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IKBC C87: A Considerate Keyboard


A Basic Introduction to IKBC

IKBC is a subordinate brand of Waters which has steadily appeared with a fine quality and low price. IKBC C Series includes two colors: white and black, which looks low profile and reliable. Both of them are wired and could not connect by Bluetooth, using PBT key caps. IKBC C87 means it includes 87 key caps, which is friendly for users those playing games, working, saving space and easy to operate.

If you play games, it means you have more space to place or move your mouse. IKBC C87 uses Cherry MX switches, which have splendid hand feeling and durability, which is a cost-effective keyboard.


There is also a saying among mechanical keyboard fanciers: “Newbies gradually look at the switch of keyboard, while expert will look key caps”. The saying is incomplete but reflects the key caps’ importance in terms of mechanical keyboard. Generally speaking, the current mechanical keyboards commonly use two kinds of materials: ABS and PBT materials. They are both plastic but have huge differences when using.


Designs of IKBC C87

Pakaging and Accessories of IKBC C87

Let’s look at IKBC C87’s basic pieces. IKBC C87 is lying in a very simple box and its packaging is very simple. When opened, the keyboard is covered with a plastic keycap, and then comes with some keycaps (these are without characters), warranty card, instruction book and a key puller, which is very considerate.

I personally think that the quality of these keycaps is standard. On the packaging box’s outside, the logo of IKBC is on the left upper corner of the box, below which there is its website link.

On the back of it is printed with its specification and some special function of its Fn combined keys. For example, Fn plus F9 means mute, Fn plus F10 means volume decrease, Fn plus F11 means volume increase and so on, which are practical for us. IKBC C87 uses PBT keycaps.

Switch of IKBC C87

The satellite switch is used for the big key. The keyboard is built with steel plate and when using, the sound is steady without any noise from steel wire. Owing to its more complicated structure, it looks higher than membrane keyboard in terms of the keyboard’s height.

In fact, it is a common problem in terms of all mechanical keyboard. Maybe you need to lift your arms and be tired. Therefore you’d better buy a wrist pad to support your wrist and relieve your tired feeling. Among the mechanical keyboards of Cherry switches manufactured in Germany, IKBC C series with a reasonable price is also very popular, which is very suitable for students who have just touched the mechanical keyboard.

Keycaps of IKBC C87

Let’s look at the keyboard in details. It is a common design without many useless design. As for me, I am pretty satisfied with the touch feeling of IKBC C87’s keycap. Compared with ABS keycaps, PBT material has the characteristics of wear resistance and no sliding. It looks a little frosted appearance and dark in its color. So it is of extreme durability. The unique hand feeling is similar to touch one’s skin. The keys of IKBC C87 are outstanding. In terms of hand feel, IKBC C87 achieves excellent key consistency.


Design of USB Wire of IKBC C87

What the most worthwhile of referring to is IKBC C87’s USB wire, which doesn’t use separated style and no nylon material. I think that we should spend more on its switch and other components instead of these useless things. This wire has a very thoughtful design. On the back of the keyboard is a slot, which is used to make wires more standard.

This design includes two advantages. One is you can make your desk cleaner and neater. The other is that if you use your portable computer, it is convenient to change the position of keyboard to connect it. The letter on the key caps are used with laser carving technology, theoretically its color can keep for a long time. Here its back is mentioned. I still want to add about its authentic design.

There are four pads fixed on its four corners so as to avoid sliding. In addition, there are two braces. You can adjust it to two different height, which are strong about its material, with an obvious difference with some keyboards.


Switch of IKBC C87

IKBC C87 uses famous Cherry Mx switch manufactured by Germany, which are standard devices for high – level mechanical keyboard. Although KBC C87 is not expensive, Cherry Mx is one of the reasons for ensuring its excellent hand feeling. I have used domestic switch of Rapoo mechanical keyboard. There indeed is a huge difference about the two switches. IKBC C 87 is so smooth on the whole without any uncomfortable feeling.

I have made a comparison between Filco and IKBC and found different prices cause different feeling. Before this, I didn’t know the differences and now I know there is a little friction and resistance about IKBC C87. But, honestly speaking, if you don’t specially compare them, in your daily use, you couldn’t have any differences. In addition, some big keys like Shift, Enter of IKBC C87 use satellite switches, namely two small switches surrounding a big switch. It is more convenient for you to change keycaps that you favorite.


Simple Comparison Between IKBC C87 and Others

Besides, IKBC C87 is pretty satisfying. Although there are many cheaper keyboards, IKBC C87 is worthy buying at such a reasonable price. In conclusion, IKBC C87 is pretty modest and a brand paying more attention on its quality and putting users at first. No matter its packaging, appearance, hand feeling, considerrate accessories, I am persuaded and believe it totally.


For this price, if you like the simple style and want to experience a mechanical keyboard, a better experience, IKBC C87 is really worthy and eager to be introduced. In the information age, a keyboard is necessary and a suitable keyboard will make your work more successful and efficient.

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