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Motospeed CK61

Motospeed CK61 RGB Keyboard Review

Recently, I have received the Motospeed CK61 Outemu switch mechanical keyboard. This mechanical keyboard is equipped with an Outemu switch, supports an RGB backlight, and uses a 61-key special layout. Obviously, this is a mechanical keyboard mainly for portable office, and suitable for playing games at the same time. Let me provide you with a detailed review of this keyboard.

Introduction to Motospeed CK61 Keyboard

Motospeed ck61 keyboard

Motospeed was founded in 2008 and is located in Shenzhen, belongs to Mototech Technology Group Co., Ltd. which is a professional manufacturer of keyboards, mice and other computer peripheral products, the enterprise of R&D, Marketing and Service.

Although the keyboard is short in size, it is still equipped with a set of RGB full-color customizable backlights and the use of an Outemu switch, which is currently not a common configuration in a 61-key mechanical keyboard. Generally, in the case of the same appearance, function and design, the big difference is the design of the axis body among these 61-key mechanical keyboards, including the Cherry Mx switch, Gateron switch, independent switch, etc. There are more choices than before.

The CK61 comes with double-shot ABS keycaps and full RGB backlighting featuring 14 color modes. The board has NKRO and comes with a USB-C connection.


Brand: Motospeed

Model: Motospeed ck61

Bluetooth Version: Not Supported

Cable Length (m): 1.4m

Connection: Wired

Interface: USB 2.0

USB type: Type-C cable

Keycaps: ABS

Axis body: Outemu

Key Number: 61

Power Supply: USB Port

Keyboard Lifespan ( times): 80 million

Response Speed: 2ms

Keyboard Type: Mechanical Keyboard

Dimension: 288 mm*100 mm*40 mm

Weight: 465g±20g

Maximum current: 300 mA

Working voltage: +5V±5%

Ergonomics: YES

Operation System: WIN2000/XP/VISTA/WIN7/WIN8/WIN10



There are a Motospeed CK61 mechanical keyboard, a durable nylon USB connection cable, a product warranty card and detailed quick user manual product accessories, which are shown in the picture.


Motospeed CK61 mechanical keyboard is a real 61-key layout. Its full keycaps are OEM profile, the biggest advantage of which is well compatible with third-party keycaps and can be adapted to the vast majority of the personalized keycap and other peripheral products on the market. On the other hand, the Motospeed CK61 adopts the ultra-narrow bezel without the upper case. It has a high-bezel plastic base surrounding the keycaps totally, which makes the keyboard simple and concise.


The bottom cover of the keyboard is made of ABS with a relatively smooth surface. We can see that the back of the bottom cover has a rubber pad, which gives the keyboard a certain sloping degree, allowing us to improve the comfort of use.

On the back of the keyboard, four non-slip rubber nubs keep the keyboard more stable, no adjustable kickstands, a nameplate about the model and the logo of the keyboard, whose design is pretty simple. At the same time, there is a hole similar to the DIP gear switch at the bottom, but actually the Motospeed ck61 itself does not have a DIP gear switch button.

Layout and keys

The Motospeed CK61 mechanical keyboard is a 61-key layout. So it is obvious that its special keys are not too complete. For example, the arrow keys often are used frequently by the majority of users, but on the 61-key streamlined configuration, it can only be achieved through a combination of keys. The Motospeed CK61 directional keys are integrated on the keys “/?” (↑), right ALT (←), menu key (↓) and right CTRL (→), and its FN key are located on the original right CTRL position.


Motospeed CK61 Outemuswitch mechanical keyboard keycaps using a double-shot process ABS translucent keycaps, but the surface feels rougher. Therefore, they are even a bit like PBT keycaps. Compared to the skin-like coating of ABS keycaps, this set of keycaps of Motospeed CK61 is not easy to oil and can ensure that the keyboard has a good nonopaque.



As mentioned earlier, the Motospeed’s case design is sunken and makes its axes’ body completely invisible. This design coincides with many 61-key mechanical keyboards and there are not too characteristic. Hence, the difference between them is mainly to see the keyboard’s standard keycaps and the font style has become a differentiating detail. Motospeed CK61 mechanical keyboard character style is more standard and more durable.

Besides, the second layer of the keyboard function indicators on the corresponding keycap is additionally printed, making it more clear when used later. The fonts of the keyboard adopt the semi-closed design, which is unique and interesting.


In terms of the 61-key layout keyboard using the Outemu switch, the Motospeed CK61 keyboard is currently the only one. The Outemu switch comes over the traditional structure of the axis body and has a longer lifespan, faster trigger and brings you a more comfortable hand feel.

Outemu switches are a line of Cherry clone switches manufactured in China. The Outemu switch used in the Motospeed CK61 mechanical keyboard includes blue and red switches.

The blue switch sounds crisp and has an obvious rhythm. It has a paragraph sense. The trigger pressure is 58.9±14.7g, trigger stroke is 2.0±0.6mm and operation stroke is 4mm. Outemu blue switch is suitable for typing and playing games.

