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Ocean Star AKKO 3068 Keyboard Review

AKKO 3068 Keyboard

There are thousands of millions of keyboards, but only one or two brands/models are suitable for you. Today, let’s look at a review of the AKKO 3068 keyboard.

Introduction of AKKO 3068 Keyboard

What AKKO leaves the biggest impression on me is its keycap. Recently, a set of personalized keycaps has been published. It has cooperation with team and animation cooperation and published the AKKO 3108 World Tour – Beijing keyboard.

When I traveled to Beijing before, I was also deeply impressed by the Palace Museum. The Hall of Supreme Harmony, the red city wall, glazed tiles and colored paintings are all vividly in my mind now. The themed keyboard also gets the focus, which adds these elements to the keycaps.

I will share AKKO 3068 Ocean Star with you today.

AKKO 3068 Keyboard

As the model shows, the keyboard we’re going to introduce today has 68 keys and its appearance has to do with the ocean. As shown above, dark blue and light blue represent different colors of ocean waves and white represents foam. The white keycap is used as a supplementary keycap.

Packaging Accessories


The product packaging is a relatively plain, gray-blue background color. On the front, it is the appearance of the keyboard and product model.

The product nameplate and switch version are attached to its side. It is the Cherry red switch, PBT keycap with a side engraved font and light blue cover.

The inner packaging is a little more simple. The appearance of keyboard has a thin foam layer wrapped and there is a dust cover that helps to protect the keyboard when transported. It can also be used as a dust cover, which is used by many brands.

There are a lot of product accessories. In addition to the keyboard, there are 8 additional keycaps, a steel wire key puller, a product information card and a USB to Type-C cable.

The product manual introduces the product parameters, Fn combination keys, Macro and other functions. The AKKO 3068 Ocean Star keyboard is non-backlit, but the keyboard is reserved for LED lighting, which can be manually transformed into a backlit version.

The steel key puller is better than a plastic key puller with a cartoon appearance.

The keyboard adopts the detachable cable design and uses a USB to Type-C interface. The cable is made of rubber material, medium in its wire diameter and softness, and equipped with a dust cover and magic tie.

Appearance Details


The AKKO 3068 uses a 60% layout of the keyboard in blue. The keyboard adopts the design of side engraving. The light blue and dark blue keyboard is very harmonious with white fonts.

Owing to the 60% layout of the AKKO 3068 keyboard, it doesn’t have the F area and the number keypad. Besides, the length of the shift key is shortened on the right key and the keys like Delete, PgUp, and PgDn are placed in the upper right corner, and the arrow keys are also changed under the Enter key on the left side.

The keyboard adopts the classic narrow bezel design, with the keyboard positioning board sinking into the bezel. From the side view, the bottom of the key cap is covered by the bezel, giving a feeling of being wrapped. Compared with the floating keyboard, I always think the narrow bezel keyboard has more charm on the appearance level. And the sunken keycap design is particularly suitable for this kind of non-backlit keyboard.

The keyboard uses PBT material accounting for 85% keycap and side engraved fonts. There is the logo of AKKO on the right side of the space bar keycap. The keycap with three kinds of color, dark blue, light blue and white, is really like waves.

From this angle, the appearance is more beautiful and its closed characters and white font are quite clear. There is also a logo of AKKO on the right side of the lower border of the keyboard.

The Akko 3068 keyboard is standard equipped with a set of OEM height keycaps, which appear high and low in a visual sense. With the overall height of the keyboard, it is very comfortable to use whether for typing or playing games.


The bottom of the keyboard is very simple. There are two extra adjustable brackets on the back of the keyboard, providing you with a three-level angle to allow you to find a nice height. A three-way outgoing line here helps you to clean your desk and is convenient for you to use the keyboard in any direction. A big nameplate is on its back and introduces the keyboard’s information.

Four slender rubber mats are distributed to its four corners, whose anti-slip performance is also nice. My table mat is leather. So the stability of the AKKO 3068 keyboard is also perfect when it is put on it for playing games.

