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Motospeed CK104 Blue Switch RGB Ergonomics keyboard

Motospeed CK104

Introduction to Motospeed CK104

Motospeed CK104 mechanical keyboard is so nice!

I was a heavy gamer when I was a teenager. Back then I did not know much knowledge about mechanical keyboard. When I graduated heavy workload has almost destroy me. I work all day long in front of a screen and typing keyboard. Until then I realize that I need a good keyboard to entertain myself, trying yo find so fun in typing even if I am working.

Then I started to pay much attention to mechanical keyboard. It did not take a long for me to be a mechanical keyboard fans. I have tried mechanical keyboard of many brands. Now I have change my job and I finally have some time to play what I love when I was young. I stared to learn a lot about mechanical gaming keyboard and the brand called Motospeed has got my interest.

MOTOSPEED was founded in China in 2008 by a group of avid gamers. However, at present, Motosped has launched and sold quite a variety of products, and the product line is quite complete. In addition to most of the keyboard and mouse products for game users, there are also some office series of keyboard and mouse products and gaming accessories.

However, most of these products are still mainly for offline Internet cafes and other channels. Among them, with the rapid rise of RGB backlit mechanical keyboard, Motospeed CK104 RGB mechanical keyboard also recently has been launched, which ie equipped with up to 9 kinds of backlight effects, and the light color support seven-color switching. Let’s share the experience of using this mechanical keyboard in detail.


Brand Nameļ¼šMOTOSPEED

MOTOSPEED Modelļ¼šMotospeed CK104

Originļ¼šMainland China

Operation Styleļ¼šMechanical




Keyboard Standardļ¼š104 Keys




Model Numberļ¼šCK104

Interface Typeļ¼šUSB

Axis Body Brandļ¼šRed or Blue Stch

Wrist Supportļ¼šNo

Full Size keyboardļ¼šYes


Keyboard materialļ¼šABS + aluminium alloy

Connection methodļ¼šred

Keyboard Lifespan ( times)ļ¼š50 million


Motospeed CK104

Motospeed CK104 RGB mechanical keyboard keeps the corrugated packaging, and only some selling information about the product is posted in the lower right corner of the front, which is quite concise. But the box paper is relatively soft, pressure resistance is limited. On the label, several core selling points of the CK104 RGB mechanical keyboard are displayed, including support for 9 lighting effects, all-key non-impact, multimedia shortcut keys, EEPROM memory free, and WIN key blocking.

Of course, as an RGB backlit mechanical keyboard, lighting is still the main point. Second, from the label you can also that the Motospeed CK104 RGB mechanical keyboard is available in three color options, including black, white and red.

Basic parameters:

– Size: 437x128x36mm

– Weight: 820gĀ±20g

– Number of keys: 104KEYS

– Key switch: high shaft body

Key cap type: two color ABS transparent key cap

– Lighting: Supports 9 backlight modes

– Features: All key no impact, shield WIN key, multimedia fast

Motospeed CK104

In terms of accessories, the Motopeed CK104 RGB mechanical keyboard is standard with a product manual and warranty card. The CK104 RGB mechanical keyboard, as the name suggests, uses a standard 104 keys layout with a now-popular levitated design and a metal bottom cover.

The overall layout of the keyboard is quite compact, and the bezel is almost level with the key caps. In addition, the F area of the CK104 mechanical keyboard is arranged to fit the common key area more closely, and there is no conventional spacing. Therefore, visually, CK104 is relatively long and compact.

Design and Details

Motospeed CK104 RGB mechanical keyboard provides three different colors, among which the one I got here is black version, and the metal base plate is silver metal. The white metal base plate is rose gold (the key cap is white), the red metal base plate is rose red (the key cap is black).

The metal bottom plate on the keyboard cover is directly nested on the keyboard base, the mold is evenly split, and no obvious defects are found, which is great. In addition, in the metal panel, Motospeed ck104 also took the design of bare screws, slightly increase some sense of toughness.

Motospeed CK104

Keyboard chassis is fine frosted surface, so it will not easy to get fingerprints and dust, relatively resistant to dirt. The side of the keyboard is designed with a tilt Angle. The top thickness is about 15mm, the bottom thickness is about 10mm, forming a height difference of 5mm. As for the thickness of the Motospeed CK104 keyboard, because of the suspension design, there is no traditional cover shell, so the it looks relatively thin, of course the keyboard is also very light.

Motospeed CK104 RGB mechanical keyboard’s F area and number area are integrated with some combination function shortcut keys, including common multimedia shortcut keys, light switch shortcut keys, etc. At the same time, corresponding graphic ICONS are printed on the key caps of function keys as marks, which is easier to use without learning and memorizing the key function.

Function key:

FN+ESC: resets

FN+F1: Open the multimedia

FN+F2 to F4: adjusts the system volume

FN+F5 to F8: multimedia shortcut keys

FN + F9: mail

FN+F10: browser

FN+F11: My computer

FN+F12: calculator

FN+PS: Enable/disable the backlight

FN+WIN: blocks the WIN key

FN+ 1-5: area backlight mode

FN+INS: switches the backlight mode

FN+DEL: switches the backlight color

FN+HM: User-defined backlight

FN+ā†‘/ā†“ : Adjust the light brightness

FN+ā†/ā†’ : Adjust the light speed

Above the digit area, the Motospeed CK104 RGB mechanical keyboard retains the keyboard function status indicator, and an additional indicator is added to notify shutting down the WIN key, which makes the keyboard status clear at a glance. Meanwhile, the backlight can also be fully lit in the later stage, and the effect is more coordinated and unified.

