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IKBC Keycaps: The Ultimate Guide


How to choose IKBC keycaps for mechanical keyboards, PBT or ABS?

When it comes to mechanical keyboards, in addition to the difference between switches, there is another topic that cannot be bypassed is the keycap.

The well-known mechanical keyboard switches are currently divided into two categories: domestic switches and German CHERRY switches.

Many new friends will choose the German CHERRY shaft if they have enough budget after doing the shopping strategy. Because CHERRY’s feel and quality are more stable, and the main products sold by some big brand keyboard manufacturers are also cherry switch series.

IKBC Keycaps

So what are the types of keyboard keycaps, and what is the difference between them? The following knowledge points can be used as a reference for newcomers.

At present, the keycap materials on the market are mainly PBT and ABS, both of which are names of plastics, and they all have their own unique properties.

Material difference

——PBT: matte feel, refreshing and dry, high hardness, high temperature resistance

——ABS: delicate hand feeling, round and smooth, low hardness, not resistant to high temperature

Because of the difference in the feel of the two materials, the fingertips will have a clear perception after using the keycaps. Compared with PBT, ABS has a smoother and more delicate feel, so many keycaps are made of ABS material.

But because the keycap is in the state of high-frequency knocking, the hardness of ABS is much lower than that of PBT. After a period of use, the keycap will be worn by the fingertips, and the phenomenon of “oiling” will appear.

In fact, this is not because the fingertips are oily or the keycap is dirty, but the imagination that appears after the keycap is polished, which cannot be cleaned and restored. Because of the relatively high hardness of PBT, there will be basically no wear and tear after long-term use, and it will last as long as new. Therefore, ABS is easier to wear and “oil” than PBT.


It is precisely because of the advantage of PBT that it does not oil, more manufacturers choose PBT keycaps. After all, the keycap has been used for a period of time, and the look and feel of the keycap are greatly reduced. Of course, the cost of PBT will be higher than that of ABS, but in terms of the overall cost performance of users, PBT is still better.


Character Craft

——Laser engraving characters: The treated laser beam is irradiated on the surface of the keycap (front or side engraving), and the light energy is instantly converted into heat energy, which makes the surface material instantly melt or even gasify, thus forming a mark.

This production process is relatively mature, and many keycaps on the market also use this process.

——Double-color injection molding characters: use abrasive tools to mix two materials of different colors together, and use two plastic colors to display characters, so this kind of original characters can ensure the keycap feel well and is not easy to wear.


——Sublimation: solid resin ink is used, sublimated at high temperature and then penetrated into the keycap to desublimate. The thermal sublimation process forms a whole on the surface of the physical layer of the keycap, which has good gloss and stability. Some themed keycaps often use dye-sublimation technology, because it can show colorful patterns well, and the cost of this kind is higher.

Most of the keycap characters on the market are the above three processes, and of course there are some special processes such as silk screen printing.

In terms of lifespan and cost performance of keycap characters, two-color injection molding is currently the most popular. In addition, the keycap made of PBT material by two-color injection molding process has the following unique advantages:

The keycap feels fresh, and it will not be oily after long-term use;

The characters are not easy to wear and tear, and are durable and clear;

The keycap is not easy to get dirty, and it can be washed and cleaned without deformation.

As an input tool, the keyboard can win the hearts of the people only if it has a good feel and an excellent service life. Newcomers can refer to the above information to choose their favorite mechanical keyboard.

IKBC has been focusing on mechanical keyboards for 12 years, and is committed to providing users with an excellent desktop input experience. From the first keyboard produced to now, all series of products use CHERRY switches to ensure the feel and quality of each keyboard.

At the same time, IKBC has also been committed to the development and production of PBT keycaps.

Since 2007, IKBC launched the world’s first black version of PBT keycaps. In 2009, it released the thickened keycaps with the height of the original factory, and then released the sublimation process keycaps. In 2013, it developed the first generation of two-color PBT injection molded non- Backlit keycaps, to today’s two-color PBT closed backlit keycaps.

IKBC has been promoting the development of PBT keycaps, allowing users to enjoy higher-quality keycaps – “PBT keycaps” can be regarded as a label of ikbc.

IKBC is now more fully devoted to the research and development and production of mechanical keyboards. With high-quality product core and comprehensive after-sales service, it has become the first choice of mechanical keyboards for more users.Among them, the C series mechanical keyboard won the champion of single product sales in 2019.

