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Motospeed CK82

Will its Pink Touch Your Heart? Motospeed CK82 Mechanical Keyboard Experience


In fact, pink is not exclusive for girls, because I find that as a straight man, I also like pink from the heart. Maybe I am somehow affected by my wife and daughter, since their two big fan of pink. Motospeed CK82 is my second Motospeed mechanical keyboard, I choose it because of its personality of the full pink color. On the one hand, I want to try this pink color, on the other hand, if I don’t like it, I can give it to my wife, so it seems that no matter what I have a good reason to place an order.

Motospeed CK82 keyboard


Brand: Motospeed

Model: CK82

Color: Black/White/Pink(optional)

Switch: OUTMU Blue Switch/OUTMU Red Switch(optional)

Key number: 87

Connection type: USB wired

Keystroke life: 50 million times

Cable length: 1.6m

Working voltage: DC5V±5%

Supported system: Windows XP/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10

Item size: 35 * 13.4 * 3.7cm /13.78 * 5.28 * 1.46in

Item weight: Approx. 675g /23.81oz

Packing list:

1 * Keyboard

1 * Key puller

1 * User manual


Motospeed CK82 keyboard

The moment I received the Motospeed CK82, I thought I placed a wrong order, because the package does not look like the pink color that I was hoping for.

Fortunately, when I opened the package, my heart finally relieve. Yes, it was the money I wanted. As a mechanical keyboard with a price of less than 200 RMB, I don’t think it is necessary to require too much. I think I can endure the problems without steel wire key puller and keyboard protection case. This pink is really beautiful, tired of my closet full of straight man colors, this pink is going to hit my heart. It’s an all-pink keyboard, with pink keycaps, bezels, and positioning plates, but a yellow Leopard logo on the side of the keyboard.

Design and Details

Because I have been using a 68-KEY keyboard recently, I feel so friendly when I look back at the 87 key. All the keys left off by the 68 key remain intact in the 87 key. Unless you need to use the small keyboard to calculate often, the 87 key is basically suitable for most users.

The surface of the Motospeed CK82 keyboard is the smoothest keyboard I have ever seen. It is equipped with a section of foot support on both sides. What is interesting is that there is a gray and black rubber strip on the edge of the Motospeed CK82 keyboard, which I think is to prevent the keyboard from slipping, and to reduce the wear of the back cover.

Motospeed CK82 keyboard

There is a real difference between suspended and non-suspended keyboard design. The non-suspended keyboard may look more delicate, but the keyboard is easier to hide dirt, and the suspended design looks lighter, and the risk of dust accumulation may be lower. With the help of the new design, Motospeed CK82 introduced the K82 RGB backlit mechanical keyboard. With 87 key alignment, equipped with the use of high shaft body, and preset RGB custom backlight and key macro programming function. It is also the first to offer a choice of cherry blossom pink in addition to the black version.

As for function, the Motospeed K82 gives not too many surprises, but it only cost 219 RMB. At this affordable price, you can have such a configuration is enough to reflect the cost effective performance. And this new set of molds, and the details are impressive, so this become its biggest selling point. Motospeed CK82 RGB backlit mechanical keyboard has 87 keys, suspension structure, top cover metal panel. The metal panel is not completely exposed, but is completely surrounded by a plastic base with an ultra-narrow border on both sides and a wider border on the bottom, which is more visible on the pink version of the Motospeed CK82.

The four corners of the Motospeed CK82 keyboard base are straight, and the thin design is enhanced. The overall size is about 350mmx134mmx37mm, and the net weight is also much lighter than the similar 87 mechanical keyboard, only 617g. Unfortunately, Motospeed CK82 does not use the key line separation design, it is more troublesome to carry the line. In addition, the cable outlet is exposed (with anti-pull and fixed cable module), and the left outlet is consistent with most 61-key mechanical keyboards, so as to avoid entanglement and knotting with the wired mouse on he right.

Motospeed CK82 keyboard

In addition to the thin base, the Motospeed CK82 comes with a standard set of low key caps (not flat-breasted, but with stepped height), which is even lower than the original cherry cap. Under the combination, the keyboard is thin and prominent.

In terms of details, there is no LOGO on the front of the Motospeed CK82 mechanical keyboard. The LOGO is installed on the left edge of the keyboard in the form of a rubber sheet. The rubber nameplate can be easily removed and replaced, which foreshadowed various customized versions in the later stage. With 3D printing equipment, users can also replace the DIY logo. Integrating rich FN combination shortcut key function application can realize multimedia, system volume control and keyboard RGB backlight mode switch. The key caps are marked with corresponding function ICONS, and their combined key operation logic is clear, reducing learning costs.

Keycaps and Switches

The pink key cap appearance is still very attractive. The transparent characters in the case of not turning on the light color looks like gray, and gray in pink collocation is very harmonious. The characters look comfortable. A slightly thick font with a large character key cap looks really unique. Shaft body does not use cherry shaft, which should be expected. In fact the actual experience of high blue shaft can reach more than 90% of the cherry shaft feel. This blue shaft is crisp and feel good when you are typing.

