60 Percent Mechanical Keyboard: The Ultimate Guide



60 percent mechanical keyboards are rapidly becoming one of the most popular types of keyboards in the gaming and typing communities. These compact and efficient devices offer a unique combination of portability, comfort and performance that can benefit anyone who needs to type or game on their computer. With 60 percent mechanical keyboards, users get an increased level of control over their keystrokes while still enjoying the same familiarity they have with traditional full-size models. Whether you’re a gamer looking for more precision or someone who just wants to save some space on your desk, 60 percent mechanical keyboards are sure to provide you with an enjoyable experience.

60 Percent Mechanical Keyboard: The Ultimate Guide

What is 60 Percent Mechanical Keyboard and their benefits?

A 60 Percent Mechanical Keyboard is a type of keyboard that has 60 percent of the standard 100 or 104-key layout, while still providing the same level of functionality. These keyboards are designed to be more compact, allowing for more portability and desktop space. This makes them an ideal choice for gamers, typists and other users who don’t need all the extra keys on a traditional keyboard.

The biggest benefit of 60 Percent Mechanical Keyboards is their size and portability. With 60 percent of the layout removed, they take up less space on a desk or laptop bag while still offering full functionality. This makes them a great choice for those who are on the go or have limited desk space. They also provide better ergonomics due to their smaller size, making it easier to type for extended periods of time without straining your wrists or fingers.

The mechanical switches used in 60 Percent Mechanical Keyboards are also beneficial for gamers and typists alike. The tactile feedback from these switches allows for faster keystrokes and more precise accuracy than other types of switches. This helps reduce fatigue during long gaming sessions or typing marathons, so you can stay productive with fewer breaks in between tasks.

60 Percent Mechanical Keyboards come in a variety of styles and designs with different switch types available as well. From linear switches to clicky ones, there’s something to suit everyone’s preferences when it comes to finding the perfect feel for their keyboard setup. Some 60 Percent Mechanical Keyboards also feature RGB lighting and macro customization options, so users can personalize their gaming experience even further.

Overall, 60 Percent Mechanical Keyboards offer plenty of benefits both in terms of size, ergonomics and functionality compared to traditional keyboards with larger layouts. They’re great choices for gamers who travel frequently as they provide portability without sacrificing quality performance or responsiveness while typing or playing games on the go. Additionally, 60 Percent Mechanical Keyboards allow users to customize their gaming experience by choosing from various switch types and per-key RGB lighting options for maximum customization potential.

Features and Design

A 60 percent mechanical keyboard is an excellent choice for anyone looking to upgrade their gaming, typing, or general computing experience. Featuring a compact design with 60 percent of the keys of a standard full-sized mechanical keyboard, 60 percent mechanical keyboards make it easier to hit your keystrokes accurately and quickly. This makes them perfect for gamers who need lightning-fast response times and typists who want a comfortable, ergonomic setup.

In addition to its smaller size, 60 percent mechanical keyboards also have some unique features that set them apart from their full-sized counterparts. These include: more specialized keys, more key combinations per row than traditional keyboards have—making it easier to play games or type faster—as well as discreet switches that do not require much force to actuate the keys. Additionally, 60 percent mechanical keyboards are often equipped with macro keys which allow users to bind multiple key presses into one command.

In terms of design elements 60 percent mechanical keyboards are often characterized by their unique layouts and styles. With 60 percent of the keys removed from a standard keyboard many companies have gotten creative in designing new key profiles, colors, materials and shapes that look sleek and stylish while still providing maximum comfort during extended use. Some 60 percent mechanical keyboards feature chiclet-style cylindrical or contoured keycaps which can help improve typing accuracy by guiding your fingers into the correct position for each press. Other designs such as those with floating keys offer a distinct aesthetic look that many users find attractive and inviting.

No matter what style you choose 60 percent mechanical keyboards provide great tactile feedback and overall quality performance when compared to other types of input devices. They are designed to be lightweight yet durable meaning they can handle everyday use but also provide portability if needed for on-the-go activities like travel or LAN parties. Their smaller size also allows users to fit more devices on their desks without taking up too much space making them ideal for tight work areas or shared offices where users need access to several computers at once without having their desk cluttered with bulky peripherals.

