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Gateron Switches: One of the Best Switches

Gateron has dozens of switches to choose from, including the standard red, blue, brown, green, black, and yellow switches and their own unique Gateron milk, ink, low-profile, and silent switch designs. And in this article, we will introduce the different Gateron switches to you. If you are interested in Gateron switches and would like to buy one, please read on.

Gateron switches

The Background of Gateron

Gateron is a technology manufacturing and brand-operating company, mainly dedicated to the development and production of electronic and mechanical switches, sensors, and hardware accessories. After 16 years of unremitting efforts and continuous research, they have achieved excellent results and rapid development in the technical fields of precision mold manufacturing, injection molding/plastic manufacturing, metal forming manufacturing, and automated assembly production. They have accumulated valuable R&D and production experience while continuously developing new products in the electrical and automotive electrical parts industry.

Today, they have not only won the trust of leading international users in the markets of consumer electronics, industrial automation electromechanical equipment, automotive door locks, and automotive code switches, thus becoming an important supplier in these high-end component markets. Especially in the field of waterproof micro switches and mechanical keypad switches (green switches, red switches, black switches, brown switches, photoelectric switches), Guadalupe enjoys a high reputation. They adhere to the corporate mission of “Innovative Technology, Pursuit of Excellence”. Based on the implementation of TQM, they work closely with customers and suppliers to promote each other, continuously improve product quality, and strive to provide better solutions and services to customers. This website is operated by Hong Kong Qingmou Optical Technology Co.

Gateron switches are currently recognized as the smoothest mass-produced switches you can buy. The silky smooth feel is the main feature of their switches. If you want to enjoy a smooth typing sensation, you can’t go wrong with Gateron switches. Gateron has a comprehensive lineup of switches that all have a unique feel and aesthetic. In the design of mechanical keyboard switches, they aim to create the best feel experience for the majority of mechanical keyboard users. Gateron is dedicated to the development and production of keyboard switches. After 10 years of unremitting efforts and continuous research, their keyboard switches enjoy a high reputation in the market and have been recognized by the majority of consumers.

What are Gateron Switches

Gateron switches originally started as clones of the Cherry MX switches. Their basic structure is very similar to the MX-type switches. Even their basic switch colors and naming conventions are similar to those of Cherry MX switches. However, the company has developed its own brand identity. Today, they are considered to produce some of the smoothest budget-friendly switches on the market. They also produce high-end keyboard switches that have become a favorite of the keyboard community.

Gateron switches are keyboard switches that are widely known for their buttery typing sensation. They offer a variety of mechanical switches to choose from – all with a unique sound signature and typing experience. In the following, we’ll give you a list of Gateron switches, so you can pick the best one for your keyboard based on your needs.

The Main Line-Up

Gateron Reds

Switch Type: Linear

Actuation Force: 45 g

Actuation Point: 2.0mm

Mount Type: PCB / Plate-Mount

Sound: Low

Gateron Red switches are linear, which means they have a consistent activation force over the entire cycle of the switch. This makes them ideal for those who prefer a consistent keystroke feel. They have a very smooth and silent-clicking experience. the Gateron Red switches have a fast response time, which is great for gaming. The switch is very light and you will enjoy using it. the sound of the Gateron Red switches is quite quiet, making them a good choice for office use as well.

Gateron Yellows

Switch Type: Linear

Actuation Force: 50g

Actuation Point: 2.0mm

Mount Type: PCB / Plate-Mount

Sound: Low

For those who prefer a mechanical keyboard with linear switches, the Gateron Yellow Switch is a great switch option. It is a very smooth, quiet, vertical pressing sensation with no clicking. Perfect for office work, long typing sessions, or even gaming. Most people who choose a mechanical keyboard with linear switches will probably choose the red switches because most brands only have linear switches with red switches. They are not aware that there are other linear switch options.

People often find red switches relatively soft and light, especially with slightly larger keys that don’t have very good feedback. Gateron yellow switches are our recommended switches for those who find red switches too light and soft and need slightly stronger feedback. The Gateron yellow switch is smooth and has a 50-gram actuation force, only 5 grams more than the red switch (45 grams). This makes a difference in feeling, but not too much. You can feel it brings the keycaps closer to your fingers.

Gateron Browns

Switch Type: Tactile

Actuation Force: 55gf

Actuation Point: 2.0mm

Mount Type: PCB / Plate-Mount

Sound: Moderate

Gateron Brown switches are a type of mechanical keyboard switch. They are considered tactile, meaning that they provide feedback to the user when they are activated. This makes them popular among typists and gamers. It is a hybrid of linear and clicky switches. It does not produce a click when pressed, but the tactile bump is still present. Ideal for those who want a tactile bump and work among their peers.

They have a slight bump with each keystroke, which makes them great for typing and programming, but they are not the best choice for gaming. gateron brown produces a moderate amount of noise. These switches have a lifespan of 60 million keystrokes, which should give you plenty of time to use them before they start to break down.

