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Motospeed K87s Review: A Crystal-clear Mechanical Keyboard

Introduction to Motospeed K87s Keyboard

With the boom of e-sports industry, the e-sports devices have developed rapidly. In recent years, Chinese mechanical keyboards have achieved great progress. They have featured functions, excellent experience and cost effective performance, and have gradually been recognized by global market. In fact, few people have known about Motospeed before.

Since its birth, Motospeed has been focusing on the research and development and manufacturing of e-sports products, aiming to become a synonym for high-end e-sports game brands. As a Chinese domestic high end e-port brand, Motospeed strats to focus on the foreign market. Recently, Motospeed launched a new 87-key crystal mechanical keyboard: Motospeed K87s caught my attention. This keyboard currently has two options. One is the red shaft and the other is cyan shaft. I started using the red shaft model this time.

Motospeed K87s


The box of Motospeed K87s use of red and black box which is traditional color of e-sport. The front of the box is a leopard head, Motospeed’s trademark is three-dimensional sense and angular. “Live FOR Games” is written in the lower right corner, which indicates the brand concept of Motospeed.

Motospeed K87s has several main features, including RGB ultra-dazzling LED lighting effects, full-key non-impulse fast response, multimedia function combination key, all-mechanical switches, EEPROM memory free, and Flash memory chip, etc. It can be said that these configurations are relatively basic requirements for mechanical keyboards, and the details depend on the experience.

The red shaft has less clear feedback and sound than the green shaft, but the red shaft will definitely appeal to some people. The keyboard accessories of Motospeed K87s are a little stingy. After I opened the box, I did not find the key puller, only the manual and warranty card and other documents. But none of that matters, so let’s get right to the keyboard.

A good e-sports mechanical keyboard pays attention to both appearance and details. The appearance of Motospeed K87S RGB E-Sports mechanical keyboard gives people a sense of elegance and tidiness as a whole, and has a strong mechanical texture. Transparent keyboard base is more fashionable style, especially when the dazzling light effects are fully open, giving me a feeling that is more than dazzling. The keys give a good feeling of comfortable tapping.

The length of keyboard wire is 1.8m. The connection between the Motospeed K87s keyboard and the wire has a fastening design, which is more firm and durable. The wire has a bundle belt with adhesive cloth. Gold-plated USB interface is used to stabilize the signal of the keyboard. At the bottom of the mechanical keyboard, there is a transparent dust cover to protect the bottom. The bottom support can be propped up, and the bottom footpads are made of rubber-like material with excellent flexibility. The bottom of the keyboard is equipped with a label, which has the LOGO o Leopard and the English name MOTOSPEED, also the model specification of the product and the relevant certification.

Appearance and Design

As a keyboard that focuses on RGB and LED lighting effects, Motospeed K87s selects pure white design. The overall style is simple and atmospheric. Because it is designed with 87 keys, the size is much smaller. It’s also worth noting that the weight control is pretty good at only 752 gam, probably because the keyboard doesn’t use much metal.

The key layout is compact. The overall design uses bezel-less suspension style, which is small and fresh. But the font is a little ugly. If the font is smaller ,the overall look will be better, but it seems that the current keyboard all prefer this font. Last time I received a light shaft keyboard which has the same font design, it seems that this is the trend. The back used transparent baseboard. We should not underestimate the transparent design, which can let RGB colorful lights play the best visual effects. The back also keeps the simple style of the front, with two non-slip pads on the underside that firmly hold in place even on the smooth glass surface.

Details, I can see that the manufacture and design of this keyboard is still very careful. It can be found that this keyboard has a lot of multi-function keys, and there are many media control keys in addition to the self-adjusting lights, which enhances the usability of the product.


The key caps are made of the most popular ABS material, with a slightly frosted surface and a nice touch. Cream white for me, I am most worried about the problem of dirt resistance, but the appearance of Motospeed K87s is indeed beyond doubt, the key cap adopts a two-color molding design, to ensure good light transmission. With colorful backlight, it can achieve excellent results. The panel of Motospeed K87S adopts aluminum alloy panel, also adopts the frosted treatment, which is simple but not monotonous.

The Gort Red shaft also performs well, but that depends on everyone’s preferences. The feel difference between the Gaute Green shaft and the cherry shaft is very small, but I haven’t compared it with the red shaft. At least this keyboard can bring a pretty comfortable feeling in daily use

The Motospeed K87s keyboard wire use the traditional design, but the keyboard overall style is more competent white plastic wire. Using gold-plated USB interface can effectively slow down the oxidation rate, and reduce signal transmission frame loss. There is also a delicate Leopard LOGO on the interface, but also a Velcro.


On the shaft body, Motspeed K87S adopts the high shaft, and the large key adopts the common balanced shaft design. Take this high green shaft as an example, if a single button is compared with the original cherry green shaft, the sound is almost unchanged. If it is struck rapidly and continuously, the sound difference will appear, which is obviously more brittle. The difference is also felt when tapping quickly, but the 87 keys have an advantage in continuity because of their tiny body and bezel-less design.