Overall 60 percent mechanical keyboards are built with performance in mind while still offering an aesthetically pleasing design that can appeal to any user looking for an upgraded typing experience. With features like macro keys, innovative designs, quality keycaps and switches, and lightweight portability these compact yet powerful keyboards are sure to take your computing game up a notch!

60 Percent Mechanical Keyboard

Compare to other types of keyboards

60 percent mechanical keyboards are becoming increasingly popular due to their compact design and robust construction. Unlike traditional full-size keyboards, 60 percent mechanical keyboards are 60% smaller in size, making them a great choice for those seeking a more portable keyboard solution. While sacrificing some of the tactile feedback of a full-size keyboard, 60 percent keyboards make up for these drawbacks with improved durability and a sleeker aesthetic.

In comparison to other types of keyboards, 60 percent mechanical keyboards offer superior key feel and responsiveness, thanks to the use of individual switches beneath each key cap. This allows for an incredibly precise typing experience with minimal effort required from the user during input. Additionally, 60 percent mechanical keyboards generally feature higher quality components than typical membrane or scissor switch based keyboards, allowing them to last several times longer than their counterparts. Furthermore, 60 percent mechanical keyboards tend to be quieter than other types of keys due to their constructions; this makes them ideal for office settings or environments where noise is heavily restricted.

When it comes to aesthetics, 60 percent mechanical keyboards can be fully customized with backlighting, custom keycaps and cases. This allows users to tailor their keyboard however they please – adding a personal touch and providing optimum comfort when in use. Additionally, some specialized 60 percent mechanical boards feature additional macro keys which can be used for gaming or productivity purposes.

Overall, 60 Percent Mechanical Keyboards boast many advantages over your standard membrane or scissor switch based board – from improved durability and more precise inputs to better ergonomics and greater customization options. Despite being smaller in size than a traditional full-size keyboard setup, 60 Percent Mechanical Keyboards offer an unrivaled typing experience while still providing the same level of functionality as larger models.

Advantages and Disadvantages

A 60 Percent Mechanical Keyboard is a smaller keyboard that offers superior typing experience and ergonomics for gamers, content creators, and professionals alike. These keyboards are built with 60% of the traditional full-size keyboard’s key switches and components, making them more compact and lightweight. While 60 percent mechanical keyboards offer plenty of advantages, there are also some drawbacks to consider.


The most obvious pro of 60 percent keyboards is their size and portability. This makes them especially ideal for people who need to travel frequently or work in tight spaces. They can easily be tucked away into a backpack without taking up too much room or weight. Additionally, 60percent mechanical keyboards offer superior tactile feedback compared to membrane switch keyboards, allowing for quicker typing speed and greater accuracy when gaming or programming. The key switches used in 60% mechanical boards have a long lifespan as well, often boasting up to 50 million keystrokes before requiring replacement.

Another advantage of 60percent mechanical keyboards is their variability in terms of design options available. There’s a large array of choices on the market ranging from quirky custom designs to classic subdued looks, allowing users to pick and choose based on their own taste. Most 60 percent mechanical keyboards also come with multiple switch options such as Cherry MX Blue or Brown switches along with other features like N-key rollovers or programmable macro keys that further enhance typing comfort while gaming or programming..


One disadvantage of using a 60 percent mechanical keyboard is its lack of certain features compared to larger sized keyboards; this includes dedicated media keys as well as navigation clusters like arrow keys and page up/down buttons which are important for productivity tasks like spreadsheet work or web browsing. Its limited size also means it won’t be suitable for serious typists who rely heavily on certain peripheral keys for maximum efficiency when writing code or other documents since many advanced shortcut combinations won’t be accessible without those extra keys.

Another potential issue with these smaller sized keyboards is the cramped layout that comes with it – some may find the small amount of space between the keys uncomfortable, leading to either slower typing speeds due to frustration or even muscle strain after extended periods of use due to poor posture habits developed from having such little room between each keycap for fingers to move comfortably around them.. Finally, despite generally being cheaper than larger format boards due to fewer components involved in production costs, some 60 % keyboards can still be relatively pricey depending on features they offer – so budgeting should always be taken into account before purchasing one regardless if you decide its size works best for your needs!

