Durgod Taurus K320: A keyboard with Both Beauty and High Quality



Most people having a laptop will equip a set of peripherals. For me, a mechanical keyboard is necessary. According to my needs, I bought the Durgod Taurus K320. After using some days, I am eager to share my using experience with you.

Durgod Taurus K320 is a combination of simple appearance and comfortable using experience. It is a classic and high-quality 87-key keyboard at an appropriate price. I have heard some complaints about the mechanical keyboard.

Therefore, this time I hope to give you my real review according to my personal using experience. I will introduce it to you from its simple appearance to its high quality.

The Packing

Durgod Taurus K320

First, let’s look at its packing. As we all know, Durgod mechanical keyboard is a low-profile brand. It is a coming man. Its packing is classic and simple in blue and black.

On the center of the box is the brand: Durgod, and on the bottom left is the model: Taurus K320, and on the top right is the logo of Durgod. Although the VI is common, luckily, it looks clean and relaxing.

Maybe someone will make some complaints about this, but, in my opinion, I prefer simple packing. After all, what we pay more attention to the keyboard is its quality and functions instead of its packing. Most users will throw its packing after satisfying with the keyboard. Therefore, the packing is indifferent.

The Accessories


As mentioned above, its packing is simple, but when you open the box, more surprises are waiting for you. For one thing, its arrangement is tidy and orderly, showing its elaborate arrangement. For another, the simple box includes some complicated accessories.

There is a quick start guide to help you use it quickly, a warranty card to give you a reliable promise, a plastic dust cover to protect your keyboard, a keycap remover to make replacing keycaps more convenient, and a cup pat and USB cables to provide multitude connection modes.

Such a considerate arrangement is uncommon at this time when manufacturers are in pursuit of profits instead of the commodity itself.


The switch puller


The USBs are long, thick and soft.


The plug is so nice as well.

The Appearance of Durgod Taurus K320


In terms of its color collocation, it has two choices: a gray sky case and a white case. The picture is a gray sky case. If you don’t look closely, maybe you will mistake the gray sky case as the HHKB & Real Force keyboard from its color collocation.

The keyboard is an 87-key TKL keyboard, whose keys are common. If you don’t use the right number keys frequently, you could use this type. Using a narrow bezel design, it is shorter and more space is saved. Besides, an 87-key keyboard is suitable for typing and playing games with a classic and compact layout, convenient to be carried with you.

The keyboard is a TKL keyboard about 357.5 mm long, 132.5 mm wide, 24.5 mm height, and 0.9 kg.

In terms of its backlight, this type of keyboard includes two versions: white light and no backlight. In my opinion, the white backlight is simple and natural, which is suitable for people working at night. It won’t disturb your attention but gives you a warm feeling. And the keyboard without backlight also is beneficial for those people who always play games all night. Without backlight, they won’t lose their interest in games and are limited to some extent.

Although it has a plastic shell, it still has a steel plate inside, which is enough to keep it from sliding when it is pushed up against the highest brackets. So you totally don’t worry about its durability.

The best point is that the keyboard is so considerate. Gray keys are function keys, benefiting you to use and giving you a different visual experience.

The Switches


Switches of the keyboard play a critical role in the feedback and sound. Durgod Taurus K320 adopts a widely known switch: Germany Cherry Mx mechanical switch and adheres to the principle of simplicity all the time, clean and exquisite.

Durgod Taurus K320 has multitudes of axis bodies: black switch, blue switch, brown switch, red switch, silent red switch, and silver switch.

Different switches bring you different working experiences. For example, the Cherry Mx blue switch is the most suitable for playing games. It has a strong sense of paragraph and creates splendid sound; The Cherry Mx silver switch is smooth and light. The difference of power between Enter key and the space key is little. As for some big keys, it uses satellite switches, which are not only stable but convenient to replace.

The Keycaps

The best design I want to show is its PBT keycaps. Although PBT keycaps are not extremely rare, do you use a keyboard that is at such a low price and adopts PBT materials?

Every time, when it comes to the keycaps of Durgod Taurus K320, it is relatively better to show its stronger resolution and attitude. Compared with those mechanical keyboards with ABS Keycaps at the same price, Durgod uses PBT double-shot keycaps from its beginning.