Motospeed CK82 keyboard

Just like my last Motospeed keyboard, the color of satellite is still slightly abrupt. I sincerely suggest Motospeed to adopt white satellite shaft, so the keyboard will be more coordinative. After all, the design of the suspension on the large keys or at a slightly oblique angle, it is easy to see the black. Don’t expect that you can buy the original factory shaft with 87 keys and PBT key cap at this price. The key cap of Motospeed CK82 is made of ABS material, but the details are OK. I just hope that this set of key caps will not be “lubricate” too early. After all, I haven’t seen enough of its appearance.

With low keycaps, more shaft body is exposed than the traditional OEM height key cap, and the suspension sense is naturally heavier. As can be seen from the side view, this special key cap is still equipped with ergonomic ladder height, and the posture is basically the same as the height of the OEM ladder, so it is not difficult to adapt to it.

The composite fiber thin base and lower edge structure reduce the wrist lift, optimizing the wrist fatigue problem that is easy to occur after a long time of using, and make using posture more relaxed. Motospeed CK82 RGB backlit mechanical keyboard is equipped with high shaft body, and the key life is 50 million times. At present, there are only two versions of blue shaft and red shaft. For a better visual effect, the pink metal panel has been anodized in pink, which is a little brighter than the pink base, and the overall visual effect is still very good.

Motospeed CK82 keyboard

The big key of Motospeed CK82 is still a specially modified satellite shaft structure, which is easier to disassemble and assemble than the traditional satellite shaft. However, feel adjustment did not achieve expectations, especially the space key, obvious hysteresis, not as simple and sharp as common keys.

Standard with a set of low key cap has not been used before, ABS material, character two-color injection molding, with light transmission characteristics. And the font is better than the usual set of keycaps. Low key cap combination matches the thin base, and thin fiber is more prominent. The appearance is good. In addition to a little bit of advice for the color of the satellite axis, is it possible to change the white non-removable data line? I feel that since I want it pink in whole. I really can endure the not separation of the key line, but if the white wire can also be pink, it would be better.


Key backlight is also available. Although the keyboard supports RGB backlight and there are a variety of lighting modes to choose from, I prefer monochrome white light. This RGB can also sometimes give you different experience, but it will really feel a little tired, so I say that the monochrome backlight is more durable. The Motospeed CK82 also has a lighting mode designed for games. Fn+ number keys can be used to light different games. It can be said that it has an e-sports heart under its pink appearance.

Motospeed CK82 keyboard

Motospeed CK82 RGB backlight mechanical keyboard presets 11 kinds of dynamic backlight effects, and the setup logic is clear and easy to use without driving. FN+INS switches the backlight mode (such as normal light, breath light, RGB wave mode, single light, ripple mode, etc.) in a cycle. FN+DEL changes the color of the backlight. The light brightness, direction and speed can also be customized. And the single key or the whole domain key with 16.8 million color Settings have to be completed through the driver operation. The lighting scheme takes into account the convenience of no drive and the expansion of drive.

Features Summary

MECHANICAL GAMING KEYBOARD 87 Keys Compact portable Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Custom Mechanical Feeling Keyboard Switch (Outemu red switches). Designed for longevity with greater durability and responsiveness. The switches are of the highest quality, tested for 50 million keystrokes

RAINBOW LED BACKLIT MECHANICAL USB GAMING KEYBOARD 5 different Game Modes, 5 user defined Game Modes, 6 colors, Support 14 kinds of stunning LED lighting effects, The Illuminated keyboard has Double-shot injection molded keycaps, It provides transparent and transparent backlight and letters. It is very durable and will not scratch. The perfect mechanical keyboard for office or home use. Mini mechanical keyboard WITHOUT separate number gaming keypad

HIGH QUALITY AND RELIABLE PERFORMANCE Compact Ergonomic Design and High Quality Durable Aluminum Alloy-ABS Construction with Plate-mounted mechanical keys and switches,87 keys space-saving mechanical keyboard design releases the workspace on your desk without sacrificing performance and comfort in game sessions

87 RESPONSIVE KEYS No matter how many buttons press, respond or trigger at the same time,All 87 keys have individual switches with ‘full n-key rollover’ and ‘anti-ghosting’ for flawless performance,The 12 combination of multimedia shortcut function, support lock”WIN”function, and lock”WIN”and lock APP key

STRONG COMPATIBILITY Work perfectly for WIN2000/ XP/ VISTA/ WIN7/ WIN8/ WIN10, Note: The programming software does not support MacOS. (The programming software is downloaded from the official website address on the manual.)


The Motospeed CK82 keyboard may not be perfect, but considering the price of just over 200 RMB and the pink appearance, I think I can endure what I am not satisfy with, so if you also like pink, you can really try Motospeed CK82.

Motospeed CK82 keyboard

The current reference price of Motospeed CK82 mechanical keyboard is 219 RMB, integrated with the consistent high and low price positioning. Compared with previous products, the appearance of the leopard K82 has some characteristics, thin base and a new low key cap to increase the level of appearance performance. And, for the first time, for women, an all-pink color scheme is available, which is more attractive than the traditional black version.

After using for more than two weeks, the performance of Motospeed CK82 totally go beyond my expectation. Especially its pink appearance which has deeply caught my wife and my daughter’s attention. Now my wife and my daughter also love this pink keyboard. Motospeed CK82 has successful turned my wife and daughter into a mechanical keyboard. And I am planning to buy two more for my wife and my daughter so that we all have our own pink keyboard. Ha ha ha~ Totally didn’t expect this would happen.

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