Review popular 60 percent mechanical keyboards on the market today

The 60 percent mechanical keyboard is quickly becoming one of the most popular types of keyboards on the market. It is smaller than a standard full-size keyboard, yet has all the features that any gamer or typist would need. With its 60 percent layout, it allows for more desk space and portability for those who are on the go.

When deciding on a 60 percent mechanical keyboard, it’s important to consider the size and layout of the keys as well as the type of switch used in each model. The most popular switches today are Cherry MX Red, Black, Brown and Blue switches. Red switches are great for gaming due to their light feel while Black switches offer gamers a slightly stiffer feel that allows for precise presses with less effort.

Brown switches are considered to be in between Red and Black switches because they have a bumpy tactile feeling that provides users with feedback when pressing a key — this makes them great for typists who want feedback when typing but don’t want to disrupt their gaming session. Blue switches have a very loud clicky sound which can be disruptive in some environments but provide an excellent typing experience due to their tactile feedback.

Another factor when choosing a 60 percent mechanical keyboard is how it looks and what colors it offers. Many brands offer customizable options like backlighting so you can match your setup just how you want it. There are also keyboards available with PBT double-shot keycaps which provide superior durability compared to ABS keycaps — these tend to last longer and won’t shine from heavy use as easily as ABS keycaps do over time.

The 60 percent form factor has become increasingly popular thanks to its convenience and portability, perfect for those who are constantly on the move or just don’t have enough desk space at home or at work! Many popular 60% mechanical keyboards today come with extra features like onboard storage, media controls, macro support and even detachable USB cables so you can get even more out of your device!

When looking into buying a 60 percent mechanical keyboard there are so many options available — no matter your budget or preferences there’s something out there that will fit your needs perfectly! Whether you’re looking for an all around great option or something specialized like RGB lighting, PBT keycaps or extra macro support — there’s something out there just waiting to take your gaming setup up another notch!


What to look for when buying?

When shopping for a 60 percent mechanical keyboard, there are a number of important factors to consider. The size and portability of the keyboard are key considerations that make 60 percent keyboards popular with gamers on-the-go. With 60 percent mechanical keyboards taking up significantly less space than full-sized models, they’re more likely to fit in backpacks or laptop bags while still providing excellent gaming performance. This makes them an ideal choice for those who don’t want their gaming setup to take up too much room.

The switches used by 60 percent mechanical keyboards also have a big impact on the overall feel and performance of the device. The most common switch types used in 60 percent mechanical keyboards are linear switches like Cherry MX Red, as well as tactile switches such as Cherry MX Brown or Cherry MX Blue. Depending on the type of games you play, there may be certain switch types you prefer over others. It’s important to try out different types of switches to see which one you find most comfortable and responsive for your gaming needs.

Another factor worth considering when buying 60 percent mechanical keyboards is the keycap profile. There are various keycap profiles available, all of which offer slightly different typing experiences and travel distances between keys. For instance, low profile keycaps provide shorter travel distances than standard height keycaps and can be better suited for gaming that requires lightning fast responses from players. Ultimately, choosing between different keycap profiles is a matter of personal preference – so it’s essential to carefully consider this aspect when shopping for 60 percent mechanical keyboards.

Finally, 60 percent mechanical keyboards typically come with fewer features than full-size models due to the limited available space on the board itself – meaning they may not have dedicated media keys or macro buttons built into them like a full-sized keyboard would have. That said, some 60 percent models do include extra functionality through integrated software or alternative layouts designed for specific games or tasks – so if extra features like this are important to you then it’s worth keeping an eye out for these options when shopping around for your new keyboard.

In short, when it comes to purchasing 60 percent mechanical keyboards there is no “one size fits all” solution – meaning that every gamer should carefully consider what factors matter most to them before deciding on which model best suits their needs and lifestyle. From comfort and responsiveness offered by particular switch types through to additional functionalities provided by certain models, spending time researching your options can help ensure you get the perfect keyboard for your gaming setup without breaking the bank!

Why we recommend you buy one?