In December 2019, a new youthful color series keyboard was launched to meet more individual choices of young people today. The full-color design details from the inside out further reflect the excellence of the product.

In the future, IKBC will always insist on making better mechanical keyboards, so that every user can input a better life.

IKBC Keycaps’s advantages and using benefits

IKBC keycaps are specially designed for maximum comfort and accuracy when typing, making them the ideal choice for anyone who demands perfection from their keyboard experience. IKBC keycaps are crafted using premium materials such as ABS plastic, PBT & POM plastics, providing a smooth feel that is both durable and comfortable to type on. IKBC also offers double-shot injection molded keycaps which provide precise backlighting effects that won’t fade over time.

The IKBC keycap design provides excellent ergonomics while typing, with contoured edges made especially to support the natural movement of your fingers. This allows you to type faster and more accurately with less strain on your hands, wrists and arms. IKBC’s unique design also reduces fatigue by allowing you to rest your fingers on the side or top of a key as opposed to hovering above it. With IKBC keycaps, you can stay productive without experiencing any discomfort from long typing sessions.

Additionally IKBC’s wide range of color options makes it easy to customize your keyboard however you like! IKBC has a variety of color combinations available in its line of double shot injection molded key caps, allowing you to choose whatever combination looks best for your setup. You can even get creative and mix-and-match different colored keys for a totally unique look!

Overall IKBC keycaps provide an excellent typing experience with enhanced comfort, accuracy and customization that is sure to satisfy any typist no matter how demanding their requirements are. Whether you prefer single shot or double shot injection molded key caps; IKBC has the perfect choice for you!

IKBC Keycaps compare with other keycaps

IKBC Keycaps are some of the most sought-after keycaps in the mechanical keyboard community. IKBC is a brand known for creating high-quality and durable keycaps that come with a variety of features. IKBC keycaps are made from a variety of materials, ranging from ABS plastic to thick PBT, allowing users to find the perfect balance between durability and style. IKBC keycaps also feature unique double-shot injection molding techniques which gives them incredibly precise legends and a premium feel.

IKBC’s iconic Cherry MX stem mounts allow their keycaps to fit almost any Cherry MX compatible switch out there. The IKBC construction process ensures that each keycap has uniform backlighting across every row or area where it is used, making IKBC backlight compatible keycaps stand out amongst other competitors.

When compared to other leading brands such as HyperX, IKBC offers superior quality at lower prices. IKBCs legendary double-shot injection molding process creates intricate designs with crisp details and logos, something that other brands often struggle with when creating custom sets of keycaps. IKBC’s PBT material also provides superior durability over standard ABS materials found in less expensive keycap sets. Furthermore, IKBC’s signature Cherry MX stem mount makes them universally compatible with nearly all mechanical switches on the market while still providing top notch typing experience.

Lastly, IKBC offers an extensive collection of colorways and designs for its customers to choose from – giving users more options in terms of personalization for keyboards than any other brand. Whether you’re looking for sleek black and white designs or vibrant RGB lighting styles – IKBA has something for everyone! When it comes to finding the perfect set of keycaps for your mechanical keyboard setup, it’s hard to beat what IKBG has to offer in terms of quality and design options that cater to every user’s individual needs and preferences!


How to choose the right IKBC Keycap?

Choosing the right IKBC keycap for your keyboard can be an overwhelming task, given the plethora of options available. IKBC keycaps come in various materials, sizes, shapes and colors, so it’s important to consider all the factors before making a decision.

First and foremost, you need to determine what type of IKBC keycap is best suited to your needs. IKBC offers several different types of keycaps: Standard-profile, low-profile and ergonomic-profile. Standard profile is the most common type and provides a comfortable typing experience. Low-profile IKBC keycaps are thinner than standard-profile keys and provide more space between the keys for a sleeker look; they’re also slightly quieter than their standard counterparts. Ergonomic-profile IKBC keycaps are thicker than standard models and are designed for extra comfort during long typing sessions.

Next, you’ll want to decide which material is best for your IKBC keycap purchase. IKBC produces keycaps from ABS plastic (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), PBT plastic (polybutylene terephthalate) or aluminum alloy – each of which has unique characteristics that make them better suited for certain applications than others.

ABS plastic is lightweight and generally more affordable than other materials; however, it may not last as long as PBT plastic or aluminum alloy due to its tendency to wear down over time. PBT plastic is highly durable and resists fading over time; however, it tends to be more expensive than ABS plastic or aluminum alloy. Aluminum alloy IKBC keycaps are resistant to wear and tear as well as fading, but they can be pricey compared to other materials.

