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Gateron Ink Black

Gateron Ink Black Switch: A Ultimate Guide

Gateron Ink Black


The Gateron Ink Black switch is a linear switch with a travel distance of 2mm Actuation (4mm Bottom) and a force of 60g Operating (70g Bottom). Gateron Ink Black switch is PCB mount. The Gateron Ink Black switches are known for their transparent smokey housing. This Gateron Ink Black switch is made out of a new type of plastic.

Located in Zhongkai High-tech Zone, Huizhou, Guangdong Province, Gateron is a technology manufacturing and brand operation company.

Business area: The company is mainly engaged in the design, research and development and manufacturing of various micro switches, waterproof switches, wind pressure switches, limit switches, waterproof micro switches, mechanical keyboard switches (mechanical switch, optical switch, magnetic switch), and wiring harness products. Plastic molds and parts, metal molds and parts become the core components of the company’s industrial chain.

Quality management: Fully implement the quality management system. 100% of each link of production and manufacturing are strictly controlled, to ensure that the quality is fully in line with customer requirements.

Development achievements: After 20 years of unremitting efforts and continuous drilling and development, Gateron have made outstanding achievements and rapid development in the technical fields of precision mold manufacturing, injection/plastic coated manufacturing, hardware molding manufacturing, automatic assembly production and so on. In PC peripherals, consumer appliances, automotive electrical parts and digital peripherals industry continue to develop new products, while accumulating valuable research and development and production experience.

Introduction of Mechanical Switch

The linear switch such as Gateron Ink Black is now one of the most recognized types of mechanical keyboard switch body, without the noise of paragraph switch, but maintain a crisp experience. However, in addition to the well-known cherry red switch, there are many excellent switch bodies worth choosing when customizing your keyboard!

What is a linear switch?

Simply put, the linear switch, Gateron Ink Black switch is the most “direct” of all mechanical keyboard switch. These switchs are very similar to a regular keyboard, especially a traditional laptop or MacBook keyboard. The linear switch does not have any audible click or tactile bump when a key is pressed. They are the fastest of all mechanical switchs because they actually press the switch body directly and there are no more mechanical switches. As a typical linear switch, the red switch is basically straight up and straight down. The resistance of the arresting hook is very small, but the base spring also provides enough pressing feel.

The reason of choosing linear switch

Linear switches, Gateron Ink Black switches are favored by many gamers, as well as those who don’t like the sound of typing clicks affecting others. The linear shaf is fast, uninterrupted travel is ideal for speed-conscious users. It provides less resistance, so reaction times are faster, allowing your fingers to “glide” across the keyboard with ease. Intense esports gamers and fast typists will love linear mechanical switchess.

What’s the difference between a linear switch and a clicky switch?

The main difference between a linear switch and a cliky switch (Cliky, also known as the click-green switch) is definitely the sound. The linear switch such as Gateron Ink Black switch is designed to be quiet and smooth, while the paragraph switch is specifically designed to produce audible clicks when pressed.

Compared with the previous red switches, the crisp sound of the green switches comes from the double crochet action of the switches body under the step modeling and between the arresting hooks. The mechanism responsible for producing this unique clicking sound adds a bit of delay to the keystrokes until it responds on the computer. This lag is almost impossible to notice in your daily work, but the average user will get a fairly clear “valid” keystroke feedback from the sound, so the paragraph switch is the one with the lowest learning curve and the most distinct switch from a typical thin film keyboard.

So many people recommend using the green switch to experience the mechanical keyboard entry switch body, because its feedback is very clear. It is loud, but through this sense of obstruction and sound, providing a very clear feedback. But gamers actually benefit more from a linear switch, because in the heat of battle, every second counts and any lag is something to be avoided.

What is the difference between a linear switch and a tactile switch?

The Tactile switch, on the other hand, is also classified by many as a linear switch, calling it the “first order linear switch,” compared to the cherry tea switch. Tactile switchess focus on the experience in terms of feel, and they are designed to produce tactile impact when a key is pressed. This is to provide feedback to the user as to when they have successfully pressed a key.

The tactile switches adopts the blocking principle of double crochet similar to the paragraph switches, but the resistance and time of double crochet are very short, so the feedback is fast and the sound is low. Tactile switchess are generally recommended for everyday users of mechanical keyboards because they feel very good, especially for the average user, while being much less noisy than the green switches, which is acceptable to the average person.

But then again, they suffer from the same problem as the paragraph switch, which is that the added touch glitz also adds a bit of latency. What’s more, some people prefer the soft feel of a linear mechanical switch over the overly obvious tactile bump.

Gateron Ink Black

Gateron Ink Black Switch

Gateron is already the first line of the third party switches body brand, how can not custom linear switches. The Gateron Ink Black switch is their linear switches representing the product. This switches body is suitable for players with some experience in switches body maintenance. Different from the previous Gateron Ink Black switches bodies out of the box, it requires you to perform certain lubrication work when installing.

Once you lubricate it, a set of reliable, super-fine linear Gateron Ink Black switches unfolds before you. Lubricated, the Gateron Ink Black switches sounds very satisfying, unspeakably rugged and still relatively quiet. The best thing about Gateron Ink Black switchess is that they are easily available. Unlike other switches, which are basically overseas shopping channels and even need to be opened by group manufacturers, basically all major e-commerce platforms have them, and the price is also very approachable.

Keyboard with Gateron Ink Black

Mechanical keyboards with Gateron Ink Black are so popular these days that I’ve consigned other keyboard to my closet and never use them again. In fact, the reasons are as follows: First, when I just came into contact with the computer, the keyboard of the 486 computer was mechanical, with a feeling in it. Second, the mechanical keyboard is very comfortable for both writers and gamers. I have learned a little about the donkey’s 619 keyboard before.

