, please consider the recommended products in a rational way and to judge whether this keyboard is suitable you.

3, You will never find the best keyboard. The one that is more suit is a good keyboard. As for those who get what keyboard blowing is the so-called the best keyboard in market, please don’t buy it.

4, Please do not ask why there is no aluminum factory, because aluminum factory in this layout temporarily is not good enough. Of course, I subjectively think the L80 and OG80 series of aluminum plant, and Mojo68 and so on, all are the “beautiful waste”. I do not recommend to you.

65 percent layout
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