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Topre keyboards are renowned for their superior performance and unique design. Topre’s patented capacitive switches provide an incredibly responsive typing experience, as well as a distinctively tactile feel. Topre’s signature electrostatic capacitance technology also provides unparalleled durability and reliability, ensuring that your Topre keyboard will last for years to come.

In addition to these features, Topre keyboards feature customizable RGB lighting options, allowing you to customize the look of your keyboard without compromising on performance or quality. With its combination of cutting-edge technology and stylish design elements, a Topre Keyboard is sure to be an excellent choice for any serious typist or gamer looking for the ultimate in typing precision and comfort.

Topre Keyboard

What is Topre Keyboard and its features?

What is Topre Keyboard? Topre keyboards are a type of mechanical keyboard developed by Topre Corporation, a Japanese electronics company. These keyboards are characterized by their high quality build and unique typing experience.

The Topre keyboard is comprised of two main components: the Topre switch and the Electro-Capacitive technology. Topre switches are most commonly used in Topre keyboards and combine the properties of both traditional rubber dome and mechanical switches. This allows for a smooth, responsive feel that many users find appealing. The Electro-Capacitive technology provides a quick response to keystrokes with an adjustable actuation force that can be adjusted to fit personal preferences.

The Topre keycaps have also become popular due to their unique design which allows for greater visibility when typing in dim lighting conditions. These keycaps come in various colors and textures, from glossy black to metallic silver, allowing users to customize their Topre keyboard to suit their individual tastes.

In addition, Topre keyboards feature a variety of helpful features such as N-key rollover, NKRO (allowed simultaneous pressing of multiple keys at the same time) and programmable macros (allowing users to assign particular functions to specific keys). This makes it ideal for gamers who require quick access to different commands while playing games.

Topre keyboards also offer more advanced features such as USB pass-through ports, allowing users to connect other peripherals such as mice or headsets directly into their Topre keyboard without needing an additional hub or adapter. Some models even come with built-in audio jacks so gamers can easily switch between sound sources during gaming sessions without having to unplug anything else from the system.

The combination of these features makes Topre one of the most sought after mechanical keyboards on the market today due to its unique design, ergonomic form factor, durability and reliable performance over time. Whether you’re a gamer looking for an edge or simply enjoy typing on a comfortable keyboard with fantastic tactile feedback, Topre has something for everyone!


The Topre Keyboard is a type of mechanical keyboard that has become increasingly popular in recent years. Topre keyboards are often praised for their superior typing experience and quality construction. Topre utilizes an electro-capacitive switch system, which differs from the more common mechanical switches used by other keyboards. This allows Topre keyboards to be softer while still providing an accurate keystroke response.

Unlike traditional mechanical keyboards, Topre keyboards use a Topre dome switch. This switch is made up of three components: the rubber dome, the capacitive metal plate and a spring underneath it all. The rubber dome acts as a cushion between your finger and the metal plate below it, making it easier to press keys without feeling discomfort or strain in your fingers. When you press down on the dome, it compresses and activates the capacitive plate which then triggers the desired action from your computer. The spring beneath it helps reset the top part of the switch after each press.

Topre’s unique electro-capacitive switches offer a smoother typing experience than other mechanical switches, which makes them suitable for long typing sessions without fatigue or soreness in your hands and wrists. Additionally, Topre switches are much quieter than most other mechanical switches and offer minimal key wobble due to their keycaps having spherical tops instead of cylindrical ones found on other keyboards.

Furthermore, Topre keyboards also come with customizable features such as macros (programmed shortcuts) or LED backlit options that can help make typing easier when working in dark environments or quickly perform complex commands with one keystroke.

Overall Topre Keyboards provide an excellent typing experience combined with superior durability that allows them to last for many years if properly maintained – making them an ideal choice for any typist looking for a high-quality keyboard that will last for years to come!


Compare Topre Keyboards to other popular keyboards on the market

Topre keyboards are becoming increasingly popular with the rise of mechanical keyboard enthusiasts. Topre keyboards offer a unique typing experience, combining the tactile response and sound of a mechanical keyboard with the smoothness and quietness of a traditional rubber dome membrane keyboard. Topre keyboards are designed with high quality Topre switches that provide a precise actuation point and light yet firm feedback upon key press, giving gamers and typists an incredibly satisfying typing experience. Topre keyboards also employ capacitive sensing technology for added accuracy and responsiveness, making them ideal for fast-paced gaming or serious work scenarios.