At that time I was impressed by its unique “cheap”, as well as typing hand feel and other aspects are excellent. James Donkey recently launched a new 619 rolling mechanical keyboard, the same white and orange color scheme, but the appearance of a big change, “rolling” let people more surprising. Here is to help you experience this James Donkey keyboard.

Gateron Ink Black


This mechanical keyboard is so interesting.

The outer packaging of the 619 roll keyboard is still family-style packaging. The exterior is black hard paper shell, the left half is the keyboard tracing silhouette, and the upper right corner is the brand LOGO. When I opened the box, I found another layer of frosted wrapping paper, which I hadn’t seen on my donkey keyboard before. And in the protection measures, it is also not quite the same, but the effect is as reassuring as ever.

Donkey 619 Rolling mechanical keyboard accessories at a glance. Found that in addition to equipped with a key extractor, the data line is actually pluggable, which is very different from the previous keyboard. The so-called pluggable type means that the data cable is connected to one end of the keyboard, which can be removed. The interface of the rolling keyboard is Micro USB interface, which is the same as the data interface of Android phone.

Gateron Ink Black


Let’s take a serious look at this keyboard: first of all, I found that this is a 104 full-key non-punch standard mechanical keyboard. What is more special is the adoption of the current popular integrated metal panel. Of course, the color combination of white and orange inherited the traditional donkey, and then added silver metal panel, it is more cool.

The integrated metal panel is integrated with the keyboard in appearance. In addition to cleaning the keyboard dust and anti-splash are also helpful. This is one of the biggest differences from the previous game. Because of the integrated metal frosted panel design, metal screws can be found in the four corners of the keyboard.

The screws have also been cosmetically treated and can be integrated into the overall design style of the keyboard. In addition to the integrated metal panel, the keyboard features a unique sports car curve on the sides, and the spoiler and flanks are reflected in the walk-on keyboard. The keyboard adopts the suspension ladder type key design, the actual operation feels comfortable. It is not tired for long time typing .

What is interesting is the design of the three indicators on the right side of the keyboard. The James Donkey also uses the three-dimensional triangular design of the light hole for ulterior motives. As a practical matter, it does not block the light, but avoids the common design of the pilot light directly into the user’s eyes. This design is not only characteristic, but also very practical.

Take a look at the Micro USB port on the back of the keyboard. This interface is designed to be right in the middle of the back of the keyboard, which is consistent with the design we see on normal mechanical keyboards. The data cable also has a slot in the keyboard, which makes the interface more firmly connected. Even if you remove it with two hands, you need a certain Angle and force to pull it out smoothly.

On the other end of the data line, the shape is still family-style design. Still using gold plated USB interface and anti-jamming magnetic ring, let the signal transmission more stable. The back of the 619 roll keyboard is fixed with the wings and the bottom plate intersect. The upper part is designed with a bracket, and the lower part is designed with two non-slip silicone pads. The back of the 619 roll keyboard is fixed with the wings and the bottom plate intersect.

The upper part of the design of the support foot, the lower part of the design of two large black non-slip silicone pads. What makes the author a little puzzled is why the support foot is not designed with a non-slip foot pad? Does this make the keyboard easy to move when typing? The actual experience, is the author overthought. Although the support foot is smooth, due to the Angle design, it is very difficult to move the keyboard when it is fully opened at a certain Angle with the keyboard.


Gateron Ink Black

The keyboard I have experienced uses the Gateron black switches. From the performance of the code words these days, its performance is: the keyboard press the key process is moderate, long time typing hands are not tired; The black switches is not like the green switches clap noise is too large, for a relatively quiet office or home environment, very suitable.

The background light of the 619 roll keyboard is still LED monochrome donkey yellow, and the diffuse reflection on the silver frothed metal plate is very soft. Together with the orange wing design, it is very unified and harmonious. But is it possible to consider RGB colors for the next version? After all, monochrome is more monotonous.


The key cap design of James Donkey is more realistic and textured. The ABS material penetrates the key cap, and the two-color injection molding is uniform and smooth inside and outside. The workmanship is excellent. The key cap is coated with a special coating that, in addition to being delicate to the touch, effectively prevents sweaty fingers from slipping.

The font on the keycap is in the traditional style, and the classic design makes it easy for users to accept. The effects light on the Donkey 619 Rolling Black switches keyboard is pretty cool. Independent master control, can manually adjust the brightness of the light and the speed and speed of the light effect, and with the light memory function, even hot swap, do not need to worry about loss.

Its backlight combination is: Single light, ripple mode, wave mode, breath light mode, key combination custom backlight, macro defined light, and so on, together with the original cloud drive of James Donkey can realize the humanized setting, cloud drive, macro definition and other functions.

For a late night coder and pseudo-game enthusiast like me, this bitchy ass black-switches keyboard is perfect, both because it’s quiet and feels nice, and because it’s perfectly adequate for light gaming. Because the key path of the black switches is moderate, long time typing and games will not feel very tired joints. Game control can also be timely response, one shot to kill each other is often a thing.


The price of James Donkey 619 rolling mechanical keyboard is only 199 RMB, although the price is low, but its cool shape and backlight effect, integrated aluminum alloy metal panel, as well as not inferior to the high-end keyboard work. I think this keyboard cost performance is very high. Judging from the selling price of James Donkey 619 rolling keyboard and its brand image and design concept, it is obviously designed for young groups. And the Gateron Ink Black switch is one of the best switches, if you are going to buy a keyboard with Gateron Ink Black switches, I hope this article would be helpful to you.

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