Compact Akko 3068b Keyboard Review


Today, I will show you a keyboard that I think everyone who likes to play games should know. That is the AKKO 3068b. Why? Because this keyboard is cool and comfortable, and the key is that it has many functions, can be applied to a wide range of devices and situations (typing, gaming, or other things), and is not expensive.

Founded in 2016 in China, AKKO specializes in mechanical keyboards and other various components. The Akko 3068b, of course, is just a 68-key keyboard equipped with all the necessary designs and various useful functions. Besides, it is at a very competitive price. Let’s look at more specific information.

Basic Specifications of AKKO 3068b

Switch: CS Jelly switch

Backlit: RGB

Keycap: PBT ASA profile double-shot keycap

Battery capacity: 1800mAh

Bracket: Adjustable height

Connectivity modes: multi-modes including Type-c, BT5.0 and 2.4Ghz

Size: 36.7 * 20.3 * 6.1 cm / 14.45 * 7.99 * 2.40 inches

Weight: 0.7 kg / 1.12 kg (with packaging)

Accessories: keyboard, switch puller, new key, data cable, plastic dust cover, user manual

Styles: Black and pink, black and gold, blue and white, black and cyan, World tour Tokyo theme, Doraemon Rainbow theme …

That is some basic information about the AKKO 3068b keyboard.

And now, take AKKO 3068 black and pink keyboard as an example. We have a better understanding of the gaming keyboard.

Packaging & Accessories of the Akko 3068b Black and Pink Keyboard

Akko 3068b

As usual, let’s look at the packaging first.

The Akko 3068b black and pink keyboard comes in a black and pink box. In addition to some description words about the keyboard, the picture of the 3068b keyboard is on the front of the box. There is also a label indicating the hot-swappable property of the 3068b keyboard’s PCB plate.

The side of the box provides the Akko logo, Akko’s website and contact information. There is other information such as categories of the switch, and a table about some short keys on the keyboard. In a word, all basic information about the keyboard is clear. The design style of the packaging is plain and traditional, which looks a little rational and low profile.


Finally, the back of the box introduces some combination keys that allow us to understand more useful functions by pressing the “Fn” keys. It is a quick guide to lead you to use the keyboard.

Inside the box, the keyboard is placed inside a foam cut, which is protected effectively from hitting during the transformation. On the top of the keyboard, there is a clear plastic cover.

In addition to the keyboard itself, the box loads a user manual, a switch puller, a USB-C to USB-A cable, and a variety of novelty keycaps. The Akko 3068b keyboard also includes additional keycaps with multitudes of optional colors. They can be used for other keyboards and give a nice hand feel.

The Akko 3068b keyboard is wireless, supports 2.4ghz and connects with three Bluetooth devices at most, and is equipped with an RGB backlight. It also has more functions and leaves a better first impression than those most expensive keyboards.

You might also expect those famous keyboards to pay more attention to details than those cheap ones, but the Akko 3068b proves that your opinion is not right totally. Attention to detail is demonstrated in small places. For example, an attached USB-C cable. It is only used to charge generally.

But in addition to its function, the Akko keyboard also takes its appearance and its convenience into consideration. In terms of color, the cable matches the keyboard perfectly and comes with its hook and loop fasteners (also the same color as the keyboard).

There are other examples, such as Akko’s keycap pullers, which are better than the keycap pullers of the most expensive keyboards. It indeed is a precious keyboard. And now let’s take a look at what it looks like.

Akko 3068b Black&Pink Keyboard

The “Black&Pink” keyboard is available for purchase on the website. The predominant color for fonts, numbers and special characters is dark gray. My function keys are placed with black keys. As you can see from the picture, there are quite a few pink keys on the keyboard. The characters on the base key are pink, while on the pink keys, conversely, the characters are black.

Once held in our hands, the first point we notice about the keyboard is that it’s really sturdy. Although its ingredients are plastic, the product is really hard. With a basic weight of about 0.64kg, the keyboard measures 31.6cm wide, 10.7cm long and 3 to 3.9cm high, making it a beautiful “compact brick”. It is one of the advantages of the 68-key keyboard. Appropriate size gives us great convenience.

The shell is made entirely of plastic. The same material was then used to make a round framework with the purple AKKO logo. There are three indicator LEDs on the right bezel. The top light indicates the status of Caps Lock, and the bottom light indicates whether the Windows key is locked. Finally, about its back, there is a small interface on the left that allows cable connections. The Akko 3068b adopts the design of a plastic shell, thick bezel and rounded corners.

At the bottom of the keyboard, we can find four fairly long rubber pads (just under 4cm) for avoiding slipping on the ground. And two two-stage brackets provide you with three different heights, which are 5, 7.5 and 11 degrees respectively. And the switch of the keyboard is at the back as well. There is a three-way cable routing for better cable management and a tidier table. When you have a rest, you can switch off it to save power.


Akko 3068b

I believe that everyone focuses on the first impression. If its typing experience is poor, I wouldn’t recommend the Akko 3068b no matter how perfect the keyboard’s details are. After all, it is used to use instead of watching or decorating. The good typing experience, other details of appearance, and convenient designs will make it feel like a premium product.

