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How to Choose Mechanical Keyboard for Beginer in Different Price 2023

Introduction to mechanical keyboard

Let’s review mechanical keyboard in this article. A frequently mentioned question is how to choose mechanical keyboard for beginer. In fact, for a beginner, their first reaction is wondering why mechanical keyboard is much more expensive than membrane keyboard. First of all, the overall structure of mechanical keyboard is more complex than the ordinary membrane keyboard, so the cost of mechanical keyboard is higher.

how to choose mechanical keyboard

The interesting part of mechanical keyboard is that different mechanical switch has different feeling of touch. If you want to have different feeling of touch, you can change the switch so as to achieve different effects.

Generally, we can categorize the mechanical keyboard into two types, one is mass production mechanical keyboard and the other is customized mechanical keyboard. The former is the one we often use, and most people would choose it. The feeling of touch of mass production mechanical keyboard is different in various brands.

What is the customized keyboard?

Simply, you choose the mechanical keyboard in terms of key cap, key switch, circuit board, cover materials and so on by yourself. Whatever you like, you always can design a mechanical keyboard for yourself.

The easier method is changing key cap, but we should pay attention to the height of key cap as different height affects the feeling of touch.

mechanical keyboard

We often buy Cherry’s mechanical keyboard, and the height of its switch is not dependable of the price, while the price usually depends on the plants and its availability. Of course,which height of key cap is more comfortable? It is varied according to different people.

How to choose switch?

As a common question relates to how to choose mechanical keyboard, to demonstrate simply, the key process of silver switch is short so it fires faster than other switches, which means that it needs time to adjust to it for the begin gamer, otherwise, it would be easier to mistouch.


White switch is more liked the combo of black switch and blue switch. In other words, the process of it is much more shorter than blue switch. Green switch and blue switch are different, the pressure of green switch is heavier so it is not a ideal option for those who type words pretty frequently.


The main reason why we choose Cherry switch as examples is that we are exposed to the mass production keyboard on the market at present, most of what use is cherry switch, or it is copied cherry switch and cherry as an old keyboard brand is famous for its switch.

How to evaluate a mechanical keyboard?

When we buy a mechanical keyboard in addition to the most basic key out of order, what we also need to pay attention to ? Are there any import factors for how to choose mechanical keyboard.

  1. Check whether the switch of the keyboard has defects, gaps, deformation and other problems
  2. Check whether the keycaps are neat , the height is consistent, the keys are not skewed, deformed
  3. Check whether the thickness of the key cap is consistent
  4. Check whether the large key satellite axis is tight enough,whether the small key has obvious spring sound

If you are lazy so that you do not want to check all of these above, you can just check the appearance and the electricity. If you have RGB lights, you can listen to the sound and make sure there is no electric current. After the test, it is fine to finish the whole process. After all, this kind of thing do not have standard, and the hand feeling is also different for everyone.

Review Mechanical keyboard in different price


MSI GK50Z red axis

GK50Z PIXELblue axis

  • Around $50(ikbc R300 brown axis)
  • MSI GK50Z

Key cap is ABS double color molding and has 104 keys, and key cap is not too thick as well, the edge is a little sharp, slightly rough, but the thickness is even

GK50Z currently has red switch and blue switch, and both are high axis, but the sound is not particularly like the red switch, the feeling of touch is fine, and the consistency of the big key and the small key is also good, but the satellite switch of the big key is not tight enough, there are some defects when shaking back and forth.

Except two sides contain RGB light effect, backlight is mix light. Black bright light is more good-looking , but white light always feel strange. If you don’t like mixed light or ABS key cap, you can also consider GK50Z PIXEL, which is an upgraded version of pink and white color matching. The key cap is changed to two-color PBT, which is also the same switch, and the backlight is white light.

As a young keyboard at the market, it is great in term of price.

  • Ikbc R300

CHERRY MX switch, the key cap is PBT double injection, the space bar thickness is even.

In key position review, the tea switch segment sound is stuffy with a little crisp, there is no obvious noise when typing, but the stability of the large key position is general ( the key cap in the satellite switch of the space bar after pulling is relatively stable). In addition to the space bar, other big keys shake more obviously, with noise.

The voice of the tea switch is pleasant, and the sense of depth is not like the blue switch so loud, but the space bar edge is not particularly smooth, and edges is obvious. However, this keyboard is cost performance.

  • Cherry MX3.0S

First of all, the packaging is really quite simple. There is only a keyboard and an instruction manual. But there is no dustproof cover and key picker for this price, which is not understandable.


ABS double injection is used, to my surprise, the big keys are embellish, so there is almost no obvious sense of rawness and noise.


The key cap is thicker, and the edge of the space bar has been polished and is suitable for our typing.

CHERRY original height, of course, is also the CHERRY switch, the sound of red switch is smaller and lower than GK50Z, but it would not make us feel tired when we spend a long time typing.

Large keys are relatively tight, and the satellite switch is relatively stable, the size of the key is high consistency. The Cover is alloy material, there is no uneven paint small flaws and no design brace. Besides, we can see the keyboard circuit board in ABC gap. If water enter the circuit board, it must affect its function.

In fact, it is ok to choose this mechanical keyboard, because the feeling of touch and stability is good, but the price is little high. If you like the brand, Cherry, it is a good option.

Finally, I hope this will help you how to choose mechanical keyboard.

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