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Mechanical keyboard maintenance secrets  

As one of the most important peripherals, the mechanical keyboard has always been in the hands of gamers. Due to the influence of the e-sports boom, the mechanical keyboard is more popular, and many gamers and non-gamers have their own mechanical keyboard.

We may have heard that mechanical keyboards are very durable, but can a mechanical keyboard really last ten years? In theory, yes, a mechanical keyboard can be used for ten years or more, but that is if we use it properly and take good care of it. If a player does not love it, then the best keyboard may not escape the fate of “death”. So we must pay attention to the daily use of mechanical keyboard, try to avoid unnecessary damage to the keyboard.

Next, let’s talk about the maintenance of mechanical keyboard

1 The mechanical keyboard is not waterproof

As we all know, electronic equipment where there is PCB is not waterproof, and mechanical keyboard consists of a whole PCB panel , keyboard switch and keyboard cap, so basically this type of keyboard is not waterproof as well. We should not put drinks and cup beside our mechanical keyboard in order to avoid the water going into the keyboard and causing damage,  if the drink enters the keyboard switch, after drying, the sugar in it will hinder the switch, leading to the failure of normal rebound when the key is pressed. If the sugar free mineral water or cold boiled water enter, you should immediately cut off the keyboard power , remove the key cap to let the water dry, use the cold air mode of the hair dryer to dry the keyboard, and then wait for a few days after using again.

2 Avoid eating in front of the keyboard

Due to its structure, gaps between keys and panel easily into the dust and debris. waste residue that we left around the keyboard, and then enter the key between the cap and panel, after a long time, the residue will cause damage to the keyboard, affects the keyboard touch, even appear the phenomenon of postponing.

3 Pay attention to desktop hygiene

Some people may not understand why we should care about the hygiene of our keyboard. In fact, it is proved that keeping the table clean is beneficial to the health of the keyboard. If the desktop is messy and has garbage, it is easy to attract all kinds of bugs, including cockroaches. The gaps in the mechanical keyboard are easy for cockroaches to stay as habitats. When they enter the inside of the keyboard, they will settle, excrete and reproduce in it. When the keyboard becomes a container for cockroach eggs, the internal components of the keyboard will also be damaged, resulting in garbled codes and unrecognizable situations.

4 avoid high temperature baking

As we all know, the key cap of mechanical keyboard is mostly made of plastic material, and some keyboard body is also made of plastic material. Many friends like to use heaters or warm fans in winter to ensure the warmth of their hands. And in the case of high temperature, plastic material will have a certain shape of deformation, so when there is the mechanical keyboard, we should try to avoid the temperature around the keyboard is too high, so as not to deform key cap.

5 Clean your keyboard regularly

Whether it is white-collar workers, e-sports players or text workers, the keyboard is a tool we must contact every day. In a long-term use, regular cleaning of the keyboard can not only ensure hygiene, but also prolong the service life of the keyboard. The use of clean desktop and tools will also make you feel happy. You don’t know how dirty your keyboard is until you open it, so here’s how to clean it

6 Use the key pull key cap.

We should pay attention to the method as different key pull key way is not the same, and must be careful of the satellite switch under the big key.

Remove the key cap into warm water for cleaning.

Remembering that the water temperature should not be too high, you can put some cleanser, and with a small brush which can make the key cap cleaner.

Clean the keyboard panel.

You can use a hair dryer for cold air cleaning, cleaning mud , and use alcohol wipes to wipe

7 After drying the key cap, you can put the key cap back in its original position.

If you’re afraid you won’t be able to remember the original location of the key cap, you can take a picture of the keyboard before you clean it.

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