Akko keyboard uses a CS Jelly switch body, which is Akko’s new series with a transparent shell. It uses a PC material base, giving you a jelly-like transparent feel. Jello switch series uses a new spider-shaped dust-proof switch, reducing the shaking of the switch. It is more stable and it is better about its trigger force and rebounding ability if it is equipped with a 22mm extended spring.

This keyboard has a variety of options such as Jelly Pink switch, Jelly Black switch, Jelly Blue switch and Jelly Purple switch.

According to the official statistics, the CS Jelly Pink switch is a linear switch and its actuation force is 40gf to 50gf, total travel is 40±0.3mm and pre-travel is 19±0.3mm, not applicable for tactile position and force;

The CS Jelly Purple switch is a tactile switch and its actuation force is 35gf to 45gf, total travel is 40±0.5mm, pre-travel is 20±0.3mm, the tactile position is 0.2 to 0.8 and tactile force is 56gf±5gf;

The CS Jelly Black switch is linear as well and its actuation force is 45gf to 55gf, total travel is 40±0.3mm and pre-travel is 19±0.3mm, not applicable for tactile position and force;

The CS Jelly Blue switch is a tactile switch and its actuation force is 35gf to 45gf, total travel is 40±0.3mm, pre-travel is 20±0.3mm, and the tactile position is 0.1 to 0.5 and tactile force is 60gf±5gf.

According to the statistics and their different features, you can decide to choose which one is the most suitable for you.

My Akko 3068b keyboard is equipped with Akko’s CS Jelly Pink switch, the equivalent of a Cherry MX Red switch.

I don’t have a strong interest in linear switches, but I feel the typing experience of the Akko CS Jelly Pink keyboard is still excellent. Playing the games with it is top-notch as well. It doesn’t matter which switch you prefer. Because you are allowed to replace them in seconds.



The keycap on the keyboard uses PBT material and a double-shot process. As we all know, PBT material is commonly used in the keyboard. It has the advantages of being oil-resistant and is soft like silk. Its fonts are more durable.

Generally speaking, the keycaps are made of two kinds of material: ABS and PBT. The first material requires lower processing costs, but it is not too good at wearing resistance. On the contrary, the PBT keycap is better. Even if it is used for a long time, it may be worn a little and won’t affect common use.

In addition to its material, the keyboard is ASA profile. The ASA profile mixes the height of the OEM profile and maintains the spherical shape of keycaps. This keycap is customized by Akko. The design makes keycaps taller, which seems to give off a vintage feel and a unique keycap press sound.

RGB Backlight

Why did I say at the beginning of this article that this keyboard should be known to people who play games regularly and love mechanical keyboards? Because the dazzling background light of this keyboard is really nice. As a girl, I think it really beautiful. For boys, he is very cool and for girls, she seems to be both gentle and decisive. And at night, it can enhance the atmosphere of playing games.

Connection and Usage Experience

The AKKO 3068b keyboard is compatible with Bluetooth 5.0 and can connect with three devices, which can be switched by Fn+E/R/T. It supports multi-modes, Pressing Fn+Y can switch to the 2.4G model, and Fn+U to the USB mode. Multitudes of options give you more using space and make your work more efficient. I feel very content with its battery life.

The keyboard has a 1800mAh battery, which is a very long time for my daily use. Its hot-swap allows you to program Macro in wired mode through Akko Cloud Driver. The function seems not to be common, with which I am not too familiar. But I heard someone likes the function very much. He said the hot-swappable switches turn the mechanical keyboard into a living product.

Another style of BLACK & GOLD Theme for your option

There is another style, the Akko 3068B Plus Black & Gold is a new keyboard with only 65% format of a full-size keyboard, designed in simply two colors, black and gold. It’s now also available in the ISO-DE layout we’re all familiar with, the “standard” layout for German keyboards, and Akko made ISO-DE layout, the “standard” layout for German keyboards, available in this Akko 3068B Plus.The color means a combination of bringing luxury and elegance. With extra novelty keys, a Black and gold scheme with gold accents against black backdrops could make your desk into a sumptuous yet modest and restful space.

If you are interested in 3068, we also have another Reviewon the AKKO 3068 Ocean Star .


The compact keyboard is equipped with perfect functions and provides satisfied using experience and visual beauty for you. You can choose an axis body from multitudes of Jelly switches according to your needs. You can replace keycaps quickly. You can connect many devices at the same time and switch by pressing short keys. You are allowed to choose a suitable connectivity mode, wired, Bluetooth 5.0 and 2.4ghz.

As for me, I am very happy with the Akko 3068b. In some cases, it feels superior to the famous brand and has more functions at a lower price. It’s not the cheapest mechanical gaming keyboard you can buy, but it’s hard to get more functions for less money. This is what Akko 3068b provides. If you like pink, want to have a compact-layout keyboard and have a nice keyboard at a low cost, you can take the Akko 3068b keyboard into your consideration. More choices but lower prices.

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