Royal Kludge rk 61 RGB keyboard: A Newcomers’ Welfare

Royal Kludge rk 61

Introduction to Royal Kludge rk 61 RGB Keyboard

Royal Kludge rk 60% configuration mechanical gaming keyboard includes a total of 61 keys, with an ultra-compact layout, ABS keycaps, and Gateron Switch. The Royal Kludge rk 61 keyboard has an RGB version and a single-light version. The RGB version can be reprogrammed through the dedicated software for all-key macro. There are a variety of light modes. Royal Kludge rk61 is compatible with Windows, Android, and iOS systems and supports a dual-mode connection. The Bluetooth connection is effective within 10 meters and it can be connected to three at the same time.

The Royal Kludge rk 61 mechanical gaming keyboard is a great entry mechanical keyboard and very suitable for someone new to a mechanical keyboard. It can cost you a little but give you a real mechanical keyboard using experience.

Royal Kludge rk61

Inside the Box

On the box, there are all its selling points, including pictures of other versions of the Royal Kludge rk 61 keyboard, its model, connection modes and the logo.

Upon opening the box, I found the keyboard located inside a protective layer, which plays a protective role in delivering the keyboard. The detail also makes the Royal Kludge keyboard professional. In addition to the keyboard, The items included are:

Rubber USB-C power cable: The Royal Kludge rk 61 adopts a detachable Type-C interface design, and thus it is attached with a corresponding rubber cable. The color is consistent with the keyboard’s, giving you a harmonious feeling. The cable has two functions: charging and connecting.

Two keycaps and a keycap puller: the keycap puller provides you an opportunity to replace the keycaps, which gives you more freedom and you can replace your desirable keycaps.

User manual: it is necessary, especially for newcomers. Each keyboard has some differences in its detailed functions, combination keys and shortcut keys. Before using the keyboard, reading the user manual will make your use more smooth and more helpful.

There is not much to discuss this aspect of the keyboard. You won’t get a lot of goodies from a very budget-friendly product. Its accessories are standard. Necessities are included and their workmanship also is perfect. And the following is the keyboard’s specification.


Brand Name: rk Royal Kludge

Product Model: rk61 PRO

Key Number: 61Keys

Layout: 61 Keys 60% Keyboard Layout

Battery Capacity: 1450mAh

Size: 290*100*39mm

Keyboard Color: White

Axis Body: Gateron Red/Brown/Yellow

3 Mode Connection: 2.4G Wireless & 5.0 Bluetooth & USB Wired

Backlit: RGB

System: Windows/Android/Mac/IOS


The Royal Kludge rk 61 mini 60% gaming keyboard is an ultra-compact layout with 61 keys, which makes you a neat desktop with your organized ornaments on. Owing to its mini size, The Royal Kludge rk 61 keyboard doesn’t have specialized directional keys, Numpad keys and function keys such as F1 to F12. With an extremely narrow bezel, the keyboard is so cute and can be carried with you. Although it looks small, its shell is made of CNC metal, strong and sturdy. So you totally don’t worry about its quality.

It adopts the detachable USB type-c design, which gives you a flexible connection option. And the connection slot is in the middle of the front side of the keyboard responsible for charging and wired connection.


On the back of the Royal Kludge rk 61 keyboard, it is pretty simple. There are four rubber pads stuck on its four corners for preventing it from slipping, four screws used to fix the inner structure and a nameplate in the middle.

In addition, the Royal Kludge rk 61 keyboard is designed with an 8° ergonomic angle which can help you relieve straining effectively. The integrated wrist rest gives you the comfort you need for marathon gaming sessions. Therefore, you couldn’t find the common brackets on its back. Its height and wrist rest pad have met most users’ needs as the brackets. Compared with those keyboards with brackets, the Royal Kludge rk 61 keyboard is more convenient.

The keyboard is a 61-key layout. Its size is compact and similar to the 60% of the full-size keyboard, and its width is close to our common mouse. In a word, it is pretty compact and portable.

RGB Backlight

The Royal Kludge rk 61 keyboard includes two versions. One version is a single-mode keyboard, and the other is an RGB-backlit keyboard. You can purchase it according to your needs and preference. The RGB-backlit version includes 18 RGB backlight modes, 8 monochrome backlight modes and 1 full-color backlight. These modes will give you more enjoyable when you play games or type at night. The brightness of the keyboard can be adjusted for 5 levels. You can adjust the backlit’s brightness and its effect.


The Royal Kludge rk 61 keyboard is unique about its switch. The commonest and most famous switch we know is Cherry Mx. The Royal Kludge rk 61 keyboard utilizes a Gateron switch, giving users a new experience.

The Royal Kludge rk 61 keyboard provides you three options in terms of its switch: Gateron Red/Brown/Yellow switch. Here I list some values for different switches.

First, the Gateron Red switch is the most commonly used Gateron switch. It is a linear switch, making the typing sound quieter. The pressure is more moderate, light, and prolonged periods of typing will not feel tired. They are suitable for a variety of scenarios and also suitable for most people to use.

Actuation force: 45 g

Action stroke: 2.0±0.6mm

Operating Force:45±15gf

Travel distance: 2 mm

Structure: linear

Pressing feeling: vertical, light pressing force, soft rebound

Scene: game, typing, daily work (all scenes)

Sound: quiet

Second, Gateron’s brown switch has the characteristics of both the red and blue switches. The brown switch is the most standard without obvious advantages and disadvantages. The vertical press still feels smooth, but also has the feeling of a bump. The sound is relatively quiet and will not disturb the surrounding environment.