Compared to other types of mechanical keyboards on the market such as Cherry MX or Kailh switches, Topre keyboards are typically more expensive, but many users find that their superior build quality and performance make them well worth the extra cost. Topre switches also have a shorter actuation distance than many types of mechanical switches, meaning it takes less pressure to register a key press. This allows for faster typing speeds than other types of mechanical keyboards, which makes them great for both gaming and professional use. Topre keyboards also tend to be much quieter than other types of mechanical keyboards thanks to their rubber domes dampening out any sound they may produce.

In addition to offering superior performance compared to other types of mechanical keyboards, Topre’s construction materials make them some of the most durable on the market. The Topre switches last up to 50 million presses which is far more than that offered by Cherry MX or Kailh switches. Furthermore, Topres are resistant to dust and water due to their sealed contact points between each switch, providing added protection against potential damage caused by spills or debris getting into your keyboard.

All in all Topre Keyboards are an excellent option for anyone looking for a superior typing experience with higher durability than some other models on the market today. They provide a unique blend of speed, comfort, responsiveness and sound that is perfect for serious work or intense gaming sessions alike – making them one of the most popular choices among discerning typists who don’t want to sacrifice quality for performance!

Why Topre Keyboards are a good choice for gamers and professionals alike?

Topre Keyboards have been an increasingly popular choice among gamers and professionals alike due to their combination of comfort and durability. Topre keyboards are designed with both the enthusiast and professional in mind, providing a perfect blend of precision, performance, quality, and feel that is second to none. Topre keyboards feature Topre electrostatic capacitive key switches which offer unparalleled responsiveness and tactile feedback for a smooth typing experience. In addition to having an incredibly low profile actuation point of just 2mm, Topre key switches also boast an incredible durability rating of up to 50 million keystrokes. This makes Topre switches some of the most reliable on the market today, ensuring your keyboard will last many years before needing a replacement.

Not only are Topre Keyboards incredibly durable, but they also provide top-tier levels of comfort that make them perfect for long gaming sessions or extended periods of productivity. The Topre Realforce series features Comfort Touch technology which provides a softer touch while still maintaining excellent key travel distance – allowing your fingers to easily glide across the keys without feeling fatigued. Another great feature offered by Topre Keyboards is their ability to be customized through PBT double shot keycaps which allows you to personalize your keyboard with any style or color you can imagine. This way you can create a truly unique look that fits perfectly with your setup and preferences.

In summary, Topre Keyboards are an ideal choice for both gamers and professionals as they offer exceptional levels of comfort, performance, and longevity that simply cannot be matched by other brands or models on the market today. With its unique combination of features such as electrostatic capacitive switches, customizable PBT double shot keycaps, Comfort Touch technology, and more – Topre Keyboards ensure a flawless typing experience from start to finish no matter what type of user you may be. With its unbeatable combination of features and reliability Topre Keyboards are sure to take your gaming or workstation setup to the next level!


How to choose the right one?

When it comes to Topre keyboards, there are a few things to consider in order to choose the right one for you. First, you need to think about what type of Topre switch you want: Topre’s own Topre switches come in a range of actuation weights and layouts, including Topre Electrostatic Capacitive (ESC) 45/55g switches and Topre Silent Type (ST) 45g switches. Topre ESC switches feature a smoother tactile feel than regular mechanical key switches, while Topre ST switches feature an even more silent typing experience.

Next, consider what type of layout and additional features you may need. Topre offers various keyboard form factors such as full-size and tenkeyless keyboards for gamers and typists alike. Many Topre keyboards also offer customizable RGB lighting with multiple levels of brightness, as well as multimedia buttons or extra programmable keys to access frequently used functions.

In addition to the physical aspects of the keyboard itself, consider whether or not it comes bundled with software that will help you customize your settings or macro programming capabilities. If so, make sure that the brand’s software works on your operating system. Finally, keep in mind other considerations such as budget and aesthetics; some models feature a minimalist design while others come with optional wrist rests or covers which can add comfort when typing for long periods of time.