Motospeed K87s mainly focus on RGB colorful backlight. When the light is turn on the keyboard i so “dazzle”. In addition to the RGB backlight on the keys, the base is also designed with colored lights, giving it a crystal-clear appearance. When the Motospeed K87s is placed on the table, the light emitted is more shining on the mirrored table. Fn+INS key can adjust the light effect, because the keyboard can work without driving, so it is very convenient to use, in addition to the light effect switch, this keyboard can also customize the light brightness, and light effect speed.

Different from many manufacturers that set the effect of dazzling light through software, Motospeed K87S RGB E-Sports mechanical keyboard can achieve the change and effective control of the effect of light, color and dazzling light mode directly through key combination, which is relatively more convenient. And the set light effect has memory function, the next time you use the keyboard again, it will retain the last light effect.

Using language to describe the dazzling lights is ineffective. Readers should better see it and feel it with their own eyes. In addition to supporting steady on, gradual change, breathing mode, it also increases the magical light effects such as no constant snow, streamer overflow, and so on. The design engineers used the maximum imagination. Any mode can achieve a variety of color changes, and this change not only on the keys, but also on the keyboard base.

The key of Motospeed K87s keyboard can not ony be hit to light up, but it can also be like fireworks, lighting up around the key, and the bottom of the keyboard light belt can also achieve different changes. And the light effect can be adjusted, or be turned off. But when it’s all on, it’s gorgeous. But don’t worry, given the needs of different players, there may be some players who don’t like too much glitter, but prefer the quiet of just tapping glitter. Different effects and brightness can be adjusted, and even backlighting can be turned off.

However, since it is an E-Sports mechanical keyboard product, it is not just dazzling light, but more important is the tactile feeling of the mechanical keyboard. Motospeed K87S RGB E-Sports mechanical keyboard, red shaft, green shaft and other key shaft products, what I try is the red shaft. Compared with the original Cherry red shaft, the red shaft of this model, and the response is as quick as the original one. However, the bottom feeling of the original one is still more crisp, and the original one is slightly harder to the touch. With a theoretical life of 50 million clicks, the tactile experience of an E-Sports mechanical keyboard is quite good.

Motospeed K87S RGB E-Sports mechanical keyboard not only has a richer and more gorgeous light effect, but also its elegant and clean appearance, and it is great with the impressive tactile experience. If you like the extreme flash of light, but also like the touch of the red shaft, then Motspeed K87S RGB E-Sports mechanical keyboard is really a good choice!

Key Selling Points

Motospeed K87s Compact Mechanical Keyboard. Motospeed gaming keyboard uses high-quality durable aluminum alloy-ABS structure, unique transparent crystal shell , with the perfect size and it’s good for Home and Office use, without Numpad, more practical for Gamers and Typist, give more space to your desktop.

Amazing RGB Gaming Keyboard. This keyboard has partitioned RGB modes with main keyboard RGB and around light RGB, showing different backlight effects and waves, double the playability. These modes will give you more enjoyment when you gaming or typing at night.

Mechanical Switch. 87 Keys Compact portable Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with 9 RGB Backlight effects, Mechanical Keyboard Switches (blue switches). Designed for longevity with greater durability and responsiveness. The switches are of the highest quality, tested for 50 million keystrokes.

87-key Full-key No Conflict + Double-shot Keycap. No matter how many buttons press, respond or trigger at the same time,All 87 keys have individual switches with ‘full n-key rollover’ and ‘anti-ghosting’ for flawless performance,The 12 combination of multimedia shortcut function, support lock”WIN”function, and lock”WIN”and lock APP key.

Keyboard Compatibility. This K87S USB wired mechanical gaming keyboard compatible with Windows XP/7/8/10/Mac,etc


Bacis Specification

Launched time



Motospeed k87s mechanical keyboard



Connection Interface


Number of Keys




Tecnical Parameter



Key Stroke


Key Lifetime


Multimedia keys


Audio Interface






Other Parameter







Power Supply

USB only


Windows 8,Windows 7,Windows Vista,Windows XP

Design Features

RGB custom magic color backlight, can be customized according to your favorite button lighting

Built-in 11 cool game breathing mode, can also customize the game mode button lighting

All key uses e-sports backlight mechanical shaft, press the feeling is delicate, knock feeling is obvious, paragraph feeling is clear.

Other Features

Integrated RGB side light,independent control, seven-color cycle running, seven-color cycle breathing, monochrome breathing, monochrome long bright, monochrome flashing five modes for switching.

Unique transparent crystal shell, luminous design, heat resistance, impact resistance, B1 flame retardant

Special keys

FN+INS: switches the backlight mode

FN+DEL: switches the backlight color in loop

FN+PU: adjusts the keypad side light mode

FN+PD: adjusts the color of keyboard side lights

FN+-/+ : adjusts side light speed

FN+1-5: Partial keys are steady on

FN+HM: User-defined backlight area


In general, Motospeed K87s is absolutely qualified as a entry mechanical keyboard. The RGB color light effect without driving, the levitating keyboard design, and the crystal clear overall effect make this keyboard different from other products. The use of high red shaft key process is great, the lighting effect is awesome. I do a lot of coding in my daily work, and occasionally play games feel quite appropriate. Multifunction media keys can also enhance the keyboard’s ease of use, allowing it to adapt to multiple use needs. The affordable prices also make it have a good cost performance, anyway is a good choice.

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