Actuation force: 55 g

Action stroke: 2.0±0.6 mm

Operating Force:55±15 gf

Travel distance: 2 mm

Section stroke: 1.25 mm

Structure: tactile

Pressing feeling: bump, moderate pressing force, clear rebound

Scene: games, typing, daily work (all scenes)

Sound: medium

Finally, Gateron yellow switch has been very popular recently. The design of the Gateron yellow switch is the same as the red switch, but the departure strength is 5g bigger, which seems small but does offer a difference in feeling. The feedback of the yellow switch is more rigid, but it doesn’t need heavy force to be triggered. For people who like to have a sense of pressure, are more rigid, and fast rebound, this is best for them.

Actuation force: 50 g

Action stroke: 2.0±0.6 mm

Operating Force:50±15 gf

Travel distance: 2 mm

Structure: linear

Pressing feeling: vertical, moderate pressing force, clear rebound

Scene: games, typing, daily work (all scenes)

Sound: relatively quiet

These are some differences shown in the value. You can choose one according to your needs and its features. As for the hand feel of them, I suggest that you don’t believe others’ comments. It doesn’t mean that their words are not enough to trust but hand feel is diverse among different people. The real hand feel needs you to have a try.



The key caps on the Royal Kludge rk 61 keyboard use ABS double-shot process, making the legends more durable. It is well known to us all that the commonest and higher-quality keycap is PBT material. So maybe someone will regard the ABS keycap as its demerit. But I want to say that such a reasonable keyboard hardly includes all critical functions and simple appearance, which is enough for ordinary users or newcomers. You should be tolerant and let the brand make some profits.

In another word, if you want a better keyboard, it can cost more. The keyboard is nice at such a price. Adopting a double-shot process effectively ensures the legends’ durability and clarity.

In addition, the Royal Kludge rk61 is in OEM profile, which means the keycaps have different heights and are angled to create a comfortable typing and gaming experience. I think it is pretty considerate.


Royal Kludge rk 61

Can you imagine such a cheap keyboard supporting a Tri-mode connection? The keyboard can be connected through 2.4G Wireless, 5.0 Bluetooth and USB Wired connection with three devices at the same time.

If you want to connect through Bluetooth, turning on the switch on the back and pressing the keys Fn and Tab can switch to Bluetooth mode and pressing the keys Fn and P for seconds to match up the device. And you can press FN + Q/W/E in wireless mode realizing the switch among 3 different devices easily in wireless mode.

In addition, the Royal Kludge rk 61 keyboards support your Hot-swap PCB to allow you to replace 3 pins/5 pins witches freely without soldering issues. And you can enjoy the fun of making a unique keyboard. It provides software for you to customize the light effect freely.

Besides, you know it doesn’t have specially directional keys. So how can you use the function? Shortcut keys! The manual said Fn+Shift (right) =lock/unlock directional keys, which can be realized in any case. And you can switch the main function and secondary function of keys through Fn+ Ctrl(left). By default, low-row legends are secondary and high-row legends are our main function.



In terms of its battery life, it can keep for 10 hours in use and 360 hours for rest. These are the official statistics. The Royal Kludge rk 61 keyboard is equipped with a 1450 mAh rechargeable lithium battery. And if it is in wireless mode, full keyboard backlight adjustment is the darkest and can be continuous use for 120 hours. I have examined and found it indeed is over 10 hours after being charged fully.

Furthermore, the Royal Kludge rk 61 keyboard has an aluminum frame, which makes the keyboard more textured and sturdy. And in the keyboard, it is equipped with double-layer sound-absorbing foam, which plays a role in absorbing noise and improving typing feel.

Considering the price of the Royal Kludge rk61, the stabilizers are pretty good. Some of them are a little rattly but hardly affect my use. I wouldn’t expect at this price point the stabilizers to be perfect, so I am satisfied with the ones included on the rk61. The slight unstableness/rattling of the stabilizers does not take much away from the merit of the rk61. It’s unlikely to find a budget keyboard with perfect stabilizers.

The keyboard is an average weight of 561 grams, a lot of that weight is owing to the internal battery of the keyboard. The build quality of the rk61 is good, especially considering the price. I always take it with this keyboard in a bag.

When using, I did not experience any flexing or creaking when treating the keyboard poorly.

Typing Experience

Using it for more than one month, on the whole, I am satisfied with the keyboard. After all, with the quality, its price is much lower than my expectation. And in my daily life, I only use it to do some basic work instead of games. Therefore, its size, hand feel, height and price are perfect for me.


In terms of its non-professional information, I have introduced above to you. It is a 61-keyboard, ABS double-shot keycaps, light, small and portable. With an RGB backlight, it is simple but colorful. The Royal Kludge rk 61 keyboard provides you with several Gateron switches and supports a tri-mode connection with three devices.

Therefore, if you are a newcomer to mechanical keyboards and want to have a try, the Royal Kludge rk 61 keyboard is suitable for you. If you are an expert, maybe you will be particular about its some demerits and if you don’t mind and pay more attention to the price, the keyboard also can bring you some surprise.

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