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Kailh White Box Switch: The Ultimate Guide

Kailh White Box

What is a Clicky Switch?

Kailh White Box switch is a clicky switch. So, what is a clicky switch? Actually, its basic principle is to form a secondary hook effect that can sound through the molding of the switch rod and hook of the switch body, so as to achieve a very strong typing feel and a relatively obvious clicky sound effect.

In order to form a double hook action with the hook switch, the special modeling set for this switch body is divided into two “groups” : Click Bar (sound block) and Click Jacket (sound jacket). In general, the clicky switch will make an obvious and clear Click sound when it is tapped, and there will be an obvious sense of secondary confirmation when it is pressed down.

Simply speaking, the clicky switch will have a slight sense of block before it hits the bottom. At the same time, due to the similar working principle between the clicky switch and the tactile switch, there are many subdivisions within the player community. For example, the tactile switch is classified as the “one-stage clicky switch”, while the loud clicky switch like the cherry green switch is called the “second-order clicky switch”. There are even further subdivided into strong clicky switch, micro clicky switch, in advance of large clicky switch. Today, of course, Little Lion is talking about classic Clicky Switches.

Kailh White Box

Reason for choosing clicky switch

For game players and public use, linear switch is more suitable for quiet, low latency and fast response. So why do so many people still choose clicky switch? The reason is simple: the tying feel. The feel of the clicky switch is the most obvious, and it can even bring back the classic feeling of the typewriter era. It is a very sensory experience for people who often engage in writing work.

At the same time, accompanied by obvious feel feedback, is a variety of switch body click, clap and other completely different sound feedback, at the time of work is a kind of alternative white noise, but also can effectively help the user dive into an immersive fous work state. Finally, the switch body with unusually direct and obvious feedback often gives users very positive feedback of correct keystroke, which is very suitable for beginners to experience the characteristics of mechanical keyboard and has the lowest learning curve.

What determine the clicky sound?

The key to determine the sound characteristics of the switch are two mechanisms, the click Bar and the click Jacket. Sound blocks are cool because they make little clicking noises in both the starting and releasing directions. Typically, the first click is louder, followed by a smaller click when returning to the original location. This allows for an incredible double tap every time a key is pressed, giving the highest tactile feedback.

Most Kailh switch like Kailh White Box use this design, which is why they are so popular, all thanks to the sound block design. The sound sleeve, on the other hand, produces a loud click only in the first half of the key stroke, while the spring is compressed. There is no sound when the switch returns to its normal position. This design is the more common clicky switch design, found on both Cherry MX Green/White and Cherry MX clone switch.


Kailh is a professional engaged in precision electronic switch, plug-in, digital encoder and other electronic accessories research, development, production and sales of high-tech enterprises, providing a full range of professional electronic switch solution service. Dongguan Kailh Electronics Co., LTD. (formerly known as Longhua Electronics Factory), founded in 1990, is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development, production and sales of electronic accessories such as precision electronic switches, connectors and digital encoders.

The products are mainly used in various digital communication products, portable electronic products, computer peripheral equipment, household appliances, measuring instruments, automotive electronics and other fields, such as smart phones, photography equipment, laptop computers, VR equipment, AR equipment, game consoles, server equipment, sound system and so on.

Kailh hardware productivity is strong, in addition to having a large area of plant is the introduction of a number of foreign equipment, including Germany’s high-end injection molding machine, Switzerland’s high-end CNC machine, high-precision grinding machine processing equipment and comprehensive automatic assembly line, Kailh also has a number of high-end laboratory equipped with experimental instruments, including life testing equipment, Load displacement curve tester and so on for a full range of products testing and inspection.

This is how Kailh produce high-quality products. Excellent products not only sell well at China but also exported to Europe, North America, India, Russia, the Middle East and other regions.

Kailh White Box

After years of process transformation and technological innovation, Kailh has been gradually transformed from a labor-intensive enterprise into a technology-oriented enterprise. The production and testing of the company’s main products have been automated.

Kailh focuses on the research and development, production of various IDM and ODM products, and has obtained more than 140 international and domestic intellectual property patents. In 2009, it was rated as a high-tech enterprise and patent cultivation enterprise. In 2011, it was rated as a high-tech enterprise. Support and actively participate in global environmental protection actions, produce green products that meet customer requirements and international and domestic regulations.

The company has always supported and actively participated in the global environmental protection action, production in line with customer requirements and international and domestic regulations of green products. Kailh always adheres to the innovative concept as the guide, precision manufacturing as the basis, customer demand as the guidance.

Kailh White Box

After years of technical accumulation, Kailh has created a Chinese switch technology – “BOX technology”. BOX technology is used to package and trigger the spring in the form of a box. By touching the spring with the small green protruding points instead of the extrusion hook hanging form of MX technology, the deformation of the spring can be greatly reduced, the life of the switch body can be extended (80 million times, reaching the level of Razer green switch), and the sound of the switch body can be maintained.

If the decibel level is used to evaluate the sound text, Kailh White Box Jades is easily crowned the best. Due to the working principle of the Click Bar, it produces a very loud click sound, which can be said to be one of the loudest among the mainstream clicky switch, which is why they are considered the main force of clicky switch. The snap is sharp but consistent and harmonious, sharp, crisp and clean to the touch. But it’s a little scratchy, so it’s not the smoothest clicky switch product.