Switch and Keycap


The keyboard keycap uses a Cherry switch, including black, red, brown and blue switches. I am loyal to red switch, which is related to my game FPS shooter. The red switch is linear, straight up and down with a soft hand feel instead of paragraph sense. Its feedback is timely without any delay with little sound at night.

The big keys of the Akko 3068 keyboard use the satellite switch. The overall hand feel is adjusted in place with good consistency. Its satellite switch is red as well and compatible with the red switch. I tried a few big keys, and the space bar and Backspace key are good.

After removing the space bar, you can see that the key switch is fixed on the steel plate. Through the steel plate, you can see that the PCB is indeed reserved for the position of the LED lamp. If you are interested, you can install the light yourself.

It is a PBT keycap. Even if you use it for a long time, it won’t be too greasy. There are 8 additional keycaps included, which should be 8 white keycaps, but the manufacturer has added ESC, Backspace and spacebar to the original list by default.


The keyboard is equipped with a set of 85% PBT material keycap, slightly frosted feel very comfortable. And its side engraved characters use a screen printing process, clear and beautiful. You won’t directly touch the fonts, so there is no need to worry about whether they will be worn out. In addition, it uses a dye sublimation process. The color of the keyboard is much more durable.

I usually use AKKO 3068 keyboard on a Macbook Pro 2016, with a keyboard that’s about the width of a laptop. This allows me to use both the trackpad and the mechanical keyboard, which can be said killing two birds with one stone.

To use a mechanical keyboard, you need to install software on the Mac that blocks the computer’s built-in keyboard, and then you can use the computer’s keyboard unimpeded. At the same time, AKKO 3068’s multimedia keys are also completely compatible with Mac OS, which can be very convenient to operate.

Practical Experience

The AKKO 3068 keyboard weighs about 586 g, 114 g lighter than the official parameters of 700 g. I guess the official parameters of the USB cable are also included.

The keyboard size is 312mm × 102mm × 40mm. I use a wooden hand rest for a 60-keys keyboard. The AKKO 3068 keyboard is longer than the hand rest due to the extra keys on the right side. But it doesn’t affect your use.

Take a look at the side. The lower bezel of the keyboard is the same height as the hand rest, which is naturally transitional. Therefore, it is recommended to wear a hand rest with this keyboard, which will be more comfortable for the wrist.

The keyboard adopts the N-key rollover design, which ensures that you can play games successfully. It is a feature of high-end keyboards that detects all keystrokes no matter how many keys are pressed at the same time.

AKKO 3068 is not equipped with an engine. If you want to use the keyboard Macro editing function, you can use AKKO Macro V1.0 to achieve it.

This keyboard is small and light but full of functions. It allows you to put it in your computer bag and laptop together, really suitable for the mobile office crowd. Of course, it has a small fresh appearance, which can also make contributions to your personalized desktop. Although there is no engine support, the demerits outweigh the merits. With elaborate work, fresh appearance, quality of Cherry switch and reasonable price, in general, AKKO 3068 is worth getting on the small keyboard!


Finally, I want to draw a conclusion.

The AKKO 3068 keyboard is more than 60 with 8 function keys, which is more practical for those who like to use the arrow keys and nine grid keys for players. Only a standard keycap length is added to the size, but the function is more abundant.

The AKKO 3068 keyboard is priced at 106 dollars or so, which is moderate among similar products. The 68-keys layout doesn’t include the F block and the number block, but the left layout is still normal, so it will be easy to use when playing the game. In addition, the keycaps are conventional size, which allows you to replace other personalized keycaps in the future. The keyboard uses a Cherry switch, ensuring a comfortable hand feel. Its cable’s detachable design makes it more convenient to carry out.

And the following are some characteristics of the AKKO 3068 keyboard.

  1. 68 keys. Compact layout and small size
  2. 85% content PBT material in its keycaps
  3. Cherry switch. black, red, brown and blue switches are available
  4. Detachable USB cable equipped with dust cover and supplementary keycap

With the conventional design, standard layout and just price, the AKKO 3068 keyboard is satisfactory and deserves to have a try.

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