Finally, consider the color of the IKBC keycap you’re looking at – some colors appear brighter on certain materials and may not fit into your aesthetic vision for your keyboard setup if they clash with other components like LED backlighting or switches. In addition to selecting a single color option, IKBC also offers several two-tone designs that combine different hues in interesting ways; these can help add some flair to otherwise plain keyboards without going overboard on aesthetics.

Take some time researching each of these factors when deciding on an IKBC keycap – this will ensure that you end up with a set that looks great while providing excellent performance during long typing sessions!


Maintain and Cleaning tips

Maintaining and cleaning IKBC keycaps is essential to ensure they stay in the best condition possible. IKBC keycaps should be treated with care, as rough handling or improper cleaning can cause damage that will reduce their lifespan. To keep IKBC keycaps looking and performing their best, here are some tips for cleaning and maintenance:

First, it’s important to regularly dust your IKBC keycaps. This will help prevent dirt and grime from accumulating on them which could lead to wear and tear over time. Using a soft brush or cloth, gently wipe away any debris from the keys. It’s also important to be careful when cleaning IKBC keycaps – never use harsh chemicals or scrubbing tools on them as this could cause scratches or damage that can’t be undone.

Second, if your IKBC keycaps become stained or discolored over time, you may need to use a specialized cleaning solution. IKBC recommends using a mild soap and warm water mixture with a soft cloth – never submerge IKBC keycaps in liquid as this could cause permanent damage! Additionally, it’s important to avoid using any abrasive cleaners on IKBC keycaps as these can scratch away at the plastic material and make them look dull over time.

Lastly, regular lubrication of IKBC stems is necessary for optimal performance and longevity of the keys. IKBG recommends using low-viscosity silicone lubricant for this process – simply apply one drop to each stem after wiping away all excess dust from the keys. Doing this approximately once every 3-6 months should help keep your IKBC keys in top condition!

Overall, following these cleaning and maintenance tips should help ensure that your IKBC keycaps remain in great condition! Keeping them clean will help extend their life span while regular lubrication will help maintain optimal performance during typing sessions. Be sure to always handle IKBG keys with care so that you can enjoy them for years to come!

FAQs on IKBC Keycaps

Q: What are IKBC keycaps?

A: IKBC keycaps are a range of high-quality keycaps that have been designed and produced by IKBC. These keycaps are made with a unique blend of materials such as ABS, PBT (Polybutylene Terephthalate), and POM (Polyoxymethylene) plastic. They come in a variety of styles, sizes, profiles and colors so users can find the perfect keycap for their needs. IKBC also offers custom backlighting options for those who want to add some flair to their keyboards.

Q: How durable are IKBC keycaps?

A: IKBC keycaps are highly durable. The ABS and PBT materials used in IKBC’s production process make them resistant to wear and tear from long periods of use. This means they won’t fade or chip easily, making them ideal for gamers who need long-lasting performance from their gaming setup. IKBC also offers various different profiles that can be used to customize the feel of the keyboard according to user preference.

Q: Are IKBC keycaps compatible with all types of keyboards?

A: Yes, IKBC keycaps are compatible with a wide range of keyboards including mechanical keyboards, membrane keyboards and even some laptop models. The versatility of these keycaps means they can fit most standard layouts without any modifications or alterations being required. Furthermore, IKBC offers special spacebar sizes so users can get an exact fit for their specific keyboard layout.

Q: Are there any special features available with IKBC keycaps?

A: Yes, IKBC offers several unique features such as double-shot injection molding which ensures that each keycap is perfectly shaped and free from imperfections. Additionally, many of IKBC’s products come with built-in backlighting options so users can customize the look of their keyboard even further. These backlighting options include RGB LED lighting as well as laser engraving for a truly unique look that is sure to impress anyone who sees it!



IKBC keycaps are a great choice for anyone looking to upgrade their keyboard setup. IKBC’s signature double-shot injection molding process ensures that each keycap is of the highest quality, while its universal Cherry MX stem mount makes them compatible with nearly all mechanical switches on the market today. IKBC also offers an extensive collection of colorways and designs so users can find something that fits their individual needs and preferences perfectly. With IKBC’s superior durability, custom lighting options, and unique design features – it’s easy to see why these high-quality keycaps have become so popular amongst gamers around the world!

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