If you’re looking for a new keyboard that is perfect for gaming, programming, and other heavy typing tasks, then we strongly recommend you buy a 60 percent mechanical keyboard. Mechanical keyboards are known for their superior durability and responsiveness compared to other types of keyboards. They feature tactile switches underneath the keys which provide a satisfying “click” when pressed, making them great for fast-paced gaming and typing.

The 60 percent size is also ideal for those with limited space. It doesn’t require as much desk space as other larger mechanical keyboards but still offers the same amount of keys – 60% of the regular 104-key layout used on most keyboards. This makes it perfect if you have less room on your desk or if you need a more portable keyboard to take with you while travelling.

Another great advantage of using 60 percent mechanical keyboards are the customizable options they offer. You can customize your keycaps, switches and even add RGB lighting to give your setup a unique look. Many 60 percent keyboards also come with programmable macros so you can quickly access certain functions without having to remember complex key combinations – great for gamers who want an edge in their games!

60 percent mechanical keyboards are also built with sturdy materials to ensure longevity, so you won’t have to worry about replacing yours anytime soon. The tactile feedback from each keystroke helps reduce fatigue from long typing sessions and makes it easier to type accurately. If accuracy is important when inputting data or programming code then this type of keyboard will be extremely helpful in increasing productivity levels over time.

Overall, 60 percent mechanical keyboards are perfect for gamers, programmers and anyone who needs an efficient and reliable input device on their desk or on-the-go. Thanks to its compact size it’s easy to transport this type of keyboard wherever you go, while still offering full access to all essential keys and features such as programmable macros and RGB lighting effects. Furthermore, its durable construction ensures that your 60 percent mechanical keyboard will stand up against wear-and-tear over time – making it an investment that will pay off in the long run!


Are 60 percent mechanical keyboards the same as regular keyboards?

No, 60 percent mechanical keyboards are smaller than normal full-sized keyboards, with 60 percent of the traditional keyboard’s key count. They typically have about 61 keys instead of 104 or even 108 keys that a standard keyboard usually has. While 60 percent mechanical keyboards may have certain features in common with full-sized gaming and office keyboards, they often don’t come with additional macro keys or other extra features.

What advantages do 60 percent mechanical keyboards offer?

60 percent mechanical keyboards can be excellent for users who prefer a more minimalist design and smaller size for their typing experience. Due to their smaller size, 60 percent mechanical keyboards allow for more space on the desktop when paired with a mouse or other input device. This can also make them easier to transport between locations compared to larger models. Additionally, some users may find 60 percent mechanical keyboards more comfortable due to the reduced need to reach out for hard-to-reach keys which can cause strain over longer gaming sessions.

Are 60percent mechanical keyboards good for gaming?

Yes, 60 percent mechanical keyboards can be an ideal choice for gamers who prefer a smaller profile but still want quality performance from their peripherals. Many 60 percent mechanical keyboards use high-end switches that provide satisfying tactile feedback and fast response times which can help improve performance in competitive settings. The lighter weight and small form factor of a 60 percent keyboard makes it easy to carry between LAN events or keep up with during long gaming sessions at home without becoming overly fatigued from its weight.

Do 60 Percent Mechanical Keyboards require special software?

No, most 60 Percent Mechanical Keyboards do not require any special software beyond basic driver installation if needed. Most will work just as well as any full-sized gaming keyboard, although some of the advanced functions such as macro programming may not be available on certain models due to the reduced key count. If you’re looking for more customization options, you may want to consider buying one that comes with additional software designed specifically for customizing macros or other features; however this is by no means necessary and the majority of games will work just fine without these features enabled anyway.

60 Percent Mechanical Keyboard


The 60 percent mechanical keyboard is an ideal choice for gamers, typists and those who need the extra portability. With its slim design and versatility of use, it’s no surprise that 60 percent keyboards are becoming increasingly popular. Whether you prefer a wired or wireless version with RGB lighting or without, there’s something out there to meet your needs. From our comprehensive guide above, we hope you now have a better idea of what features make up the perfect 60 percent mechanical keyboard for your setup. So go ahead – choose one today and experience all the benefits these fantastic little devices can offer!

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