Motospeed CK104

The Motospeed CK104 keyboard chassis is quiet flat. Before opening the keyboard standing legs, The keyboard can only rely on the bottom two feet for anti-skid. The anti-skid effect is general. The Motospeed CK104 keyboard supporting legs contain anti-slip adhesive strip, forming four groups of anti-slip adhesive, and the supporting legs area are relatively wide, the actual anti-slip effect is quite good.

The keycaps are standard OEM height, in a stepped arrangement. With the exception of the compact F-block, which takes some time to get used to. So the standard columns are easier to get used to.

Switches and Keycaps

The mechanical keyboard of Motospeed has started to adopt the high axis body at early days, and this Motopeed CK104 RGB mechanical keyboard is no exception. It is equipped with high green axis. In order to better highlight the lighting effect, the RGB axis adopts a transparent axis cover. In addition, CK104 RGB light source is provided by the patch light and does not have the light guide column, so the hole area of the shaft cover is relatively large to ensure the light transmission.

The big key of Motospeed CK104 RGB mechanical keyboard adopts a special satellite axis design, which is easy to disassemble and assemble. However, games who replace other third-party key caps in the later stage need to pay extra attention.

As for the pressing feel of the high green axis is very obvious, the paragraph feeling is very clear and bright, and the overall trigger crispness of the key is stronger than the original green axis. Perhaps thanks to the special satellite axis design, the Motospeed CK104 RGB mechanical keyboard also feels quite good with large keys, and there is no obvious lag in the rebound.

The Motospeed CK104 RGB mechanical keyboard is paired with a set of the most common bicolor ABS transparent key caps. In addition to some faintly visible disorder under the font, the overall quality is good. Its delicate frosted touching feel is a good news for sweaty hand gamers, which is not as sticky as the coated key cap, but very fresh. The bottom of the key cap are four stiffeners.

The bottom of the key cap is smooth without any burrs. Injection point is located at the bottom of the key cap wall, and it does not affect the usage. By default, all keys are supported without impact, and the WIN function keys can be shut down by combining FN+WIN, which is sufficient for all kinds of complicated competitive games.


Motospeed CK104 RGB mechanical keyboard has rainbow backlight effect, and supports 9 different backlight mode. All lights on the keyboard are directly switched through the combination of shortcut keys. Its light adjustment control logic is easy to understand and easy to use. FN+INS is used to switch the overall lighting effect, and FN+DEL is used to control the switching of the lighting color under each backlight mode. A total of seven lighting colors are preset for choice.

In terms of lighting mode, colorful running lights and colorful ripple mode are introduced, which is quite cool. As for the common rainbow streamers, the transition between different lighting effect is not so smooth. The color width is not enough, and the movement process of streamers is similar to a simple seven lights color translation. Once the speed is slowed down, there will be a frame-by-frame transition visual effect.

Motospeed CK104

The price of Motospeed CK104 RGB mechanical keyboard is cost effective. As a full-size mechanical keyboard with RGB backlight effect, it is affordable enough. Moreover, the Motospeed CK104 keyboard itself also integrates multiple groups of functional shortcut keys, full-key non-punching, WIN key masking and other functions, which is quite complete. Compared with other RGB backlit mechanical keyboard, CK104 price advantage is obvious.

Compared with Others

Motospeed K87s Compact mechanical keyboard. The Motospeed gaming keyboard uses high quality aluminum alloy – ABS construction, unique transparent crystal shell, perfect size, suitable for home and office use, no pad, more convenient for players and typists, providing more space for your office.

Super RGB keyboard. This keyboard divides the RGB mode with the RGB main keyboard and the surrounding RGB light to display different backlight and wave effects, thus doubling the gameplay. These modes will give you more fun when you’re playing or typing at night.

Mechanical switch. 87 key design for durability, greater durability and reactivity. The switches are of the highest quality, with 50 million keystrokes tested.

87-key Full key no conflict + bijection key cap. No matter how many buttons press, respond or trigger at the same timeļ¼ŒAll 87 keys have individual switches with ā€˜full n-key rolloverā€™ and ā€˜anti-ghostingā€™ for flawless performance,The 12 combination of multimedia shortcut function, support lock”WIN”function, and lock”WIN”and lock APP key.

Keyboard compatibility. This mechanical gaming keyboard connects to K87S USB compatible with Windows XP/7/8/10/Mac, etc


104 KEYS and N-KEY Roll Over. Allows multiple keys to work SIMULTANEOUSLY. Each key was controlled by an independent switch, ensuring a gaming-grade responsiveness with high-speed

Multi-Color Adjustable LED. Backlit in 6 different colors, 9 light effect mode and built-in 8 lighting arrangements for certain game types, including a setting for WASD games Wide Compatability. Suitable for most computer system including Windows10,Windows 8, Windows 7, Mac OS X, Windows XP, Windows VISTA and so on.

Sensitive and Responsive. Easy to press and fast response, and you donĀ”ĀÆt have to press the keys with great force. The clicky sound is pleasant, which makes gamers look cool and awesome.

Support common game mode key backlight and custom recording backlit function. Support 9 cool LED lighting effects. Support all mode, FN + ā€œā†/ā†’ā€ five speed regulation, support FN +ā€œā†‘/ā†“ā€ five brightness control. Support 6 key/N key mode switches automatically. Support WIN Lock function and LED lamp effect indication. Support the ā€œFN + ESCā€reset function.Support the FN + PS, close/open backlight function.

Every keyboard has its advantages and disadvantages. The review above only represent my personal feeling. For me Motospeed ck104 is really a affordable gaming keyboard. Hope you find this review helpful to you, and if you would like to share your favourite keyboard with me, I am very happy to learn about it.

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