Overall, choosing the right Topre keyboard depends on your individual needs – from design preference to key layout to switch type. With a wide range of options available at varying price points, there is sure to be a model that fits your needs!

Maintaining and Cleaning Tips

Maintaining and cleaning Topre keyboards is essential to keeping them running smoothly and preserving their lifespan. Topre keyboards are renowned for their longevity, but proper care and regular maintenance will ensure that they last even longer. Here are some tips to keep your Topre keyboard in top condition:

* Inspect the keycaps regularly – Topre keyboards use capacitive switches which can be adversely affected by dust and debris buildup on the keycaps. Regularly inspect the keycaps for any dirt or debris, and clean them with a damp cloth if necessary.

* Keep your Topre keyboard away from liquids – Topre keyboards are not waterproof or water-resistant, so it’s important to keep them away from liquids to avoid damaging the circuit board and switches. If you do get liquid on your Topre keyboard, immediately turn it off and unplug it before attempting to dry it out with a paper towel or cloth.

* Clean your Topre keyboard occasionally – To prevent dirt and debris from accumulating on the keycaps, use a slightly damp microfiber cloth to periodically clean your Topre keyboard. This will help remove any particles that could interfere with how the capacitive switches work. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners as this may damage the surface of the keys or cause discoloration over time.

* Apply lubricant sparingly – Many Topre owners lubricate their keyboards’ stabilizers to reduce rattle while typing, but too much lubricant can cause unnecessary wear on the switch mechanism over time, so be sure to apply it sparingly.

* Store in a cool, dry place – When storing your Topre keyboard for an extended period of time, make sure you store it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures which could damage its components over time.

Following these simple tips can help extend the life of your Topre keyboard while ensuring its performance remains top-notch for years to come!

Why we recommend you buy one?

Topre keyboards are a great choice for any typist or gaming enthusiast looking to upgrade their setup. Topre keyboards provide a unique typing experience with their capacitive switch technology, allowing for an incredibly smooth and comfortable typing experience. Topre switches also have no debounce time, making them significantly faster than other mechanical switches on the market. Topre keyboards also tend to be very quiet, making them suitable for work or gaming in a shared space.

The Topre keyboard range has something for everyone, from low-profile options such as the Realforce 87U to more robust boards like the Happy Hacking Pro 2 or Topre Type Heaven. Regardless of your preference, Topre keyboards all feature the same excellent build quality and attention to detail that make them among the best available. Whether you want a light and fast board with minimal key travel or a full-size board with all the bells & whistles, Topre has it covered.

In addition to providing an amazing typing experience, Topre keyboards are built to last and should provide many years of service without issue. This is because each Topre board contains its own individual springs which allow it to better resist dust and debris while maintaining consistent performance over time. Unlike other mechanical keyboard brands which can require regular cleaning due to gunky buildup from repeated use, Topre boards remain reliable over extended periods of use without much maintenance at all.

For gamers who require quick response times and accuracy in competition play, having access to one of the top rated Topre keyboards is essential for success. Not only are they supremely fast but they also offer greater precision compared to other brands due to their higher actuation point (1.5mm). This means gamers can have confidence that their inputs will be registered accurately every time – no more missed keystrokes or inaccurate presses resulting from sticky keys!

Overall, we highly recommend Topre keyboards for anyone looking for an exceptional typing experience with ultra-responsive performance that won’t let you down even after extended periods of use. With advanced technology and superior build quality these boards offer unparalleled precision, comfort and reliability – all at prices that won’t break the bank!

Topre Keyboard


Topre keyboards are a great choice for those who want to enjoy the best of both worlds when it comes to mechanical and membrane-style keyboards. With their unique hybrid design, Topre switches provide an unparalleled typing experience that is sure to please even the most discerning typists. Plus, Topre’s superior build quality ensures that these boards will last you years with minimal maintenance required.

Whether you’re looking for something more affordable or simply want the very best in keyboard technology, Topre has got you covered! So go ahead and give them a try – we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

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