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matcha keycaps

Matcha Keycaps: AKKO & Maxkey

Introduction to Matcha Keycaps

Do you feel that the ordinary keyboard is too boring? Do you desire to have food in front of the computer at all times? Today this keycaps-matcha keycaps can meet you. I believe that today’s matcha keycaps will attract many people with their own appearance. Maybe they are foodies, custom keyboard lovers or matcha lovers. In short, today’s article is full of fresh fragrance. This article is about two types of matcha keycaps, namely, Maxkey’s matcha chocolate and AKKO’s matcha and red beans keyboard. Next, let’s take a look together.

Matcha keycaps


This set of keycaps is designed by designer York Chan (晨曦), who has designed many famous keycaps. This time, the matcha chocolate keycaps are a product which has been published for some years, and at that time there is not today so large custom players group and so many custom manufacturers. The matcha keycaps are one of rare SA Profile keycaps which can be easily purchased in China.

First, let’s look at its color scheme.

Although the composition of colors are similar, the different colors of matcha keycaps on R1 and R2 rows are matched. The color scheme of Matcha keycaps on the R1 is mainly based on green with chocolate-colored characters, while the large key area is designed in reverse color with pink as ornaments, making the sweet chocolate color scheme feel a little more refreshing.

The color scheme of Matcha keycaps on the R2 is on the contrary. It mainly is white chocolate as the base color with matcha green. Such a color design is actually more in line with the production of matcha chocolate in real life. Because the main raw material of matcha chocolate is white chocolate.

The box is still MAXKEY’s usual simple style, with MAXKEY’s QR code and SA Keycap MOCHOCO’s keycap name on the side.


MAXKEY’s keycap box uses a two-layer structure, and in the upper part of each layer, there is a sponge bumping pad to prevent it from bumping.

Take out the keycaps and you can see that the matcha-themed keycaps in light green, coffee color and pink. The feeling when it comes into your sight is like smelling the light scent of matcha. It is just like Macha powder on the strong coffee, intoxicating.


The design way of the letter area of the Matcha keycap is the same as the traditional SA keycaps with the characters centered and highly visible. Similarly, as a feature, the keycap’s letter area and function area are used reverse color, with pink as ornaments.

Because the Matcha keycaps use ABS double-shot process, its color is very bright and clear.

Of course, as a set of design keycaps, the corresponding personality keycap is essential, and this set of MAXKEY matcha keycaps feature common matcha drinks, food as its design point, plus the Chinese character “抹” as an embellishment, which is very innovative.

A close observation can make you find a fine frosted texture on the edge of keycaps. In terms of its hand feel, it keeps fresh and not sticky. On the back of Matcha keycaps, you can see the unique one-time molding pressure mold traces of the double-shot keycaps, which is very complex. And this is also one of the reasons why ABS double-shot keycaps are more expensive.


The personalized 2.75U enter key is also well-made, with a soft green word “抹” written on the surface of the pink keycap.

Finally, the SA profile keycaps use the standard tile from R1-R1-R2-R3-R4-R3, which conform to ergonomics.

And this is a brief introduction to MAXKEY’S Mactha keycaps, and then the AKKO Matcha and red beans keyboard comes.


AKKO is our old friend and the Matcha and red beans keyboard has been written in the article–AKKO 3087 Mechanical Keyboard Review. If you are interested in the keyboard, you can click the link and read it. And here, we will introduce its keycaps briefly.

The Akko Matcha keycaps are a great addition to any keyboard. Akko Matcha red bean Keyboard includes several single layouts. Its cover is in Matcha green, and the milky white keycaps and the Matcha green keycap are matched accoring to the areas. At a glance, it looks like white milk on the Matcha drink. The original color scheme is the combination of white and green. The Macha keycaps use 85% content PBT double-shot process, and they have a nice textured surface.


The keycaps are also Double Shot, so they will never fade. The matcha color is very striking, and it looks great with any keyboard. The keycaps are also compatible with Cherry MX switches. The akko matcha keycaps are a great way to add some style to your keyboard.

In addition, there are additional thickened red PBT OEM keycaps. Keycaps with the same color are the same as the upper cover. And its white is on the creamy white. The Matcha keycaps have fine particles on their surface, but the frosted feeling is sufficient, and they touch dry with elaborate edge and exquisite legends.

AKKO provides you with two color schemes and gives you two styles, which are full of art and sweetness.

From pictures of these two types of keycaps, although they are all called Matcha keycaps, it is not difficult to find that the MAXKEY’s Matcha Keycaps are in light green and AKKO Matcha red bean keycaps are dark green. However, the difference is unnecessary and you can make a choice according to your favor.


After comparing the two brands of Matcha keycaps, it is clear that there are some distinct differences. MAXKEY’s Matcha keycaps are made of ABS material, which gives them a more vivid look and smooth feel. In addition, the keycaps are an independent keycaps set, which is more flexible for people to customize; while AKKO’s matcha keycaps are more expensive, and bring a better hand feel due to its frosty surface, making them a better choice for quality-centered shoppers.

Overall, both brands offer high-quality matcha keycaps, but shoppers should carefully consider their needs before making a purchase.

Today, the article only aims to relax you and enjoy the wonderful design combining food and tool, which is so interesting.

What else do you want to know? Please let me know and then we can talk it together.

Thanks for your reading!

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