At the same time, Kailh White Box Jade uses the spring of Box white switch. The pressing pressure is about 70g, and the trigger pressure is about 50g, which is not high. Moreover, the trigger stroke can be 443adjusted to very low. Therefore, Kailh White BOX axis series has become one of the most popular clicky switch on the market.

Canyon GK511 Kailh White BOX switch mechanical keyboard review

Do you want to play with the cheap Kailh White BOX switch series production mechanical keyboard? Black Canyon is undoubtedly one of the most cost-effective options out there. In addition to the stable and reliable Kailh White BOX switch, Black Canyon’s mechanical keyboard is almost all standard hot-swap base, with very high playability. Among them, the most representative product is GK715 series, which is so affordable that it is even nicknamed “buy switch with free keyboard”.

If you don’t like levitation. Now, Black Canyon is offering one of its few mechanical keyboards with a lid that doesn’t hover: the GK511. Unfortunately, the keyboard is not equipped with the new and upgraded Kailh White BOX switch. The BOX switch has 100 million pressing lifetimes. It is currently only available on the Black Canyon X3 dual-mode mechanical keyboard. Looking at the keypad, it’s clear that this is still a mechanical keyboard with a hot-swappable dock. Cheap + playability, Black Canyon has never lost

Kailh White Box

Details of appearance

The Black Canyon GK511 mechanical keyboard features a minimalist exterior design with a bezel slightly wider than the traditional narrow edges. Also, the edges actually have a highlight edge detail, which makes it look less public. Still offered in three regular color schemes, pure white, pure black and Beefcake pink, which have been particularly popular in recent years.

The surface of the keyboard cover is full of grain, the look and feel of the key cap is the same, the frosted feeling, relatively speaking, than the smooth surface treatment to resist dirty a little. Currently, this model is available only in the full-size 104 key version with a separate status indicator in the upper right corner.

The LOGO of Black Canyon is in the lower right corner, and there is no logo on the front. Also, this is supposed to be Black Canyon’s first all-pink mechanical keyboard. The previous GK715 was still a mix of pink and white, and even the GK706 had a silver panel. So, GK511 in hunky pink color, the visual impact will be stronger. Also, the wires are all pink braided. Even the base legs and non-slip rubber are pink. All that’s left is not the pink locator board and the pink backlight. It would have been more appealing if it had been bolder and more thorough.

Edge detail

Keyboard presets are very rich with FN combination shortcuts, drive – plug and play. The second layer of functions are all marked out clearly. Judging from the key function, it should still use the GK715 series of that scheme, with the same operation of drive – free macro recording. F area is also full of multimedia shortcut keys, volume adjustment, etc.

Overall Appearance of keyboard

The default keyboard has a high difference, forming the typing angle. Of course, the height can also be changed by the foot support at the bottom. The base is arguably the most recognizable feature of the Black Canyon GK511, with a bit of an industrial vibe and a lot of striped highlights alternating with rough grain. One important detail is the keyboard’s non-slip rubber, which matches the color of the housing. In addition, GK511 also has a three-way slot for easy wiring.

Switch and Keycap

Black Canyon GK511 mechanical keyboard uses the Kailh White BOX switch, 80 million times of life that set. Three feel options are available, including BOX tea switch, BOX Red switch and BOX White switch. Under the same mold, is also offers a cheaper version of Kailh switch, the price is only 149 yuan.

If you have enough budget and don’t want to waste time on making decision, I recommend you the Kailh BOX switch series. After all, the hand feel stability is much higher. The biggest feature of Kailh White BOX switch is that it has a more excellent dustproof structure design. Among them, the BOX white switch uses the sound torsion spring to simulate the feel of the green switch, which is very different from the traditional green switch.

If you are tired of the traditional green scroll and you are also a fan of clicky switch, you can try it. It is very addictive. The Kailh BOX Red switch and Kailh BOX Tea switch are more similar to the traditional red/tea switch. Black canyon GK511 mechanical keyboard big keys feel better than the past, only the space bar has a particularly obvious wire sound. As far as the typing feeling of the big keys, among the three switch bodies, the best performer is Kailh White BOX switch.

Kailh White Box


It is very happy to have a mechanical keyboard of such price and also equipped with PBT two color injection light key cap. Scrub particles are heavier to the touch and are more friendly to sweaty hands. Other than the absence of the closing character, there is little to quibble with. For the overhand test prototype, the water nozzle treatment of individual key caps is not too perfect, and some burrs can be seen on the front.

Black Canyon GK511 mechanical keyboard current e-commerce platform reference price is 299 yuan, 40 yuan more expensive than GK715. In Kailh White BOX switch series mechanical keyboard, the price is still very affordable. After all, in addition to the Kailh White BOX switch, it also has PBT thick wall transparent key cap, monochrome white light (a variety of light effect support) and a good function of the simple design of the shell (with independent indicator light, support feet, three direction line slot, highlight side details, etc.). Generally speaking, it is more valuable. If you are going to buy Kailh White Box switches, I hope this article would be helpful to you.

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