The keyboard has the fine ability to wear resistant and provides fine texture and a comfortable feeling. The keycaps are appropriate in their thickness and nice in their workmanship.

Furthermore, when connected to the computer, the keycaps of the keyboard will give off white lightness. It is extremely charming, especially in a dark atmosphere. The white lightness can brighten the keyboard and at the same time, it won’t disturb you and help your concentration on your work.

The Special Design

The modification of the Durgod Taurus K320 is that the panel is thinner, taking laptop users into its account. The panel on one side is made of PC material, but the surface layer has a shiny feeling. As for this, whether you like it or not is up to you.

In addition, owing to the classic color collocation of this deep gray, the characters obviously have to be closed and slender. Even if you don’t turn on the light, it still gives a strongly friendly feeling. Maybe owing to these lights, its indicators are directly placed on the top of these four direction keys.

Everything paves way for visual effect. If some characters can be printed on the keys’ one side, it won’t be on its top. From one side, you can see that the keycap of the Durgod Taurus K320 with 87 keys has two heights: one is the original height, and the other is the OEM height.

In addition to its thin framework, the keycaps of the whole keyboard also give people a sense of floating, and its layering is obvious. Its classical narrow bezel design improves its beauty and typing experience. The ultra-precision mold with buckle structure gives you a distinctive experience.

The whole design of Durgod Taurus K320 keycaps adopts a ladder style. There are different heights from top to bottom. And there are some radians even on the keyboard and on both sides, which are corresponding to ergonomic design. The advantage of this design is to shorten the distance of the file stroke. It can reduce the distance and thus relax your fingers.


The Software&Settings

When using the keyboard, you can edit the keyboard through the software provided by Durgod Taurus K320, and customize the macro command through the Durgod Zeus Engine. For game players, this must be a pretty convenient function. For other users, the function also can improve their working efficiency. You also can upgrade the hardware of the keyboard through the software.

Meanwhile, The design of the N-key rollover can ensure immediate feedback. Even if you use it to type, it will be smooth like a real typewriter.

Durgod K320 has media hotkeys and a Windows key lock to prevent accidentally minimizing your game. And its keys are macro-programmable, which means you can program them through the accompanying software.

The Back


You can have a look at it. The back of Durgod is unique and adopts a different design. There are five fixed pats and two movable pats, two two-stage brackets, three cable slots in different various directions, and an information card about Durgod Taurus K320. The USB cables of the Durgod Taurus K320 can be pulled out from your laptop if you don’t use them.


The fixed pats is designed to increase the rubber between the keyboard and table so that it can keep the keyboard non-slip and stable. The brackets can be adjusted two times according to your needs and provide you with three different heights.

What’s more, in order to keep the keys lifted on the fixed pats, Durgod Taurus K320 is thick on its front edge. The width of slots on the right and left are enough. The slots are used to hide your USB cable so that your cables are orderly and your desk looks cleaner.

The Combination Keys

About its combination keys, they are mentioned and you can see the instruction on the attached instruction book, there is some description about its function. For example, Fn+F1=play or pause; Fn+F5=volume mute; Fn+F12=switch custom profile (download the profile through software); Fn+F2=stop and ect. These combination keys can greatly improve users’ working efficiency.

The Price

Now it is said that a common Durgod Taurus K320 is 110 dollars or so now, a middle level. If you want one , you can pay attention to it. If you are lucky enough, maybe you will have some discounts or enjoy some coupons. It is pretty deserving.


If you use it normally, its warranty is for one year.


As for the hand feeling of the 87-key mechanical keyboard, in addition to the switch, I think the most important factors are the angle level of the key and the weight of the keyboard.

Even if you do not open the movable pats, there is still a certain upward angle about Durgod Taurus K320. Opening it is to make type more easily even if you lean on the back of the chair, which is an advantage and worth learning.

In a word, the cost-effective keyboard is simple but elaborate, cheap but high-quality, common but unique, bringing you a comfortable and relaxed experience. If you like simple style, if you focus more on the product itself, if you want a keyboard with a reasonable price, whether you are a gaming player, a student, or a worker, Durgod Taurus K320 always is a not bad choice for you.

Reference Article: The Brief Introduction of Durgod Taurus K320

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