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Cherry MX Blue Switches are one of the most popular switches used in mechanical keyboards today. Cherry MX is a brand name created by Cherry Corporation, who have been producing high-quality switches since 1967. The Cherry MX Blue Switch is a tactile switch that provides an audible click feedback when pressed down and offers medium resistance when depressed. This makes it perfect for typists and gamers alike who want to know exactly when their keypresses register on the keyboard. With its durability and dependability, Cherry MX Blue Switches are sure to provide you with years of reliable service no matter what your typing or gaming needs may be.

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What is Cherry MX Blue Switches?

Cherry MX Blue Switches are a type of mechanical switch used in keyboards. They are manufactured by Cherry Corporation, and have been in production since 1967. Cherry MX Blue Switches provide an audible click feedback when pressed down and offer medium resistance when depressing the keys. This makes them ideal for both typing and gaming applications. Cherry MX Blue Switches are known for their durability and dependability, making them highly sought after among users who want to ensure their keyboard will last for years to come.

These switches are composed of three main parts: the housing, stem, and slider. The housing contains two metal contacts which complete the circuit when pressed down. The stem is a movable cylinder responsible for actuating the switch, while the slider is a plastic piece that sits on top of the stem and provides tactile feedback to users upon depression of the key. Cherry MX Blue switches are designed to be actuated with a force between 45-50gf (grams–force).

The Cherry MX Blues offer several advantages over other types of mechanical switches such as Cherry MX Reds or Browns. Firstly, they provide a distinct auditory click feedback which gives users greater confidence that their commands have been registered in-game or while typing. Additionally, Cherry MX Blue Switches require more force than other models making them less prone to accidental keystrokes; they also offer superior tactile response compared to other switches which can sometimes feel too shallow or light.

Finally, Cherry MX Blues provide better durability over time; as they have fewer moving parts than other models there is less chance of wear and tear occurring prematurely due to use or environmental factors such as dust or pollutants. This makes them perfect for long-term usage where reliability is paramount.

Overall Cherry MX Blue Switches are an excellent choice for those looking for precision accuracy in gaming or typing applications; their distinct audible click feedback ensures you know exactly when your actions have been registered on screen/in game; their increased resistance makes them less prone to accidental keystrokes; and finally, their superior durability ensures reliability over time no matter what conditions may be encountered during usage

Benefits of Cherry MX Blue Switches

The Cherry MX Blue Switches have many benefits over other switches on the market today. Firstly, Cherry MX Blue Switches offer an audible click feedback when pressed down or released, ensuring that users are aware of their keystrokes and can be confident in their accuracy. This is especially important for gamers who rely on precision timing and accuracy. Secondly, Cherry MX Blue Switches require more force than other models, which helps to reduce accidental keystrokes while still providing a reliable tactile response. This makes them invaluable for those who need dependability and accuracy in their keyboarding or gaming experience.

In terms of durability, Cherry MX Blue Switches are well known for lasting longer than other switches due to having fewer moving parts; this reduces the chances of wear and tear occurring prematurely due to use or environmental factors such as dust or pollutants. The Cherry MX Blues also tend to provide better longevity compared to non-mechanical keyboards. Since mechanical keyboards don’t contain any electrical components such as integrated circuits, they are less prone to failure over time; this makes them perfect for long-term usage where reliability is paramount.

Cherry MX Blue Switch users also benefit from greater customizability than with other switches; Cherry offers a variety of colored stems, cases and sliders that can be easily swapped out to give each user a personalized look and feel for their keyboard setup. Additionally, Cherry offers a range of switch actuation weights from 45gf (grams–force) up to 50gf which gives users greater control over the level of resistance they want while typing or gaming – ideal for those who need it to fit their specific needs!

Lastly, Cherry MX Blue Switches are compatible with both Windows PCs and Macs, ensuring that all types of users can enjoy the advantages these switches offer regardless of platform. This provides added convenience for those who may be using different platforms depending on the task at hand. In conclusion, Cherry MX Blue Switches provide great value: they offer superior accuracy through audible feedback; they require more force than other switches so as not to cause accidental keystrokes; they provide increased durability due to fewer moving parts; they allow for greater customization; and finally they’re compatible with both Windows PCs and Macs making them accessible to all kinds of users regardless of platform preference.


Tips and Tricks For Getting the Most Out Of Cherry MX Blue Switches

Using Cherry MX Blue Switches can provide users with a more accurate and reliable experience when gaming or typing; however, there are certain tips and tricks that can help you get the most out of your Cherry MX Blue Switches.

Firstly, Cherry MX Blue Switches should be regularly cleaned and maintained to ensure they work correctly and last longer. As these switches contain fewer moving parts than other models, they can easily become clogged with dust or other debris which can impede their precision and accuracy. To clean Cherry MX Blue Switches, simply use canned compressed air or a soft brush to remove any dirt or debris from the switch’s internals. Additionally, it is also beneficial to apply lubricant to the switch once every few months to ensure smooth operation over time. By doing this regularly, Cherry MX Blues will remain in excellent condition for many years!

Secondly, Cherry MX Blues are known for their increased resistance which helps reduce accidental keystrokes but can also make them harder to press down at times. To get around this issue there are a couple of solutions; either increasing the actuation force (by swapping out Cherry’s standard 45gf springs for heavier 50gf springs) or lowering it by using O-rings on the keycaps which absorb some of the force before pressing down onto the actual switch itself. Both methods will reduce the required actuation force while still providing a tactile response when pressing down on Cherry MX Blues making them easier to use without sacrificing accuracy.