Gateron Blues

Switch Type: Clicky

Actuation Force: 60 g

Actuation Point: 2.3mm

Mount Type: PCB / Plate-Mount

Sound: Loud

Gateron Blues is a similar switch to Cherry MX Blues. Gateron Blues include a click sleeve that gives an audible click when you activate the switch. They also have all the socially acclaimed features of Gateron’s cream top, and black bottom case, providing you with the typical clicky switch and a slight tactile feel. Even though it has a 60gf drive, long typing sessions won’t cause your fingers to fatigue. However, if used in the wrong place outside of your personal space, its clicking sound may cause you trouble. Gateron Blues is available as a PCB switch and a board mount switch.


Gateron Silent Switches

The Gateron Silent Switch is one of the best silent switches for mechanical keyboards. It has a clear cover and milk base that provides an exceptionally smooth, quiet, and natural feel. As the name implies, the sound level is significantly lower with the mute switch. It is perfect for places with sound restrictions and for gamers who don’t want to disturb others at night.

Unlike normal form factor switches, the Gateron Silent Switch has a carefully designed cushioned sound-deadening pad on the top and bottom of the handle to reduce noise when using the key switches.

The Gateron Mute Switch is a 5-pin PCB mount switch that can be soldered directly to a 5-pin compatible PCB without the need for plates.


Gateron Milk Switches

Gateron Milk Switches are available in green, red, yellow, black, clear, brown, and blue. Gateron Milk is very similar to the regular Gateron switches, except they have a different housing design. Instead of the typical clear top housing and black bottom housing, the Milk Switches come with a “milky” colored housing that helps diffuse the RGB lights.

While the normal switch housing directs the RGB lighting directly into your eyes, the Milk Switch gives it a less intense feel. At the same time, the unique plastic used for its housing gives it a deeper sound profile. The overall sound and feel of the Milk Switch are the same, only the color of the housing is different.

Gateron Ink Switches

The Gateron Ink Switches are slightly different from the regular Gateron switches in that they are what we consider to be Gateron’s “premium switches” because of the higher price point. The significant differences in the Ink switches are the clear smoked housing, the different plastic material, the lower pitch sound, and the smoother feel. The smoked housing is the name of the ink, and both the lower and upper housings are the same color, depending on the type of switch you are using.

For example, Ink Yellow would come with a smoked yellow housing, while black would be a transparent smoked black color. Plastic is a different ink, although Gateron will not release the details. We can feel that the plastic most likely has a lower coefficient of friction because of the increased smoothness of the keys. Overall, if you are willing to pay a premium, the Ink switch is a great way to get a selection of different color housings and super smooth keys.

It is best suited for long-term typing use or casual everyday use because of its construction and actuation. Also noteworthy about these switches is that the yellow switch has a cassette lever while the others have the normal Cherry MX type lever, which gives the yellow switch a shorter stroke and actuation point. When it comes to V1 and V2, V1 had a problem with a loose contact leaf inside the switch, and V2 fixed it.


Gateron Low-Profile Switches

Gateron low-profile switches have a completely different design than normal switches. Gateron low-profile switches have a differently shaped lever and a very short actuation and travel distance. The benefit of this switch design is that they allow a mechanical keyboard to be designed to be thinner and have a shorter drive distance, which is theoretically faster for gaming. However, the shorter drive is more uncomfortable when typing, but some people like this design because the thinner keyboard may feel easier on their wrists. Others use the lower profile switches purely for gaming purposes because of the lower drive distance, but I think gaming with a shorter drive distance is no improvement.


1. How long do Gateron switches last?

Gateron switches are known for their smoothness and great price, not for their durability and longevity. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t durable at all. A typical Gateron switch can last up to 50-60 million keystrokes, and can even work beyond that point.

2. How to choose the right Gateron switch?

If you’re wondering which Gateron switch is best for you, it honestly depends on what use you have in mind. Let’s see which variant and color is right for you based on your use.

If you want to play games with Gateron switches, Gateron red or black linear switches would be a good choice. Are you thinking about typing? Tactile and clicking will be soothing to you, that’s why you should go with blue or green switches. If you’re a fan of RGB and you want faster response times, Gateron Clear switches may work for you.

3. Are the Gateron switches pre-lubricated?

Out of the box, Gateron switches have a small amount of pre-lubrication to keep them in top shape, but this is not enough lubrication if you want to install these switches on your keyboard. Also, if you purchased a keyboard with Gateron mechanical switches inside, most likely, the keyboard manufacturer has already lubricated the switches placed on the keyboard at the factory.

4. How do I lubricate a Gateron switch?

The lubrication process for Gateron mechanical switches is also very similar to other key switches. If you want to lubricate a Gateron switch, here is what you have to do.

First, you want to pull the top and bottom halves of the switch apart. Take a small brush and brush the switch, the upper housing, and the lower lever of the Gateron switch with lubricant – just enough, not too much. Finally, connect these parts together and use them as lubricated switches on your keyboard.


If you want the lightest possible touch, we recommend the Gateron Clear Switch. If gaming is what you want, then a red or black Gateron switch is your best bet. The different housing designs for the milk and ink switches really bring a unique design to the competition and allow Gateron to show everyone that they are more than just a Cherry MX clone company. So if you are going to buy Gateron switches, I hope this article will be helpful to you.

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