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40 keyboard

40 Keyboard: How much do You Know?

Introduction to 40 Keyboard

With the development of mechanical keyboard, multitudes of keyboard layouts are increasing so as to meet users’ needs. Based on the 100 keyboards, 40 keyboards are emerging and starting to become more popular among mechanical keyboard enthusiasts.

These keyboards have a smaller layout, which makes them perfect for people who want a compact and travel-friendly keyboard. They also have fewer keys, which can make them easier to learn and use. However, 40% keyboard do have some drawbacks, which this article will explore. Today, the article will introduce the configuration and take an example to share a brief introduction with you as a reference.

40 keyboard


40 keyboard is a special keyboard that has 40% of the full-sized keyboard. It’s designed for people with smaller hands or those who want to reduce the amount of movement needed to reach all the keys on a keyboard.

One of the main features is that it takes up less space than a traditional keyboard, which can be helpful for people who are limited on desk space. Additionally, 40 keyboard has a standard key layout, making it easy to use right away.

However, there are some drawbacks. First, because it has fewer keys than a traditional keyboard, some functions may not be available. Second, 40 keyboard can be more difficult to use for people who are not used to it, as the key layout is different from a traditional keyboard.

Overall, it is a good option for people who are looking for a compact and easy-to-use keyboard.

Pros and Cons

40% Keyboard Pros:

– Low price. The 40 keyboards are smaller than others, which means it uses fewer materials, function and other things. The cost is decreased, and so is its price.

– Small size. 40 keyboard is also very small, which makes it easy to carry around. In addition, its small size will save more space for your desk, which will give you more space for your other decoration.

40% Keyboard Cons:

– Low key travel. The short distance is uncomfortable for users who are accustomed to the bigger keyboard.

– Lack of backlighting. Due to its small size, most 40 keyboards don’t have enough space for backlight.

– Limited selection of keys. The evolution of the 40 from 100 keyboard is to short some keys that are used infrequently.

– Not a good choice for gaming or typing. Playing games need to use may keys, such as arrow keys. But 40 keyboards don’t have special arrow keys, which can be realized by combination keys. It’s not convenient to play games.

– Not a good choice for people with large hands. If your hands are big enough, maybe the small size is unfriendly and the situation that keys are touched by mistake will happen frequently.

Keychron Q9


In this article, I will take keychron 40 keyboard as an example with an all-aluminum case. Let’s see how about this keyboard, and how to use it.

The keychron 40 keyboard is fully compatible with Windows and Mac systems with a special system switch next to the Type-C interface.

This keyboard kit uses a CNC engraving process + anodizing + metal sandblasting process for the aluminum case.


Although it is 40% configuration, it still is in the upper right corner of the volume adjustment knob and a home button and has separate directional keys. The black and dark blue keycaps and red Enter key give the keyboard a calm and dynamic appearance.

The knob is also made of metal, with a lattice pattern on it, non-slip and at the same time, the texture and the damping feels are also very good, and the downward pressure can be silent.

Q9 looks really small, but when used with a laptop or when the table space is tight, its advantages will be more clearly reflected.

Like most aluminum keyboards, Q9 does not support wireless mode, and can only be connected to the computer through the data cable.

This keyboard PCB satellite axis although inconvenient to disassemble, but more stable, and less shaking. The keyboard is adjusted when entering the market, and all large keys can be said to be very perfect, which are dry and silent.

It adopts Gateron red switch and supports hot-swappable for the switch. It is smooth and steady without any wobble. Although it is not as strong as the TTC popular switch, it also can do completely with the hand. In addition to the red switch, there are brown and blue switches.


The most important thing is that the Q9 is still the Gasket structure. Although it is a completely hard Gasket structure with a metal positioning plate, you can feel the whole positioning plate sinking by pressing hard, and the typing sound is really better.

It is equipped with OSA profile PBT spherical keycaps, and its surface has a more delicate frosted texture and feels very comfortable. Keycap uses the double-shot process, moderate thickness, good level of craftsmanship.

So how to type on this small keyboard without a number area? The Fn has two key ports Fn 1 and Fn 2, which can be pressed and held to form a key combination with other keys. The Fn 1 is mainly responsible for the multimedia part, and the Fn 2 and keys of Q W E compose the F area in the first row, and the Fn 2 and ASDcompose the numerical area. keys from A to “:” corresponds to the numbers 1 to 0 respectively.

The design of Kechron Q9 is relatively reasonable. From it, I believe you can understand how complicated 40 keyboard is when used.


-How many keys does a 40 keyboard include?

Different keyboards vary from diverse brands and manufacturers. You can read its specifications.

-How to use 40 keyboard?

40 keyboard has the same function as a traditional keyboard, so you can use it in the same way.

-What are the pros of 40 keyboard?

40 keyboard has some advantages over traditional keyboards. For example, it has a 40% smaller size, which makes it more portable. It also has a backlight that makes it easier to see in low-light conditions.

-What are the cons of 40 keyboard?

One disadvantage of 40 keyboard is that it does not have a number pad. This can be inconvenient for some users. Another downside is that 40 keyboard can be more expensive than traditional keyboards.

-How do I choose a 40 keyboard?

When choosing a 40 keyboard, you should consider your needs and budget. If you need a keyboard with a number pad, then a 40 keyboard is not the right choice for you. If you are willing to pay more for portability and backlighting, then a 40 keyboard may be the right choice for you.


In conclusion, 40 keyboard is suitable for some people, which is too convenient for users.

However, if you are used to the keyboard, if you regard it as an auxiliary, if you don’t have enough space, the 40 keyboard undoubtedly is a good choice.

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