Thirdly, Cherry offers several different colored stems as well as cases and sliders that allow users to customize their keyboard setup even further by replacing existing components with something unique and eye-catching – ideal for those who want something that stands out!

Finally, Cherry MX Blues may require more force than other switches so it is important to practice proper ergonomic posture when using these switches for extended periods of time; ensuring that wrists are properly aligned behind keyboards rather than angled forwards or downwards; keeping arms close in line with shoulders; and taking regular breaks from typing or gaming activities throughout the day – all of these factors will help prevent wrist strain over time while still allowing users to take advantage of Cherry’s superior accuracy and reliability.

In conclusion, Cherry MX Blue Switches offer an accurate and reliable keyboarding/gaming experience that is unparalleled compared to other switches on the market today; however, following some simple tips and tricks such as cleaning and maintaining regularly; adjusting actuation force levels; customizing with different colored stems and sliders; and practicing proper ergonomics when typing/gaming can help you maximize your experience even further!


Top 5 Cherry MX Blue Switch Keyboards

1. Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 SE Mechanical Keyboard: The Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 SE Mechanical Keyboard is a great option for those looking for Cherry MX Blues, as it comes with Cherry’s renowned switches and an aluminum construction that ensures durability and longevity. Additionally, the keyboard also has USB pass-through support, so you can easily connect your peripherals and other accessories to the keyboard itself. Furthermore, this keyboard also comes with anti-ghosting technology and dedicated multimedia controls, making it perfect for gaming or typing.

2. Ducky x Cherry Mecha Mini: The Ducky x Cherry Mecha Mini is a unique keyboard thanks to its incredibly slim profile; making it perfect for users who value portability over all else. Despite its small size however, this Cherry MX Blue model still offers plenty of features such as double shot PBT keycaps and a durable aluminum chassis which make it the ideal choice for travelers or those who need something they can fit in their bag without taking up too much space.

3. HyperX Alloy Elite: The HyperX Alloy Elite is another great Cherry MX Blue switch mechanical keyboard; featuring a solid steel frame with an extra thick top plate that makes it exceptionally durable even after extended use in harsh conditions. It also has N-key rollover and anti-ghosting technology; making it ideal for gamers who require lightning fast response times from their keyboards. Additionally, the Alloy Elite also includes dedicated media keys as well as a USB pass-through port which allows users to connect other peripherals or accessories to the keyboard itself.

4. Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2: The Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2 is a great option if you’re after Cherry MX Blue switches but don’t want to sacrifice quality of design or ergonomics – this mechanical keyboard comes with individually backlit RGB keys as well as tactile feedback from its Cherry MX Blues that make each keystroke feel crisp and accurate without being overly stiff or difficult to press down on due to its actuation force level adjustment system which allows users to customize just how much force is required before registering keystrokes on each individual keycap!

Additionally, this model also features macro keys that allow users to create complex commands quickly & easily while still taking advantage of Cherry’s precision accuracy & reliability when gaming or typing away at work/school tasks!

5. Logitech G613 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard: If you prefer something more portable, then Logitech’s G613 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard might be right up your alley – this model comes equipped with Cherry MX Blue switches, allowing for reliable performance no matter where you take it!

What sets this one apart from regular wired keyboards though is its wireless capability which makes it perfect for travel; plus – given its low profile design & slim form factor – this model can fit into almost any bag without taking up too much space! Additionally, Logitech has included both anti-ghosting & N-key rollover technologies in the G613; providing gamers with lightning fast response times when playing their favorite titles!

How to choose the right one?

When it comes to choosing the right Cherry MX Blue switch keyboard, there are several factors you should consider. The first is ergonomics: if you spend a lot of time typing or gaming, then an ergonomic design will help reduce strain on your wrists and fingers. Additionally, Cherry MX Blue switches tend to be louder than other types; so if you’re looking for a quiet option, then one of the quieter Cherry MX switches may be a better choice.

Next, look at the features and functions that each Cherry MX Blue switch keyboard offers – such as macro keys, anti-ghosting and N-key rollover technology, as well as adjustable actuation force settings. This can help you determine which Cherry MX Blue switch keyboard would be most suitable for your specific needs and preferences.

Finally, think about aesthetics. Cherry MX Blue switch keyboards come in a range of styles and colors; so whether your tastes lean towards sleek minimalism or bright neon accents – there’s sure to be something out there that suits you!

Ultimately, when it comes to selecting the right Cherry MX Blue switch keyboard, the key is to find one that combines all of these elements into one package – while still delivering on performance & reliability! After all; having a Cherry MX Blue switch keyboard that looks great but can’t keep up with your gaming or typing needs is no use at all! So take your time when shopping around; comparing features & prices between different models until you find one that ticks all the boxes for you!



Cherry MX Blue switches are a great choice for gamers and typists alike who want reliable performance without sacrificing design or ergonomics. Cherry MX Blues provide tactile feedback, precise accuracy, and adjustable actuation force settings that make each keystroke feel crisp and responsive. With the wide range of Cherry MX Blue switch keyboards available on the market today, you can find one to suit your needs – whether it’s something sleek & minimalistic or with bright neon accents! Remember to compare features & prices between different models before making your decision; so you get the best Cherry MX Blue switch keyboard for your budget!

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