The red switch is linear, and straight up and down. It has a slight sound. The trigger pressure is 45±15g, trigger stroke is 2.0±0.6mm and operation stroke is 4mm. Outem red switch is more silent and more suitable for typing.

As for the large keys, Motospeed CK61 mechanical keyboard is equipped with the satellite switch design and they are adjusted well with a decisive touch, rapid rebound and a strong sense of touch. In these Outemu switches I used, I have not encountered the soft and loosed large keys, which are really worth blowing all the time.

RGB Backlight


Motospeed CK61 mechanical keyboard preset RGB full-color backlight and you can customize the backlight mode, light color, light brightness, light speed and other parameters through the FN key combination with a certain amount of drive-free convenience. Most dynamic light effects preset are the same as the Motospeed CK108 RGB mechanical keyboard. Motospeed CK61 mechanical keyboard has rich light effects, which are strongly playable.

In addition, Motospeed CK61 mechanical keyboard includes up to 16.8 million colors of backlight and supports 14 kinds of backlight effects and five-level brightness, which is appropriate and the transition is natural. Even if it is in a dark environment, Motospeed CK61 mechanical keyboard can still provide a good operating experience.

You can switch to different modes by pressing the Fn+App key. The “App” key isn’t labeled but is bottom right, between Alt and Ctrl. It’s possible to adjust the backlight speed by pressing Fn+[O/P], too. And you also press Fn+[U/I] to control the lighting brightness.

We can download the driver of the CK61 BOX switch mechanical keyboard from the official website of Motospeed, and set the function of the keyboard through the driver.

When it comes to gaming, Motospeed CK61 mechanical keyboard is equipped with RGB backlighting, functions of N-key rollover and macro programming, but after all, it has fewer keys and even if there is a guaranteed hand feel and a variety of switchable operating modes, they are not enough to make up for the shortcomings of the Motospeed CK61.

Therefore, if you want to specially use it to play games, it is difficult and it is suitable for light office and gaming users who love to carry the keyboard outside.



The Motospeed CK61 mechanical keyboard is wired and gives away a nylon USB Type-C cable. Its interface is tight, and thus you don’t worry about the cable being too loose to influence your use. The Motospeed CK61 mechanical keyboard puts its connection slot in the middle of the frame front. The Motospeed CK61 mechanical keyboard is 290*100*40 mm and weighs 465g±20g. Compared to its CK. The PCB is red. All the solder work looks just fine, and indeed, my keyboard works perfectly. And here’s how the USB-C attaches.


Unlike most 61 keys mechanical keyboards with FN key combination operation, when you use the second layer of key function, Motospeed CK61 mechanical keyboard requires you to switch through FN+1/2/3/4 first, and there is no need to press FN combination operation. If you want to go back to the first layer of the key function, you need to press FN+1/2/3/4 again.

The description of the key partition + layered key function of the Motospeed CK61 mechanical keyboard is as follows. In the default state, the keyboard is in the first layer of the key function. Press fn and 1 can input the number keys on the top of the keyboard. Press FN and 1 again, and it will be back to the original F area input.

Press Fn and 2, and you can use the second layer of the “PS/PB/INS/HOME/PU/PD/DEL/END function. After pressing the combination, it will go back to the original function. Press FN and 3 to change “/? to↑, right Alt to ←, menu key to↓and Right CTRL to →. And press FN and 4, you can switch W/A/S/D to arrow keys as well.



The Motospeed CK61 mechanical keyboard eliminates the trouble of key position conflicts, making it easier for users to operate and experience a smooth game experience.

Motospeed CK61 mechanical keyboard is equipped with an engine. The onboard memory has the ability to store three groups of user-defined configurations. The engine has two main core functions. The first is key function customization, and macro recording and the second is the RGB backlight settings. For such a mechanical keyboard with only 61 keys, the customization function of full keys is quite useful.

Motospeed CK61

Motospeed CK61 mechanical keyboard’s internal workmanship and appearance are standard. According to the PCB board, it seems to be equipped with independent main control. And RGB backlight of the Motospeed CK61 mechanical keyboard adopts the mainstream patch-type program design. There is no light guide column on the shaft, but the actual light brightness performance is fair.


I guess that someone is likely to complain about its case, the workmanship of some functions, but I want to say that in the technological time, what can you buy with 60 dollars? It is impossible to have a perfect mechanical keyboard. When I bought it, the Motospeed CK61 mechanical keyboard is about 80 dollars, and now it seems 60 dollars, which is enough for a not too enthusiastic mechanical keyboard player.


The cheap Motospeed CK61 mechanical keyboard provides multitudes of RGB backlights and realizes the use of arrow keys. I have used it for a long time and have had a fine experience. Therefore, if you don’t have much budget, and I suggest you buy the keyboard, which is simple and cheap with middle-quality workmanship.

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