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Gateron yellow

Gateron Yellow Review: One of the Best Switches

The Gateron Yellow switch is an excellent switching option for those who prefer a mechanical keyboard with a linear switch. It’s a very smooth, quiet, vertical pressing sensation with no clicks. Ideal for office work, long term typing, and even playing games.

Among the Gateron switches, the red switch seems to be more common among keyboard enthusiasts. However, as perhaps you know, the Gateron yellow switch is steadily raising its name in the keyboard switch playground. Gateron Yellow has a driving force of 50g. The travel distance is 4mm, the same as the standard Gateron switch: Gateron red, blue and brown.

With the popularity of the Gateron Yellow switch, one has to wonder, is the Gartrone yellow switch really so beneficial? Therefore, in this article, we will make a detailed review of Gateron Yellow.

gateron yellow

Gateron Yellow Switches Specifications

Switch type: Linear

Mount type: PCB & Plate Mount

Actuation force: 50g Operating, 60g Bottom-out

Pre-travel: 2.0mm

Travel distance: 4.0mm

Sound level: Quite

Suitable for: Office/ Gaming


Gateron Yellow has a different appearance from other switch cables such as KS-3, KS-3-X1, KS-3-X47, KS-8, KS-9, and KS-15. We’ll break down the Gateron yellow switches for each row, and what they do specifically.


The Gateron KS-1 switch, available in variants of Milky and Clear, has a unique stem shape that is virtually unknown to other switch types, not seen in any other switch design, and not in any variant except the Rantopad for one OEM application, which Gateron did when the KS-1 switch was produced. These switches appear to be in a typical MX mount design with a PCB, a large, square bar, and a circular dive around the mounting post in the center of the bar.


These are the least commonly encountered Gateron switches of the KS-3 type due to their completely black housing. For several reasons, the KS-3-X1 and KS-3-X47 appear to be better supported by aftermarket purchases of new switches than standard KS-3 switches. All three variants of the KS-3 switch are specifically designed to accept double-pin LEDs.


The Gateron ks-3-x1 is actually very well known within the community but under the name “Galaxy Gateron Switch”. Thanks to their transparent white transparent case, these keyboards are beloved by keyboard types because they “improve the sound” over other stock Gateron options. In fact, demand for Milky Gateron casings even exceeded the “classic” line, and saw short periods of use in the bottom casings of some Zealios V1 switches, making them preferable to regular Zealios V1 switches.


The casings of these switches are basically just a fusion of the classic KS-3 and KS-3-X1 switch cables, whereas the X47 series has a creamy white top case and a black bottom case. This is almost certainly to provide an intermediate position in the sound profile and the potential difference in perception between the traditional KS-3 and KS-3-X1 switch wires.


The main difference between the KS-8 wire and the KS-3 wire is that the switch has a black bottom housing and a fully transparent top housing instead of a translucent, milky top housing. The second, less noticeable change is that the KS-8 switch can support four-legged LEDs instead of the two-legged LEDs in the KS-3s.


The KS-9 series of Gateron switches are quite different in this ever-changing appearance. Instead of just changing the color/material of the bottom or top shell, these feature a transparent top shell with an “RGB” style bottom shell that is opaque with a white appearance. These were developed to be more compatible with builds that featured SMD LEDs, rather than through-hole styles.


These switches, featuring the same housing design as the KS-3-X47 wire, are the last on this list to have a yellow rod. After all, you may notice that most models repeat the appearance to describe the ks-8. However, the all-black KS-3s and milky white KS-3-X1s are preferred because their appearance is considered neutral and they have better color matching in the case of a switch rod change.

Gateron yellow

Push Feel

The push-feel of the Gateron Yellow switch is indeed a factor that has long been unanimously admired in the keyboard world. You’ll be surprised how smooth these switches are compared to more expensive linear switches from other well-known brands like Cherry. In fact, the Gateron yellow switch does not modify the jump or force during manufacturing lubrication. As a result, they create a very smooth linear feel throughout the brushstrokes.

The Gateron yellow switch has a spring weight at the bottom of a force of around 50g and is considered a decent, lightweight stock option that can be easily upgraded to a larger spring weight without losing smoothness. Also, the undersides of these switches are sturdy and durable, unlike many of their flimsy counterparts, which look plastic or hollow.


All of Gateron’s switches are known for providing super fluency, and the Gateron yellow switch is no exception, meaning they provide a really smooth input experience throughout the entire input process. Of course, the Gateron yellow switch also provides users with a super smooth typing experience.

The smoothness of any mechanical switch does not depend on a single factor. The driving force, the shape of the switch, the spring force, and the building mechanism play a crucial role in the smoothness and consistency of the switch. As a linear switch, the Gartron Yellow switch provides extra smoothness and a soft grip, as you will feel very light and fluid typing.

It doesn’t need to lubricate the Gateron yellows at first, but the best thing is that you can lubricate them to achieve a smoother finish, especially if you start to hear the rattling sound after long term use. Luing also enhances the sound profile of the switch, and the difference between before and after lubrication can be clearly felt. The Gateron Yellow is definitely an excellent switch with a super smooth experience.


When it comes to the sound profile of the Gateron Yellow switch, the sound of the yellow switch has a lot in common with the Red switch. The Gateron makes a very quiet sound when typing while giving the slight sensation of a deep and rich sound due to the presence of internal components.

Since the Yellow switch is as quiet as the Red switch, it is most popular with gaming communities, office workers, and central apartments, as loud and clicking sounds can be disruptive while working. From a game perspective, I think Gateron Yellow does a good job of sound and gives the player some advantages, such as hearing enemy footsteps.


In all of the Gartron switches, the spring and stem barely wiggled, but without close monitoring, it might barely be noticed. In the N/S direction, there is a minimal bit of rod wiggle, but it is usually not too annoying.

The E/W direction swing is even improved in this way, and it is said to be close to most normal Durock/JWK linearity, rather than being produced using specially modified molds. However, the switches also had almost no top housing wobble, with about 30-40% of the switches in the batch showing signs of small possible E-W wobbles. Despite the stem swing, the Gartron yellow switch is generally acceptable given its reasonable cost and superior performance.

Typing and Gaming Performance

The linear switch provides a smooth typing experience, perfect for everyday typing. For typists, the Gateron Yellow switch will be one of the best options for a fast and lightweight typing experience.

When choosing a mechanical switch, the game experience must be considered. Linear switches are often useful in games. Whether you’re playing for competition or just for fun, with smooth typing and silent sound, the Gateron Yellow switch is sure to give you a great gaming environment.


In terms of durability, the Gartron Yellow switch won’t disappoint you. Durability is a major consideration for users when choosing Gateron series switches due to their economical price, especially when compared to Cherry switches.

With a lifespan of 50 million keystrokes, the Gateron yellow switch can be easily used for a long time, even by aggressive hands. These switches don’t come with any warranty. Looking at the lifespan of the Cherry, Gateron is easy to cover up, but you should remember that there is no cherry switch in terms of durability to match.

So you don’t need to worry, as many people have been using the Gateron switch for a long time without serious problems, and reliability shouldn’t be a problem with Gateron Yellow. Pressing a key 50 million times with any mechanical switch is certainly a long life.

Gateron Red VS. Gateron Yellow

When looking for a linear switch, people often search for a red switch because they believe it’s the only option available right now. This is due to the fact that many brands only offer red linear switches, although the Gateron yellow switch is also considered to be the biggest competitor to its red counterpart.

When comparing the two switches, drive, touch, and feedback are the main differences between the Gateron yellow and Gateron red switches. The yellow switch is slightly heavier and has more feedback, while the red switch is very light and soft because the feedback is very weak.

People often find the red switch relatively soft and light, especially since the slightly larger button feedback is not so good. For those who find the red switch too light and soft and need slightly stronger feedback, we recommend the Gateron Yellow switch.

The Gateron Yellow switch is sleek and has a driving force of 50g, just 5g more than the 45g red switch. It will make a difference, but not much. You can feel it making the keycaps follow your finger more closely.



1. Are Gateron Yellows very loud?

Gateron Yellows are one of the quietest switches, although they are not designed to be quiet, mainly because they are linear and require very little force to drive.

2. How about the price of Gateron Yellow?

Gateron Yellow is available on different platforms at different prices, depending on availability and demand. Some sellers are selling the switches for $0.20 each, while others are charging $0.30.

3. Do you need to film Gateron yellow?

The Gateron yellow is one of the smoothest Gateron switches where there is absolutely no wiggle problem, meaning there is no need to film them. If you’re not sure, you can always test the wobble. To do this, remove one of the keycaps and try to move the rod of the switch. If the stem feels loose and can move freely, it is likely to benefit from the switch film.

4. Which Is Better Between Gateron Yellow and Gateron Black?

The Gateron Black and the Gateron Yellow are both linear switches that are more similar than different, with only one factor separating the two, the driving force. The most noticeable difference in experience is the weight of the buttons, with the Gateron Black significantly heavier than the Gateron Yellow. Heavier switches reduce the chance of typing errors, while lighter ones make it easier to touch type, leaving the choice up to personal preference.

In terms of sound, you’ll find that a Gateron Yellow sound is quieter than a Gateron Black sound because a switch with more driving force will naturally be louder. For those who want a heavy-duty switch, Gateron Black is the better choice, while for typists who prefer a lighter switch, Gateron Yellow is clearly the best choice.


Gateron Yellow is a linear switch designed and manufactured by Gateron to match their linear switches such as Gateron Red and Gateron Black. The Gateron Yellow is a linear switch that bears a distinct resemblance to the Gateron Red, with a slightly heavier spring for a 50g drive and a Red for a 45g drive. In this article, we have a detailed review of Gateron Yellow. If you want a sturdy, reliable switch with moderate power, the Gateron Yellow is an excellent choice that will give you a super smooth typing experience. If you are going to buy Gateron Yellow switches, I hope this article will be helpful to you.

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